Friday, August 30, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Friday Daytime - August 30, 2013

Oh, poor little Mandy girl

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Bad Examples:
  • Apparently (blocked to live feeds), BB actually played The Chicken Dance as wake up music.
  • Amanda told Judd she's done with it; she doesn't care anymore.
  • Promises, promises.
  • Then she went to visit GinaMarie in the HoH room and cry her heart out.
  • Amanda said she's going to stay away from Elissa even though she hates her.
  • Promises, promises.
  • After Amanda left the HoH room, GinaMarie mimed the crying into the cameras, rolled her eyes and made the crazy sign.
  • Then GinaMarie almost promptly fell down the stairs.
  • Oh my. I didn't know Amanda had THOSE powers!
  • GM re-injured her back and jammed a toe.
  • Not to be confused with toe jam.
  • Ew.
  • Soon there was Trivia. Ohhh ... a secret game!
  • When the feeds returned, Spencer was popping some balloons and the house was a disaster.
  • More of a disaster than usual, that is.
  • Confetti and busted balloons all over the place!
  • Apparently there were cards and confetti inside the balloons and prizes.
  • But the only one who seems to have won anything is Spencer. He won $10,000.
  • Amanda wants McCrae to go talk to GM. She can't because she already said it's over, she doesn't care.
  • McCrae sees no need to rush to speak with her.
  • @@
  • He went and asked if she will be speaking with people. She told him later as Andy was due in.
  • When she had Andy in the room, GM told him her target is McCrae. She thinks McCrae is more dangerous.
  • Oh, yeah ... she will be putting McCrae and Amanda both on the block.
  • This should be priceless!
  • GM told Andy (and later Spencer) that she is NOT working with Elissa. She's repaying a favor, but Elissa is basically on her own.
  • Elissa told her she wants Amanda out.
  • That's not exactly surprising, is it?
  • GinaMarie is telling her fellow Exterminators (Judd, Andy and Spencer) that if there are rewards in veto, go ahead and go for them.
  • She's intending on going for punishments, anything short of shaving her head.
  • She did ask Spencer to consider taking one punishment because he does have the money and trip. She thinks McCrae would be going for every punishment to stay.
  • Of course, it might not be a reward/punishment comp at all!
  • Although they're not seriously considering it will be, GM did mention that if it's a double eviction, they can get two birds with one stone.
  • They're in glee that THEY have the numbers this time around, not McCrae and Amanda.
  • One will go, no matter what.
  • Meanwhile, there's more unrest in the showmance. Amanda sulked and pouted that she didn't care about being there anymore.
  • McCrae said something about her attitude and it was on.
  • Suuure, they'll get married.
  • @@
  • Amanda and McCrae want to push for Judd and Elissa to go on the block.
  • That's not gonna happen, kiddos!
  • Amanda told GinaMarie that if she doesn't put Elissa on the block, EVERYONE is going to be enraged!
  • Oh my.
  • So far, Judd and Spencer have lied well to McCranda. Andy said something last night about he's worried on of them might go up, but ultimately said he didn't know.
  • Amanda thinks the final four should be herself, McCrae, GinaMarie and Andy.
  • It could very well be Andy, Spencer, Judd and GinaMarie if they pull this off.
  • At least, that second final four is a bit more on an even playing field. In the first scenario, you know the couple intend on being final two if they make it that far.
  • Nominations later tonight!

Two chickens walked into an HoH room ...

Popping the balloons

Luxury comp aftermath on quad cam

There's a point where fake eyelashes go too far


monty924 said...

Lol on the lashes, Jackie. They are extremely weird. Like Tammy Fay gone wild. That's the catty in me, lol.

GM just called to the DR. Hope this means we'll get noms soon.

Susan said...

It will be interesting to see McCranda on the block; even if McCrae goes to jury it will be good to see Amanda melt down.

I found this definition of adderall: "Adderall contains a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. Both these medicines are central nervous system stimulants that affect chemicals in the brain and nerves that contribute to hyperactivity and impulse control." Sound like anyone we know?

Sissy said...

I CANNOT wait until nominations. I just wish they would do it during BBAD. If GM can't play for HOH after the first eviction on Thursday, it maybe Elissa winning it because Spencer and Judd don't seem to win much of anything either, just like Amanda. I would like the final 2 to be Spencer and Judd. I don't want Andy because he's such a whinny,sobbing brat and I would love to see him cry all the way out the door.

monty924 said...

Feeds went to Trivia around half an hour ago. We'll know by 8:00 or 8:30 EST. Mac and Amanda are going up. I can't wait to see the nomination speech this time out of GM, on Sunday. :)

Petals said...

Monty, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but am nervous.

Who was it, Andrea? about being a fly on the wall for the noms? Wow, that would be interesting. If GM does nom them, how bad & how quickly will the bomb explode?

Chacha said...

feeds are still blocked!
got my quad cam ready for the fallout!
Amanda is going to lose her you know what.
Wont be long until Amanda starts flapping about the deals they have.
The best case scenario would be Elissa winning the POV if chosen to play and wins. Can you picture Amanda groveling to Elissa...
I am sick of all the houseguests every season saying oh, this one won money, trips or in their real life they already have money.
This game is about winning the money but to me its not the only thing. It takes alot of control to win this game, physical, emotional...
I think Dan nailed it last night.

Chacha said...

Amanda and McCrae will realize quickly that another alliance has formed, they will never suspect Andy though.
After Amandas explosion she will be curled up in a ball on the bed with McCrae saying how everyone hates her and she is has only done this to save their alliance and push them to the end.
She may believe and spout that GM HOH is being run by Elissa ad go on another tirade, Bet she doesn't pull those shenanigans with GM, GM will bite back

Andrea Johnson said...

Waiting for the bomb to explode. Think I'll be able to see in Chicago?

Andrea Johnson said...

Wow, what new territory is being laid. Have we ever had to discuss what would happen if a HG goes off the deep end?

Andrea Johnson said...

feeds back!

Andrea Johnson said...

Petals can stop taking her pills! McCranda nominated!!!

Susan in MA said...

Oh, I hope they show every detail on the show!!!

uncartie said...

I'm doin the Happy Dance. Bye bye McCranda! I just hope the last 2 keys GM pulled were Judd's and Elissa's. Amanda's expression would be priceless. HaHaHa

Maryland Amy said...

jackie, I have been following your blog for a few seasons. This is my first time commenting. GIRL! Its like you're in my head with your thoughts of these players. I do not have BB After Dark or the live feeds. So, your play by plays of this habitrail gone psycho ROCKS! I just wanted to say thank you, and everyone else who adds little tidbits and opinions. I look forward to reading this when I'm getting ready for work in the morning. Once again, THANK YOU from Maryland!

Petals said...

okay, bomb is ticking.

Sharon said...

Jackie's new post is up.

uncartie said...

Welcome,Maryland Amy

uncartie said...

Get this: GM called AM crazy during her Nom speech and then Elissa chimed in with "That's for sure"

RiseandShine said...

Well, finally some good news.

Anonymous said...

I would so hate for Spencer or Andy to win ,I'm not that keen on Judd winning either, what has he done, GM has been a fool too but at least she has played the game and like her or not so has Elissa. Just the thought of McCranda being on the block has my stomach hurting from laughter.