Thursday, July 10, 2008

Big Brother 10 Cast in Depth Part 3

Here it is ... my final in depth post introducing the new hamsters we'll be spending a few months ridiculing ... er, watching. I've been doing this alphabetically by first name. If you haven't checked out Part 1 and Part 2, then you're missing most of the house. ;-)

Gee, according to her bio on the CBS website, Michelle is an "East Coast firecracker." Hey, I thought I was one of those! (But then I grew up.) She's currently single and had the nerve to object at her brother's wedding. Now, I can imagine that made her very popular with her brother. Mine would disown me! I get the feeling that Portuguese culture and cooking is important to her as well as sports and running.

Her chances of winning? I just don't know. I'm not getting great vibes from the bio information. If she's the type to actually object when the priest asks if anyone objects, I think we might see fireWORKS in the house, not just a fireCRACKER.

Ollie, Ollie oxen free! (Sorry, had to do that.) Ollie is originally from Des Moines, IA. From his bio, he's the son of a Pentecostal minister and seems to have led quite the straight and decent kind of life. I'm not quite sure he understands the concept of The Brady Bunch as he refers to his family as "the black Brady Bunch." He must be going for squeaky clean rather than the idea of two families coming together as one. On the AOL picture doohickey of the cast, he says he's never had a girlfriend.

All I can think is that this guy is going to find himself a kitten fed to pit bulls. I think he's probably very likable, but he's going to be out of his league with the deception, sneakiness, nastiness and all that other fun stuff going on in the house.

Renny is our other person over 35 on the show. You know, such diversity in ages and all. @@ Her bio on the CBS website makes it sound like she's going to be quite a character. She's a New Orleans socialite into wigs, being the life of the party, hanging out in the French Quarter, and having a ball. She does Elvis, Judy Garland, and Marilyn Monroe impressions. Well, that could be interesting on the feeds.

I have a feeling I'm either going to get a kick out of her or she'll be annoying as all get out. One thing I will say -- I don't think she's going to be a Sheila. I think she might end up being a strong player.

And, finally, the last houseguest for BB10 is Steven, a gay bull rider. Somehow, that seems very appropriate -- a bull rider in the house! According to his bio, graduating from college is what he considers his major accomplishment. (Much better than being proud of leaving home to become a waitress at Hooters, methinks.)

I think I'm going to like this kid. He thinks he'll get along well with the women in the house and has plenty to discuss with the guys, too.


nomad said...

Hey hey hey, thank you for the introduction and a taste of things to come.

Lucy said...

My take on this group:

Michelle- Fiesty and a bit of a wild card. She may not be able to keep her alliances under wraps. Could be an interesting house guest.

Ollie- This son of a preacher man is the only one who could ever please me . . . sorry I couldn't help myself. Love his smile, not sure how he will make out in the house with all the drinking and swearing that goes on in there.

Renny- Want to like this "older" gal but I'm afraid she may be a bit of a flake and somewhat annoying. Hopefully I am wrong.

Steven- There is something about Steven that seems likable. I hope he stays around for a bit as his bio makes him seem interesting.

Auntie Leigh said...

Thanks one of your other groupies wrote: I feel like we are on the climb up on the roller coaster with all our expectations and fears and excitement...slowly reaching for that first big SCREAM..and I am hoping that the token middle-aged gal does not humiliate us all. But I think she might. Oh dear. Hang on and hope for a bumpy ride.

joy n said...

I'm not sure I'm going to like Ms Firecracker. Interupting her brother's wedding may have been an attempt to swing attention back to herself.

I read that Ollie just recently lost his virginity. He's 27. His dad must be a GOOD preacher.

I think I'm going to like Renny, but who knows? Everything is subject to change.

Steven seems like a good 'ol boy that's going to be hard to dislike.

I'm ready for Sunday and looking forward to the ride.

I put a new comment on the Bachelorette site. SHE and Jesse have a new website. Oy!

Zoetawny said...

Hi all!

I'm enjoying reading your take on the cast. It will be interesting
to see how our first impressions pan out.

Lucy said...
Renny- Want to like this "older" gal but I'm afraid she may be a bit of a flake and somewhat annoying. Hopefully I am wrong.

Think it's the fake red hair/wig with that purple thingy in it? LOL


Wonder if he's heard of that "oxen free" game? Or is he too young? I hope he's not too naive to be playing the ruthless game called Big Brother. I'm "praying" he's not our bible thumper this season.


