Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Tuesday evening - July 29

Smiling because she's Caleb-free right now

Y'know, if Caleb was here right here right now ... I'd have to duct tape his mouth. Or something. I'm SO tired of hearing him go on and on, saying the same things over and over again. Maybe duct tape his mouth and kick him in the knee for good measure. And, mind you, I'm not normally a violent person!

Here's today's happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Circular Discussions:
  • They goofed up this morning and one of the wake-up songs came through on the feeds for a bit. Something about "put your hand down my pants."
  • Um. No. I wouldn't really want to wake up to that, thank you very much!
  • Caleb has noticed that his confrontations with Nicole over what Amber said to her after the PoV differ whether Frankie's in the room with them or not.
  • "I'm not an idiot," says Caleb.
  • Well, yeah. You are. Why don't you just go sit in the corner flexing your muscles and admiring your tattoos. Ah, good boy!
  • But, no. Caleb doesn't do that. He continues to interrogate people over who said what to whom. 
  • Get a clue. It's too late. You were a fool and, unfortunately, Amber is paying the price.
  • Caleb is sure that he can gather the votes to save Amber.
  • Oh, to be a knight in shining armor rescuing the damsel in distress once again!
  • Frankie got his HoH camera and just about all the photos were selfies.
  • That's a first.
  • However, it's Frankie and we should have seen it coming.
  • Victoria told Hayden she doesn't think of him in a boyfriend kind of way and Nicole should understand that.
  • He said he doesn't think of her in a girlfriend kind of way, either. If he did, they wouldn't be able to share the same bed.
  • After he said that, he followed up with: "Wanna make out?"
  • The hamsters think they're due a luxury comp and a double eviction.
  • They're not getting either right away, I don't think.
  • I would say it's quite possible that a week from Thursday could be a double eviction. We are kind of due, but Julie always warns the viewers.
  • As for the luxury comp, I don't believe they had one last season and perhaps the season before, too.
  • Caleb bragged to Zach about being a celebrity in his town even before BB.
  • He keeps going on about The Voice. Now, I know someone who actually made the second round of that show. At the time, she was very excited about the possibilities. But when she didn't make it on the show (same as Caleb), it was over. She never went bragging that she was on The Voice when she wasn't!
  • He also bragged about how good-looking he and his brothers are. Well, I can't speak of the brothers. But, to me, Caleb looks like the love child of a Charlie Sheen/Eminem gay romance gone bad.
  • I know. I know. I'm being very mean about Caleb. That's not really like me. But he's droned on for two days straight now, same stuff over and over again. And, in between he talks about how great he is.
  • EEEK!
  • Caleb told Frankie he cried when he taped the goodbye message to Amber.
  • Who would expect anything else from him? I mean, really. 
  • Nicole is almost a basket case. Caleb keeps questioning her. She knows Amber is going home, so isn't worried about Amber, but is scared of Caleb. She doesn't know whether to tell the truth or lie.
  • Heck, if it were me, I'd tell him I'm not dealing with him anymore. Go away!
  • Amber made cinnamon rolls for the Have Nots.
  • I do feel sorry for Amber. She got a raw deal on the show just because a psycho stalker became infatuated with her and tainted her game.
  • After numerous discussions, it still looks like they're not going to tell Caleb/Amber that the vote will be a landslide for her to go.
  • They're having a pool tournament now.
  • Yawn.
  • But it's better than listening to the Caleb broken record, for sure. 

Yet, she's on his mind (or lack of one)

Amber bribes the Have Nots

Jocasta and Derrick chill

Hayden and his "toboggan" and teeth

Donny lookin' all ZZ Top with cheap sunglasses

Frankie's HoH selfies


monty924 said...

Bringing my comment over from the previous post:

Lol, Jocasta isn't a Have Not. She received some sort of Slop penalty or something during the POV and has to eat slop but isn't a HN. She's slept in her regular bed since then too.

Just don't want folks out here going all crazy. The HNs this week are Derrick, Caleb, Nic and Christine.

Since I pushed the button and self-evicted from the pool I'm all...


Witt said...

Has BB set up "witness protection" for Amber when she leaves?

Caleb is going to go OFF THE RAILS when Thursday's votes go down!

I'd scratch my own eyes out having to listen to him. Jackie, you are a saint.

Sharon N said...

Thanks for clearing that up Monty. :)

I'm wondering if the song clip you heard might have been from "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars (appropriate for this crew).
It's actually quite a catchy song... the "hands in the pants" is such a guy thing... it's about his day off, alone at home and gonna do what he wants. lol
Here's the Lyrics (I like Bruno Mars). It's really not gross at all when you know what the song is about.


monty924 said...

It's just funny how things take wings out here.

Oh boy, Nicole is in deep do-do now. Derrick has her in his cross-hairs now because of all this who said what to over Amber and trying to form a girls alliance after the POV meeting. The pot's finally been stirred, LOL

monty924 said...

*who said what to whom... and whether Frankie told Nicole to lie about what Amber said after the POV meeting

Jackie said...

No, it's not Bruno Mars. I found the song on YouTube by Googling the lyrics -- it's The Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang

monty924 said...

I don't know if Derrick is just getting paranoid or he thinks this is a good idea to plant seeds about Nicole and "the LIE" with Frankie. It could very well backfire on him. We will see...

monty924 said...

Whoa ... Caleb just walked in on Frankie and Amber in the beehive and she nervously said, "can I talk to Frankie for a minute" and he went out the door in a huff. I thought he was going to slam the door, but he didn't. Wasn't a happy camper though.

Jean said...

I thought Cody would be the one to rip the pool table felt. Smh Zack

David said...

I thought maybe I missed a day when I read the blog headline that this was live feeds into Monday evening. Think that you meant Tuesday Jackie =)
Though I can see how you can be confused because Caleb is saying the same things he said yesterday. I was watching mondays BBAD tues. afternoon and it was almost word for word what was going on the live feeds Tues. afternoon. lol
I see the HG's are going to try to get Caleb to self evict or get a penalty nom. If he walked out during the live show I hope they have a bunch of security guys there ready to tackle him. And Amber tell them to get that psycho away from me. Now that would be must see TV.

David said...

Dang. Looks like production told them they could not try to get Caleb to self evict with Amber. So they went and told him Amber is targeting him. Now he wants to make the next two days hell for her. (like he hasn't made the last month hell for her) This could get ugly and all because of a delusional *******. Wish I could say it but respect Jackie too much. I really feel for Amber. Wish she could get another chance on BB but that will probably not happen. Maybe on another CBS show.

lynn1 said...

CBS ought to give Amber a hazardous duty stipend for having to be harassed by Caleb fr the past month. I know she doesn't want to be evicted but once she walks out the door her stress level should improve immensely.

RBennie said...

I really can't stand any of these guys this season, with the exception of Donny. They are all spineless. They are so afraid of Caleb that they have to go as a group and tell him lies about Amber in the hopes that he won't go off on them. They should all turn in their "man cards".

EileenH said...

Maybe BB will come up with some way to get Amber back into the house once Caleb's gone (which I assume will be next week). They've engineered hamster returns before.

And actually, I've never liked the previous returns, but I would like to see Amber get another chance. Especially if she can rally the girls to stick together.

Petals said...

Jackie, I do talk pretty bad about Caleb. I hope I haven't rubbed-off on you, LOL

(actually, Caleb could drive a saint to drink!)