Saturday, August 01, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into the Dawn Saturday 8/01

Oh, geez. Jessie and Natalie apparently are too good for the Have Not room. They refuse to sleep in it. Now BB won't let them sleep anywhere else but the bedroom at night, so they're up all night. Is this going to go on all week?

Here's what's been going on in that Big Brother House of People of Suspected Vampires (most are still up when it's going on 4 AM there):
  • Jeff is great in the kitchen. Chima keeps telling him he should try out for Hell's Kitchen. I think he should just take over Jackie's Kitchen ... maybe in a cute little pool boy toy outfit. Oops, I digressed.
  • Chima and Natalie are upset that Russell put Ronnie on the block. They think Russell was unnecessarily mean in his speech. But they will put on happy faces because they fear going on the block if he gets himself off.
  • They both think if the veto is won, it can't be used as one of them or Jessie might go up.
  • Natalie says sleeping in the Have Not room will ruin her chances at PoV. Jessie says the food will upset his system and ruin his chances at PoV.
  • Aw, poor babies. It's a shame that they're the first ones in this position, eh? After all, no one else has had to eat slop (and squid and squash), take cold showers, and sleep in the Have Not room. It sucks to be the first, huh?
  • They did their little Jessie and Natalie Show (which I've tried to ignore before) making a plea for votes for the secret power.
  • Jessie told Natalie it might be time to distance themselves from Ronnie.
  • Lydia told Russell he didn't have "the balls" to put up Jessie or Natalie.
  • Russell told her she'll be safe, he only wants Ronnie out. Lydia said that if Jordan was on the block she could just sit there and look pretty once again and Ronnie would go.
  • Russell's intent on getting Ronnie out this week -- before the first hamster is sent to the jury house.
  • Ronnie and Chima think whoever is portrayed as the underdog will win the power -- they say that's why Kris Allen won American Idol.
  • Jeff said he's a sucker for voting for the underdog.
  • I say it's because Underdog fights Riff Raff and I don't like no Riff Raff (Jessie and Natalie!).
  • Michele told Ronnie she thinks he's a liar.
  • You don't say!
  • Russell told Natalie and Jessie that everyone in the house wants Ronnie out. He wants them to go with the flow.
  • Ronnie campaigned with Michele for her vote. He told her his loyalties are with Jessie, Natalie, Chima, and her.
  • Michele still doesn't trust him. Good.
  • Ronnie told her if he leaves this week, Russell will flip the alliances. Now, would that be a bad thing? Not for me, no. And, actually not for Michele. She's a peripheral player at the best. She can be peripheral for either side and the target (or lack thereof) wouldn't change one iota.
  • Chima wants Lydia to go home this week, but says she'll vote the way Russell wants.
  • Jeff and Jordan miss having Casey in the house. He was entertaining.
  • Jordan told Jeff, "Surely they (America) won't vote for Jessie (for the secret power)." Heh. She thinks that this coming Thursday could be the "night of their lives." Methinks she's right. I think Jeff has it in the bag.
  • Chima and Russell joked that if Jordan wins the power, she won't know how to use it and will ask Jeff for advice ... thus losing the power.
  • Kevin told Natalie that he hasn't heard Ronnie specifically say anything bad about her but that he stirs up trouble in the house on the whole.
  • Kevin said that if he wins PoV, he won't use it. He shook hands with Jessie. Ronnie is the one who will get voted out (as long as the nominations remain the same).
  • Jessie, for all of his great intentions when first being a Have Not, fussed on and off ever since becoming one.
  • Ronnie is sure that America will vote for someone who can think out the power ... you know, someone like him.
  • Now Natalie and Jessie have flipped. They want to keep Ronnie.
  • @@
  • Jessie fussed about how he was portrayed last year and how America's Player did him in.
  • As I post this, Jessie, Natalie, and Chima are still up scheming. They want to keep Ronnie now and go against Russell's wishes.
  • They think if he can win over Michele's vote, they'll have the majority.
  • We'll see.


Delee said...

Great coverage Jackie. I read about 8 pages of Joker's tis AM. At least the hamsters have been stirred into activity with the noms. I just hope that the pissant goes home. Sick of him talking about how important he is and how America loves him...

Zoe was great to hear from you...hope all is better in your family...

sizzie said...

