Friday, August 31, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Friday Daytime - Pandora's Box - Aug. 31

He bought time, but how much time?

While the nominations won't be until later tonight, there's been some action in the house today. No, I'm not talking about Danielle jumping on Shane. (After all, he is so infatuated with her.) Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Healthy Living:
  • Ian thinks Frank's social game is garbage. He says there's a reason he's on the block every week when he's not HoH. It's the way he treats people.
  • The Quack Pack (minus Britney, of course) agreed that the nominations should be Frank and Jenn with Joe going up as a replacement if veto is used.
  • Huh?
  • I guess they do have two weeks to get rid of Frank. But about the only way they're going to do it is with a backdoor. If he has the chance to save himself, he will.
  • Well, at least a floater will go home.
  • Shane said Frank thinks he's already won the game.
  • @@
  • "The Quack Pack is back."
  • Um. Okay. 
  • Joe knows that he'll go up as a replacement if needed. But he's been assured that they have the votes to save him.
  • Joe still needs to hula hoop at the sound of horns.
  • Then there was trivia. Say what? If the feeds are briefly blocked, they have a fish cam. With trivia, it's usually a comp or something along the lines.
  • Oh, geez ... Allison Grodner (Executive Producer), I do NOT want to see Jessie.
  • I don't.
  • I really don't.
  • Dang it, he was in the Pandora's Box today ... again.
  • Now, it was kind of funny last year seeing him annoy Rachel. But that's mostly because I liked to see things annoy Rachel.
  • Ian got all kinds of "Christmas gifts" including a luxury hammock and blow up toys for the pool.
  • Ian likes to almost live in the water, so blow-up toys are fitting.
  • He did NOT get a blow-up doll for the HoH room. :X
  • Danielle blew up a lot of the toys.
  • She's good at that.
  • Oh, I'm being terrible, aren't I?
  • Jessie wasn't in the Pandora's Box, per se. However, he was in the house.
  • He threw out all of their snack foods, replacing them with healthy foods.
  • He threw out all their saved beer.
  • Heh.
  • BB also took their grill away. Or maybe Jessie carried it out on his back. I don't know.
  • Jenn tried to use her mojo on Ian to keep off the block.
  • He told her that he didn't like to keep floaters who don't make big moves in the game.
  • Her "big move" last week was actually a Frank move.
  • Joe told Ian that Britney wanted them to work together. 
  • He really doesn't want to be a replacement nominee.
  • Frank is suspicious of Dan.
  • Well, geez ... he's DAN, the Man with a Plan!
  • He wonders if Dan has a deal with Ian and finds it strange that there's nothing being said about Dan going on the block -- the names coming up seem to be Frank and Jenn.
  • Heh.
  • Nominations will be later today.
  • I predict Jenn and Frank. Wouldn't be my choices, but ...!

No longer a carrot, now wearing a Boogie shirt. @@

Most congenial houseguest

Danielle is full of wind

New hammock ... wait, won't anyone sit with me?

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Post-Competition - Aug. 30-31

