Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Overnight Into Wednesday 9/02

Jordan doesn't seem to care for Jeff bouncing the badminton racquet off the top of her head.

Once again, there's not too much to report here. Here goes nothing (and I mean NOTHING!):
  • BB refused to give them alcohol even though they know they can't have any Wednesday night, the night before the live show.
  • That didn't stop our "minor" Natalie from imbibing.
  • She drank four bottles of Kevin's Mike's Hard Lemonade.
  • While Jeff made a remark about her age, no one pressed the issue.
  • Seriously, hamsters ... if she's only 18, the production staff could not let her drink. Think about it and stop believing her lie!
  • They played cards.
  • Sigh. I hate watching them play cards.
  • I prefer the show buying them dollar store arts and crafts.
  • Jeff told Jordan that if she wants to win, she should stick with Michele over Natalie.
  • Michele and Kevin had a long talk over jury votes. She's still trying to get him to turn on Natalie.
  • I think if Kevin's a smart player, he'll try to get someone else to do the dirty work to get Natalie out next week.
  • No one could beat her with the jury. Yet if he is responsible for the boot, she could turn the jury against him.
  • Natalie told Jordan that she will be voting for her to stay and, if there is a tie, Kevin will keep her.
  • Natalie was obnoxious to Kevin in her drunken overacting. I hope he picks up on this.
  • They all went to bed early.
  • They probably put each other to sleep by being so boring! Nah ... they seemed to have fun a lot of the night, but I prefer action.
  • I leave you with a drunken Natalie. I know. I have a mean streak in me.


RyzandShyn said...

Gee, thanks, Jackie, for a drunk Natalie. I agree, it's just plain dumb how no one picks up on her age.
I was glad to hear and see Michele talking game so well on last night's episode. She was even animated in her DR sessionn so I guess she's feeling better about things.
I'm not good at choosing or using make-up, never have been. From the looks of things last night, Michele isn't too good at it either ;). I like her even more for her attempts.

RJM in SC said...

I'm to the point where I can't stand to even look at Natalie. Her little smirk makes me ill

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think Jeff has just given up? Sure he didn't have much chance but he should keep trying to stay. He could have potentially turned Kevin against Natalie during the luxury comp. by unlocking Kevin right away - why play for part of $10K and take your eye off the prize.

He could also have tried to use Natalie's over indulgence last night to try to get her to say something that would harm her alliance with Kevin.

Keep fighting Jeff!


Anonymous said...

Not only was she drunk, but she has cramps...She made Kevin stay with her as she showered just in case she fainted.
Michele made the comment to Jeff that Michelle will either be a "witch" or do even worse at the HOH comp because of the cramps. She was smirking at this.

Anonymous said...

Not only was she drunk, but she has cramps...She made Kevin stay with her as she showered just in case she fainted.
Michele made the comment to Jeff that Michelle will either be a "witch" or do even worse at the HOH comp because of the cramps. She was smirking at this.

Oops, meant Natalie will do worse!

sizzie said...

I have heard questions about why the 18 year old lie is so important. I think it is the key to Natalie. It was her first and biggest lie of the first show. It set the pattern for her game play. If anyone else called her on it, then perhaps the entire house of cards she has been building would collaspe.

So far, the others seem to be helping her build instead of doing any demolition work. That is why the 18 year old like seems important to Nat's game, imo.

I do think Kevin knows and doesn't care one way or another. I do not know if he knows she reported his 'grape gate' incident. If he does, he would probably see it as part of the game, and understand.

He is her partner and he will stick with her as long as he can and accept her.

Anonymous said...

In the drunken screen cap of Gnataly it looks like her hair is wet. Did she finally take a shower? Or is it just so greasy that it looks wet?

My WV is ingoto

I wish Gnataly would hurry up 'intogo' the jury house!

Katie in Chi

Laurie said...

Kevin probably does know she's older than she says but doesn't care. After all, he's still in the game and he owes some of that to his scheming little partner.

I keep thinking that he isn't stupid and will at some point manage to help her get to the JH.

Wishful thinking?

chris said...

michelle clearly made a good point to kevin
Kevin needs to start thinking how to get natalie out without being guilty
if michelle wins hoh
and puts up kev nat kevin will be in a pickle winning pov
he will be the only one voting for the person to go home!
so michelle has to win hoh and pov and get nat out!!!
or michelle has to win hoh and pray jordan wins pov and gets nat out
these people have to start thinking of jury votes!!!!
jordon would be dumb enough to keep natalie over kevin (getting rid of him should have been during jordons hoh instead of lydia)michelle in wanting jeff to stay is smart since jeff can help win hoh and pov against nat
jordan is useless
i can only hope that michelle wins and somehow they get nat out!!!
if kevin is the deciding vote and keeps her well then he will deserve to lose with that jury!