Thank you Jackie. I remember at first wishing this group would talk game more. Now, though, not so much. Jesse and Nat never shut up about it. Ronnie never shuts up about this season or any in the past...mostly all said in a whisper. Russell is becoming my new hero because he will say 'stop talking game..change the subject' at least once in a while. If I were Michelle I would vote Ronnie out based purely on his cornering her and talking nonstop after the noms. Didn't he make it sound as if he were the representative from Jesse (the king) sent to get her under their wing? Or did I mishear that part?

Before they were have nots, J & N wanted others (Lydia? Jordon?) to exercise a lot so they would be too sore to do the HOH. Jesse is sore from the HOH because he 'had to look up for so long".

But, Chima's pillow non stop talk to Russell trying to get him to protect Ronnie (because Ronnie is a good hearted person underneath it all) was a defining moment for me. Bad Chima. She is playing her game, and all is fair in the BB house of plastic knives but Russell needs to step away from the siren song and remember his ressolve.

lynn1 said...

As much as I want to see Jessie go, I think Russell made excellent choices for eviction.
Ronnie and Lydia are definitely on Jessie's goon squad. Neither of them are that good at the POV comps.

IMO in order to get Jessie out, his supporters need to go first.

Russell was smart enough to figure out that there were not going to be enough votes to remove Jessie.

Right now it depends on Kevin and Michele voting Russel's way to get rid of Ronnie.
I finally have some hope for this season or at least I am excited at the prospect of seeing a crack in the TH gang.

MY WV is guile as in The GG need all their guile and cunning to break up the TH.

Dave B. said...

Jackie....Thanks for all you do here.
I loved the Underdog - Riff Raff reference. I guess that means Jordan is Sweet Polly Purebred.
There's no need to fear...

wv = fewae (I've got two for this I'll conjugate) :)
There are fewae and fewae (short e, short a) good guys left in the it's about time for Ronnie to hit the fewae (long e, long a).

Nancy said...

I can't wait till Thursday I hope Ronnie is gone. Hope Jeff wins AC and uses it wisely. Thanks for everything Jackie

sizzie said...

Dave said: Jackie....Thanks for all you do here.
I loved the Underdog - Riff Raff reference. I guess that means Jordan is Sweet Polly Purebred.
There's no need to fear...


Jackie, I agree, loved the reference and forgot to mention it earlier.

Joe in NY said...

Not for nothing, but everyone who thinks Russell isn't playing well because he didn't nominate Jessie: get over your biases.

Jessie and Russell are allies, always have been. Because Russell doesn't think this is the best time to elminate Jessie is hardly a bad move. Just because y'all are in love with pretty boy Jeff (who has done very little in the game at all, if you think about it) doesn't make him either a natural ally of Russell or a better ally than Jessie.

Jessie has had Russell's back and Russell apparently has his. Worst case scenario (for Russell) is he keeps Jessie and most of his posse and gains points from the other (dumber) side of the house by ousting Ronnie. Best case scenario (for Russell) is for Lydia or Ronnie to win POV and then Russell gets to backdoor someone who is really a threat or not an ally of his.

Personally, if I were Russell, I'd look to backdoor Jeff or, if I need to keep my promise, Kevin or Michelle. I know, I'm scum, but I don't see Kevin, Michelle, Jordan or Chima as much of an individual threat either as a player or leader of the "opposition". If I can rally Kevin, Michelle, and Chima to his side and possibly Lydia then backdoor Jeff (despite my promise - anyone dumb enough to fall off a chair on a BB promise must never have watched the show). With Jeff gone, Jordan is a non-entity, the solid two is broken, Russell has usurped the numbers from Jessie and - honestly - Jessie and Russell are the only two power players left. And, frankly, they should stay together to the final 4 or 5 and then look to oust the other one.

People always make the mistake of trying to make the "big play" too early. Ousting Jessie right now would not benefit Russell in the long run (IMHO) because it makes Russell too big of a target. Since Jessie is the "Big Target" AND (more importantly) an ally, why would Russell remove his ally and paint the big bullseye on his own back.

Kudos to Russell this week, I think he's played it perfectly so far: he talked Jeff into dropping so he'd be HOH and then used Ronnie as the visible target which can't cause ANYONE in the house to be upset.

Jessie haters...get over yourselves.

sizzie said...

Joe said: Personally, if I were Russell, I'd look to backdoor Jeff


I think we are all aware that can happen and have been since Jeff dropped off that contraption.

