Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Overnight Into Thursday 7/23

Kind of reminiscent of Home Alone, eh?

Here's what's been happening in that Big Brother House of Home Alone Hamsters:

  • Since receiving all the equipment to practice for the HOH comp tonight, they've been practicing.
  • Ronnie didn't have to practice which is a good thing as he's Ronnie In Exile anyway.
  • Russell told Jessie he thinks they should keep Ronnie, but not to mention it to Natalie.
  • Jordan and Laura packed.
  • Ronnie told Russell he doesn't think Kevin and Lydia are really mad at him because "they smile at me with their eyes."
  • Yeah, right.
  • Ronnie lied to Russell and told him it was all Laura trying to set him up last week.
  • Russell told Ronnie that he's been being mean to him because only a secret alliance will make it to the end.
  • Russell told Jessie he thinks that Casey is "gunning for me."
  • Chima said the pawn plan is withdrawn and no one will be throwing the HOH comp.
  • She said Casey said it would be better if they all played for it.
  • Chima is worried that the brains will win and Ronnie won't be able to go on the block.
  • Natalie blatantly wants to put Ronnie on the block, forget the backdoor.
  • Natalie feels she can't trust Russell.
  • I don't think anyone can really trust Russell. Well, maybe his Mom can. But she's not in the house.
That's where things stand. It still looks like a unanimous or almost unanimous ouster of Laura tonight.


Petals said...

G'morning Ms Jackie & All!
My faves are still intact, and so far haven't done anything stupid;
although I do wish I could shake the image of Casey/Boogie. That aging white rapper/gangsta thing? Its gotsta GO! LOL

Have a great day everyone!

lynn1 said...

Jackie, you really spoil us with your blog. I know you are going through tough times but you never fail to delight us with your witty comments. Thanks so much for having such a great and friendly place for us fans to congregate.

In the event that AG or any of her staff happen to read Jackie's blog I have a comment. Please let the Hamsters create and provide the drama. The High school cliques, the couples, The someone from your past,etc., make all the action and drama seem contrived.
Give the houseguest a chance to entertain us with their own personalities,quirks and gameplay.

sizzie said...

Petals, I see the Boogie/Casey resemblance every time Casey speaks...but I like Casey and never could stand Boogie. Not for a minute. Maybe Casey is Boogie with a soul. Too strong. Maybe a soul-lite?

meb said...

Well I just left a long comment on the previous post... thought I was on this one. Left messages for Petals, Sizzie, joyn, Anon, Ablinka and Becky I think... and yes, I wrote a book and confessed the same.

my wv is nonsessn... probably everything I wrote on the previous post was nonsense..

Laurie said...

Good morning everyone! I just watched Tuesday's show and am thankful for already knowing what happened and for the FF button on the remote.

My opinions on Russell and Ronnie haven't changed. Both worms in their own way. It was interesting to see Russell's facial hair change so quickly between the competition shots and the talking about himself shots. So much for continuity!

Everyone lies. That's my new motto.

RJM in SC said...

Is it just me or does Ronnie remind anyone else of "Wooody" in the Toy Story?

Laurie said...

I was just reading somewhere else that Jessie and Casey know each other from outside the house. Has this been discussed already?

meb said...

Only the fact that they do know each other Laurie. I don't know anything else, i.e., how or what it means to the game, etc. Do you know anything else about them?

meb said...


I have to say this somewhere, and no one is commenting on the site for SYTYCD, plus I wanted everyone to read this whether following the show or not.

Last night one of the Choreographers (and I hate it that I can't think of his name) did a number dedicated to a good friend who is battling breast cancer. The number was danced by Ade and Melissa (the ballet dancer) and when it was finished, there was not a dry eye in the place. Melissa and Ade were magnificent and you could see Melissa was having a difficult time standing there as the judges discussed the number.

When the judges started to talk, Nigel said a couple of words and then had to stop for quite a while to compose himself before he could continue... Mary (while she cries easily,) commented in broken sentences, and Mia actually sobbed as she tried to critique the number, causing the choreographer, as he sat in the audience to literally break down.

During all this, they kept showing Melissa's husband who was in various stages of emotions.

I, needless to say, having successfully battled colon cancer just a year ago this month, was a blubbering idiot.

It was the most moving dance number I've ever seen.

If you can, you need to go find it and watch. Maybe it's on YouTube. So moving!

RBennie said...

Yes, Marge I was watching and I teared up too! Tyce D'Orio was the choreographer. It was a very emotional number, but I was a little surprised that Nigel broke down like that. I expected Mia and Mary to be crying by the end of the dance, but he surprised me. Up until that point in the show, Ellen DeGeneres had me in stitches. She is too funny.

meb said...

Rbennie... I also agree, just prior to that number, Ellen had me ROFLWBecky's you know what! That woman is hysterical and off the cuff like that...of course that's why she makes the big bucks.

