Sunday, August 30, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Through Sunday 8/30

Jordan is wearing a New York shirt. I bet she's never been to New York City. It would be a hoot to see her reactions to the city.

Basically a whole lot of nothing happened today. Here's the scoop:
  • Jeff and Jordan are pretty resigned that Jeff will go home.
  • Jeff is bitter about it and warned Jordan not to trust either Natalie or Kevin as he's sure they're playing her too.
  • Michele is much more stable and doesn't need to cry. She has the power ... until Thursday when hell starts all over again.
  • Jeff doesn't think Jordan can trust Michele either.
  • They slept a lot.
  • Kevin thinks Jeff has to go because he'd be after him (Kevin) if he stays.
  • Jordan and Kevin both think they're about the same with the jury votes.
  • Kevin thinks that Natalie has lots of jury votes.
  • They're all going to gain more weight if they keep eating and sleeping all the time.
  • Natalie and Kevin think Jeff is doing himself in with his behavior. Both talk about he could save himself. I honestly don't see either of them keeping him, do you?
  • I think they're upset that he's not sucking up to them.
  • If I were Jeff, I probably wouldn't be sucking up to them either. That way, when they stab you in the back, it's not as traumatic.
  • On a side note, there have been lots of sirens around the BB house yesterday and today.


Anonymous said...

The sirens are probably due to all the wild fires around the LA area.

sizzie said...

I heard Kevin keep remarking about Jeff not coming to him to deal and how Jeff should be taking it better because it is making it awkward. I agree with you, Jackie, they want Jeff gone and want him to talk to them so they can lord it over him with they have their private insult sessions. (N and K)

Jordan is a great one for confrontations. Which takes guts and isn't such a good idea in the BB house. She just asked Michelle if what Nat said was true. It was, but the two sort of talked about it. Jordan has been very mean about Michelle and then told Michelle that M had stopped talking to her. Bizarre.

N and K talk to Michelle but like with Russ only when others J and J aren't around.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Michelle is openly crying for the cameras. LOL, she's hideous.

Anonymous said...

After Pandora opened the box and let out all the Evil, What was left at the bottom of the box/jar?


Anonymous said...

I am on the Michelle bandwagon. She doesn't give up and keeps fighting. Her knee looks very painful. She has a bad memory and everyone makes fun of her. She got through Boston College in three years, no small feat. Einstein could't tie his own shoes. I am sure she was a nerd in highschool and picked on. The way the house guests have vilified her and made up lies about her is inhumane. There is no compassion. I would like to see any one of you put up with what she has in this house and not crack. She is smart and if you listen to what she says she has this game figured out.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
OMG, Michelle is openly crying for the cameras. LOL, she's hideous.

8/30/2009 11:22 PM

What is so funny about someone else hurting? Have you no compassion?

Anonymous said...

Michelle was crying over Russell. It struck me as funny that a woman of her education was crying crocodile tears over the game. I think she was feeling sorry for herself.

Lars said...
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ChicMc said...

I do so love a battle of the anonymi(plural for anonymous ?).

Lars said...
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joy n said...

I doubt I could get through what Michele has gone through in that house and not cry about it. It is so NOT humane to treat someone the way they've treated her and I mean almost everyone who has been in the house, but in particular, the TH.

Anonymous said...

I am sure she was feeling sorry for herself. She is living in a pressure cooker and her emotions are all over the place. Her younger brother dies less than five months ago. I am only surprised she has any sanity left.
I also don't know many people who look pretty when they cry.

Anonymous said...

I am rooting for Michelle! If she doesn't win..I guess Kevin. I like him, but don't know why he aligned himself with the bad guys. Jeff is a goner, hate Nat (although she has played well) and Jordan couldn't win a comp to save her life. Do like her tho.

Anonymous said...

I guess I don't understand just what Michelle has done to deserve SUCH a bad wrap. I mean, she is a little odd and all, but man, in comparasion to say Nat, I like her much more. I love J & J, but they got pretty cocky at the end here. I like Kevin, so I guess I hope he wins, since I doubt J or J have a chance. Then Michelle. I think I may cry if Nat gets it.

Nina said...