The smiles are fewer and far between

Well, well, well ... Ian won Head of Household. If you missed the competition action, check out the comp updates post. It was a shock to me that Shane lasted as long as he did. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Hula Hoop Hamster:
  • As I mentioned in the update post, the punishment Joe received for falling first is that he has to hula hoop every time he hears military music.
  • Maybe he'll be able to hula hoop by the time the punishment ends.
  • Ian and Shane can do it.
  • Joe? Not so much. BB yelled at him for hitting himself in the head with the hoop.
  • Shane told Dan that he included him in the safety deal he made with Ian.
  • No, he didn't. Shane ONLY asked for safety for himself and Danielle.
  • Danielle bashed the now gone Britney. Some friend she is, eh?
  • The big HoH reveal went down.
  • Gee, I feel in with the In Crowd. Danielle didn't know the music group on Ian's CD.
  • I know them -- the Arctic Monkeys. They've been on Letterman a few times and I'm a Letterman addict.
  • I can't believe BB actually still finds a CD Walkman to use for the HoH winners.
  • He's the only HoH to receive an element in his goodies basket -- bismuth.
  • I'm shocked I know how to spell bismuth.
  • Ian was gracious and generous with his goodies.
  • He also told people they were free to go as "this is the most boring thing ever."
  • BB gave everyone beer (although Ian got some in his basket).
  • Frank is worried that he'll be nominated as a carrot.
  • He probably will. The week is up tonight, most likely at midnight he can take it off.
  • Danielle went on about how her face hurt and she was worried about the paint/tan used in the comp. 
  • She also threw up twice.
  • It's all about Danielle.
  • Ian told Joe he's safe from the nominations.
  • BB told him he's not allowed to discuss his nominations.
  • Ian says he's not going to drink beer for the rest of the season with the exception of his HoH beer.
  • Maybe he did learn a lesson.
  • Frank tried to worm into working with Ian.
  • I don't think so, Carrot Boy!
  • Ian doesn't commit to any promises.
  • Frank talked about being nominated in front of Danielle and Dan. He mentioned that Danielle and Shane are safe and that Joe told him Ian said he was safe tonight.
  • Ian later told Dan he made the safety deal with Shane for Shane and Danielle only ... no Dan in there!
  • So now Dan knows Shane lied to him.
  • Perhaps he should have hung in there and tried harder to win?
  • Dan also all of a sudden wants to work with Ian.
  • @@
  • Ian, don't drink that Kool-Aid!
  • When asked to revive the Renegades, Ian only committed to the Quack Pack being safe. He'll commit (or not) to the Renegades by the end of the week.
  • Hmm ... sounds like he's going to go for Frank or Jenn, doesn't it?
  • That's it for now! 

Joe's punishment. He shouldn't quit his day job.

In his HoH goodies, Ian got bismuth

Gee, where's Shane who saved her?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Big Brother 14: HoH Endurance Comp Live Feeds Updates Post - Aug. 30

The new HOH -- "This one's for Brit!"

11:48 PM ET -- IAN IS THE NEW HOH!!! -- Quick added note: Joe's punishment for being down first is that he has to hula hoop every time he hears music (24 hours, I assume).

11:47 PM ET -- Shane asks the onlookers to leave them alone. Deal time! Shane gets safety for himself and Danielle - no nominations, no backdoors. He agrees to drop. Ian will win.

11:45 PM ET -- Shane and Ian still in it to win it.

11:30 PM ET -- Shane/Ian still at it. The feeds keep getting blocked due to some sort of mechanical issues with the comp machinery.

11:24 PM ET -- Shane and Ian still in it.

11:17 PM ET -- Extended fish cam, feeds blocked.

11:10 PM ET -- Still Shane and Ian hanging in.

11:00 PM ET -- Still just Shane and Ian remaining in the comp.

The Peanut Gallery -- Ian and Shane still in the comp - 10:48 PM ET

10:42 PM ET -- Only Ian and Shane remain

10:38 PM ET -- Just Ian and Shane spinning around. Ian said it was going 37 seconds per revolution. Now it's speeding up again. Now we have trivia again.

10:34 PM ET -- The feeds came back and DAN is on the ground!

10:33 PM ET  - Danielle promptly vomited after she fell. We went to trivia on the feeds as we do every time someone comes down. Don't ask me why. Also, because he fell during the show and the feeds didn't return for a while, I have no clue what Joe's punishment was for being the first down.

The "swings" are spinning and it's going faster. Just Dan, Shane and Ian left to battle it out.

10:26 PM ET - Danielle down!

10:22 PM ET, the four still in

10:13 PM ET - Shane, Ian, Dan and Danielle still in

10:09 - Feeds back on. Shane, Dan, Danielle and Ian still in.

Refresh this page for the latest update! Right now 10:02 PM ET, the feeds are still blocked.

Once the live feeds return, I'll be tracking the progress of the endurance competition on the live feeds. I'll be including screen caps from the feeds and hanging in myself until a winner is decided. You don't want to wait until SUNDAY, right?

Sheesh, Joe fell before the show ended! So did Jenn! I've never seen ANYONE out of endurance comps before the show ended before, now two. Yeah, but they're in the house and Britney is gone. @@

Big Brother 14: Live Eviction and HoH Show Blog Party - Aug. 30

BB12 Blogo 3

Uh-oh. This live show isn't showing live in many areas on the East Coast. Thankfully, just this past winter WCBS out of NYC bought WLNY and, just in the past few weeks, they've included it in my cable package. Before that, WCBS was the only CBS affiliate I had. Tonight's live show will air on WLNY (We Love New York - gag) usually on either 10 or 55 for most cable companies in the NYC viewing area. WCBS itself will be airing football and I see no delayed time for BB listed at all.