Thanks for the Tyce name. I knew it started with a "T" and just couldn't pull it out of my head. He is such a cutie too, and to see him breakdown like that. Makes you think that his friend isn't doing well.

Isn't Travis doing a great job too in choreography, considering he was just a contestant in last year's competition. He's so cute too.

Laurie said...

meb, what I read was that they met at a bikini judging contest before the show. That was it.

I don't watch SYTYCD, but I'm glad you told us about the dance. Maybe it will show up on youtube soon and we can all see it!

Caroline said...

Here you go guys...

This is the entire thing, rehearsal footage, the dance and the critiques. It was superbly done and one of the best I've ever seen on this show. I managed to hold it together until they showed Melissa's husband in the audience...but that brought me to tears.

And Meb... I totally agree with you about Travis. He's fantastic. But Travis was on season 2 back with Benji and his cousin Heidi. The Mandy Moore number that Travis & Heidi danced (The Bench) is my all-time favorite performance of the show. I'm hoping maybe next year Travis will be one of the main choreographers and an occasional guest judge. He's adorable.

Laurie said...

Off topic:

A big thank you to Sizzle for sharing this link to the dance and the comments:

And love to my own personal angel who didn't win her fight. She would have loved this tribute!

Becky said...

Off Topic: Tribute to the Battle with Breast Cancer....

Phenomenal! Unforgettable! Thank you for sharing.

Meb, as a breast cancer survivor, I can say it was a touching tribute. I hope this couple wins the competition. I don't watch the show, so you will have to keep us informed.

meb said...

I've been over at YouTube watching again and again. I'm just so amazed at the choreography...the denial, the anger and the submission. It really is so moving.

Becky I knew you'd want to see it, being a breast cancer survivor.

Thanks for the link to the video. I agreed with Nigel, it was one of those nights when the music was slow, thus the dancers didn't quite come through like they usually do. To me this is the result of the choreography, not the dancer. But when this number came up, you were mesmerized.

Caroline... the fact that I remembered Travis made me think it was last year, cause I usually don't remember the competitors unless I see them somewhere else and say... "Oh, that's so and so from SYTYCD". Thanks for clearing that up for me.

I read at YouTube that this was a tribute to his "companion, lover and friend" who died in 2007. I didn't know that when I watched the dance, I would probably have really fallen apart.

OK...sorry I took away from BB. (Well really I'm not), but for those who could care less about SYTYCD, didn't mean to go on so.
(Well really I did). Smile

Anonymous said...

i asked this in the other post but nobody answered. what is DOR???? it's been said ronnie wants to do this. -jeannemarie

RBennie said...

I don't remember what the initials stand for exactly, but I think it means to leave voluntarily.

joy n said...

Meb, that dance was absolutely amazing! You can't help but let the tears flow.

PlaidChick said...

Ohh boy Anon fans, 2 of them..

HOH lockdown is over. Ronnie listened to Legally Blonde CD the whole time.

Ronnie is back in the game. Jessie has Lydia and Natalie in his back pocket and they had a meeting with Ronnie. Now from what I can tell, Russell is unaware of this meeting. So Ronnie has Russell, Ronnie has those three, and Jessie is playing Ronnie and Russell. Father and Son rule the galaxy continues...

They Lydia, Natalie, Jessie, Ronnie and Russell, do not want Casey to win HOH. I jumped Natalie's float a long time ago, and hope Casey or Jordon win HOH tonight. The odds of that happening are not good. Casey needs to shut his mouth about "knowing" people really don't want Ronnie out. Because he's a target.

FOTH: Front of The House
DOR: Departure On Request

Laurie: Dingo on hamsterwatch said Casey was at an event that Jessie was at. The met. According to BB rules-- which don't seem to mean much as they change the rules as they go-- that's an automatic disqualification, because they have met outside the house. Beyond that no one knows. Chima has mentioned she met Marcellas.

XXXHardcore said...

DOR = Demand Of Release

Anonymous said...

DOR is Demand Of Release

sizzie said...

I can't see Ronnie keeping his mouth shut about his secrets. He craves the attention that comes with him knowing something 'special' to the game. What bothers me most about Ronnie is that so many of the other hgs are giving him so many props for being smart. He just proved to them he doesn't understand how to play the game and they still think of him as the supreme player. He just doesn't know when to keep quite. He is the one who brought his game down...not the others finding out about it.

Laurie said...

PlainChick, I guess you are right about rules changing all the time!

Sizzle, I think you are spot on with Ronnie craving the attention he is getting and not being able to shut up. You can almost see him quiver with excitement about all of it. Oh, to see him go soon.

Petals said...

"DOR" in reference to Ronnie is, I think, his t-shirt when it lost the "K" in the dryer.

Anonymous said...

thanks plaidcheck and hardcore -jeannemarie