Monday, June 30, 2008

Big Brother 10 is Just Around the Corner

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Yep, a new season is almost upon us! Graphic arteest Zoetawny has made a cool new season logo for the blog and we're just about ready to rock and roll. (Zoetawny rocks already and that's how I roll.)

You've all been fantastic hanging in while I've been tied up with the healing process. You have no idea how thrilled I am with the community which has developed here. I love it! I also enjoy the fact that new folks come along and are welcomed as they make the leap to posting comments. You all rock! A huge thank you is in order for Sydney who has been such a tremendous help as I went through the surgery and to this date as I go through rehab.

Ah, but this post is about Big Brother 10, right? I have a new article up over on TV Squad which delves into scheduling, some facts, and plenty of rumors. Of course, I'll have the feeds once again this season. Technically, I never don't have them as I've had the Real SuperPass for a number of years now. I generally take advantage of the $10 monthly music download credit from them and it evens out the cost of the subscription payments. Or, at least I tell myself it does.

I plan to cover the feeds both here and on TVS (different content for each just as I did last season), plus I'll live blog all of the shows here and write the Tuesday and Wednesday show review/recaps for TVS. At this time I plan to purchase the BBReloader once again. That enables me to record video to post to YouTube as well as to enlarge the actual screens more, watch all four feeds in separate windows at once, and lots more. As I will be off from work for most or all of the season, this is going to be a good diversion for me as it was the first summer I did this. Plus, I'll have the time to really get into it without suffering total exhaustion! Cool. :-)

That's the skinny and I have to head off to physical therapy to have my knee treated by my favorite physical terrorist soon.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

George Carlin and Last Night's 1975 SNL Debut

When George Carlin died last week, I was saddened. In my high school, college, and young adult days Carlin was almost an obsession of mine. I still have all of the vinyl albums from those days and regard him as one of the most cerebral and innovative comedians ever. I was aware of his heart problems in the past, but he was only 71 years old. That's too young. Sigh.

When I saw a promo for Saturday Night Live during the week, I got all excited. They were going to show the first ever episode of the show from September 1975 and its first guest host -- George Carlin. Woohoo! Vintage Carlin and something I've never seen! I was in college in Albany back in those days and the local network refused to carry the first two SNL shows as it was all so controversial. They buckled under pressure and I was a huge fan of the show into the '80s, but I never did get to see the first two shows ... until last night when I saw the debut.

Whoa! Not one, but two musical guests -- Billy Preston and Janis Ian. Each sang two songs. I would have preferred that Billy do "Will it Go Round in Circles" and "Nothing from Nothing" (which he did do) and that Janis Ian had sang "At Seventeen" (which she did) and "Society's Child." But, still ... I had forgotten that they didn't limit it to one artist early on in the show.

I had forgotten how good Chevy Chase was in the early days. Oh, this was before the "I'm Chevy Chase and you're not" bit, but good nonetheless. John Belushi wasn't hugely featured, but would become one of my favorites in the early years. Dan Ackroyd looked like a child. I guess we all pretty much were back then.

In the Carlin bits, there wasn't that much I don't have on the albums, but he did do a bit about religion and secularism towards the end of the show which was specifically for the show. At the end of the show he was smoking on stage, but back then people did. I remember Johnny Carson and the ashtray; Tom Snyder was a regular chimney. One bit which got me was when he mentioned watching old movies and wondering if people in the crowd scenes were dead. Here I was watching this show thinking he's gone, Belushi is gone, Gilda Radner is gone ... all way too soon.

I think Saturday Night Live did a fine thing by honoring George Carlin in this manner. It was great to see him in his heyday and a spiffy trip back in time for me.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

TV and Stuff

This is a photo I took of a tiger lily which I edited to create the black and white background.