I agree Russell has been playing the game well and I have noticed several things he has done that show he is thinking it through and paying attention to details. Chima's mission is to make him question himself.

If speaking ill of Jesse makes me a Jesse hater then sign me up for the club and give me a tshirt to wear. Game or no game Jesse just doesn't appeal to me. That is an emotional response. But, the logical side of me could and would respect his game play. If I see any worthy of my attention, I will take it into consideration. maybe even add it to the club minutes.

Donna in AL said...

I think Russell is playing a good game and I like him now that he is not blowing up on everyone. Maybe he was just trying that out to see what the response would be.

As for Jesse, I have never liked him but as for game, he has done well in getting others to do his dirty work. He doesn't really say much to defend himself when confronted because Natalie jumps in for him, even when he was HOH and people came to chat with him.

I do not like Natalie, she is a Jesse wannbe. Not wannbe his GF but wannbe him! She is a pit-bull, snapping at everyone.

Jennasmom said...

Off topic: Zoe, it was so good to hear from you. When you have a chance, update us on what's been going on. We've been thinking about you! Hope you still have my email address or Sydney's or someone's.

joy n said...

Jackie, what exactly is Jesse doing in that bed that Natalie is watching so intently? Hate to say what it looks like with his sweaties down around his knees.

Poor Jes and Nat. They had no sympathy for anyone else in the havenot position, but they feel production should do something for them because it might handicap their POV possibilities. Little crybabies!

Sounds like this change of events shook ol' pinhead up more than I thought it would. The musclebrain we all knew and disliked is returning.

I sure hope that Michele listens to Russell and not the King and Queen nasty duo. Getting rid of Lydia won't change anything. Getting rid of Ronnie would be a pleasant experience. He wouldn't be on the jury and he'll find out quickly the reality of his popularity isn't exactly what he thought it was. And the rest of the house may once and for all realize that Jesse (not Ronnie) has been the biggest snake all along.

Anonymous said...

Joe in NY maybe we arent as much Jessie haters as perhaps you are a Jessie lover, Everyone has a right to their opinon as do you, that dosent make people haters. But to say Jessie is playing a good game I'm not sure that can be preserved. ( hiding behind a woman/whatever skirt or shirt tail) and being in a house with a bunch of people who can't think for themselves. So if he's proud of fact that he can munipulate the less fortunate so be it. It's obvious to me when he was with perhaps smarter people his butt was sent backing last year. Only a fool would make the same mistake twice, when given a SECOND chance.

joy n said...

I don't hate Jesse either, just dislike him immensely. I still believe this would have been a totally different game if the aths hadn't had the advantage of a fourth player. If any of the other cliques had had that 4th player, they'd probably have zeroed in on the aths from the beginning. Jesse winning this game would be anticlimatic.

joy n said...

I agree with anon in that the gg's made it easy for Jesse to get this far. It's not so much that he's played a "great" game as it is that the gg's haven't played a a very good one so far.

But things are looking up at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Jessie haters...get over yourselves.

8/01/2009 10:05 AM

okay pops

Anonymous said...

I wonder how great of a play Jesse would be perceived as if he were in a house with people Like Dr. Will, Nakomis, Janelle, Allison, Danielle or any of the other ALL STARS. They knew how to play the game.

Sally said...

While I don't like Jessie or his superficial arrogance, I agree that Jessie's game is better this time around. Jackie described it well, I think in one of her TV Squad posts: while Jessie is still a tool, perhaps now he's a power tool.

But Jessie should be doing well. We has had a huge advantage over the other houseguests, with his prior experience, the leadership that established for him among the others and having a four-person team. (I know Kaysar and Janelle got a second chance at the game, but they returned to their own seasons and houseguests--quite different than Jessie's second chance.)

My wv is drowers: Why are Jessie's drowers down around his knees?

Anonymous said...

I'm not desputing the fact that Janelle, Kaysar and others got a second chance, it's just that they play with people of equal caliber, that is not the case with Jesse, all these people want to do is through competitions so they wont have to be in charge and worry about being targets, Janelle won almost every comp she played, she was playing for power and control, these people want no parts of that, just hide behind Jesse and Natalie, really it's Natalie who's really playing the game best.

Anonymous said...

