Monday, July 28, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Monday/PoV Meeting - July 28

Caleb stares at Amber

Oh my gosh. I don't even know where to start today. Here's roughly what happened today in that Big Brother House of Caleb Gone Wild:
  • Okay, remember that Caleb twisted around the Backdoor Amber plan set up by most of the house as his own little creation.
  • He stalked Amber in the wee hours of the morning, throwing a pillow on her which she later blamed on Hayden.
  • It doesn't sound like the "argument" during the PoV meeting would count for the Team America mission as it sounds like Zach ranting.
  • It sounds like Zach not only ranted his rant at Amber, but may have thrown Frankie and Derrick under the bus while doing so.
  • Amber is steamed.
  • After the PoV meeting (when the feeds returned) she confronted just about everyone ... but not Caleb.
  • All professed innocence, not knowing what Frankie was going to do with the re-nom.
  • Then she talked to Caleb. He threw all of his buddies under the bus, said they were all in on it.
  • They dragged poor Nicole in on it and she admitted that Amber had talked about an all-girl alliance as the "boys" were going to pick them off one by one.
  • Caleb told Amber that the original idea was his, but they all lied to him.
  • Then Frankie got called in to the Amber/Caleb discussion. He totally threw Frankie under the bus right in front of Amber.
  • Frankie asked Amber to leave and lit right into Caleb, practically yelling at him.
  • Caleb is sure that Amber had enjoyed the "date" with Amber, Nicole reported differently.
  • Frankie could almost get an Emmy for his dramatic verbal assault on Caleb.
  • Caleb crumbled.
  • He's lost his love of his life AND all of his friends in one fell swoop.
  • Now the plan is that, instead of letting Amber think she's just a pawn, they're going to tell her due to the problems, she's out this week.
  • That ought to go over really well, don'tcha think?

Caleb admiring himself in stupid outfit

The Hitmen after the PoV meeting

Frankie lights into Caleb; Caleb crumbles

Caleb throws everyone under the bus

In between the drama


JonMD1267 said...

Why do all the girls always nark out the other ones about starting or being in an all girls alliance I never understand that. When each week they are getting picked off one by one and they always think they are safe until it's them on the block.

I really feel bad for Amber, she got sucked in to the cross hairs of Caleb right, wrong, or indifferent and because of his whack ness is taking the fall.

If anything good comes out of this is maybe Caleb will get the clue she does not want to be with him, and if not then Amber should blame this as to why she is not with him. I do like Jacosta, but I would love it somehow if Amber pulled a rabbit out of her hat and stayed.

David said...

Dang it. We were this >< close to an all-out bruhaha but Frankie managed to lie his way out of it. And Nicole should have said when in that room with Caleb and Frankie, Don't pull me into this, I told you the truth the first time Caleb, and walked back out. Now she looks like a push-over and as she said, another Janelle being used.

Becky said...

Thanks for the updates. I am so ready for Caleb AND Frankie to go home.

Sharon N said...

Still might have a bruhaha yet.
Never know...
Now that they realize toying with Amber until Thursday is over, the plan is to tell her she's being voted out.
Not that anyone would believe her if she "outs" a few people, but it could get interesting for a while. Somehow, they've all talked themselves into believing she's Public Enemy #1 though.
However, I don't expect her to cause any real issues because I think she'll want to walk out of that hell-hole with her head held high... despite what they ALL have done to her. I'm ashamed of Cody.. thought he was a nicer guy than that. :(
Only nice guy left is Donny.

Anonymous said...

Wow...guess I better play catch up. Wonder what Cody did wrong.
I love Zach and Cody.

I am sick of Caleb and I hope he goes next. I mean REALLY...if he isn't the most bizarre HG ever..I am confused. Worse than Devin, well not sure.....maybe a tie!

Ditch Frankie too and we have a game. :o)


uncartie said...

I hope there's a twist that let's Amber back in the house.
I'm sick of all these hamsters!

Petals said...

Zach is the only person who was NOT in on all the afternoon bullsh*t. He did his "act" at the POV, then went to bed.
Thing is, Zach is the one person that knows everything - he could clear ALL of this up, or destroy it. He just doesn't care, which is hilarious.
IMO, Caleb is far more concerned about his pseudo-relationship with Amber than the game, at all. I wouldn't be surprised if he offered to take her place on the block & go home.
At this point, I think the rest of the house would cheer.

Sharon N said...

Zack enjoys playing the part of a total ass, but I can't bring myself to get upset with him because it's all for show. He comes right out says it's all for show!

Derreck is the puppetmaster, but Frankie doesn't do a bad job of holding that title either. All he has to do is squeak and they jump to his tune. Derreck doesn't have to squeak... he's in the background leading. It's quite possible Frankie's crap might be ending sooner than he plans.

monty924 said...

I can't stand to listen to Caleb. My head's exploded a million times and I'm tired of putting it back together. He's a one word phrase/conversation loop with everyone in there. If he can't take the hint then too bad so sad for him.

I'm done. I'm turning in my pool pick and going out on my own.


monty924 said...

*one phrase/conversation. It's definitely more than one word.


Sharon N said...

Help Jackie... Monty is rebelling!!! LMAO

monty924 said...

I think if Jackie had him she would throw in the white towel too, LOL! Well, I can't speak for Jackie, but I'm throwing in the towel!

Sharon N said...

For the record, I have Victoria (blech), but if it was Caleb, I'd jump ship too.

Sharon N said...

For the record, I have Victoria (blech), but if it was Caleb, I'd jump ship too.

Sharon N said...

well poop @@ posted twice.
Sorry about that.

monty924 said...

LMAO... you can delete one if you click on the little trash can at the right of the time stamp. Trust me, I have to do it all the time. :)))

Sharon N said...

Unfortunately, I don't see a trashcan when signed in this way. I know there's one when signed in with Google, but don't remember my password thru Google. :(
Oh well.

And the beat goes on.... Caleb regurgitating one name, over and over. At one point, Frankie talked about everyone letting Amber know they were voting her out, but seems they've decided to play their little game for as long as possible after all.

Cheryl in NC said...

If Amber has half a brain she already knows they are sending her out the door....and she's probably secretly happy about it to get away from stalker Caleb....I swear it wouldn't surprise me if he quit and tried to walk out the door with her.

monty924 said...

Didn't think of that, Sharon :((

Cheryl, she doesn't have a brain. She's been in about four or five convos with Caleb and she's letting him play her knight in shining armor again at this point. I get it, she doesn't want to leave the game, but that ship has sailed with EVERY person in the house. I honestly don't anyone will fall for Caleb's campaigning for her now.

It's funny, sad, funny, sad and everything in between at this point. Amber's out the door on Thursday and Caleb (my former pool boy) is only digging his hole deeper and deeper. He'll probably be jury member #1.

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Here's another clue that Caleb should get but doesn't.... the response that he gets most often is "mmm hmm" or "yep". @@

Lynda Lacono said...

I have always had a world of respect for the incredible job Jackie does reporting, but this year she deserves a purple heart. In order to converse on this show you only need a few phrases which I want to ban from the language: 1) Like 2) Dude 3) blood on my hands 4) thrown under the bus 5)what's good for my game . Etc. Is it just me or has this been an especially painful year? Or is it just Caleb because I can tell you if I had to listen to very much of him, I would self evict. Jackie, I do not know how you do it.

Jackie said...

Lynda -- Another one ... "at the end of the day." :)

Nickelpeed said...

I just wish it were Caleb going and not Amber. Caleb is causing the problems, not Amber. Grrr