What's so bad about Nat? Of course her ally was Jessie as opposed to the oh so wonderful Jeff. Strategically, Nat's played an excellent talking/manipulation game. Michelle has played both sides of the house and is a lot better than Nat at comps. Natalie's social game is superior to Michelle's b/c Michelle tends to be akward and gets caught in lies and accused of telling them even when she's truthful. Essentially both are good players along with Kevin. Kevin's decent at comps (though he's had issues with choking; he pulled through when he needed it). Kevin is also likeable. I've personally been rooting for Kev and Nat all along as opposed to J and J who made strategic errors despite the fact that the game was handed to them on a silver platter a la the coup d'etat. How stupid did J and J have to be to take out utterly useless Lydia and leave Kevin and Nat. Jordan would honestly make a pathetic winner and no one would give her the $ b/c she'll be perceived as having ridden Jeff's coattails and having done nothing on her own.
Also, Jeff is taking a little too much credit for taking out the big players in the house. Chima self-destructed. Taking out Russell at the time was a mistake. And Jessie was taken out by America since the coup was handed to Jeff by us for precisely that reason. It was the same as Dick taking credit for staying and making Dustin history when it was us all along. Jessie took out three big players as well: Braden, Laura, and Casey. Taking out the big players puts a target on your back; it doesn't necessarily mean you deserve to win. Jeff acted really entitled the whole time like he was good ppl and no one else was deserving of the win. So Im glad his game is over.

chris said...

kevin is stupid for sticking to a final two with nat, she will get the jury votes
no blood on her hands.
kev will get lydia's that it.
if kev wants the money he should take jordon to the end, or michelle
jessie, lydia, and nat would give him the money
jeff woudl give it to jordon
michelle, who knows
but really jordan has no game plan
would suck answering jury questions etc.
kevin should not keep nat
if michelle wins next hoh, she needs to get rid of kevin to win the entire thing
much as i hate nat that is the next move.
nat cant win a comp, the endurance with jeff and russell had michelle the last girl standing so...
go michelle
anyone but nat

joy n said...

Why does Natalie get this humongus amount of credit and Jeff gets none? I believe Natalie would have been long gone were it not for Jessie's and the Athlete's leg up at the beginning of the game.

Jessie got a great advantage from the start of the game. He was brought back, GIVEN an HOH and he immediately gave the Athletes an advantage of four members compared to the other groups three. And the first comp was endurance which also gave them an advantage. Natalie immediately attached herself to Jessie. Without that advantage, who's to say that the others wouldn't have immediately targeted the Aths to remove them from the game.

When America voted to give Jeff the Cd'E, Which any of them could have attained, Jeff was chosen because America wanted the others to have a chance to break up that unfair alliance.

Natalie, liar or not, hung onto the coattails of Jessie for dear life. Jeff made decisions that weren't always good ones but he was attempting to play the game without coattails.

To say that Jeff acted entitled and not mention that Jessie did the first half of the game seems to show bias.

Jeff is playing the game. Not a great game but he's playing.

Anonymous said...

I read Jokers a few days ago and Kev and Nat were discussing how if one of them are in the f2 with any of the others that America's vote wouldn't be for them because America is white and will vote white. That is nuts, I am sure nobody voting or mabey almost nobody would have taken that into consideration. What race are they? I never even thought about it before. Do they not know who the president is? How do they think he became president?

Anonymous said...

Nina, I agree that Jeff is getting far too much credit, mainly from himself. He really hasn't played near as well as Nat and I say that because listening to her DR sessions, she has stradegy and is smart as heck. Jordan has only stayed in the house because of Jeff protecting her. She has no game whatsoever.
They are all terrible to Michele which is so immature. Jordan gets credit for being "sweet" which is a joke. She isn't coniving but that's because she is so dumb. She is however, very nasty and mean but I think her accent helps her get away with it somehow.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If you want to see how Jordan would react to NYC, just watch her on the show. I'm sure she'd be just as clueless there as she is in the house in LA.

I would be surprised if the sirens are related to the wildfires. They are many miles away.

Jeff has not played a strong game on his own. He has been manipulated onto the stool right next to the door.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, P