In television doings --
  • Big Brother 10 -- Since the start date is a week later than past seasons, I don't think there will be any official cast news for another week or ten days minimum. I found this article which states that the casting has indeed been completed.
  • I think the only prime time shows I've been really, really following have been So You Think You Can Dance and America's Got Talent. I'm running behind on Hell's Kitchen due to the latter.
  • Call me silly or even simple, but I'm looking forward to the upcoming show on CBS about America's Greatest Dog. Of course, cats wouldn't fall for such a ploy. I could do my cat's trick, but if she were surrounded by strangers and cameras she would freak. I hold my hand out to her and say, "Show me the love" -- she licks my hand. Now if I could just get her to do a fist bump.
  • Oh! I'm also still watching Groomer Has It on Animal Planet. Now that it's between Artist and Jonathan, I want Artist to win because Jonathan is so arrogant.
As for me --
It's weird how this knee is consuming my life. I had my five week check up with the doctor last week. He's very pleased and claims I'm ahead of the game. My physical therapy is down to two times a week to spread out the visits as my health insurance only covers twenty visits. My range of motion is up around 113 with a forced 120. My muscles are strengthening every day. Unless I plan to be on my feet a lot, I don't use any aids in walking. I'm still at the point where I have to remind myself to walk heel to toe and bend my knee with each step. It can get a bit unstable if I stop thinking about walking, but that should improve.

I still do my home exercises three times daily followed by ice. There is still some pain and I ended up asking the doctor to give me the heavier stuff back (after requesting lighter meds) especially for my PT sessions and nights. I have yet to get a full night's sleep.

I'm also going out to have blood drawn weekly for the Coumadin levels. Now, instead of being on the Coumadin regiment until August, I'm on it until December. Sigh. I'm going to look like a chunky junkie by the time December rolls around.

But the recovery hasn't been as horribly painful as in my imagination pre-surgery. It's not really easy and I have had the complications of the blood clot and the Baker's Cyst behind my knee. (Did I mention that?) That's behind my operated knee causing pain and limiting my range of motion to an extent. But it's not the stuff of my worst nightmares I had envisioned. It's just tiring, somewhat painful, and weird.

I want to thank everyone for hanging in.

Monday, June 16, 2008

OFF TOPIC: Knee/Me Update and TVS Post

Vampires beware! For some odd reason, I have no desire to use the phone in this photo I took before my surgery!

I finally got a new post published over on TV Squad -- it's about the first season of Big Brother and includes some YouTube videos.

Recovery is going along okay, I guess. I still get tired very easily and yet can't sleep well. I have good days and bad days. This past Friday I had the best day ever in physical therapy (range of motion up to 120, consistently able to go backwards full revolutions on the bike, only my operative leg used in total body machine to lift my weight for three sets of ten times).

Then I blew all my progress by going out with a friend on Saturday. We went to lunch sitting two hours, then shopping and such. I pushed my knee way too hard being on it for more than a few hours. It let me know by getting all swollen, hot to the touch, and stiff. I couldn't do my exercises well yesterday and continue to have problems today. Thankfully I don't have PT today. I'm down to two times a week starting this week trying to spread out the whopping 20 visits allowed by my insurance company.

I go to PT tomorrow, go out to have blood drawn for the Coumadin levels on Wednesday, to the orthopedic surgeon for my five week follow up on Thursday, then PT on Friday again.

I won't be dancing soon.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Discussion Post

Although I'm personally in the "So You Think You Can Walk" stage right now, this is a show I really enjoy.

I won't be blogging about it each episode, but I think it warrants a discussion post. I know I'm sure to add some thoughts in the comments section.

The link to this post will be added to the sidebar and I hope everyone who watches the show jumps in with their opinions!

Monday, June 09, 2008

The Mole Blog Meet Up Discussion Post

I don't watch The Mole (not sure why, just never got into it), but I know many of you do!

Here's your place to discuss the show with friends on the blog. Feel free to link articles, talk about the show or anything Mole!

Okay, that didn't quite rhyme, did it?

This post will be linked in the sidebar under the blog discussion post and may it be a great season!

The Bachelorette Meet Up

On the Bachelorette website on there is a little screen and under it you can click on shorts to view. There is one called Diary of the Departed and is of some interest. It's the last words of the guys who leave each week. This week you can get one last glimpse of the Bitter Barber and Paul, the sweet, pillow lipped guy she let go last Monday night. I know, you can probably live without ever seeing the barber again, but you will chuckle to hear him still harping on Jeremy (Methinks he has a man crush and it's man-ifester-ing this way).

