Sunday, July 19, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Overnight Into Sunday 7/19

Aw, isn't this so darn special?

With the huge feeds block for the PoV, the big news yesterday was once we finally found out who won. (Jeff.) But what happened into the evening and onto the dawn in that Big Brother House of Misguided Misanthropes?
  • As I get this typed up, Jessie and Lydia are the only ones up still talking. This is SO a relationship which could only happen in the BB house and will surely not be a tale of love, marriage, and happily ever after.
  • Natalie won a slop pass in yesterday's POV comp. She feels it should be good for any of the Have Not components (cold showers, bed). BB disagrees. Natalie is ticked off.
  • As I mentioned before, the comp had something to do with money, especially coins. Lots of quarters were involved.
  • Chima now says that Russell is a misogynist and dirty player. Me? I just think he likes to be a bully. I have seen a smarter more pleasant side of him on the feeds at times. But overall, he plays the smart-butt bully card whenever he can.
  • Chima tried telling people Russell probably threw the comp because he deals with money every day.
  • Ronnie knows that if Laura stays this week, she will target him.
  • Lydia told Ronnie, Jeff, Laura, and Casey that she wants Russell gone. (Later, as she and Jessie talked, she said she didn't want him gone due to the power block if he stays.)
  • Kevin and Chima want to be the ones responsible for sending Jeff home. (I'd love for Jeff to win HOH and get drama mama Chima out.)
  • Jordan, whom I was liking, fell for Ronnie's influence and went to Jeff, telling him that if he takes himself off the block with the veto, Ronnie was going to put her up.
  • ARGH! Jordan! Quit that!
  • In the HOH room, both Lydia and Ronnie ended up telling Jeff that Jordan won't go on the block -- instead, Russell will be backdoored.
  • They don't want Jeff to tell anyone. (Only half the house knows already anyway!)
  • Jeff agreed not to nominate either Ronnie or Lydia if he gets HOH.
  • The one they say they don't want knowing the plan is Natalie. I'd suggest (if I were a fly on the wall) that they make Natalie think SHE is going on the block. I want to see her totally freak out.
  • There's a rat in the backyard. They saw him in the pool. They named him Gus. He looks a bit like Ronnie with his little pointed features.
  • Ronnie told Chima and Natalie about the plan to backdoor Russell.
  • Now, this is where Ronnie screws up. Loose lips sink ships, y'know. He did it with the Braden bit and now with Russell. I don't think he understands the concept that a secret plan isn't one that everyone knows about.
  • Jessie wants to keep his ally Russell in the house for obvious reasons. But I think he's secretly happy that it's not himself that's the target.
  • He thinks if it's Russell and Laura on the block, Laura would still be the one to go.
  • Jessie and others worked the case for Casey going on the block in lieu of Russell.
  • Jessie told Ronnie that if Laura stays, she's going after him (Ronnie). He wants a pawn up so Laura definitely goes. But I don't see HIM volunteering to go on the block to ensure Laura leaves!
  • Ronnie, Lydia, and Kevin had a meeting with Laura during which they felt out who she'd target if she stayed.
  • That doesn't sound like Ronnie plans to put popular Casey up, does it?
  • So, things are still up in the air as the hamsters snore.
  • It's pretty much a given that Jeff is NOT Marcellas -- he will save himself at the POV ceremony.
  • It's extremely likely that Russell will go up on the block in his place.
  • Oh ... and Michele is almost a non-entity in the house except when fighting with Chima. I expected more out of her.


Petals said...

G'morning Ms Jackie & All ~

LOVE LOVE LOVE ("Q" term) that Jeff won POV, and of course will use it on himself. Knew I liked him...hopefully we can say "BUYBYE to the "love muscle"!

And thankfully, no one can think of anything bad to say about my lil poolboy, Jessie. (yet)

Have a great Sunday! 11.5 hrs and counting...

Delee said...

I realized why I do not like Jessie in the house. He is like the wise-old sage that all run ideas by, making him seem almost god-like. Instead of the hamsters, thinking things thru by themselves, he directs the play. Get him out of there and let them play the game their way, not Jessie's.

WV purrely LOL purrely Jessie's show!

Sasha said...

Good morning all
Delee, thank you for my morning chuckle...thinking of Jessie as a wise old sage is funny, although I get your point. Most sages can string a sentence together properly and use words that mean what they are trying to say. I do think he'd love the G-d-like comparison, though.

See Petals? I didn't want to disappoint you :) I'd love to see Jessie gone, but I'll settle for Russell. It would be nice not to lose my pool girl so early in the season.

WV is "natty". Hmmmm wrong season and didn't they forget the "G"?

Have a great day, all

meb said...

Sasha that was funny, but...Right season for "natty". I just don't want to be reminded of Gnat everytime I hear Natalie or Gnatalie. (Eww I cannot stand that girl)... Let's just call This Natalie Natty... Yes... I like that better.

I hope Ronnie is smart enough to put Russell up, but I just don't think he is. He really believes that he and Jessie made an alliance when they were first talking early on. Jessie probably can't even remember it and is just flattered that Ronnie is following him around.

Dave B... loved your banter on previous post how Ronnie and Jessie conversed... Exactly!

And Laurie... your avatar is perfect!!!

Laurie said...

Good morning everyone. Ronnie will move up a notch in my standings if he does put Russell up. He would be my hero if he put Jesse up!

My reason for that is exactly what Delee said. His "experience" in the house puts him in a mentor position and it changes the game in a bad way. I would say that for any of the previous players who might have been in the there. It wasn't a good idea to do that.

I think getting Russell out will deflate the bully mentality that seems to go with the Athlete group. I'm hoping they are all seeing that being being in the HOH group gives you fleeting power and what goes around comes around!

