Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Wednesday, July 21

He's not drunk, he's just Enzo.

I realize I didn't want a weird twist this summer. But, without a twist, this group is way too dull. Now, had they had actual diversity in the casting -- ages, races, etc. -- the house would have more action. This group, despite the cattiness and little quibbles, gets along way too well.

Here are the events since my last report:
  • There was a banner plane! Unfortunately it was some kind of advertising, nothing to do with the house. I saw a banner plane in NJ and thought of them.
  • Monet continues to campaign.
  • Kristen told Britney she and Monet had to stop saying they had her vote.
  • Britney denied saying that.
  • I haven't seen anyone other than Britney outright say Monet had their vote to stay.
  • Kathy, accused of starting the rumor about the vote, got them together to confront Britney.
  • Rachel admitted to Britney that her goal is to have Monet evicted -- they don't need Britney making more drama and Monet has the ten grand she won, so she won't go empty-handed.
  • Matt, in his continued odd strategy, insisted to Ragan that the HoH group wants to flip the vote (and send him home).
  • Monet got all upset over the Kristen vote kerfuffle and started crying.
  • Monet said that Rachel told her she was targeted because she didn't even bother talking to her for 13 days.
  • I don't know. It's kind of hard to talk to Rachel when she's doing the hanky-panky with Brendon a good part of each day!
  • Then Britney thought she was being attacked, so she cried.
  • Enzo told them there's no crying in Big Brother.
  • Gee, I thought he knew the show. I guess not!
  • After saying that Kathy screamed at her, Britney cried to Kathy that Rachel never liked her.
  • @@
  • Britney cried some more.
  • Brendon and Rachel went over the pros and cons of keeping Matt or Monet.
  • Rachel told Ragan (Matt's new bestest info-buddy) that she thinks Matt is this season's Ronnie playing both sides of the house.
  • She's right, but Ragan doesn't think so.
  • Matt told Rachel he thinks she's gone on a power trip with the HOH win and that she's strong-arming people.
  • Monet accused Matt of volunteering to go on the block only to save Andrew.
  • Matt denied being in any alliances in the house.
  • If the Brigade could have looked up in the air and whistled, they would have done so.
  • The Brigade remains a secret alliance, not even Kristen knows.
  • Monet told them that they're after her for the ten thousand, but it's Matt they should worry about because he's fooling them all.
  • Britney told Matt that she feels like she's in the middle and likes him.
  • Britney told Ragan that she likes Matt, hates confrontation and was led to believe Matt was starting drama about her.
  • The Brigade confirmed they would keep Matt and are pleased that they're still a secret.
  • Britney doesn't like it when her name is tarnished. Maybe she shouldn't be so catty about others? Then she wouldn't be in the middle of drama as much.
  • Those are my thoughts, of course. Britney doesn't think she herself could ever be catty.
  • Rachel told Matt he'd have to secure Brendon't vote.
  • Rachel cried.
  • She told Matt that she just wanted to get to the jury house ... with Brendon.
  • Rachel and Brendon think Enzo is the least of their worries. No one seems to worry much about Enzo.
  • That's a good thing for Enzo, eh?
  • Rachel told Brendon that she'd kind of like to see Monet and Britney play next week and they probably wouldn't target either of them.
  • Yeah, right.
  • BB gave them alcohol, only for the Haves.
  • Matt drank a bottle of wine all by himself and staggered a lot.
  • Kristen also got drunk.
  • Not as drunk as Matt, though.
  • Then it was time for the showmances to get some undercover action in.
  • They're all asleep as I post this. I believe the vote will still be to evict Monet despite the Brendon/Rachel hedging right now.


Laurie said...

As I read this I kept thinking of a high school party where the parents are out of town. The tears, the drinking, the gossip, the couples ... the hangovers this morning.

I believe my wv can help with those hangovers: depsynal

Jackie said...

The whole "meeting" was juvenile, then they all hung out together later.

Anonymous said...

This season is so dull. It is sleep inducing, better than a sleeping pill.


lynn1 said...

BREAKING NEWS from the Fall season of Survivor.
Jimmy Johnson former head coach of the Dallas Cowboys and sports commentator will be a contestant this fall on Survivor! OMG.

Tricia said...

Didn't they say somewhere in the beginning that two contestants actually know each other? I swear I remember hearing that and my BB viewing group were taking guesses. Perhaps Kathy and Britney are mother/daughter?

Did anyone else hear this?

Jackie said...

The saboteur said that, Tricia. It most likely is a lie.

Tricia said...

Oh okay. I didn't remember the Saboteur saying it. That makes sense though. I do wish it were true so things could be more interesting.