Tonight the boys get to race fast cars, wearing one piece jumpsuits. I think we liked the Ellen boxers better. And it looks like we may finally get to see the overplayed scene where she bawls out the guys while crying about how serious she is.

She rejects the kiss of one guy --ouch --and she goes on a solo date with Jesse, the long haired snowboard guy, so we can finally get more than a glimpse of what his appeal may be. It says a date may end with the most shocking outcome yet! Doesn't that make you want to tune in to see?

UPDATE - Image added, category label added, and I'll be linking this post to the sidebar momentarily! (Jackie)

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Through the Boob Tube Darkly - A Post-Surgical Perspective

I wrote this post over a few days last weekend from notes I took in the hospital and during my first week or so at home. During that time, I was still taking pain meds on a very regular basis. Yes, the photo is my hospital room and IV.

I'm feeling much better today and no longer take the pain meds except when going to physical therapy. We're in a heat wave here, but I've had no reason to leave my apartment at all and I have the air conditioner on low. I'm feeling so good today that I came up with my own physical therapy! I put on a CD I have with old hits like "Wooly Bully" and "Louie Louie," cranked the volume, and danced or dance/walked my way around the apartment. I twisted a bit; I made a point of bending my knee and putting weight on it -- no walker (been folded all week), no crutch ... on my feet! Although the knee got very warm, it didn't hurt and still doesn't now a half-hour after I stopped acting like a lunatic. My cat wasn't thrilled, though.

Without further ado, here's the rather drug-induced post --

Before I get into my list of what my drug-induced mind has been either entertained or irked by, I have to spend a moment talking about hospital televisions. One day, you too could end up in the hospital and you'll remember my words of wisdom here.

First, it was a great 42 inch flat screen, better than my televisions here at home. Thank you. Oh, and I had a DVD player, too! Woohoo! But it's all downhill from there. What? No remotes? What's up with that? There I was, strictly bed-bound for four days before they let me get up and I don't have a darned remote at all for the DVD player? Not only that, but the DVD player was across the room from me! How about the remote for the television? It's not a real one! Hooked into the "call nurse," more pain meds thingee, and change bed positions doohickey, I had an on/off for the television and up/down controls for channel changing. No numerics, mind you. I was stuck going through the realm of channels to get at anything I wanted to watch.

So, hospitals, listen up. I was not there for comedy relief accidentally shooting myself up with more pain meds when I just wanted to watch The Late Show with David Letterman. I wasn't there to make a spectacle of myself contorting my bed into odd positions when I merely wanted to find anything other than an infomercial at 4:00 in the morning. And if you're thoughtful enough to have a DVD player there, put it where the patient can actually operate it. Real remotes are desperately needed. Feel free to search my belongings. Body search me on the way out since you've already shred any dignity and privacy I ever had. I won't steal the remote; I have plenty of my own. I won't mention that the on/off switch for the lights on the doohickey did nothing. Oops, I mentioned it.

Then, after nearly a week in the hospital, I went home sweet home. Home, where I know my cable stations, home where I have real remotes. Home, where I had set up everything convenient for limited mobility. Now, since I've been home, I've still been pretty heavily medicated. It's made for a long strange trip of television watching between the zombie state and the insomnia. Here are some of my observations from that state of mind, not in any particular order:

1. The Late Show with David Letterman - Reruns last week on my first almost full week home? Yeah, I know it was the end of May Sweeps, but sheesh, Dave ... it's bad enough you had Jack Hanna on for the same night as my surgery and I missed my favorite guest on the show. Oh, and the Stupid Pet Tricks were on the pathetic side this time around. Dave, you let me down.

2. Dexter - I don't have Showtime and was trying to catch the first season when they aired it on CBS. Due to writing up the Sunday night Big Brother review, I missed enough to make me buy the first season on DVD. Great show, can watch while medicated and I sometimes identify with Dexter. But I don't go around killing people for either good cause or bad. I have been known to kill bugs on the "he needed to die" basis, but I don't think that's a crime.