Laurie said...

Petals, thanks again for the idea for my current avatar. I'll keep it as long as the bromance lives.

Becky said...

Dave's post on the previous link is too good to pass up. I think you will enjoy reading it -- or rereading it. Dave hope you don't mind me copying and pasting:

Dave B. said...
(Ronnie): Jessie is my friend...he's so big and strong.
Hey Jessie...Hey Jessie...can we backdoor Russel?..can we?...huh? can we?
(Jessie): Shaddup ::slap::
(Ronnie): I'm shuttin say shut up...I'm shuttin up
(Jessie): ::slap:: Shut up shuttin up.
(Ronnie): Jessie is my friend...::pant pant pant::

7/19/2009 12:39 AM

Petals said...

ROTFLMAO, Becky! Exactly the dialogue!

Becky said...

I am so glad that Jeff won POV. I hope Pee Wee has the ----- (fill in the blanks) to put Russell up, but he won't. He lost what little he probably had in the wedgies comp.

I am glad that Jeff is safe. Wish they could save Laura. While her overly buxom body does not impress me, she at least will stand up to the bullies. She reminds me of Jen of the Unitard.

Nana in the NW said...

Good morning all! All I can say is "Thank goodness for Jackie and all of you!!" I have been so busy I've not had time to keep up with all the happenings 24/7 on BB. Being here has got me caught up....mostly. Sounds like Lydia has sold her soul to the devil. Have any of the feeds shown whether Jessie really likes her or is just taking what's being offered? I, so agree with what Becky said...Lydia is prostituting herself....the end prize is money!

I really hope Russell is put and gone on Thurs. I don't care for Laura but I really hate bullies and that is Russell! If Ronnie is such a master of this game then he knows that you seize an opportunity when it's there to get rid of a threat.

Laurie--love the avatar! It is totally Jesse/Ronnie.

Petals--personal question and feel free to tell me....none of your business...."what age group are you in?" I love to read your comments, sometimes I think you must be middle-aged and then you'll make a "young, modern thinking comment" and I think she is a my girls....20-30's. Thanks for not being afraid to say what you think!!

Jackie--thinking about you....hope the days are getting better and the grief a little easier.

Joyn--{{{ HI !!!! }}} Great insight, as always!

Dave B--funny commentary! LOL

So far I think Jeff is my fav. The HG better watch out for Michelle....flying under the radar may get her a long way in the game.

Have a great day....sunny and 75 here in the Pacific NW today!!!

sizzie said...

Hi Jackie, thanks for the post and bringing me up to date. Several deals were made hypothetically? If X get HOH they won't nom X X & X. Was anyone not protected in those deal?

And, this line could fit in every post until she is gone, imo.

Jackie said: "Natalie is ticked off."

Laurie said...

"Natalie got ticked off" is similar to "and Amber cried".

Will there be an episode when that doesn't happen? Natalie goes looking for a reason to be ticked off. She scare me!

sizzie said...

Laurie said: Natalie got ticked off" is similar to "and Amber cried".

Exactly what I was thinking, Laurie. She is the 'in your face' girl. (woman since she is almost mid 20s?)

cha cha said...

Natalie really needs to be put up. Can you imagine how Jessie would act. Even if its to scare her this week. I am not sure she is "acting" like she is 18. I think her mental being is even though the chronilogical age may be different.
Then can you imagine the Roid Rage that will be set off in Jessie.
What was Lydia tring to prove in the hammock with Jessie last night trying to say she wants Russell to stay. She needs to go next

Petals said...

Nana -
None of your business!!!!
hahahah, only kidding.
I won't confirm an exact number, but I fall in the 35-45 yr old range. When/if I make youthful references or comments, it's most likely the influence of pop culture.
Put it this way, I've got the maturity of a 20 yr old, the soul of an 80 yr old, and the body of a 35 yr old (thank you, Dr Swanson).

Dave B. said...

The funniest thing I saw on the SHO2 broadcast last night was...Jordan trying to tell the gang outside that she was going on the block next....she's not a very good liar or actress.

Sally said...

I'm kind of hoping that Michelle gets the next HOH. I want to see her game startegy, whatever it might be. She must have some substance/plan that doesn't seem to have shown up yet.

joy n said...

Thanks to Jackie, I finally got to see the Julie Chen/Braden interview link. Braden is not the bightest lightbulb, is he?

cha cha said...

I can't believe the "good people" aka Chima, Natalie, Jessie, Lydia, Kevin, and Ronnie think that they are running production. Can you believe they were saying they are the best cast ever.
Personally i think this cast BLOWS. Although this doesn't stop me from being completely engrossed in watching everything.

formerly anon said...

Dave B. - spot on about Jordan, it was painful to watch her trying to lie. Not only that, but later up in HOH they were all talking about how it's against the rules for the HOH to tell someone that they are going on the block, so anyone with half a brain should have questioned Jordan immediately (Russell I'm looking at you!). I think the gears were turning in Russell's head, but he didn't say enough to let on what he was thinking.

And the fact that Jessie is somehow the "go to" guy on all matters of strategy, is way beyond hilarious. Chima, much as I don't like her, is pretty smart. The rest? Not so much. Last night up in HOH when they were telling Jessie the backdoor plan, just listen to Jessie, he rambles on and on and says absolutely nothing that makes any sense (except that because Russell is on his team, then he should not, by definition, be going). Hardly anyone even questions him or asks him to defend what he is saying. Ronnie a debating champ? Yeah, right.

Sad sad bunch of hamsters and rats.

joy n said...

The ones I referred to as "good" people earlier is most definitely
NOT Chima, Natalie, Jesse. Lydia, Kevin and Ronnie. They're all in Russell's classroom.