Honestly, it's all about POV at this point. The POV winner and ONLY the POV winner determines who goes home. Unless you have a self-less sense of loyalty (Maggie and Yvette) or a family member (Dick and Danielle), you take who you think you can beat to the Final 2 OR who you can beat in the Final 3 for the POV.

Frankly, Michelle should be an ass to everyone, remind everyone that the entire jury hates her and just let it go at that. The only reason anyone would vote out Michelle is because she's won a few comps.

In the end, Natalie's lack of success at comps makes she and Michelle the people Kevin MOST wants to keep in the house. Natalie because he thinks he can beat her at comps and maybe with the jury and Michelle because he knows he can beat her with the jury.

Michelle's great strength is that EVERYONE thinks they can beat her with the jury (probably correctly so).

If Michelle were really thinking, she'd be talking to Natalie and Jordan about targeting Kevin next week since Kevin is her only competition in the comps.

Cha Cha said...

Great Point---
There is no POV in the Final Three.
It is a three part HOH and the winner of the last part picks who is evicted.

Winning HOH on Thursday assures being in the final three. If she wins HOH then whoever is left gets the dirt on their hands when evicting. There will be no tie and then its balls out in the final HOH comps.
Somewhat endurance(puzzles)

I think in the end if Michelle is still standing then she may just win. They don't always vot Popular. Michelle is very wierd, has social issues, but she is a kick ass player. Wins when she needs to and is getting the job done.

chris said...

great point I totally agree said the pov winner decides who of the two nominees goes home, not if the hoh and pov winner are one and the same, then the person not on the block would decide.
so if michelle wins both and puts up nat/kev
jordan would be the deciding vote.
I personally would take jordan to the final two with me
I don't think anyone would give her the money except jeff.
being nice without any game will not be rewarded.
remember mike boogie got the jury votes and erica was by far a lot nicer
her game playing was not as good as his.
she had her chance to get rid of him and blew it and the jury rewarded him(and the puppet master Will)
so if you are thinking game you would not want either kev or nat in the final two with you if you are michelle.
and kev should also want to take jordan over michelle who had game and nat who has the jury stacked except for america!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Michelle tell Kevin while sitting at the hot tub that he shouldn't take Natalie to the final 2 because all of her friends are in the jury House, Almost everyone here wants to dump on MIchelle, but she thinking when everyone else is sleeping. She understands that Masty Natalie must go. GO MICHELLE

Bet said...

Couldnt resist the vw: cadotort

When Jeff played the cadotort he changed the entire game.....

PlaidChick said...

I can't decide if Natalie was acting last night or if she was indeed drunk. Those Mike Hard Lemonade's must of had vodka in them.

WAKE UP KEVIN!!! We all need to screaming and maybe he'd get our mental messages.

sizzie said...

HOH is safe and doesn't vote anyone out, which can be huge with the jury. And, HOH can win Veto also. Kevin is the target if one of the scenarios the hgs have come up with plays out. I have no idea if it will.

One thing I will watch for with Natalie is her desire to 'win' and I don't just mean the game. All her lies are game play and how can she suffer much longer without telling everyone how clever she has been? Won't there come a moment where she just has to explain how she is responsible for every move every made in the house?

Jackie, I love the screen caps because you find the ones that tell the story. Thanks.

Cha Cha said...

Mikes don't taste like there is any alcohol in it at all. But from experiance I know that it hits all of a sudden. I used to suck them down like it was a hot muggy summer day in the south.


Cha Cha, I may be mis-remembering (:) but don't they call the final event the HOH/POV?

Chris, quite true about the same person winning HOH and POV in the final 4. But, I would point out, even then the POV winner can influence the vote because they can make a deal with any of the hgs to do their bidding, i.e. "I will take you off if you vote out Michelle."

The Jordan Jury issue is tricky. Obviously, I've sided with the "everyone likes her" side of the equation. On top of that, she's made no bones about her family needing the money. (For some reason, jurors often care that the winner be in need or put the money to good use...NONSENSE!) But, the "she's the biggest floater of them all" argument may well be true and the jury won't vote for her. We'll probably never know because I doubt anyone will take that chance.

I still think Michelle is likely to be the least likely to win the jury vote. She's won a couple things, but she's no Janelle or Danielle in comps. And she's had a virtually zero social game.