3. The Meerkats movie on Animal Planet - Whoa, too much background into the filming of the series. I fell asleep both times I tried to watch it. Hey, maybe that's the cure for my insomnia! I enjoyed the series and I'm looking forward to the new season, but this didn't do anything for me.

4. Raw Nature on Animal Planet - Oh, animals eating each other, always a diversion from life at home! This kept my interest, but I think my cat got too much into watching it. You know, I've heard tell of cats eating their deceased owners. Eep.

5. Old original series Law and Order on TNT - My interest in this show has waned over the past few years, but I like the older episodes with Benjamin Bratt. Whether it's poor memory or the drugs I've been on, I didn't even remember a few of these I watched. So it was like new entertainment for me.

6. The Andromeda Strain on A&E - Speaking of Benjamin Bratt ... he's still adorable these days! I know I have the book and I saw the original movie, but it's been decades. It didn't wow me, but I stayed awake through it.

7. Judge David Young - This is a judge show I haven't watched too often, so he's pretty fresh for me. I think some of his rulings seem to come from his heart and not the law, but that's what people get for wanting to go on TV instead of a real court with their foolishness.

8. Homicide: Life on the Street - As many times as I see this show, I still want to watch it again. I was ticked at the hospital for not having a cable company which included WGN. Now that I'm home, Kellerman killed Luther Mahoney. Cool.

9. Criminal Minds - This show has always been up against something else I watch and I never had the time to watch many recorded shows due to life constraints. Perfect, A&E is carrying it now. Fresh fodder for me.

10. The latest Optimum Online Triple Play commercial - This is so overplayed! I didn't like the rap one last year and this one is even more annoying. It sometimes plays three times within a half-hour on some stations. Gack. I just see that Optimum flour bag and start to cringe. I only enjoy the lawn guy winking. Make it stop. (And they're the company which doesn't carry WGN!)

11. The First 48 on A&E - Played at all hours in the middle of the night, nothing like a good murder or two to keep the TV zombie staring at the set.

12. So You Think You Can Dance - I don't watch Dancing With the Stars, but this show is a constant hit for me. But just wait until some of these dancers get some good years on those knees. They'll end up in a hospital without real remotes for the TV!

13. American Idol winner David Cook on The Early Show - Darn it. A crane fell and we only had one song while I'm sure there was to be two. Not that I'm cold-hearted, but here in the NYC area, all programming on all local stations carried the news until well past noon. Five hours of pretty much the same news shots with little or no real new news during that time. I was thankful noon came around and WGN with its Homicide comes out of Chicago.

14. Reruns of Home Improvement and Rosanne on either TVLand or Nick - I never really watched the former when it originally aired. So it's like mindless light fluff entertainment for me, grunt. As for Rosanne, watching it after so many years made me remember why I enjoyed the series in the first place.

15. Groomer Has It on Animal Planet - Although I'm getting tired of the same old formula for reality shows, I still got hooked on this one. They should groom more cats, though. And, as entertaining as Artist is, he's a weak groomer.

16. Forensic Files and The Investigators on truTV - More real murders. I think perhaps I have a twisted mind. I still think truTV is a dumb brand for the station, but they didn't ask me.

17. The Wire on DVD - Ah, now I have the time to go through the four seasons I own without much real life interference (day job) cutting into my viewing time. Come August, I'll have season five. Life is good. Well, maybe not for the corner boys, but I'm more of a stoop kind of gal.

18. Hell's Kitchen - Matt has to go. I think his presence makes my knee hurt more. Thus I have to take more pain meds. It's Matt's fault! (Update - he's gone and my knee feels better!)

19. The Smoking Gun Presents on truTV - Now, any reality TV blogger knows The Smoking Gun website. For years it was the source for dirt on reality contestants. So when I found this in my channel surfing, I watched. Leif Garret, Tonya Harding, Danny Bonaduce and other Z List celebs known for their stupidity judge the stupidity of others on video. Hmm ... if Darwin's Theory of natural selection were indeed correct, all of these people should be gone, right? That said, it made me laugh. Of course, it could be my medication.

20. Saturday Night Fever movie repeat this past Saturday - A blast from the past and I was surprised I watched it all the way through. "You hit my hair. I worked hours on it and you hit my hair." Oh, I should be dancing. But I don't think my orthopedic surgeon would approve.

