Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Wednesday Daytime 8/12

Heading towards eviction day, the biggest news isn't from actually inside the house this week. For the first time I can remember, tomorrow's eviction will NOT be live. It doesn't seem to have been planned all along to be taped, either. Something is up. According to various sources, the live audience has been asked to show up three hours earlier than usual.

A lot of speculation is floating around about the non-live eviction. Are they expecting trouble with Chima if Jeff uses the coup d'etat? That seems to be the popular notion. But we just don't know. I don't think another endurance HOH is due quite yet. I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Here's what's been happening in that Big Brother House of Dealing Demon Dogs:
  • Jessie, Kevin, and Natalie all tried to sleep in. If they didn't stay awake until dawn every night, they'd be getting up on time. It's not like BB wakes them up early. This morning the first wake-up announcements were past 9:30 AM.
  • Lydia thinks Natalie likes her now after their female bonding wrestling stint last night.
  • Chima thinks people should only do cocaine to get skinny.
  • Huh? I don't think she thinks of the long term ramifications of the drug, how many lives it's ruined, and the fact that it's illegal.
  • Getting skinny is just a teensy bit of what the drug does to a person.
  • They could hear people working in the yard.
  • A big section of the backyard has been covered with a tarp and barricaded.
  • Jessie is still paranoid.
  • As he should be.
  • Everyone except Russell had fun with the HOH camera. He was off by himself somewhere.
  • The Natalie/Jessie/Chima/Kevin/Lydia group's plan in the case of a "majority rules" type comp is to all answer "B" even if that's the wrong answer.



Sorry to hear, Jackie. Next time!

lynn1 said...

I am pretty sure my brain is turning into BB slop.
"IF" and that is a big "if" the reason that production plans have change from a live show to a taped show is because the BB staff expects all hell to break loose if/when Jeff uses the CD'E, then my fantasy of a double eviction could happen.
Regardless of who it is, if one of the hamsters goes postal by destroying property or physically attacking another person I think they should be escorted off the set.
I would hope if anyone lost it there would be zero tolerance for aggressive behavior. After all it is only a dumb TV show.

sizzie said...

Thanks for the update, Jackie. They better get the house clean tonight because their tomorrow might come earlier than the hgs thought. It will be boring for watchers since the feeds will be blocked. I hope watching the show makes up for it. I have waited to see if the coup is used and have almost forgotten there will be a new HOH.

monty924 said...

Thinking the same thing here, lynn1. I will LOL with pure delight if Chima or Nat evict themselves (go ape sh!t) after a Jessie eviction tomorrow night. Maybe that unicorn really does have a double saddle. ;)

Joe, if you're following Laurie's drinking game and using anything potent, I'm surprised you're still able to type right now. :)

lynn1 said...

As much as I am NOT a fan of Chima or Natalie I personally would hate to see them or anyone have a real melt down or know that a hamster left because of violence.

monty924 said...


If the wizard strikes tomorrow night, this could be Jessie...

Witt said...

Joe, who is your favorite player of all time? I'm still in the dark. LOL

Witt :)
P.S. Monty, I've been hoping Joe has been drinking soda/water/fruit juice today.

Witt said...

lynn, I'm also hoping that those rumors are just rumors...this is just a game, after all.

Witt :)

monty924 said...

Lynn1, I don't think Chima or Natalie would do anything to physically harm anyone in there. Make that any of them do that. I also don't think they would get tossed for just tearing up the place. Remember Ollie last year?

But, Chima or Natalie may just DOR. You never know.

lynn1 said...

Monty, if Chima, Natalie or Jessie use DOR I will be doing the Happy Dance all night long! LOL

sizzie said...

I know Chima has said she is capable of going off and that BB told her that her speeches have to be approved, but do you think she really would risk being kicked out of the game (and out of the jury?)

~~Silk said...

What's DOR?

joy n said...

Jackie, that first pic you put up looks like Jesse snapping sentimental shots of his harem.

joy n said...

And Jordan's not in it!

Laurie said...

Sizzle, that's a good question. Chima appears to be a person who doesn't think the rules are for her, that she is privileged and above them. I say that due to her reactions to many things that have happened in the house. She may think she can say what she wants to and get away with it, maybe with a bit of a hand slap but nothing more. Then again, she is a lot of talk without a lot of action so far, too, so it may all be talk. We shall see!

Witt said...

Is DOR the same as in An Officer and a Gentleman...Drop On Request? When you willingly resign from a program?

Anonymous said...

Jessie's harem? More like dog pound. Who let the dogs out?

Anonymous said...

What's all the talk about a double eviction? Has anyone done the math. The feeds have been blocked for awhile again.

Becky said...

Anon, love the dog pound comment.

WV: pitti - Jessy's dog pound will be howling at the moon tomorrow night when the pitti party starts.

monty924 said...

Anon 9:27, they are having their halfway point party from 6-8 BBT. Feeds should be back up afterwards. They can have all they want to eat and drink between 6-8. Hope Jeff doesn't get too drunk. ;)

DOR means essentially what was said. They ask to leave. Don't thing it will happen but one can hope!



That's a good question: my favorite player... Truth be told, I've disliked most of the people in the house. George always cracked me up and seemed inoffensive, but he couldn't play the game to save his life. Same with Kaysar, probably one of the nicest hgs ever, but he's lucky to survive a week in the house. LOL Doesn't he hold the all-time record for evictions!

