Monday, July 20, 2009

Big Brother 11: Live Feeds - POV Meeting 7/20

This is a late but quick bulletin -- Jeff saved himself and Jordan is now up in his place on the block with Laura.

More soon.


Sharon S said...

Ronnie is a big dope. As soon as all the others are gone, the athletes will use their strength and get rid of Ronnie before it gets too close to the end. ugh. I hope Michelle or Jordan gets HOH next week.

chris said...

I was really starting to like that
entire group that voted to keep braden in
laura seems nothing like her "bio"

Chris said...

jeff is the only athlete I like
Natalie came on too strong in the beginning and Russell was just a bully. And of course Jessie is Jessie.
Ronnie is playing too much game to soon and I hope it does bite him in the butt sooner rather than later.
Heres hoping for Jeff or Casey HoH next week.
And I wish they would start allowing the person with the veto to pick the replacement nominee!

Lars Eller said...

I'm on a quick break,
Jackie did you post any videos on U-Tube?
Ronnie is ------------------

However at least Jeff is safe.

Thanks Jackie,

Jackie said...

I doubt I'll be posting any of my own feeds video on YouTube this year. They're shutting down accounts and banning the feeds content as they find it.