21. Sunday Morning on CBS - Always a part of my Sunday morning routine, this brings a sense of normality to my bizarre life of late.

22. NYCTV25 from - This is a local cable station, but always interesting. From Cool in Your Code to the music to the events to Secrets of New York, it makes me want to get back to photo stomping around town. Yep, an incentive to recover!

23. Trauma: Life in the E.R. on Discovery/Health - Like I haven't had enough of hospitals, eh? Maybe this caught my attention because I'm grateful this was a planned surgery. I don't know.

24. Living Lohan - That's a half hour of my life I'll never get back. Even on medication, this is a waste of my valuable time. I could be dancing, y'know!

So there you go. I feel a bit like the guy in A Clockwork Orange with his eyes forced open, a true TV zombie. Pardon me, it's 2 AM and I found Without a Trace.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


Nope, I didn't post that TV post last night. It will go up sometime over the weekend. When I posted yesterday, Sydney had posted an extensive look at June television which I think warrants some more attention as my post a bit usurped it.

Her post is here.

I also want to throw out kudos and huge thank yous to both Sydney and Zoetawny for all of their work in keeping the blog going! They both rock, as do all of you hanging in the comments!

In my physical therapy yesterday, I was up to 102 degrees bend. There is an issue with pain and swelling in the back of the knee. That's holding my bend back more than the actual knee or other issues at this time. My physical therapist has a few theories -- it could be blood clot related, or a Baker's cyst, or something wrong with the Popleitius (sp) muscle. Although I can feel the swelling and the back of the knee was hugely bruised post-op, the only time I have pain from it is when I push the bend of the knee. If it's still an issue when I next see my surgeon a week from Thursday, I'll have him check it out.

Friday, June 06, 2008

I'm Alive and ... Free, Free, Free at Last (sort of)

Look, look! I've been outside! Later tonight I plan to post a longer TV-related post I worked on for a few days, Unfortunately, my computer corner isn't as comfortable for my knee as I thought it would be. Stints of over ten or fifteen minutes get very uncomfortable. I find it hard to keep shifting positions and try to think at the same time. Of course, right now I'm not sure if I can walk and chew gum at the same time either!

That said, since the beginning of last weekend, I've deliberately been cutting down on the heavy duty pain meds. All this week, I've only taken them about an hour before my physical therapy appointments. Since I do have some pain outside of the appointments, I have to ask my doctor for some kind of lighter duty pain relief. I don't like the zombie feeling I get from the heavy stuff (though it's definitely needed for the physical therapy -- PAIN!).

But the big news is ... I'm walking with no walker, no crutches, no cane around my apartment! When I go out in the real world, I'm walking with a pretty even gait using one crutch. It's tiring, but not painful. Until I rebuild my quad and calf muscles, I'm going to rely on the one crutch for stability.

I've had out patient physical therapy twice so far this week and will head off my the third time after I get this posted. To get there, I've walked a block to the bus stop near my apartment and have taken a city bus two towns over to Scotch Plains and the therapist. Once in town there, it's a half block walk. I got there early yesterday and took some photos in the park and of the cannon in the street. Don't ask me why there's a cannon in the street, I do not know. In the cannon photo, I used layers to make only the flowers have color.

I know someone mentioned Roofus in comments, but I won't get that way for a while. That's about seven blocks in the opposite direction of anywhere I have to go right now. And, though I know I'm improving and feel stronger every day, my jaunts are still pretty limited and I'm only really going where I have to go.

But it is nice to actually get out of the apartment, feel my mind clearing a bit from the medication and the surgery itself. I'm starting to have more of an appetite, but think I may have lost nearly 20 pounds -- my clothes are all loose. That's a good thing, mind you. My range of motion is at a 92 degree bend now, up from 60 leaving the hospital. I can actually stand on just the operated leg, but not for long.

So that's the latest. Later on tonight I'll get that long written while a zombie TV-related post up.

Today's musical non-sequitur:
"I've been through the desert on a horse with no name
It felt good to be out of the rain
In the desert you can remember your name
'cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain."
"Horse With No Name" - America

Proof SOMETHING is on in June....