In this game I've learned that the smartest and best player dose not always win. Janelle made a mistake and took hand of the wall and that cost her the game. it had nothing to do with her game playing, there were others that made those kind of mistakes, again nothing to do with their minds.

Laurie said...

joyn said Jackie, what exactly is Jesse doing in that bed that Natalie is watching so intently? Hate to say what it looks like with his sweaties down around his knees.

Exactly what I was thinking. Just what is he doing with his hands?

Sizzle, you are so good with your words. Love it and sign me up, too.

Jesse is just a jerk in my opinion. He's a self-centered user who has no right to be there. None of the previous players should be there with a crew of newbies. Jesse's minions are also all jerks, imo, and are using him the same way he is using them. They can all go, one by one as far as I'm concerned.

Sally said...

I was just reading an exit interview with Casey and I loved this quote; "Jesse thinks he is smart but I am convinced that he couldn't survive in the outside without reflective surfaces."

Delee said...

POV picks are Jesse-Kevin-Michelle or that is what is reported on Joker's

TerryinCA said...

when I think of Underdog I think of my son when he was small flexing his non existent muscles and wearing his Underdog Underoos....
Riff Raff is PURE GENIUS Jackie, Nat and Jesse are riff Raff forever.
I hope Russell can get Ronnie out, and if he gets the POV he puts Natalie up for a backdoor tired of her....

JimmyB said...

Jessie and Natalie are poor sports and cry babies. No surprises. Seems ironic to me that these athletic-types can't play the game (the hand they're dealt.

Delee said...

This is on the website:

The HGs could use some advice and this is your chance to give it to them! Call the number below and give them your two cents -- from wardrobe to hygiene tips, your advice can have an impact, make them laugh, or just get under their skin. So be creative and your message could be played in the house and even air as part of the show!

Call 1-323-386-2350

Leave your message anytime until August 2, 2009 at 11:59pm PT.

monty924 said...

Oh Dear Gawd! Michelle won the veto and the Rat is sucking up to her big time.


Delee said...

Michelle won the POV..Ronnie is pestering her to death telling her if she uses it on him then she will positivly be one of 5. I would tell him to bug off and leave me alone....

Anonymous said...

Lynn 1 - I think the gg have already shown that they sorely lack cunning and guile. I'm pretty sure they would just be befuddled by these concepts. But, optimist(sucker) that I am, I too hope that they succeed.

Laurie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laurie said...

Pssst! Michelle, rid the house of rodents and start with the Fat Rat who is nibbling at your ear right now.

Anonymous said...

JMO It is pointless to compare players season to season. Each season has its own atmosphere and personalitly. Every person has baggage or game plans that they are implimenting that postively or negatively affect the way you own game goes. So Jessie is playing at the necessary level for this season.

dish tv said...

Thanks for this Jackie.

sizzie said...

Michelle is covered in her bed. Ronnie is on the bed next to her. He is waiting for her to wake up (or acknowledge him if she is already awake and hiding) Poor girl. Rus seems to think Jess wants Ronnie out. Russ is saying he is upset with Chima trying to tell him what to do. But, you never know if Russ means it or is saying it. Right now, there is no talking on any cam. All quite, sleeping or off camera.

Petals said...

Thank you to my boyfriend for defending Jessie. All the hatred is just a broken record now...
Still wondering which college Natalie graduated from, and with what degree?

I love Jessie !!! (my showmance)
I love Joe in NY !!! (my blogmance)

Goin to the drive-in movie tonight, kicking it old school style: Funny People & Public Enemies! What a great coubel-feature, right? Have a cooler, an air mattress, chairs, blankets (it'll be 60 degrees here)... gona be a great night!

formerly anon said...

OK, for the first time I believe that Michele FOR SURE will be voting Ronnie out, no matter how many times he tries to get into her ear.

She's smart enough to realize that her vote will either align her with Jeff/Jordan/Russell or with Jessie/Natalie/Chima. And how could there be any contest between those two groups?

I'm 100% confident that Ronnie is going home this week YAY!!!

formerly anon said...

Joe, I think what Dan proved last season is that a player can keep their integrity and still play the game.

Russell has much more to gain by keeping his word to Jeff.

Players who have been total slimeballs during this game and then have to go back into the real world, probably learn that that stink never leaves them.

It sickens me to continually hear the "it's a game" excuse for any and all behavior of any kind. That alone is a symptom of a social illness.

formerly anon said...