I hope you can find it in your area! 

As the show airs here, I'll be updating this post with the major events. If indeed, as we suspect, the HoH comp is an endurance comp, I'll set up a separate live feeds post after the show, updating that post with happenings and screen caps from the live feeds. If you're checking on the show or, if it's endurance, the live feeds post -- you'll need to refresh the page to see the latest updates.

But, as always with our blog parties ... the real fun here is in the comments area. Come join us with your thoughts on the show!

It is endurance tonight -- reward or punish first eliminated hamster is a viewer Twitter poll. I didn't catch the address. Oops.

Ahh ... the Twitter poll is at #bbpunish or #bbreward.

Danielle's dressed for an endurance comp, Britney is in her pretty eviction dress. We can guess which way this will go. :-(

The vote to evict:

Dan -- Britney
Jenn -- Britney
Ian -- Danielle
Shane -- Britney
Joe -- Britney

:-(  We're stuck with Danielle. Ew!

Viewers voted for punishment for the first one out of the comp.

Soak up the sun is the comp. They're all balanced on small disks held up by wires over a pseudo-sun. A spray "tan" is coming down on them. Sheesh, Joe already looks like he's having problems and they were at it for about four minutes!

Once the show ends, my endurance comp post will go up and we'll move over there to follow the live feeds. Heck, who really wants to wait until Sunday for the results?

Darn, Joe is already down before the show ended! First for that! Jenn's down, too. "Planets" are hitting them.

Big Brother 14 : Live Feeds Wednesday Night Into Thursday - Aug. 29-30

Smile now, Carrot. Two weeks ahead, no HoH possibilities

For as much excitement as we've had the past week, it's been a yawn a minute since yesterday. So, I warn you now -- do NOT expect a Pulitzer prize level live feeds report from me this morning! (Although, to liven things up ... there are two Chippendale dudes on the upcoming season of The Amazing Race. Hubba hubba!)

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother house of Dwindling Days:
  • Ian kept apologizing even more for his actions while drunk the night before.
  • BB did NOT give them any alcohol.
  • They have been on an extended inside lockdown while the HoH comp is being built in the yard.
  • Or, perhaps, maybe BB just likes to have 'em trapped like flies on flypaper.
  • Britney kind of wants to try to talk to Shane and Joe.
  • Ian told her it probably wouldn't be worth it.
  • Alas, I think he's right.
  • Ian cried.
  • In a moment of compassion for someone other than himself, Danielle tried to console him.
  • He said he deserved it.
  • After all, Britney is only going right now because Frank couldn't put Ian on the block due to his PoV ball.
  • Ian knows that. He also really seems as non-romantically smitten with Britney as one could be.
  • Unlike Matt in Britney's season, Ian never tried to qualify (or paid) to be in Mensa. He knows he's smart, doesn't need to be a member to prove it.
  • Good for him. I always sneer at Mensa people myself. After the National Honor Society in high school, let college grades and life decisions speak for your intelligence.
  • Smart, unfortunately, doesn't always mean successful or happy. In the long run, it often means little in the game of life. Common sense, on the other hand, is usually better than mere book smarts.
  • Oh my. I'm getting all profound here with the live feeds in the background.
  • But Britney and Ian had a big talk on who's intelligent or not in the house.
  • It's their fault. They led me there.
  • They don't think Joe is particularly intelligent.
  • Y'think?
  • We again suffered all four feeds on sleeping Joe for a while. What's up with that?
  • Even the BB voice is bored. When Britney said, "I like to suck on these" about some nuts she was eating, the BB voice replied, "That's what she said."
  • Huh. The BB voice hasn't been giving house trivia as it has in past seasons.
  • I don't think anyone other than Jenn will truly stick with Frank once the carrot is out of HoH for two weeks.
  • I do think that Jenn, the ultimate floater, is probably going to be honest and true to her word now that she's voiced a side.
  • She probably won't win. It's rare that honest people make it to the end.
  • Ian told Britney that Frank was going "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and a blond for a blond."
  • Britney is angry that Frank is bullying Ian. She wants to tell him that Ian had to do what's best for him, not what's best for Frank.
  • Ian told Danielle that Frank only put up Britney as a personal attack against him.
  • Danielle told Ian that Dan's treatment of her was just an act.
  • She also told him that she would get Frank out.
  • I won't hold my breath on that one.
  • But if it's a physical endurance tonight, she just might eke out another HoH.
  • Despite what has happened, Britney told Ian that Dan really is a good guy.
  • She thanked all of her fans on the feeds.
  • She said she's going to go crazy with just Ashley as company for a week.
  • Whatever will they have to talk about?
  • They're talking about reviving the Quack Pack -- Joe and Jenn cannot win the game, they say.
  • Danielle also told Shane that the Dan bit was only an act, not the brightest move. Maybe she's a Mensa member.
  • There ya go. 