OK folks -- we should be hearing from Jackie soon. I spoke to her today and the lilt was back in her voice... now the question is, when will the spring return to her step?

She has something written up that she will post. But it seems the way her desk is configured, it's hard to be comfortable while using the computer for long, so she has just not been on it... and frankly, after a double year of Big Brother, I think that is not such a bad forced rest. Glad to hear things are going well and we look forward to hearing from you Jackie!!!

Entertainment Weekly has devoted a whole issue to Summer TV and since we've been grappling with what that is exactly, I made up a nice little list for y'all to look over.

Weeds:  June 16 on Showtime at 10 PM (13 eps) Emmy winning, title speaks for self!

30 Days:  June 3 on FX at 10 PM (6 eps)  This is a FAVORITE of mine!! From Morgan Spurlock, the guy who did the movie Supersize me. Takes people from one walk of life and makes them spend 30 days doing something or being with people that are polar opposites, to challenge their thinking and grow their compassion, doing the audience the same service. A+!!!

Nashville Star, hosted by Billy Ray Cyrus (Orkmommy do you hear that?) on NBC, starting June 9th at 9:30 PM (9 eps) NBC rescued this from USA channel, this show's 6th season gets good reviews.

Celebrity Circus: NBC June 112, 9:30 PM (6 eps) Joey Fatone hosts an 8 wk boot camp and circus training with c list stars.  I'll watch, lol. 

Hopkins: ABC, June 16, 10 PM (6 eps) Puts the doc in documentary re: life at Baltimore's John's Hopkins Hospital.  Rise in female surgerons makes this the real life Grey's Anantomy.

MVP: SOAPnet, June 19, 11PM (1o eps) set in the bedrooms of fictional pro hockey players , steamy nighttime sudser is from Canada)... for Tom 's and Lars (not that you watch soaps)

Camp Rock: Starts June 20 on Disney Channel, 8 PM  ( new movie, probably like High School whatever that thing is that's sweeping the nation)

Army Wives: Lifetime, June 10, 10PM (19 eps) Life on an army base in S. Carolina, part deux. Endorsed by both presidential candidates... um.

Wipeout: ABC, June 24, 8PM. Described as a cross between MXC (huh?), Fear Factor and American's Funniest Home Videos. 24 contestants try to complete a series of physical challenges. Try is the operative word. 

The Bill Engvall Show: TBS June 12, 9 PM (10 eps).  A family sitcom, season 2, with surprise guests.  Trying to bring back Dick Van Dyke kind of comedy says Engvall.  

The Singing Office: TLC June 29, 9 PM  (9 eps).  Joey Fatone is BUSY, as host, joined by DWTS and Spice Girls Mel B as colleges from 16 co's battle for $50,000 singings. Could be funny.

Kathy Griffin's D list:  Bravo, June 12, 9 PM (9 eps) 

The Mole: ABC, June 2, 10PM (10 eps) -- in case you didn't know.

In Plain Sight: USA, June 1, 10 PM ( 12 eps) Starring West Wing's Mary McCormack. She and her partner, Frederick Weller, relocate people in the witness protection program to New Mexico. Deals with what happens when you have to reinvent yourself. Sounds intriguing.

America's Got Talent: NBC, June 17, 9 PM (Eps TBD)

I Survived a Japanese Game Show: ABC, June 24, 9 PM Why should I try to explain with a title like that?  I'll tune in. Jackie, will you?

Ice Road Truckers: History Chanel, June 8, 9 PM (13 eps) Season 2 follows rigs hauling loads over frozen the Arctic Ocean.  Deadliest Catch meets Sue from Survivor?  Don't let me discourage you with my poor attempt at humor. This is the channels highest rated series (who knew?) 

Secret Diary of a Call Girl: Showtime, June 16, 10:30 PM (8 eps). Imported from the UK based on a real life call girl's blog. Billie Piper from Dt. Who stars.

My Boys: TBS, June 12, 9:30 PM (9 eps) This looked like a fun premise last year, but I only caught 1 half ep... if any of you watched it, would love to know what you thought!