"That guy has the personality of an orange road cone."

--Jeff, about Jessie

Sally said...

Petals: You said you were wondering about what college Natalie graduated from. I did a bit of searching and found out she's a video store manager from Gilbert AZ, a recent grad of Arizona State University in Tempe and won a bronze medal in Tae Kwon Do at the Junior Olympics in 2002. I don't know what she majored in at ASU.

Joe in NY said...

Just for clarification: I never said Jessie was the greatest player of all time. In fact, he may only be #2 or #3 this season. In fact, my original post was lauding Russell after a series of posts by people criticizing Russell for not nominating Jessie.

Whatever the overall rankings, and even if all of his current housemates are nitwits, he is playing a better game than them.

And I only wanted to suggest (not criticize) that people who denigrate Russell for not nominating Jessie aren't thinking objectively about Russell and Jessie's relationship. While I have, in the past, suggested that Jessie should get a little bit of credit for playing the 1st 3 weeks very well (advantages or not), I never even mentioned Jessie's game play in my last post. It's all about Russell this week.

Joe in NY said...

formerly anon said...
OK, for the first time I believe that Michele FOR SURE will be voting Ronnie out, no matter how many times he tries to get into her ear.

She's smart enough to realize that her vote will either align her with Jeff/Jordan/Russell or with Jessie/Natalie/Chima. And how could there be any contest between those two groups?

I'm 100% confident that Ronnie is going home this week YAY!!!

8/01/2009 8:30 PM

Just for clarification (I don't get the feeds), is it actually clear that it is Russell/Jeff/Jordan and not Jessie/Lydia/Chima/Russell?

wv is "thiting" which I think has 1000 meanings.

I'm thiting it. (sexual idiom)

It's thiting. (indeterminate noun)


Anonymous said...

It's been stated that most here don't hate Jesse. The few that love him are entitled to their minority opinion. We shouldn't be blasted for ours.

Joe in NY said...

Anonymous said...
It's been stated that most here don't hate Jesse. The few that love him are entitled to their minority opinion. We shouldn't be blasted for ours.

8/01/2009 9:29 PM

Nobody blasted anyone for their "majority opinion". It was merely suggested that bias colors our interpretation of the game and that the "majority opinion" that Russell wants/needs/must oust Jessie now may be colored by the anti-Jessie bias. Russell is actually in the house, knows all the players, has his own motivations and (IMHO) is playing his HOH in the best possible way for him which includes keeping Jessie.

Now, you are certainly free to dislike Jessie, cheer against Jessie, run up your cell phone bill voting for Jeff, believe that Russell is an idiot, etc. No one has suggested otherwise and no one (certainly NOT ME) has suggested that there was anything wrong with feeling subjectively the way you feel. I only argued that (like all of us, INCLUDING ME) your opinion is subjective and I made note of it.

You should in no way feel threatened by the suggestion. Heck, you might even be completely wrong about Jessie, Russell, Jeff, etc. But I will ALWAYS support your God-given right to be wrong and, at all times, embrace the possibility that I may be wrong.

My wv is "Nessive"! How cool is that? I hope the Nessive team holds together and tosses Jeff and Jordan out on their ears! LOL :) IMHO jk

Anonymous said...

As is your opinion subjective and biased. Not all here think that Russell should boot Jessie. I agree that you may be wrong about Jessie.

Joe in NY said...

Anonymous said...
As is your opinion subjective and biased. Not all here think that Russell should boot Jessie. I agree that you may be wrong about Jessie.

8/01/2009 10:54 PM

See my earlier post: I already acknowledged my subjectivity and the possibility that I was wrong. I also did not complain that anyone was attacking me by stating their opinion.

I might also add, I sign my posts so that you always know its me. Which "anonymous" are you?

Anonymous said...

Attack is your word, not mine.

If you consistantly jump on everyone's opinion of their faves, you have to expect to get some guff back.

Eloquence does not make anyone right.

Petals said...

Loving my eloquent boyfriend Joe! *kiss*.

Thanks to Sally for sluething-up Nasty's edu-creds. Surprise!

Love Jessie!
Jeff is HOT!
JoyNY is my bloygfriend!

Petals said...

Joe - Extra lovin' to you for not lowering yourself to monosyllabic
reponses. Email me off the blog if you wanna know how to really handle these secret stoners. ;)