Friday, July 24, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Overnight into Friday 7/24

I'm not getting the scarf thing so much since it looks like a tattered old winter one, but at least he wears his shirt. Here's the happenings from the late night:
  • Russell shaved his mustache. He no longer looks like the guy who liked Vito on The Sopranos.
  • Jessie wanted Jordan and Lydia to kiss. I have no words.
  • They talked about the odd vote for Laura but it's not a huge thing shaking up the house like Natalie had hoped.
  • Jessie got his HOH room and the typical fake-happy smiles abounded as they checked it out.
  • Casey thinks Jessie couldn't be dumb enough to keep Ronnie.
  • Little does he know.
  • The Jordan and Jeff relationship is ongoing, but no grandpaw ... she ain't slept with him.
  • Lydia played drama mama over beds. Russell even offered to sleep in the Have Not Room, yet she pouted.
  • Lydia and Natalie argued over beds. Michele supposedly has night terrors and Lydia wants Natalie to share with her because she's had enough.
  • Natalie told Jessie she thinks they should align with Jordan and Jeff.
  • Natalie is worried about Casey winning comps. She's sure it's going to start happening.
  • Jessie talked about maybe putting up Lydia and Kevin.
  • Natalie thinks he should put up Michele and Lydia, then maybe backdoor Casey.
  • You might have noticed that Ronnie isn't being discussed.
  • Sigh.


Petals said...

G'morning Ms Jackie & Everyone,
Happy Friday!
So Michelle has "night terror"? I think that's great - she now has something (anything, please please please) to make her stand out. This crowd is so cookie-cutter. Not enough flakes in this ceral bowl.

sizzie said...

Morning all and thanks Jackie for the reports. I want them to bring Ronnie out of exile asap. There is no way he can talk and not tell too much. The sooner they let him rejoin the group the sooner he will screw up.

Sasha said...

Good morning. Well, I've already lost in the pool so I get to choose again! Problem real favorite. Guess I'll just float for awhile and consider my options.

Funny the pic this am is of Kevin. He has been so under the radar, I hardly know him. So far the HG's just seem to see him as an extension of Lydia. Not what I expected at all.

Jessie again. Blech.
Thanks for all the updates, Jackie!

lynn1 said...

I would be very surprised if Jessie put Ronnie up for eviction. I wish he would but I don't think he will. For whatever reason Jessie and Ronnie seem to have an alliance or bond. It beats me but it seems to exists.
I think Jessie will put up Jordan, Casey, Michelle or Chima. He might consider Kevin. I don't think he will put Lydia up just yet.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, imagine that, Petal's boy is a moron. @@ Big surprise there....ummm, not.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking he was going to put up Jeff. I told my husband last night, Jessie's not going to put Ronnie up. I am not happy with this season...the Jessie show....BLECH!


Anonymouse said...

It would be stupid for Jessie to put Ronnie up. Ronnie will always be someone else's target, and if he ever won HOH he's not gunning for Jessie anyway.

Heck, who better to be against in the finals?

Of course that's what everyone thought about Will.

meb said...

Anon/tbc... Jessie can't put up Jeff as they're in the same clique.

Lynn1...He won't put Ronnie up because they do have an alliance from the very first episode. Plus, Jessie wants to make sure of his numbers before he starts putting up any of his "own" the TH.

Are night terrors the same thing as nightmares? What is Michelle doing at night that is upsetting Lydia?

Jessie wanted Jordon and Lydia to kiss????? Is that what excites the boy? I'm with you Jackie... I have no words.

RBennie said...

Oh Crap were the first words that came out of my mouth when Jesse won HOH. Is this such a bunch of losers that Jesse is going to dominate HOH? I really hope not.

Becky said...

Before I came to this post, I first read the sinceeviction post and, Meb, I was pulled in too. It is rather funny, had it been anyone but Jessie, we would have known Jackie was kidding about the blue shirts, blue cups.

I can't believe that Jessie wants Lydia and Jordan to kiss. DON'T DO IT JORDAN, you don't know where that other mouth has been! Jessie is a pervert!

I had forgotten that Jeff is actually an "Athlete" and he would be safe. I think that means Casey and Jordan on the block. I hate that they are picking off the GG too.

I hate the twist this year. Of course, the same groups would have gravitated toward each other anyway.

Enough hamsters have told Jessie that Ronnie shouldn't go up, so he will have one of them to blame.

Anonymous said...

I forgot Jeff was and athlete, too. LOL. You can just call me tbc. I know the anon thing bothers people, but I have tried unsuccessfully many times to get my name in never works.


Laurie said...

Thanks for the pic of Kevin, Jackie. I was wondering if he was still in the house. Talk about flying under the radar! He's my guy in the pool, and I really thought from his bio that he would be out by now, but he isn't at all like he said he would be.

sizzie said...

tbc, I was Anon with black letters for a long time, too. Like you I always signed each comment. : )

I, too, wasn't thinking that Jeff was safe. So, I wonder, during the tie breaker I thought for sure he would try to win, but he is much safer not being HOH this week. In fact, I don't think he would want to be HOH with the Ronnie thing still up in the air (sounds uncomfortable doesn't it?!). Jeff must have been okay with the outcome, so maybe I will be okay with it, too.

Nana in the NW said...

tbc--I know what you mean about names....I can't get mine in blue either. But I hated being anon. and discovered that if you click name/URL instead of anon. than type in tbc, do your wv and publish your comment. Your name won't be in blue but at least it will be at the top of your comment...just a suggestion.