Again, we spent too much time watching Joe sleep

America's youth in action

Has he got a chance in heck to make it?

Britney is someone I could watch EVERY season in the house

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Big Brother 14: Power of Veto Show Blog Party - Aug. 29

BB12 Blogo 3

Hold onto your wigs and keys, hamster watchers! This should be some episode! As the show airs, I'll update this post with the major happenings. So, refresh the page to see the latest.

However, the PARTAY will be in the comments area. Come join us talking about the show!

The veto is Draw Something. The comp earns points with punishments. Frank got eliminated for saying "summer" when Britney didn't know the answer after she buzzed. Jenn burned her clothes. Frank has to wear a carrot suit for a week, bath in avocado once, chum baths for 24 hours. Dan has to spend 24 hours in disco solitary. Danielle got paint splattered on her. Jenn accepted the rest of the game on slop to win veto.

Dan calls a house meeting after he gets out of solitary -- his BB funeral, says nice things about each person, he tells Danielle she's dead to him in the game and she knows what she did.

Dan outs the Quack Pack and everything to Frank, proposes to work with him. Frank needs to have Jenn use the veto on Dan, put Britney up.

Dan tells Danielle he just saved them both.

Veto meeting. Ian doesn't use his won one. Jenn saves Dan. Frank puts Britney on the block.

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Wednesday Afternoon - Aug. 29

Britney seriously needs to stop picking at her face!

Until tomorrow night, things are winding down a bit after the intense roller coaster of the past few days. That's good. I'd hate to break out in hives due to the stress. Here's today's happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Capricious Crazies:
  • In his drunken state last night, Ian said he wanted to be on the show since 2001, since before the planes flew into the towers.
  • Okay. He was ten or so. Adults, especially in this area, who went through that really don't refer to 9/11 in such an offhand manner. 
  • But Ian WAS a child when it happened.
  • Jenn got all riled about the comment and blew things way out of proportion.
  • Ian said and did a lot last night when he was very drunk.
  • Oh. Wait. Who supplied him six beers?
  • Jenn?
  • Hmm.
  • Ian apologized again.
  • I hope he learned a lesson about alcohol. Many of us learned lessons about it when we were about his age. Some never learn.
  • Today he's repenting. And apologizing.
  • Yet Frank and Dan seem to want to keep the animosity over his behavior going. 
  • Yep, move that target on over.
  • Britney was also encouraged by others and very drunk last night.
  • But she didn't say much that would come back and bite her.
  • Ian apologized again.
  • Nor is it of any use to target her to take the heat off other targets because they've already told her to wear her pretty dress on Thursday.
  • They? Well, Ian. He told her that Joe and Shane are voting to keep Danielle.
  • I so wish it were Danielle going instead of Britney. Danielle does NOT entertain me.
  • Ian supposedly said something about graduating high school when he was 16 last night. I missed that.
  • But it turns out he didn't anyway.
  • Um. I started college when I was 16. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to do that. You just have to like to learn and have good grades.
  • Except for the Ian dissing, today was quite quiet compared to the past week.
  • Ian apologized again.
  • Britney talked about living in NYC and how she lived very differently from how Wil and Janelle lived in the city. She had little money.
  • She also said New Jersey was the most dangerous place to live.
  • HEY!
  • Danielle's hives are lessening and she says her throat no longer hurts.
  • A shame. I was hoping she'd lose her voice.
  • Dan told her and she believes that Shane is infatuated with her.
  • Oh, just gag me now.
  • Ian apologized again. 

Why must we watch Joe sleep on all four feeds?

Who will he knock off next?

Hopefully a life lesson learned about alcohol

Yes, Jenn is still in the house ... sans eye make-up in excess.

Big Brother 14: Wil's YouTube Parody

I put this on my Facebook page for the show and have to share it here, too. Wil was far from my favorite in the house. But this is fun ...


Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Tuesday into Early Wednesday - Aug. 28-29

#SleepOftheInnocent / #NoConscience

Grr. Yesterday there were all kinds of live feeds issues. Malware? The live feeds are malware? Well, I suppose if you think of the house and its hamsters on the wider scale of representing humanity ... yep, malware. The utopian world gone awry.

Here's what's been happening inside that Big Brother House of Pernicious Peeps:
  • It's getting way confusing.
  • They're all lying and it's hard to predict who's actually with whom.
  • Dan and Frank are going to be the final two.
  • No, wait ... Joe and Frank will be the final two.
  • Oh no, I'm in error ... It's Frank and Jenn in a final two deal.
  • You see the common denominator there, right?
  • All these deals. It's likely to crash right down on him. 
  • Frank can't work out in is carrot suit. Aw, too bad.
  • Frank thinks Ian needs to be gone before long because many of the later comps are more geared to him -- puzzles and quizzes.
  • Frank thinks that by Dan remaining in the house, he's taken the largest target off himself and put it right on Dan.
  • Joe has perfected the art of cooking slop cookies -- both Jenn and Dan are loving them.
  • Jenn, who's on slop for the remainder of her days in the house, cannot eat the additional foods voted on by the viewers.
  • Britney continued being very vocal about Dan's game strategies. She pointed out that Dan and Frank are working together.
  • Shh ... that was supposed to be a secret!
  • Similar to the nice/evil Dan bit she did Monday, Britney did a hashtag Dan routine.
  • #DanGheesling = #noloyalty and so on.
  • They got the HoH camera and fun was had by all.
  • Or, like the reveal of the HoH room, they tried to make it look like it was all fun and giggles.
  • Joe seems to want to lean towards saving Britney. Hmm. She has Ian. If Joe and Shane would come over to her side ...
  • Both Joe and Shane really seem to be in a quandary. It might not be an automatic Britney evict.
  • Meanwhile, now Danielle is going around talking with a hoarse voice to go with her neck hives.
  • Perhaps she has an allergic reaction to not being the center of attention?
  • Britney threw around Frank's stuff and beat up Big Ted the stuffed bear.
  • She then hugged Ted.
  • She didn't hug Frank.
  • Frank is a bit worried. He had a long talk with Joe and Shane to reinforce that they need to vote Britney out.
  • Danielle is also a bit worried.
  • Shane told Britney he's undecided.
  • Shane told Danielle that he and Joe will tell Britney tonight that they won't be voting for her (Britney) to stay.
  • :-(
  • Shane denied to Danielle that he and Joe made a guys final three deal with Frank.
  • They did.
  • But who can keep track of all of these deals? I need a spreadsheet here!
  • Joe is having knee issues and had to be seen by the doctor. Bursa problems. I guess that can scratch him out of physical comps.
  • Oh, wait. I'm talking JOE. He can't win comps anyway!
  • Shane told Ian he's definitely voting to keep Danielle.
  • Ian told Britney that Joe and Shane will be voting to keep Danielle.
  • :-(
  • BB gave them alcohol.
  • The whole bunch kept encouraging Britney (and Ian to a lesser extent) to drink, chugging the booze down.
  • Britney got drunk. :-(
  • Ian told her that Matt (in her season) called her a succubus.
  • Britney said, "I'm not the succubus. Danielle is."
  • Danielle: "What's a succubus?"
  • Heh.
  • Britney finally almost ran to the bedroom and collapsed under the comforter.
  • Frank and Joe are still up playing games in the yard as I get this posted.
  • It looks like #byebyeBritney on Thursday. 

A future treasured memory

No, Danielle is the succubus

Danielle boring Shane to naps

Drunk Ian almost fell asleep while standing

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Monday Evening into Tuesday - Aug. 28

What a tangled web we weave ...