As for Erica, she was nicer than Boogie but she didn't seem all that well-liked in that house. And, of course, you also had Dr. Will in the JH stumping for his boy Boogie. In the end, everyone felt she floated with Boogie to the end. I'm not sure Jordan is exactly the same situation. She is very well liked by virtually everyone - even Russell is probably grateful for the boob slap.

Sigh...I kinda hate this part of the game because it seems so arbitrary. I also think it is silly that the JH don't get to watch the game anymore. A lot could have happened since Jessie left, for example, but Jessie is supposed to base his vote on what he saw 5 weeks ago?

mammaroos said...

ok a question here.. I was looking at the application for BB and it says you have to be 21 to be on the show what are these hamsters thinking the producers would let and underage person on teh show I can't believe NOONE has called her out yet@@ what ever... I do hope thatJordan gets HOH this week and get Nat out of here

Anonymous said...

Is the Pandora's Box "Twist" really over? Since they advertised a game changing twist and there wasn't one is it possible there will be a twist of some kind on Thursday.

I'm curious why Russell was shown outside the house with his arms crossed (and not leaving the house) and his picture was still in color not black & white in the opening credits. There must be a reason for that.

How about the $10,000 Kevin chose to be released to the houseguests was the $10,000 Russell won and gave back to buy himself back into the house. Kevin accepted the money so Russell comes back.

Otherwise that was the most misleading, lamest twist ever on BB


Cha Cha said...

There was a housegues this season who questioned Nat about the papers she signed. She said her dad had to sign because she was under 21. I can't think who said it but it was discussed back and forth quite a bit. Whoever it was fnally dropped it. I think it was either Jessie(before he knew) or Lydia.
Kevin knows she isn't 18. He called her out the first day.

I think pandora's box is officially over.
Hey did anyone notice in the opening of the show last night Russells pic wasn't black and white when the boxes came across the screen. You know the ones with the evicted houseguests. I didn't notice it and had to go back and watch on my tivo

Cha Cha said...

Pandora's box wasn't a twist. It was just added responsibility on the HOH.

They can't have someone come in. I was looking at the calender and I am figuring that maybe Tuesday(9/8) of next week will be elimination and first HOH of the final three. Then on Thursday
(9/10) there will be the next elimination to make it the last two people standing. Finally is the 15th isn't it?

Cha Cha said...

I was bummed that it wasn't a twist. I forgot to add that on the last post.

I was hoping to shake the house up again

Anonymous said...

I am having total issues this morning.
It should read Finale not finally.


To deotr the house they need to get Nasty Nat out

Becky said...

Otherwise that was the most misleading, lamest twist ever on BB

But, you have to admit, it was one, if not the funniest things ever on BB!

I had to post... my WV is sheenat -- too good to pass up.

She-nat is she---at.

Joy Reed said...

I hope Nat leaves soon!!!

Anonymous said...

...but wasn't Pandora's Box advertised as potentially game changing? How is a luxury comp (and that is all it was) game changing?

sizzie said...

If Kevin had said he wouldn't open the box (or reach in or whatever) and either got all the money himself or no one got money, it would have changed the game because they all would have gone after Kevin with clubs and flaming torches. He was responsible for their getting the money. Have any of them mentioned that to him?

my wv is socingl Jordan will be so single next week.

Laurie said...

Sizzle, that's what I was trying to get at in a post last night. There were other ways the box could have played in the game, and they could have changed the game.

He could have left the box alone.
Nobody could find the key to let him out.
The person with the key could not use it.
He could take a lesson from what he saw and realize Nat is more interested in her money than helping him and only helped when he lied.
Yep, it could have been a game changing event. Still could be!

meb said...

Anon 1:49 said: I'm curious why Russell was shown outside the house with his arms crossed (and not leaving the house) and his picture was still in color not black & white in the opening credits. There must be a reason for that.

Russell's picture was shown from the waist up, standing bare with his arms crossed. His walking out of the house to the audience was not shown.

What is up. Was his picture always the half naked one, or was that a different one. I don't remember his picture on previous shows.

That would add a little fun to the game if Russell comes back in some way???

My wv: is oustr... honest

Natalie should be the next oustr.

joy n said...

I'm starting to wonder if BB is feeding all the hgs dumbing down pills. The pills not only make them dumb but also blind and deaf to the obviousness of Natalie's lies.

How many times do they have to miss hints and clues (coming from Nat herself) before they get it?

Even when they do notice something amiss, they shrug it off.

If they weren't sleeping and feeding their faces so much, maybe they'd actually put two and two together.

Very frustrating. Even Kevin seems to be ignoring the signs.