I think Janelle was probably my all-time favorite. When she was show-mancing Dr. Will, I almost got ill! LOL


Actually, could be a double elimination. They usually have one every season. I would LOVE a Jessie/Jeff double elimination, EXCEPT I'd want a camera at sequester rather than in the house. LOL

Anonymous said...

OT Oh, definitely Eric has to be mentioned in any top three comparsion of Big Brother players. Since he was America's Player he never had the luxury of forming long-term plans, he had to constantly play by the seat of his pants, which he did tremendously well.
Back to this season
The taping might not be based on CD'E use, but, on their fear of what Russell will do when/if evicted, he has been known to go ballistic.
I just hope something happens to make it worth the hoopla.
WV dedectis
This is dedectis to all those who want the CD'E used.


Eric wasn't bad, but I can't put him in my top 3 which is:

Dr. Will (Dr. Will, Dr. Will...)

I think I'd put Dan ahead of Eric also and then I'd have to think. Eric would definitely make the top 10...but I don't think he'd make the top 5.

Anonymous said...

JMO I always felt that Dan just got lucky. He didn't really need to play and so he didn't. He was just the the last one standing after the others did themselves in.
Don't everybody be hating on me, I know most of you loved him. I liked him also, I just don't think he was a top player, sorry, not even top ten.
My family doesn't watch BB, so its nice to express opinions with people who have some idea of what I mean - even if they wholeheartedly disagree with me.
WV Canne
Canne we still be friends?

BJ said...

I have no comment but the WV is wrkinest and it has to be used as in:
Jessie thinks he is wrkinest charm on Jordan and Jeff but it's not working!!!

sizzie said...

Jeff may be unique in one part of his game. He doesn't listen to the gossip in the house. At least not the way most hgs do. I have heard him stop several conversations..including with Jordan...when they were about things people said about someone else. Today Russ started telling him things Jess and crew said and Jeff stopped him. Why would you tell me those things? (meaning why upset me when you want my vote?) Chima said he was 'noncomittal' when she told him early in the game that someone wanted his voted out. She says why wouldn't he want to talk about it.

He just stops the talk and talk is what runs the house. Can you remember any other hg who played that way?


To Gavin,

I think I'd put him in my top 10. I didn't mean for it to seem like I was putting him #4, just above Eric. I kind of thought Eric had a bit of an (dare I say it) unfair advantage. Some of the stuff he was told to do probably hurt his game, but he was also getting info from outside the house which was an advantage. It wasn't direct intel, but he learned that ED was popular which was good to know, things like that.

In the end, Eric didn't really get to play his game and we can't really know how his game on its own would have played out. Dan stayed down and coasted a bit, you're right, but that was his game and it worked. He at least needs to be considered (IMHO) for top 10.

I think I'd also need to consider Danielle and/or ED for Top 10. ED was maybe the only person who ever made it through to the end with a giant target on him the entire time. And Danielle (much as I loathed her personally) did break Janelle's POV record. At the very least I think they'd have to go up in the top 2 or 3 for Twosomes.

Which makes me think: anyone wanna start a list of best teams in BB history?

I think Will and Boogie and ED/Danielle would have to be up near the top.


To sizzie...I'm pretty sure ED stopped everyone from talking all the time. :)

Anonymous said...

Your wish for a double eviction of Jesse and Jeff will not happen, do you really think Jeff would take Russ and Lydia of the Block and put himself up there. Come on now Joe, give him a little bit of credit for having some sense. You are too funny LOL

SueGee said...

Sorry to hear your adoption fell through. I know someone will adopt you soon.

It is looking weird for tomorrow night. I might have to drive a little faster home from work so I can join the party. Most nights I just can't wait for the show to come on here in CA and I take a peek. I hope Jeff has them all yelling and screaming. This group needs a little shaking up!


monty924 said...

1.ED/Danielle (only twosome to make it to F2)
2.Chilltown (Boogie and Will) - both won, but neither did it together
3. Danielle/Jason (loved Dani S3 [pre sequesterd jury], but her DRs did her in)

Thats all I got as far as pairs. One could say Drew/Diane, but he stuck a knife in her back. A good thing because he won.

had to correct my goof on #3

Sally said...

Anyone watching Craig Ferguson's show tonight? He often opens the show with a puppet or two, and tonight he introduced a new puppet: a unicorn! So....we know there's at least one unicorn at the CBS studios in LA. Perhaps getting ready to pay a little visit to the BB house tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Please Jeff, please, put up Nessie. Nessie believes their own lies...I am sick of their holier than thou bs.

Anonymous said...

Now Russ is being stoopid. He is telling Jess his game plan and how he has votes from Michelle, Jordan and Jeff. He still doesn't realize Jess is using everyone.

PDX Granny said...

I agree with most of what most of you had to say.

I disagree with some of what some of you had to say.

That being said, will Thursday never come????

Anonymous said...

It looks like the network's fear is that, in the middle of the show, a town hall meeting on health care will break out.


Anonymous said...
Your wish for a double eviction of Jesse and Jeff will not happen, do you really think Jeff would take Russ and Lydia of the Block and put himself up there. Come on now Joe, give him a little bit of credit for having some sense. You are too funny LOL

8/12/2009 10:47 PM

Clearly you are a newbie...

BB usually has a Double Eviction every season that is CONSECUTIVE (not SIMULTANEOUS). They vote out someone, do a quick HOH, nominate 2 people, play a quick POV, then toss out a 2nd person. THAT is what I was referring to.