As sand through the hourglass, these are the days of their lives. My gosh, better them than me. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of the Emotionally Damaged:
  • Ian told Danielle that she won't have his vote to stay.
  • Well, duh. She knew that. She told him she's okay with it.
  • Dan told Frank that he needs to make sure he has the votes for Britney to go -- it's not necessarily a done deed.
  • He thinks Joe will vote what Frank wants, but feel he might be a wild card.
  • Oh, he's a card alright ...
  • Frank is sure he has both Joe and Jenn "in his pocket."
  • Hmm.
  • Britney, in between her Dan attacks (most of which were actually funny), told Frank he was duped.
  • Frank hates being duped.
  • Ian and Frank made two separate references about keeping up the act that they hate each other.
  • Hmm.
  • Britney actually heard it one time.
  • Dan and Britney had a long talk. She apologized for the hateful things she's been saying in anger, told him it was okay, he made a move to save himself.
  • Britney says she has a cute dress she wants to wear if she's going to be voted out on Thursday. She didn't get to wear it on her birthday last Thursday.
  • Joe told Britney that Jerry was right when he called Dan "Judas" in his season.
  • Well, yeah.
  • Joe told Ian he'd really like Britney to stay.
  • Ian and Joe know they'd have to talk Shane into it.
  • Hmm ... while Shane and Danielle do have a quasi-"thing" going on, that's more her than him.
  • But Shane did pinky-swear with her for a final two.
  • We all know the importance of the pinky-swear in the BB house and the weight it carries.
  • Then again, he has loyalties to Britney, too.
  • And she's nowhere near as high maintenance and needy as Danielle.
  • Speaking of which, at one point during the evening Danielle claimed she wasn't needy.
  • Britney, in the event she goes, reminded Danielle that Ian doesn't really want her (Danielle) out. He just wants Britney to stay and there's a difference.
  • Danielle fussed more about the hives on her neck.
  • After all, she can't let Britney get all the attention!
  • After drinking five beers, Ian went into severe rocking, making noises and mumbling to himself mode.
  • It looks like his mind is going a mile a minute trying to piece everything together and plan when he does that.
  • Shane misses his dog (at home). Danielle doesn't fill that void.
  • Jenn and Ian were the last up, not really talking to each other.
  • Jenn looked lost in thought while Ian did his Ian thing.
  • I personally would crack if I were in the house. I'd be pushing the panic button.
  • But that's just me. 

Can this carrot be stopped?

Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of this hat!

Split ends, split alliances

Pretty, I'm so pretty.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Monday Daytime - Aug. 27

Aw, I hate to see Britney sad

I can't say I'm thrilled at how all of it went down. But, I'll admit ... it's what makes watching the live feeds all worthwhile. Not a once last season did we have live feeds as interesting and addicting as they have been for the past week. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Devious Dan:
  • It's no secret that I really enjoy Britney in the game and had hoped she'd make it to the end.
  • But, in the end, it's a game. I'm not personally involved. It really doesn't matter to me who wins or loses. It's not like I'm in the running for the half million.
  • What Dan did was underhanded.
  • But that's how to play the game. It was a shrewd move for him and it saved him this week, if not longer.
  • Okay ... to the news of the day ...
  • Dan got up early for the first time this season. He sat outside and addressed the live feed watchers.
  • He told us why he did what he did and how he was worried that Jenn wouldn't take him down with her veto.
  • He said if it didn't work, he'd accept the fact that he'd be walking out the door on Thursday.
  • He really wants to WIN the game (again).
  • He also said he'd remain true to Jenn, Frank and Shane.
  • I reserve judgment on that. He'll do what's best for himself.
  • Nothing much happened once the others woke up.
  • Oh.
  • Except that Danielle thinks she has shingles.
  • She's got something, for sure. It's not shingles, though. I've had them. They concentrate along the nerves generally on one half of the body or around the eyes. She has what looks like hives on both sides of her neck. The "I'm not a doctor, don't even play one on TV" in me says that it's probably hives from being so super stressed yesterday. Either that or she ate something to which she's slightly allergic.
  • Later Shane and Britney also thought it was stress related or she might have an allergy to the paint used in the veto comp.
  • As an afterthought, Dan told Frank about the Headhunter Alliance with Joe, saying he wanted full disclosure.
  • As expected, Frank wasn't overly surprised.
  • Joe always floated back and forth to the power.
  • Then the PoV meeting came down, blocked to the feeds.
  • It went down. Dan's Kool-Aid worked. Jenn saved Dan and Frank put Britney in his place.
  • Wah.
  • After the meeting, Ian tried to suck up to Frank (not knowing Dan outed his Secret Squirrel doings) and tell him he'd work with him until the end.
  • It turned into a screaming match.
  • Oh well. Ian got a bit too big for his britches there.
  • Frank had given Shane a heads up before the meeting as to what would happen.
  • After his fight with Frank, Ian grabbed all of his own HoH beers out of the HoH refrigerator.
  • And proceeded to start drinking early.
  • Frank told Britney she's the target.
  • Britney has cried on and off since the meeting.
  • :-(
  • Danielle has cried and she's not the target.
  • But, it is all about her. It always is.
  • Ian continued to lie to Frank about being Secret Squirrel which made Frank angrier with him.
  • Ian kept saying he had panicked with everybody pulling him in different directions.
  • He'd be better to 'fess up.
  • Joe told Shane that Frank told him that Ian was the rat.
  • So now Joe knows that the Headhunters was just a silly thing.
  • At times, Britney seems at peace with going home.
  • She told Jenn that Dan told her he felt most comfortable in the house when he's hated.
  • He actually said that to us live feeders just this morning, too.
  • Britney is outing all of Dan's gameplay, but not blaming Frank or Jenn.
  • She says it's just a game.
  • But Dan will not get her vote if he makes it to the end.
  • She did a bit which I SO hope makes the show ... it had me in giggles. She put on a "nice" voice being Dan, then turned into the wicked witch as Dan changed persona --
  • "Thanks Britney for cleaning the Have Not room for me" - Nice Dan
  • "Tomorrow I kill you." - Evil Dan
  • She gave a good ten examples and I was sitting here giggling. She has such a quick wit. I'm going to miss that in the house.
  • Frank, like Ian, has been early drinking.
  • Both are a bit buzzed.
  • Frank actually went after Britney to get back at Ian. He couldn't go for Ian as he had the veto ball.
  • The other outright humorous moment today was the BB piped through the house/yard voice that tells them to go to the Diary Room, get new batteries for their mics, etc.
  • This was a new one -- "Ian, are you wearing someone ELSE'S microphone?"
  • Um. I guess they're labeled? 

