Tuesday, October 04, 2016

BBOTT: Nominations, Power of Veto - Monday, October 3

Perpetually laid-back

Due to the late hour and the fact that most of this is old news, I'll be short and sweet tonight.
  • America nominated Cornbread while Monte nominated Jason and Danielle.
  • Jason is the target for Monte and many others.
  • After all, he's the returning hamster!
  • They had the Power of Veto comp today.
  • It was slightly more "comp-ish" than was the HoH Comp.
  • BB locked them outside the house and added items within the house.
  • They were then allowed in and had to find and count the added items.
  • They had to punch a four-digit code (made of the counts) into the Veto Vault.
  • And, he needed it. He knew he needed it.
  • Not sure who will go up in his place.
  • Had Cornbread won veto, as America's nomination, there would be no replacement.
  • But Jason is sure to save himself and Monte will have to replace him. 

Is it a pick?

But, we're good people!


Hangin' out

Mr. Power of Veto! (And he needed it!)


Petals said...

Thank you, Ms J.

Monte & his minions are really irritating. They helped one another during the comp.
And now they are a foursome: Monte, Morgan, Shane & Zak, er I mean Danielle.

Glad Jason is safe. Sad that the above-referenced group are picking-off the
less-than-beautiful people, one by one. :(

Petals said...

From Jokers:
Monte: Scott loves me. I mean, I'm smart. Smarter than people think, they look at me and see brawn but I'm smart.

OK - it's official: Monte IS Caleb, Part 2. No thank you! Take that ego and leave the house, you muscle-headed little dictator.

T-Town Chick said...

Good job Jason!!!!!! Am I the only one that thinks Scott is totally creepy?

Nick said...

Monte is totally Caleb 2.0! I was hoping that wouldn't be the case, but pretty much since Day 2 every time he's talking to someone all I can think of is Caleb. UGH.

Scott is totally playing like he's on an international version of Big Brother...focusing on doing crazy/entertaining things to try to reel in fans. Unfortunately for him, the houseguests are still the ones evicting each week, unlike BBUK where the viewers are the ones voting to evict/save each week.

May we actually see a successful all girls alliance this season?? Morgan, Alex, Whitney and Shelby could be strong. Of course it's still VERY early.

Judi Sweeney said...

So glad Jason won the Veto! Monte's gotta go!!!

Sharon N said...

Since I'm not able to watch, a question... Is that Neely or Danielle in the "Hanging Out" picture?
Whichever...for some reason, she reminds me of a Nefertiti statue. LOL
(ok, so I like to pick out critters in clouds too!)

monty924 said...

That's Neeley, Sharon. The diva :)))

monty924 said...

Danielle was working hard to get Monte to renom Shelby, but he went with Kryssie. She kind of sunk her own ship with the boo hooing.

David said...

Voting is open for who we want our lone eviction vote to go for. I threw mine for today at Cornbread. Couldn't make up my mind between him or Danielle. Voting is open until Wednesday at 4pm so 2 more chances to throw votes her way if I change my mind.

If Kryssie keeps laying out on the BR benches crying, she may just get herself evicted.

David said...

*1 more chance, not 2.

I hope they tell us what will be in the America's care package before we vote on it and if they will be different each week or the same.

Can't wait to get my votes in to make Monte a have not and put him on the block. LMAO

BB-Boy said...

VOTE OUT CORNBREAD!! That will definitely send a message to Monte's group

SueGee said...

I voted and will vote again and again if allowed LOL. (Too bad we can't do that come November 6th!!) As I learned growing up, Vote early and vote often!!

Petals said...

How funny is it? That Shane keeps calling CB "Corndog". And it's really an accident, not intentional. LOL

Petals said...

Thanks for the reminder about our votes, David. All my votes went to Danielle, because I find her disgusting.

Petals said...

I like Shelby. Why does everyone else not?

Petals said...

They are all trippin about CB saying, "Jew 'em down" (re lowering a price on something). Geeminy - that is an old saying, and he probably doesn't even KNOW what it means. Seriously - I really do not think that Mr. Corn O. Bread has literally NO idea where & how that phrase even came to be.

What do you guys think of that?

PS - Monte said he couldn't make a solid decision about something without getting Morgan. So as strong as he pretends to be, he needs a minion or 2 to prop him up.

Petals said...

How FLIPPING AWESOME would it be if the Monte Minions flipped and voted-out
Danielle? LOL I love it!! *fingers crossed* that the wind blows her vapid
butt outta the house.

ITCHY said...

is not sure but does america do the voting on this version. would love to watch but only get a limited amount of internet.

Petals said...

Yes Itchy, we get to vote on many things, including nominees & evictees. YAY!

monty924 said...

I don't think it's that they don't like her (Shelby) as much as they're afraid of her social game with the other women. Voting Cornbread because his one of Monte's minions. :)))

Petals said...

From Jokers: Scot says he is here just for his $1,000/wk. He's not here 2 win but wld b nice.

Grrrr. Now I dislike Scott.

Petals said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Petals said...

How many times can/will/did Monte say "I'm in power" during his DR? Geeeeeesh

monty924 said...

Petals, he wears that HOH key around his neck like Dustin wore the King's Robe and Crown. At one point, Danielle did ask him: Do you have to wear it all the time? I mean really... talk about clueless @@

Petals said...

Yes, he does! He's such a toolbag. @@

monty924 said...

Got in another 20 votes for Cornbread this afternoon before the voting closed. I have a feeling it will be Kryssie going home though. :(((

Is everyone watching tonight at 10:00 for the recap then the live eviction at 11:00? I'll be watching.

monty924 said...

Nope, change that. Just checked in and it looks like it might be Cornbread afterall. Maybe Monte's posse isn't as strong as he thought.

Chacha said...

I got my votes in last night and today as well. Voted cornbread l. I will be watching tonight.
I haven't been in depth watching.
My son came in for the weekend!!
I do think it's cornbread going from what I can tell'

Chacha said...


Eviction is 10 eastern 9 central

monty924 said...

You're right, Chacha. BB changed it yesterday or today. Before that the schedule was weekly recap at 7:00PT and Eviction at 8PT. I'll be there :)))