Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Amazing Race: Season Premiere Blog Party!

Yep, it's the big night -- the season premiere of The Amazing Race -- and it's delayed due to a football game here on the East Coast. Grr. I believe it's going to start about fifteen minutes late here even though I'm getting this post up on time at the right time! (Grr.) This isn't a good way to start out the season, for sure. Once again I implore CBS to revamp their lineup on Sunday evenings! Go ahead and SCHEDULE 60 Minutes at 8pm ET instead of 7pm, schedule the prime time shows accordingly and drop one from the evening. If no sports run over 7pm, use sports filler until 8pm. It's not so much that our show comes on later -- it's more of a bother to me that it's so unpredictable week to week!

</ vent>

Once again, there will be a blog pool going for the show. I know Merrilee was the winner last year (and she kept reminding us, as she should). Who will win this year? We're starting the pool with the second week (next Sunday). Please sign up on the blog pool sign up post as your message might be missed elsewhere. Margo is the lady in charge and she always rocks! Please have your name in by Friday night, 10/05, by midnight ET!

As the show airs here, once it starts, I'll update this post with the major happenings. But, as always, the real party is in the comments ... come join the fun!

They're starting off in the "old Wild West" and heading off to South America. The first place winner of the first leg gets two Express Passes -- one they keep, the other to give to a team of their choice. Heading to Chile, two flights available.

The Roadblock has one partner on each team paragliding while the other follows them.

A second Roadblock has them collecting fish from fishing boats while in a rowboat and delivering them to the fish monger.

Uh-oh. The doctors team -- Nicole and Travis -- in first place takes a cab to the Pit Stop instead of walking as per the clue. 30 minute penalty.

Pit Stop --
1. Tim and Marie (locals from Morristown, NJ) won both Express Passes.
2. Doctors Nicole and Travis (after their penalty)
3. Rowan and Shane
4. Chester and Ephraim
5. Nicky and Kim
6. Ally and Ashley
7. Leo and Jamal
8. Jason and Amy
9. Tim and Danny
10. Brandon and Adam

Hpskote and his daughter Naina were the last team to arrive. Philiminated. That's okay. I don't think I could deal with watching that father much longer!

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - September 29, 2013

Good Sunday morning, world! Welcome to my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way.

A few quick television topic things, first --
  • The Amazing Race starts tonight. If you wish to sign up for the pool, check out this post right here. Please limit sign-ups to that post -- otherwise they might be missed.
  • There will be a blog party post for TAR tonight at 8pm ET. However, as we know, there's always a chance it might be delayed by some sport or another. But the party post will be up on time even if the show doesn't start on time!
Back to being on my off topic ...!

Um. Well. I don't know what was wrong with me this past week. I overslept. I fell asleep watching television after work. I actually missed my train one morning and was late to work. I just don't know! Ack. Thankfully, the TV shows I missed are online, so I have caught up/will catch up with them.

I submitted my photos to this year's Plainfield Library Photo Contest. The theme for the year isn't something with which I'm overwhelmed with photo fodder. "Plainfield Celebrates." Now, many of the fun happenings in town are on Saturdays when I work. I really don't have anything to do with the local high school or sports. I don't have family or celebrations of my own so much here. I made due with some photos I had taken over the last couple of years. We'll see.

Oh! I did have some excitement this week! Oh! Vincent had been staring at the wall in the kitchen once again. When he did that for extended periods of time before, there were mice in the wall. Apparently he can hear them while I can't and there must be a small hole where the baseboard heat attaches to the wall that I can't even find. Sure enough, Tuesday afternoon after work, he was out in the kitchen staring at the wall. Then ... THUMP!!! Next thing I know, Vincent is prancing into the living room with a mouse in his mouth. He tossed it in the air, played and tormented it for a few minutes before I deemed it deceased and buried it "at sea." I let the landlord know because the other tenants don't have a Vincent, Mouser Cat Extraordinaire.

Onto this week's photos. I'm not really thrilled with my efforts this week. But, if nothing else, it will give you a chance to see what I see ...

Mums photo IMG_0044a_zps1c93b098.jpg
Mums time!

I'm seeing homes decked out with pumpkins and baskets of mums on Berckman Street in Plainfield!

Sunrise 3 photo IMG_0029a_zps443c387e.jpg
Sunrise on my commute

Soon it will be dark when I arrive and getting dark when I come home.