Dan explained everything to the feeders this morning

Then she turned a bad situation into comedy gold

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Power of Veto Meeting Results - Aug. 27

As expected, Ian did not use his veto. As expected (see recent reports), Jenn saved Dan with hers and Frank put Britney up in his place.

Dan is definitely the Man with a Plan.

A full report on the day will be posted later this evening,

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Report Sunday Night into Monday - Aug. 26-27

Danielle cries some more

What a night! If you haven't read what came down in the evening, first read this, then read this. Then come right back here and read THIS! So ... what's been happening inside that Big Brother House of Dan Dan the Man with a Plan? Read on.
  • Of course, like anything in this house, this latest is subject to change.
  • After talking to Frank, Dan went back to Danielle and explained things blow by blow as per his Frank talk.
  • He told her he had to say be mean for full effect earlier.
  • He admitted to her that he ratted out Ian and threw Britney under the bus to further their game.
  • He didn't tell her that he really doesn't trust her like he trusted Memphis.
  • He told Frank that, though.
  • Ian, Jenn and Joe meanwhile were hating on Dan for what he said to Danielle.
  • Oh! I forgot ... when I talked about what he said to her, I didn't mention what he said to Shane.
  • He told Shane he'd find a nice girl in Vermont.
  • Heh.
  • That was yet another part of Danielle's freaking out.
  • After Dan left HoH and went to talk to Danielle, the army (Jenn, Joe, Ian) all went to HoH.
  • Frank lied to them about his meeting with Dan.
  • Frank had bought everything Dan was selling, hook, line and sinker.
  • Dan and Danielle are going to go with the story that he apologized to her (citing his mental stress from solitary), but she's still mad at him and the relationship is forever damaged.
  • She bought everything Dan is saying -- hook, line and sinker.
  • Especially the sinker, I think!
  • Frank talked to Jenn alone, telling her Dan's proposal.
  • No, Dan didn't ask him to marry him. He just wants him to drink the Kool-Aid.
  • And, isn't that beverage mighty tasty?
  • Jenn agreed to use the veto to save Dan.
  • Then Frank will put Britney up and they will vote her out.
  • Next should be Ian.
  • My two favorites gone before I wanted ... but I've had a sip of Dan's Kool-Aid myself.
  • It's why he's a master.
  • And, if he pulls this off and gets to the final two, I daresay he can sit up there with Dr. Will.
  • Joe ... remember Joe? ... was all upset when Dan was in his big talk with Frank. He was worried that Dan was outing him and the Headhunters.
  • Bwahahaha! Like that was any kind of alliance! Dan never even brought that up! It was the QUACK PACK and Ian that was the big rat out to Frank!
  • Britney, not invited to sip Dan's Kool-Aid, is feeling all kinds of sorry for him and his apparent mental breakdown.
  • Sigh ... little does she know.
  • The PoV meeting should be later today. Ian won't use his golden veto ball, Jenn should save Dan.
  • Then Frank will put Britney on the block and she'll be the target.
  • Sigh. I have been enjoying Britney this season.
  • But it is great gameplay on Dan's part. 