I don't have live feeds and am confused about Jessie/Lydia/Natalie. I thought Jessie and Lydia were hooking up?? What happened?? Natalie is like the Robin to Jessie's are my hero, tell me what to do, I will follow you anywhere! I'm sure by now she has told Jessie she was the hinky vote and did it to stir up the house....thinking , of course, that will impress Jessie! YUCK!!!
Kevin's my guy in the pool and boy did I misread him from the bio!! Early on he had a mild blow-up but since has been a fly on the wall....good way to stick around for awhile. This year is really a yawner. That being said, I don't miss all the hot tub scenes and bedroom romps! The house doesn't enough have a house pet this year....:-(

tbc said...



tbc said...


Angie In KC said...

I dont know but I still dislike Jessie-- does he have fans??? They are all stupid if they do not try and get that fool out of the house. Russell reminds me of an angry Cappy. BTW- not a big fan of Russell-- come on girls grow backbones instead of boobs and get some of those boys out of there,

~Angie in KC

EileenM said...

Jackie thanks for the posts, you are the greatest! Jeff is better off not being HOH this week, let Jessie do the dirty work, but I hope he doesn't target Jordan or Casey.

Becky said...

Hey, TBC, welcome to the not anon anymore.

I had not thought about Jeff not really trying for HOH since he had a bye for the week. Smart thinking.

WV repterda -- the way Jessie says, I am the first repterda in the HOH room this year.

sizzie said...

Nana, I don't have feeds either and miss a lot on the relationships. I am not sure why Michelle is not liked by some because I never see or hear anything about her.

Sasha said...

Angie in KC said...come on girls grow backbones instead of boobs and get some of those boys out of there.

Thanks, Angie what a great observation and gave me a good chuckle!

WV is nerva...I wish someone would get the nerva to evict Jessie soon :)

Cha Cha said...

Michelle isn't really liked in the house because she really doesn't talk game to anyone. She just nods and uh huhs.
Also the fact that Ronnie has told terrible lies about her.
They are blaming her for the one vote last night which really didn't cause any problems.
Natalie or Natalie, can you please just shut your mouth for a little while. I am betting that the Lydia/Natalie fight will erupt this week.

cha cha said...

sorry for the mispelling in the last post. It should have said Natalie oh Natalie. oops.

Cha Cha said...

Jesse is saying this morning he is mad that nobody has come up to talk to him.
Well noone should have to cause Ronnie is supposed to go.
Also how can anyone get up there when Natalie and Lydia take turns up there. The three of them make me sick.
I really liked Lydia on the feeds when they first went live but just can't stand her anymore. "Like seriously" as she would say.

Nina said...

Jessie should nominate Michelle and Jordan. That would make the most sense. Then Jessie can make a deal with Jeff and Jordan to take Jordan down and then replace her with Cassie. Michelle and Cassie are probably the smartest players in there so either one going home is definitely in Jessie's favor.

And I'm glad my pool pick, Ronnie, is safe.

RBennie said...

Oh no, is Jesse being disrespected? You know how he feels about that, LOL.

Witt said...

RBennie, you crack me up!

Witt :)

P.S. Welcome tbc!!

sizzie said...

Thanks cha cha for the Michelle explanation.

My wv is ratiz

Cha Cha said...

Have/Have not comp started. Jesse pulled everyone up in the room one by one. All of his "NBK" people we was swaying to keep Ronnie.
Throwing Lydia under the bus so to speak.
Interestingly enough when Ronnie talked to Jesse he said he will be truthful to his alliace of Nat, Jess, Chima, and Kevin....No Russ or Lydia.

meb said...

YAY tbc... it worked.

Becky, Not sure what you meant by why Jeff has a buy for the week... only if his group won the HOH did he have a buy, and so he should have tried harder... that way he wouldn't have to put up any of his friends, but he could have nominated RONNIE, Lydia, Chima and/or Kevin.

Since Jessie got HOH we know none of his clique can be nom'd and he WON'T put up Ronnie, Chima or Lydia,(pawns maybe) so it only leaves Michelle, Jordon and there ya go.

Rbennie said: "Oh Crap" ... am I going to have to wash your mouth out with soap?

Sizzie said: "with the Ronnie thing still up in the air" are you talking dirty too?

OK... I think I need to stop, I getting silly since there's nothing really exciting to talk about.

my wv is stemies I could probably make something ornery out of that too, but I'll pass.

RBennie said...

Sorry MEB, I don't know what came over me LOL. I'm going for the Ivory right now.

meb said...

Rbennie... the corner will do.

Petals said...

I don't keep track of the "pool" every year...I just know that THIS season, THIS time, I am very happy to have been chosen to represent Jessie here. I like him.
And - for the record - guys in their 20s are contantly asking girls to kiss one another. Come to think of it, the guys rarely even have to ask - the girls are just making-out all over the place. It is stupid, but it seems to be the "in" thing to do for young singles.
Hey, it's a different world now, and although Jessie is powerful, we can't credit HIM alone with a culture shift. And if you doubt any of this, just watch 1/2hr of MTV, E! or Bravo.

AlbGlinka said...

Lightweight summer scarves: very Fashionable.

AlbGlinka in Retail :-)

Muscles bigger than your brain: very unfashionable!