Roses photo IMG_9990a_zps016c2868.jpg
Roses by flash

Despite the chilly nights, these flowers are still doing well on East Front Street in Plainfield. It's so dark when I pass them that I have to use the flash on my camera, though.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Amazing Race: Blog Pool Opens!

Come one, come all! The Amazing Race blog pool is open and the water is fine despite the chill in the air! The season premiere is tomorrow night (Sunday, 9/29) after 60 Minutes or 8pm ET (whichever). However, our pool is starting from the second episode ... that way no one is out the first night. Woot!

Here's the latest from that rockin' pool maven Margo:

I'll do a pool but we can start with week 2 therefore no one gets out first week.
I have
anyone else?

I know David also threw his name in there. If you've asked on another post, please get your name in on this one if you don't see it above.

And, of course, come to the blog party tomorrow night.

And bring snacks.

And beverages!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Survivor: Blood vs.Water - September 25 Blog Party

Before we get into the show, I noticed some people are asking about the pool for The Amazing Race. I haven't heard from Margo yet, so I'm uncertain if she's going to be doing it this season. I should know before the premiere. I hope so, anyway!

Speaking of pools, here's our latest pool standings here on Survivor by that rockin' Lifeguard Laurie:

Galang Team
ARAS -- Donna in FL, MikesGirl
COLTON -- Gaylos, Nickelpeed
GERVASE -- Jackie, Pam in NJ
KAT -- Jig, Petals
LAURA B -- Buzzmaan, Laurie, SueGee
LAURA M -- AlbGlinka, JOKATS, rbennie
MONICA -- Becky, KayBeeRN, Russ
TINA -- Cheryl in NC, Lynn1, Terry in TX
TYSON -- Delee, meb

BRAD -- Brent McKee, Kelly D. Sharon N.
CALEB -- Glenn, ORKMommy
CIERA -- Andrea J, Karen in CA, Rochelle
HAYDEN -- Joanie, Quixotic Elf
JOHN -- Ed in Ohio, Nana in the NW
KATIE -- David, Margo, Zoetawny
RACHEL -- Donna in AL, Merrilee
VYTAS -- Donna NY, ML

Redemption Island
CANDICE -- Dusty, Monty924
MARISSA -- Jennas Mom, PDX Granny
RUPERT -- Brian, Kelsey NY, Sharon S.


As tonight's show airs, I'll update this entry with the major happenings. Refresh the page to get the latest! But the real party (and reactions!) is in the comments area ... come join us!

Survivor fans ready?

Ah, long recap, but the Redemption Island duel is upon us now. The three compete stacking spools on a rack thingee. Gervase turned down a chance to take Marissa's spot. Winner chooses to give a clue to a hidden idol to anyone of their choosing. Loser is out for good. Top two stay to duel again for the return. Candice is first done! Marissa stays alive! Rupert is gonzo! He;s the first out this season! Candice gives her husband John the hidden idol clue.

Colton is already the way he was on his season. Ick.

Immunity Challenge -- Pushing a tribe member in a barrel, collecting balls, then they play a skee-ball kind of game for the win. Reward is fishing equipment. Gervase wins it for the returning players, second win in a row. He tells them it's for Marissa. (Yeah, like he really cares.)

Because John had the idol clue and balked about voting out Rachel as his broliance wanted him to do ... he may be up for a blindside. Eep.

Tribal council time. Lots of layers to the voting this year. The person they vote out can be replaced with the loved one, etc.

The tally -- John, John, Ciera, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel.

Welp, the blindside of John didn't work. They're sending Rachel to Redemption Island where it's possible that Tyson might take her place.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Big Brother 15: That Amanda Zuckerman Podcast

Now, I'm still not a huge Amanda fan. On the show she did what she did and did it fairly well, though. In real life, I'm sure I'd find her much too abrasive and so not like the friends I cherish in my world. But my world's not hers and vice versa.

I watched the live feeds. I watched the shows on television. I'm never one to claim that I "hate" anyone on any of these shows. They don't personally matter enough to me to feel that strongly. They're there for my entertainment. Yup, some of them might think they're the puppetmasters, but it's really me. They entertain me or they don't. It's as simple as that.

Amanda was only entertaining to me when there was a brouhaha or even a kerfuffle at hand. Other than that, she cuddled, slept, ate in bed with her newly discovered love of her life pizza delivery boy.