Seems like a nice pleasant young man. Considering graduating college as his most important achievement says something about him. But, I hope his admittedly flirting personality doesn't get him into trouble with the macho guys.

It's going to take more than a sound bite from each of the house guests for me to decide who I like and don't like.


Your first take on the house guests is always right on. I hope you're making continued progress with your knee and not making it angry sitting too long at the pc. As another poster said, you are greatly appreciated.

Off topic...

Who's watching "The Greatest American Dog" tonight? I am, no surprise there that I'm a dog lover. :)

Susan in FL said...

Okay - I wwatched The Greatest American Dog. Cute show. Great dogs. Not so great dog owners. I'm not sure I will continue to watch, but there was nothing else on tonight - - -

Jackie said...

Zoetawny -- My cat and I watched Greatest American Dog. I found it enjoyable and my cat liked swatting the dogs on the TV.

Mom 2 My Bees said...

I think that Dan (and who was the other obnoxious closed-minded houseguest) will give Steven a hard time. I hope not, as he is one of my favorites on paper.

Anonymous said...

There are video interviews conducted by Diane Henry (she stinks as an interviewer, btw) on

From those, I like Angie, Steven, Ollie, Jerry, and April the most. April I didn't expect to like based on her picture - but she speaks well. Brian is a maybe. I like that he has strong Italian sisters who laid the ground rules for him on what he can and can't do :)

There is someone in the house who has an incredibly annoying laugh. I'm sure we'll be hearing from the feedsters about it if they aren't voted out early. Sadly, the most annoying people seem to last.

Body Builder pinheaded guy is annoying, full of himself, and never shuts up. I'm placing my bets that he may be first HOH. Unfortunately, I can't wheedle that information out

The people I expect to not like are the Hooters girl, the Catholic School teacher, and the body builder. The rest could go either way.


sharon said...

Oh,the anticipation is growing,and it will be fun to see how well Jackie has been spot on. She usually is a very good judge of character,but,like us all,finds it almost impossible to tell who will be the last one standing. It's getting so I look for the most annoying and gross one and now figure them for the winner,I mean after Booger,ED and our last great winner,that seems to be the's kind of like Survivor,the outplay,outlast but not so much the outwit,cause some of these hamsters don't have many wits among them.

I like the old guy,Jerry,and hope he goes far,I'd like to see him win some money. The rest.I'll have to wait and see. I caught Renny and her "impressions" on one of the promos last night. Hmmmmmm

Has everybody given up posting on the SYTYCD site?

Delee said...

Joker's is reporting that there are 14 pictures frames, but we know of 13 hamsters!!! I also saw that on the CBS viewing of the house! Has it not been changed yet and they are throwing us a curve or is there another HG that we do not know of???

Anonymous said...

The Fourteenth picture frame is for the GP's that couldn't escape from BB9....They saw Sharon and ran back in the house

Brent McKee said...

I reviewed Greatest American Dog in my blog. The major thing is the owners of course. Barbara Woodhouse always used to say that dogs were easy to work with, it was the owners who were the real pain and needed to be trained. There are some owners on the show who are sound and level headed, and then there are flakes like the woman who always puts her dog in clothes because otherwise it would be naked, or the one that seems to always put her dog in a stroller or on a kids wagon.

Anne said...

Jackie, thank you so much for the bio briefs; I tried to read them on the BB site but it took so long to open the 1st one I gave up after that - dial-up sucks.

I'll reserve judgement until I see them up close and personal but the one who objected at her brother's wedding screams "it's all about ME!". We'll see.

You're sounding like your old self again - praise the universe the hardest part is behind you.

Let the good times roll!

monty924 said...

BB8's Jen gives her first impression of the new houseguests. I have to admit I was surprised and pleasantly. Not a bad job, and I agree with most of what she had to say.

Laurie said...

Monty, thanks for the links to Jen's comments on the new housemates. I have to say, she was funny and precise with what she said. She took some things right out of my own head and that's just from seeing their pictures and reading their bios. Tonight we see for ourselves!

Susan in FL said...

Sharon - I gave up watching SYTYCD. I can no longer tolerate Judge Mary and her annoying screams of ? joy ?. I used to think it was funny until it started happening more and more. Now it has become grating.

Anne - I'm with you on dial up. I have it too and have advised my email buddies not to mail large attachments to me because I won't open them anyway.

Anonymous said...

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