Laura in Miss. said...

This is my first time to comment although I've followed Jackie for several years and feel like I know you all! The whole "Pandora's Box" thing doesn't relate to the actual story at all, IMO. The only thing they have in common is a BOX. Did no one else notice the ad during the show for a movie coming out called "Pandorum"? I saw the whole Pandora's Box idea as just another marketing ploy, just like when contestants win a movie night. It's all advertising, people, don't you think? Also, I think they should be refered to as "contestants" instead of "houseguests" so they can remember that it's a game!

Sydney said...

Jackei said:

# I think if Kevin's a smart player, he'll try to get someone else to do the dirty work to get Natalie out next week.
# No one could beat her with the jury. Yet if he is responsible for the boot, she could turn the jury against him.


Laurie said...

Hi Laura in Miss.
That is a great observation and you are probably right about the Pandorum movie and the Padora's box tie-in. It's a product placement I missed (and I look for those!)

Please continue to post so we can get to know you, too! Do you watch Survivor? If so, let Margo know if you would like to be in the pool. It's fun!

Anonymous said...

Here is what the final week and a helf will bring to the House of Idiots and losers.

There are always a lot of questions on the board at this point in the season about how things work once we reach the Final 4. I posted this earlier in discussion, but wanted to share it with those who may not know or understand how production speeds up at this point in the season.

Live show Thursday 9/3. Live eviction and F4 HOH

Non-show day: Saturday 9/5 F4 POV competition

Sunday, 9/6: Scheming and dealing leading to...

Tuesday,9/8: POV Ceremony, Live eviction, and beginning of F3 Endurance Comp.

None show day, Weds. 9/9 Part II of F3 HOH will be played.

Thursday 9/10 Live show and Part III of HOH. Leaving the final 2.

None show day: Saturday 9/12: Jury questions after BBAD.

Sunday 9/13: Show will be a retrospective of the year.

Tuesday 9/15 FINALE.

Cha Cha said...

I guess I was close with the dates and days of the shows and what they will show

Laurie said...

Thanks Anon!

Anonymous said...

I just dont get everyones obsession with the fact that Natalie has lied about her age, apparently these people arent questioning it or concerned about it as the bloggers. Jordan does not deserve the money just because her family has a financial hardship, most of the people almost all over the world right now are having financial difficulties, and I would hate to have to depend on Jordan to win big brother to help her family out of this. Jordan has done absolutely nothing in this game, she acts clueless about almost everything and sometimes she acts as though she came there to make friends. Jeff is just a total disappointment he lost sight of the prize and let Jordan start making dicisions BIG MISTAKE, I was pulling for them at one time but not since they got cocky.
I also dont understand everyones dislike for Michellejust because we dont know anything about he so what we do know she's on there to try and win the money jsut like everyone else should be. GO MICHELLE.

Laura in Miss. said...

Thanks for the welcome, Laurie! Yes, I am a Survivor fan as well. I guess Margo should go ahead and throw me into the pool!

Back to BB - Every year I get so disgusted with the players and threaten to stop watching, but this blog makes it so much fun that I end up sticking with it. Thanks, Jackie!

RyzandShyn said...

Donna said:
Otherwise that was the most misleading, lamest twist ever on BB

You said it, Donna! I swear, if that's all there was to it, I'll scream. Place your product placement you know where!

I agree with the poster who said that Natalie will start tooting her own horn, spreading her proud peacock tail. I hope it starts because Kevin casually mentions something in front of the others.

It's starting to get on my nerves how d u m b Jeff and Jordan look for being mad at Kevin. As if there was another good move he should have made, as if Natalie wasn't in on the whole thing, as if J&J were true blue to their word to others, as if they deserve to be there above anyone else.

wv: Gionasch
Gionasch is a female monster who in cramp induced insanity craves Mike's Hard Lemonade :)

chris said...

dont know why jeff is not fighting to stay
promise kevin something
then go back on your work like he did, lol
anyway i like the idea of jordan teaming with michelle
get those other two out
kevin first i think altho i hat nat more
michelle would win with the jury over jordan or i will say she should win!

Laurie said...

This might have already been posted, but just in case anyone else is curious, I looked up the alcohol content in that lemonade Natalie was consuming last night. Mike's Hard Lemonade is 5.2% alcohol. So then I looked up the alcohol content in beer and got this. Depends upon the beer. Beer can vary in alcohol content from .05% up to 20.5%. Most typical beers run around 4.5%.

My wv is plast:

Natalie, only 18, got plast(ered) on her stolen lemonade last night.

Zoetawny said...