Yet I found this way too long podcast she did with Big Brother Gossip interesting. She provided some inside info on the behind the scenes stuff, how much the Diary Room really influenced them and more. Be warned -- the podcast is about two and a half hours long. Really. I'm not joking. I had it on while doing housework and listened on and off to it over the course of two days.

Finally, some of the myths and rumors which fueled even more difficulties with this season can be put to rest. Amongst other things ...
  • Amanda tried out for the show five times before getting aboard.
  • Amanda only met Alison Grodner in the final interview of the casting process.
  • Amanda had met Mike Boogie years ago when she applied for a job at a company he owned. She didn't realize who he was until years later. She also didn't get that job.
  • Amanda confirmed (as I've said all along) that the Diary Room didn't tell the hamsters to do anything. Sometimes they could guess at things judging by the questions they were asked, but the DR (and production) kept them pretty much in the dark over most of the things going on with the other hamsters.
  • That said, production did ask Amanda to stop bullying Elissa because Elissa was refusing to go to the Diary Room, etc. They didn't tell her she had to stop and admitted it was within the rules. 
  • The infamous incident with Howard really happened. (Oh, my!)
  • At the jury house, they each had two handlers with them at all times and weren't allowed to talk game.
Now, there's a lot more to it. If you have the time, it's interesting not even so much from the Amanda angle, but the fact that she spilled more behind the scenes stuff than anyone who's ever been on the show.

Oh, mind you ... she's still abrasive and so not my kind of person. Good luck with that, McCrae!

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - September 22, 2013

It's Sunday morning! Woohoo! Hey, wait ... what am I so excited about? That means it's the last day of my staycation. Wah. However, it's also time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way.

I had all kinds of grand plans regarding what I'd get done and do this past week. While I did get some things done, I ended up goofing off most of the time. After three months of getting little sleep between work and covering the Big Brother 15 live feeds and show here on the blog, I was exhausted.

While I did get some of my planned errands done and I made a trip to Mindowaskin Park in Westfield to take photos and enjoy the peaceful tranquility there, I never did make it into the city. I was going to go into Little Italy in Manhattan for the Feast of San Genaro -- which was going on all week -- but I never got the energy to do so. Instead, I spent a good part of the time this past week stuck under a cat.

I need to go back to relaxing ... here are the photos!

Idyllic photo IMG_9690a_zpsb8673ad4.jpg

I believe this was my favorite photo I took at Mindowaskin Park in Westfield. The footbridges over the water lend themselves to fantastic reflections, throw in three ducks and you got yourself a bit of tranquility!

Turtle 1 photo IMG_9886a_zps8e4d73eb.jpg
Red eared slider

More about this little guy a bit later in the post ...

Reflection of a duck photo IMG_9704a_zps9011ed6a.jpg
Reflecting on a duck

A duck and her reflection at Mindowaskin Park.


Friday, September 20, 2013

The Amazing Race: Meet the Cast Video

On September 29th, a week from this Sunday, we'll have the season premiere of The Amazing Race. Woot! In watching the videos and coming off such a nasty cast on Big Brother, I almost feel rejuvenated ... or something to that effect. It would be nice if BB went for quality and diversity rather than who looks good in a bikini!

Here's Phil's "Meet the Cast" video --

There is one team which is quasi-local to this area. However, I find them confusing. Why would ex-relationship kind of people go on a show like this where they're stuck together as a team and under such stress? The recent article on told us we can expect "a lot of bickering" by the ex-couple from Morristown, NJ. Oh, great. Just what I don't love on TAR!

Will you be watching?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Big Brother 15: The "I'm sorry if I offended anyone" Season

Although the cast interview at aren't up as of this posting, you didn't really miss much if you missed them last night. Repeated apologies from the hamsters, really bad music, long lags in between interviews, very lightweight interviews with Jeff ... as poorly handled as the casting job was done in the first place for this season.

So, it's fitting.

I found written transcripts of backyard interviews by ET Online - check them out. has a lengthy podcast interview with the final three, too. They definitely got a bit more into things than did the CBS interviews.

All in all, I'm glad the season ended. Hopefully next year, I'll have a hamster to cheer on. I didn't even feel that way about most of the so-called "good" people this year. I liked Helen, then she went over the top. I liked Howard, but he seemed in his own game world and really didn't have a strategy, so he lost me. I liked Judd, but he would go weird at times. And so on.