Dan, the man with a plan, might have saved himself

Yes, Jenn is still in the house

Secret Squirrel has been outed and he doesn't know it

Jenn will use the veto to save Dan

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Special Bulletin: Dan's Funeral at the Game - Aug. 26

What did I do?

Now we know Dan's Plan. He asked for a house meeting after they ate dinner. He said it was his funeral as a gameplayer and that he just wanted to enjoy his last few days in the house. He said he wouldn't have time to address everyone Thursday, so wants to do it tonight.

Oh my.

He went through each houseguest, saying great things about them. He saved Danielle for last. Everyone was teary. Danielle looked with anticipation ...

He said he was looking for someone to have his back like Memphis. She's no Memphis. She's dead to him in the game.

Oh my.

He told Frank he wanted to discuss something privately with him. Danielle is a quivering crying fool right now. Jenn thinks Dan planned it all to hurt Danielle's game.

In the HoH room, Dan is explaining that Ian was in with them. He told him how tight Ian and Britney are. He's obviously working on Frank to get Danielle out and stay. Then get Ian out. If he can turn Frank his way ... which might be possible now that he knows the Ian connection and he might just stay. Apparently what she did was throw the veto comp.

He's telling Frank they would make a good final two.

Hey, Dan may still have the magic in him.

Eek! Now their plan is to have Jenn use the veto, get Britney out and for Dan to explain/apologize to Danielle.

NOOOO!!! Get Danielle out, I beg of you!

Now Dan is telling Danielle it was all a scheme to get them both (Danielle and him) to the finals.

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Sunday Evening - Aug. 26

He thinks he's a cool carrot, eh?

What's been happening today inside that Big Brother House of Carrots and Captives? Read on ...
  • Frank had to continue taking chum baths whenever the signal blew. He lost most of his audience as they headed to bed.
  • Dan was still bombarded with techno music and flashing lights in his solitary confinement.
  • He seemed to actually sleep now and then.
  • Frank thinks his only chance to win in a final two is with Shane.
  • His "perfect" final five is himself, Shane, Danielle, Joe and Jenn.
  • He wants Ian out next.
  • Oh noes!
  • Meanwhile, Dan kept ignoring people at his door.
  • Jenn and Ian told each other they wouldn't use their vetos to save Dan.
  • In the Have Not room Dan told us he's not a quitter and plans to take them out one by one.
  • Um. Okay. I'm not really seeing a way out here for Dan. But, let him go for it.
  • After a round of trivia, the feeds returned to Dan released and Britney and Danielle unshackled.
  • They're on indoor lockdown (extended) due to music which can be heard in the yard.
  • What's Dan the Man's plan?
  • Play psycho. He mumbled, said his head was wrong, laid down with a washcloth over his face.
  • Meanwhile, he went into the storage room, smiled at the cameras, gestured that he's fine and gave us a thumbs up.
  • From under the washcloth on his face, he grinned and winked at us.
  • But he's playing it all up well -- seeing spots, having to go to the Diary Room, possibly seeking professional help.
  • I'm really not sure what this will do for the vote, if anything.
  • Danielle thinks it's all her fault.
  • It is always all about her, y'know.
  • Everybody said the Have Not room smelled of vomit.
  • Dan said he doesn't remember vomiting.
  • I don't remember seeing him sick. But, then again, I couldn't watch long when he was in there because the music drove me crazy.
  • Everybody is worried about Dan.
  • But I still don't see where the act is going to better his chances of staying Thursday.
  • Frank is upset because once the yard opens up, the chum baths will play out as planned.
  • Joe made slop cookies for Jenn and Dan.
  • I don't think the veto will be used (either one) tomorrow.
  • But nothing is written in stone. 

Dan suffering

Dan released and smiling at us

Dan winking at us