Hi all!

Is this season's winner going to be one we don't like? At this point...anyone but Natalie. I haven't seen her drunk but since I haven't liked her from day one, I can't imagine liking her any less.

Pandora's Box was rather disappointing. How did it change the game?


I'd make a plane banner fly over if it would get Nat OUT. But, it doesn't seem like you're finding any of the graphics I've made in your emails. The graphic I sent you of Nat in an email when you wrote that she says "dude" a lot hasn't been read yet. BTW, I'm working on a new Survivor logo for you and will be emailing it soon. Thanks for watching the boring feeds to keep us posted.

I'm hoping against all hope that Jeff isn't going home tomorrow.


joy n said...

Gloves, clothes, candy and lemonade. Has she stolen anything I'm forgetting? LOL!

joy n said...

Hey, Zoetawny! Hope things are getting better on the homefront. Miss you here.


I don't know why anyone would think that Natalie would screw up and start bragging before she's in front of the jury. If she's managed to keep the scheming going this long, why would she give it up now?

Zoetawny said...

Is it time for a banner plane to fly over the BB house?

Youhoo Jackie!

Just sent you a banner plane (graphic) to try and get Nat out.

Someone tell Kevin, Michele, Jordan and Jeff to go into the backyard and look to the skies. :D

Dottie in NC said...

Now that Jeff trusted Kevin and Natalie and got himself on the block, I'm pulling for Michele because she is the underdog. Jordan will probably be gone next week. Rats! what a disappointing season.

JimmyB said...

I thought the Pandora's was actually stupid. All that nonsense over a few bucks. Big deal. They're there to win 500,000; and they've got them running around picking up dollar bills.

BB: What about the fact that there's a missing houseguest?? Huh??

RyzandShyn said...

I think Natalie won't be able to help herself from bragging if she gets a little push, like (finally) put in a position where she feels she has to defend herself. She's been bold letting us know what she really thinks in her DR sessions, and I think (hope) she'd let rip at her fellow hamsters.
I don't see her as a master planner game player. I think she's covering her tracks as they're made - dart to the left, now dart to the right, throw a little over there, now over there. NOW I'll play 100%, I mean NOW, well, I mean next time. I don't think that's an act, I think that's real.
I'm hoping it backs her into a solid rock and a hard place soon.

I wonder if it works out that the first time she gets to brag about her game is at the jury house questioning will anyone give her the credit she'll be asking for.

JimmyB said...

As discussed last night, others also noticed that Russell's name appeared on the opening credits (other names did not of evicted guests), somthin' might be up with a Russell return.

Or, it's just a conspiracy theory.

Donna in AL said...

It's just a conspiracy theory.
There is not enough time left to bring back another player. Or at least I would not think it is possible and the finalle be the 15th.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't there by a double eviction night? Since they lost that opportunity when Chima had her meltdown and they must have everthing in place for all the competitions,why not bring Russell back and have a fast forward week.

Laurie said...

Off Topic: Project Runway

Anyone interested in being in the Project Runway Pool?

If so, please let me know on the PR area Jackie set up for us.

Right now we have the following people:

If I left you off please let me know!!

Anonymous said...

DON'T FORGET TO SIGN Up all of us Anons for the pool too.

I would give you my name but I seem to have a problem remembering passwords

Laurie said...

Sorry, no anons in the pool. Rules strictly prohibit them.

PDX Granny said...

Did anyone else notice how un-natural Kevin was acting last night when he had to decide about the ? door? He almost sounded like he knew what he was going to do and had rehearsed what to say.

wv = wedsmaro

Today is Weds. 'maro is eviction!

sizzie said...

Jordan has decided to play the game. She is aligning with Michelle. She tells Michelle that even if she ignores her, they are together and not to tell anyone about it. Nat has told Jordan she is safe tomorrow. I don't know if that means she is safe or not. Natalie can't stop smiling. Maybe it is the pain meds she took

Laurie said...

PDX - Yes, I noticed. I thought it was a very bad job of acting!

Sizzle - Are there any more bottles of lemonade left? I hope not. I'd hate to see her add booze to the pills.

It's finally cooled off a bit in SoCal. Are the contestants outside enjoying the evening?

Laurie said...

Jackie has a new post up. She offered a bunch of money for the first poster so I went ahead and took care of that before I came back to tell you about the new post.

I'm taking lessons on how to be selfish and think only of myself.

Amy said...

Can't stand Natalie, she better not win and why was she ranting and raving about revenge for Chima, the girl was expelled from the show by the producers, does Natalie want revenge against the producers?She just irritates me!!!