I actually liked Evel Dick in his season. Yeah, I admit it. I also liked Ian Terry despite the fact he was a perpetual motion machine. Dr. Will made me smile and laugh. I could root for them despite their faults. But I never even liked anyone enough this season to declare myself a fan.

Time to move on ...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Big Brother 15: Season Finale Blog Party

Welp, this is it -- the season finale of what's probably going to go into the annals of BB history as the season with the most disliked cast ever. Heck, even the ones I kind of liked this season didn't win me over whole-heartedly in their gameplay or lack thereof.

The live feeds were shut down this morning as far as new stuff goes. If you're paying by the month, you need to cancel via If you've bought the season pass, you can access the flashbacks and such until October 20th. At that time, all will shut down. With the season pass, all will just end -- you needn't do anything to cancel.

After tonight's show there will be Jeff Schroeder backyard interviews with the cast hamsters. Since Letterman is in repeats and I don't have to cover live feeds or get up for work, I'll probably watch those. Those will only be available via the live feeds accounts, I believe.

I want to thank those who participated here this season. I look in on other places and the lack of civility and outright hate in those places makes me cringe. It's just a show. It's entertainment. Yeah, sometimes annoying entertainment, but nothing truly important to all of mankind. Hey, we already knew there are idiots out there ... ain't nuthin' new! I also want to thank those who took the extra step of donating to the blog via the Paypal link. All donations are dearly appreciated and tend to make up a bit for my lack of sleep for three months! Thank you again ... you guys rock!

As the show airs here tonight, I'll update this entry with the major happenings -- refresh the page to get the latest! But, as always, the real party is in the comments! Come dance with us as we celebrate the finale of a nasty season as we're all so thrilled it will be done and over with! ;-)

Part 1 of the final HoH continues ... the disco skating while holding onto a bar. Spencer's out first. No surprises there! Andy's down. GM wins part one!

Part 2 is ocean-themed. They have to find all the crabby ex-hg in a puzzle in Crab Grab. It has them climbing up a rock wall doohickey, rappelling down. It's one at a time, timed. Andy is up first. Spencer starts off well, but then it looks like he's going to have a heart attack. He pushes through it.

The times: Andy 21.54 minutes, Spencer 36.11. Andy wins part two!

Will schools the jury! McCrae joins them. The jury hates each other except Candice and Aaryn. They're friends. The jury admires GM except Amanda. Ha.

Final HoH part three -- How well they know the jury. Gah. Andy wins the final HoH.

Andy votes to evict OMG ... he evicts SPENCER because he gave GM his word the first night!

It's GinaMarie and Andy in the final two! I can't believe it!

Jury is introduced. Jury gets three questions for each ahead of time.

Amanda - GM, prior to Exterminators, biggest game move other than getting me out. GM -- She says getting her out.

Elissa - Andy's biggest game move before Exterminators. He says the Amanda alliance. Playing both sides.

Helen - GM -Biggest obstacle to overcome. Having Nick leave, plays with heart, now a better person.

McCrae - Andy stabbed everybody in back, would be a bitter jury member? Andy doesn't think so.

Candace - GM - personally offended so many. Why give you the money? GM said was totally shocked, the money would help family, etc. Special each and every one of you.

Jessie - Andy - So many lies? He says he's a coward. Apologizes.

Spencer - Andy - You cost me money. Why should I give you a half-million? Andy says was loyal, promised GM day one.

Speech time. Why they deserve to win.
GM - Best looking crew. Kept deals, played loyal, amazing opportunity, I'm GM, made connections, apologizes for anything she said which might have offended.

Andy - Played game with heart and mind. I meant all personal connections. Tried not to be a target. Adapted.

Inserting the keys for the winner.
Candice - Someone I love and respect
Jessie - Played most consistent game
Helen - Both are winners, hard to do, best game
Aaryn - Love both of you, vote for the one who's been there for her
Amanda - Best person, best player
Elissa - Flawless social game
Judd - Let the best Exterminator win
McCrae - Whoever wins buys drinks tonight
Spencer - Best player

Hmm. I think it will probably go to Andy, but no results yet.