Legally Blonde, the Musical: MTV, June 2, 10 PM (8 eps)  10 Broadway hopefuls vie for the starring role played by Reese Witherspoon. Hey, if I were dating Jake Gyllenhall, I'd be singing too.

Law and Order, Criminal Intent: USA, June 8, 9 PM (12 eps)

Tori and Dean, Home Sweet Hollywood: Oxygen, June 12, Time???

The A-List Awards, hosted by Kathy Griffin: Bravo, June 12 10 EST

Design Star: HGTV, June 8, 9PM EST

When We Left Earth - The Nasa Missions: Discovery, June 8, 9 EST The Nasa film vaults are opened, and with the intended quality of the Planet Earth series, we can live the epic adventures of the challenges and achievements of our space program... in HD.  

Will list what's on in July later in the week.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Another Week for Jackie's Knee

Today marks three weeks since Jackie went in to get her surgery. If it seems like it was much longer than that to me, how must it feel to her???  But three weeks is good.  REALLY good, because it's no longer one or two weeks, lol. Carnak says: Four will be much better, and by six weeks she should be just great.  Using that scale, today marks the the half-way point, and I believe that's something to celebrate!!!  Until then, Zoetawny came up with my favorite graphic so far, with the message of the moment.  ((((Thank you Z!))))

(I hope you can appreciate that I changed the color to match her frame. *cough*)

Tonight is So You Think You Can Dance and Top Chef.  

Thursday the new season of Last Comic Standing starts, though I don't know if there are many fans of it on Jackie's blog.  We are subsisting on the Bachelorette and now The Mole, Netflicks, and filling in the gaps with eps of the favorite shows we missed last season online... Ugly Betty, Greys, etc... until Big Brother starts.

I heard Rescue Me is not going to be summer fare, as usual.  Instead they are filming now for a double long season to begin next February (24 eps). In it's place this summer, they are doing ten  5-10 minute shorts once a week on FX starting June 24th, to keep the audience and get them through... cable really can do whatever it wants can't it? It's the new Wild West.

But that doesn't help us right now. If there's something else you're watching tonight and tomorrow that I missed, don't hold out on us. Please let us know in the comment area.   

Monday, June 02, 2008

The Mole and other stchuff

Many thanks to Zoetawny for another of her custom made graphics for Jackie... You Rock Z.

The much anticipated return of The Mole is also on tap tonight, at 10/9 central time on ABC.

For those who never saw it, it's being brought back after a few years off the air. I believe it had two seasons with regular people, then two with celebrities and it tanked. A shame because it has the potential to be smart and adrenaline filled. We are hoping they hit it this time and we have a little sumpin sumpin to keep our TAR/Survivor cravings fed. Both fingers crossed.

The Premise: 12 people embark on an international mission but one person, whose identity is unknown to all, tries to sabotage it. There will be clues to follow but you can't believe anything you hear or see... The whole show is centered around one burning question: WHO IS THE MOLE????

In other news:

*Universal Studios had a huge fire yesterday, buring many of the famous movie sets and up to 50,000 of the studios videos and movie reels.
* Yves St. Laurent passed away today. Bo Diddly did as well. Rest in Peace.
* Senator Kennedy's brain cancer was operated on today and it's said to be a success
* Yesterday Hillary Clinton won Puerto Rico... but is rumored to really be wrapping up the campaign.
* Jackie is hopefully feeling better by the day.
* What's happening in your neck of the woods?

Put your comments here about the Mole, whatever else you may be watching tonight (Bachelorette has it's own, exclusive post just below) or whatever's on your mind.

The Bachelorette

Here is a place for your comments about the third installment of Deanna and her remaining men. She's down to 11 suitors and so far, we're still interested.

Tonight, Deanna visits the Ellen DeGeneres Show with the guys, who will find a new way to answer that age-old question: Boxers or Briefs?

And the father we all like (is it Jason?) will get what looked in the previews like a one-on-one dinner date with Deanna. Will he finally reveal that he has a little boy? And what will her reaction be? We think we know, but what we don't know is if one of the other guys will tell her about it first, which would throw quite a different light on the evening.

A few of us will be live blogging as well.... it's a party at Jackie's every Monday night.