Friday, July 24, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Bulletin - Nominations 7/24

After a long feeds block for nominations, Michele and Jordan are on the block. Jeff and company accept it's a backdoor plan to oust Ronnie.

I don't think so. Sigh.


Petals said...

{hey, don't look at me, Jessie didn't tell me a thing!}
wow - Which is the pawn, I wonder?
POV should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

oh well, I won't miss Michelle either. I would like to see Chima and Ronnie at the same time. She would go crazy and make Ronnie look good. That would be funny.I can't wait til someone gets the opportunity to put Jessie in his place.

sizzie said...

Lydia has very poor posture. Or is it getting worst while in the house and that made me notice it. It is like she is imploding. I thought she would be the full of moxie girl.

PlaidChick said...

Jackie: I don't think so either..

WV: squirt

mrs.whiggins said...

Sizzie, I think Lydia is hunched over from yanking on Pinheads weiner all the time. I'm hoping the "cat" fight is soon, we know its gonna happen, but I don't think it will until Nat finds out about the hands on favors Lydia is giving Pinhead.
My first post this season and I agree with most of y'all. The simple fact that the jocks have had an advantage since day one is very uncool. What was/is AG thinking?
The brains and jocks were very smart in getting rid of Laura so soon, she was one smart cookie, had RatRonnies # right away. I think Jeff, Casey, Michele blew it when they voted her out instead of Jordan. Jordan is a sweet girl but dumb as a rock! She can't tell time??? OMG, even my three y/o niece can tell time.
It's going to be a long week with Pinhead (& Nat) at the helm again.
Here's hoping Jeff wins the $$$.
wv is that Jess when he's mad?

Stephanie in FL said...

sonnuva...someone good has to win this game. michelle may not do much, but she's on the hero side. a villain can't win this game! boo to natalie-she's lame. ronnie is just pathetic. I hate his lips, don't focus on Ronnie's lips or you will get creeped out!

Petals said...

mrs whiggins! that was a pretty scandalous analysis of Lydia's posture problems! wow. I thought her favors for Jessie were just speculation: do you have feeds? Does Lydia really molest my sweet gorgeous boyfriend while I'm not looking?

Off topic: Roger & Mirka Federer have twin baby girls, and I am so proud & happy!!!! Cna't wait to post his trophy for 2009 US Open win!

Petals said...

plaid - no effing way! "squirt"? That is too funny!

Anonymous said...


PlaidChick said...

Petals: SO WAY

mrs.wiggins! Welcome!! =)

The HG's-- wait let me rephrase.. Lydia, Chima, Russell, Ronnie, Michele, Kevin are playing Truth or Dare..

they're kidding right?!

Lydia to Michele: Go makeout with Jessie!

This isn't highschool, it's 7th grade

Now natalie is off to moon Jessie, waiting for him to come out of the DR.

Anonymous said...

Karl Malden jr is staying pretty close to the Athletes isn't she? Blankety blank.

mrs.whiggins said...

The Nat was mooning Lydia...she didn't even blink!
Sorry I took so long to respond, went out for a few cocktails. No Plaid, no feeds for me but I read Joker's update like RatRonnie was reading the
Jokers tells us when Lydia and Pinhead "make a tent" and how she used her clean sweatshirt to clean "it" up afterwards.
It is not easy trying to pick a favorite, but Jeff, Casey, Michele or even dimwit Jordan will hopefully win.

sizzie said...

The dare for Kevin to cuddle with Jesse was fun to watch (showtime) until Nat got involved and too heavy handed. Jesse sleeps funny

lynn1 said...

I don't think Michelle or Jordan are very likely to win POV. If Jeff wins POV and saves Jordan, I think it will be Casey not Ronnie who will be the replacement. If Casey should win POV and use it to save either Michelle or Jordan,I think it would be a toss up as to who takes their place, but I think it would be Kevin or Chima not Ronnie.
If the TH continues to get rid of the GG I guess Jessie will win this season of BB. I don't think he has made any enemies within the TH. It is pretty evident that the Jury will be made of TH all most exclusively.

Anonymous said...

I do not and never have picked at my face as much as these jokers do. Get a facial, use some neosporin, but quick picking your face all the time. It's gross and not normal.. Anyone? It there a time to pick?

Anonymous said...

Hello Fellow Feeders, who is Jessie sleeping with and why isn't he in the HOH room?

wv=scider, no I did'nut

joy n said...

I also have an awful feeling that Ronnie's not going anywhere this week. The gg are getting picked off one by one and that will continue. Since they can't touch Jeff yet, Casey is the obvious backdoor candidate. Michele and Jordan seem to just go with the flow no matter how much they've been screwed over by Jesse and gang. Jesse is all gung-ho to get rid of the gg first because he doesn't totally trust his gang to not make a last minute traitorous move against him. Casy is likely the one to win a comp. (Jeff can't hurt the Aths if he wins.) After the rest of the gg are gone, Jesse will quickly start feeding on his own. Ronnie probably wouldn't go first because his idol, Jesse, will use him and his vote to get rid of Chima, Lydia, Kevin and probaly Russell. Then he'll dump Ronnie. If Jesse makes it to the end, he'd most likely take Nat because she's floated all the way through this game and NO ONE would vote for her to win.

They'll throw a comp somewhere along the line to Chima, Lydia or Kevin to get Jeff out.

What a crappy season this is turning out to be. All because the gave the Aths an unfair advantage from the start. Sigh.