Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Big Brother 17 New Hamsters: Part Three

This is my third and final(?) installment looking at the new cast we're going to live with all summer. Why the question mark? Well, there's only 14 houseguests listed on the CBS website yet 16 places at the table. I expect we'll have a few more coming in the house -- my guess would be previous hamsters. I just hope it's not Frankie. My other hope would be that it's two people over 40 years old or of color. This cast is very young (33 is the oldest) and quite milquetoast bland.

My previous two posts on the cast are Part One and Part Two. ALL of my Big Brother posts can be found at this link right here. Check 'em out!

Jace Agolli

My first impressions from the Jeff Schroeder interview: Skater Boi. Personal trainer. Thinks he's super-personable. Claims to be a big fan of the show. It's all about the gameplay more than the money. Fast talker for a guy originally from the south and now living in California. Adrenalin junkie. Very confident, but not all that off-putting. He could very well have game.

Jace is 23, I assume single, originally from Dunwoody, Georgia, now residing in Venice Beach, California. His bio doesn't offer up much more than I saw in the video. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. He might be a smaller version of Frank without Boogie.


Da'vonne Rogers

My first impressions from the Jeff Schroeder interview: Finally, a woman of color -- the only one in this bland cast! Her name is pronounced DAY-vonne. Ha! A professional poker dealer who's not going to reveal her job! Maybe she'll recognize what's-her-name, the pro-poker player! Another "huge fan" of the show from the start. Although she's older than some, I'm still having problems thinking children are sitting around watching the show. She would have been 12 during season one. She does seem to know the show, though. She wants to win it to give her daughter a better life than she has had. I worry a bit because she's outspoken and that can make for enemies in the house. She definitely has the right attitude going in.

Da'Vonne is a 27 year old single mom originally from Inglewood, California, now residing in Los Angeles, California. Well, this is interesting -- she watched the show all the time with her grandmother, the one who convinced her to apply. She loved and hated Rachel -- loved her in comps, hated the emo agenda. (I can understand that although, for me, the emo bit was over the top and diminished the super comp competitor side.) She's the rebel from a family deep into religion. She should be interesting to watch!


Shelli Poole

My first impressions from the Jeff Schroeder interview: Oh, geez ... another perky blonde gal. She plans on laying low in the beginning and observe. Her strategy is to continuously adapt as you never know what's coming. Even she thinks she's "older" at 33 and has an edge in playing the game.

Shelli is 33 (the OLDEST member of the cast, sigh), single, an interior designer originally from Marietta, Georgia and now living in Atlanta. She has an site for selling her custom designed jewelry. She got married when she was 28 and divorced a year later. I don't know. She's very perky and blonde. I'm not sure I can take all this perkiness.


John McGuire

This guy is still the hold-out on the Jeff Schroeder interviews at That's why the funky photo of him. I had to take it from his online show bio.

John is a 27 year old dentist originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania who now lives in Jefferson Township, Pennsylvania. He doesn't like the "nerdy know-it-alls" on past seasons (like Ian, Derrick, Nicole) because they let their knowledge of the game turn into hero worship. He says he's loud, obnoxious and energetic.

Hmm ... maybe he said something evil to Jeff? I don't know why no interview. I'm probably not going to like him, but I'll hold my judgment ... for now.


chrob said...

Hi Jackie- is there a Big Brother pool yet?

Paula Bell said...

OMG What is Jefferson Township from Scranton, 20 miles? Seriously? This is why he didn't have an interview, he is a tool or douche, maybe both. Yea when does the pool start and this year darn it I want in. Ok longer than one round. LOL

David said...

Did they put together this cast with the intention of making it a dislike (don't want to use the word hate) fest online? Going for the clicks and buzz online instead of the game play. I guess since the youngsters are glued to their devices that seems to be where it is heading. I hope I am wrong and there will be more than one likable person in the house this summer. But from what I have seen so far it is not looking good.

I am with you Jackie, I hope the missing 2 people have a few years on the announced cast. I really don't like returning players. We will just have to wait and see. Only a little more than a week to go.

Petals said...

I did see the "Dr JohnnyMac" interview with Jeff. I like him, he's a little guy
and a fan, but plans to keep his fandom a secret. Hope it works for him.

Patti said...

I have 4 children (11,13,17 and 20), and we have been watching Big Brother for several years. Most of the inappropriateness goes right over the heads of the younger two. It's our summer together-time, and now we have turned my mom into a fan. I have been reading Jackie's blog since I started watching BB, and she has the most amazing writing style. I love it ALMOST as much as the show itself. Thanks Jackie!