The tally:
Spencer - Andy
McCrae - Andy
Judd - GM
Elissa - Andy
Amanda - Andy
Aaryn - GM
Helen - Andy

Andy wins. Not really surprising. Jessie and Candace also voted Andy.

Judd, Elissa and Howard were the top three for fan favorite.

Elissa won that. What a shocker, eh?

It's OVER.

Survivor: Blood vs. Water Season Premiere Blog Party

Okay .... Survivor fans ready? Tonight is the big season premiere! If you're like me, you've already checked out Jeff's cast assessment and the clip of the first seven minutes of tonight's show on

Hmm. I'm not really keen on returning players on reality competition shows. At least this time, there's a bit more of a twist than your basic fans vs. favorites scenario. The show starts out with the cast spending a night alone on the island (?) with their loved one, alone. But then the returning players are put on one tribe, the loved ones on the other. That's my understanding, anyway.

It's definitely a set-up for drama. Will people shy away from beating their loved ones in challenges? In the end, will a loved one vote against his or her real-life relationship partner? Once the merge goes down, will the blood work together or with original tribemates? There can only be one winner.

Jeff seems quite impressed with Aras and his brother, as well as Big Brother winner Hayden. I'm just personally surprised that Hayden is in a relationship with Crazy Kat! Jeff also says we'll see a different Colton. I reserve judgment on that one although his partner seems pleasant and likable.

As the show airs tonight on the East Coast, I'll update this entry with the major happenings -- so refresh to get the latest news! Immediately after the show, the blog party of the season finale of Big Brother 15 will be up. So, at that time, move onto that post those of you following that show!

The esteemed and lovable LifeGuard Laurie has compiled the random drawings for the pool and here they are (if you didn't make the cut-off of 3pm ET yesterday, feel free to pick your own castaway to cheer on!):

ARAS -- Donna in FL, MikesGirl
BRAD --Brent McKee, Kelly D. Sharon N.
CALEB -- Glenn, ORKMommy
CANDICE -- Dusty, Monty924
CIERA -- Andrea J, Karen in CA, Rochelle
COLTON -- Gaylos, Nickelpeed
GERVASE -- Jackie, Pam in NJ
HAYDEN -- Joanie, Quixotic Elf
JOHN -- Ed in Ohio, Nana in the NW
KAT -- Jig, Petals
KATIE -- David, Margo, Zoetawny
LAURA B -- Buzzmaan, Laurie, SueGee
LAURA M -- AlbGlinka, JOKATS, rbennie
MARISSA -- Jennas Mom, PDX Granny
MONICA -- Becky, KayBeeRN, Russ
RACHEL -- Donna in AL, Merrilee
RUPERT -- Brian, Kelsey NY, Sharon S.
TINA -- Cheryl in NC, Lynn1, Terry in TX
TYSON -- Delee, meb
VYTAS -- Donna NY, ML

All that said, the party is really in the comments area. Come join us!

They all gather together with Jeff after their night with the loved one bit. Jeff tells them they won't be playing WITH the loved one, but AGAINST said loved one. Most are looking forward to it. Jeff splits them up by new players and returning players.

Yikes! Each tribe has to vote someone out now! Uh-oh ... Laura, Rupert's wife, gets the can. Candice got the can(dice) on the returning players tribe. Oh my. Jeff says they're not out of the game -- Redemption Island is in play this season.

Jeff offered the loved ones to switch with those voted out. Rupert does so and Laura goes to the returning players tribe in his place. He will have to duel for redemption to get back in. John says that he thinks Candace can beat Rupert in the duels. He stays with the new player tribe.

Immunity Challenge time. Racing through water, puzzle pieces, put together a ship's wheel, raise the flag. They're also playing for flint. The old-timers already have a fire thanks to Tyson, but the new players need it! Gervase is dragging his team down. Eep. But during the puzzle, returning players take on the lead.

Galang wins Immunity. That would be the returning players.

The newbies have already got a male alliance of five men together with only four women on the tribe.

Tribal Council time.


Grr. Marissa got the boot mainly because she's female and Gervase gloated over winning.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Into Tuesday - Sept. 16-17

Doesn't mean they won't sleep most of the day, too.

As predicted, still a whole lot o' nuthin' happening in the house. For the most part, unless one is in the Diary Room, they're sticking together like glue. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Put Us Out Of Our Misery SOON:
  • When alone with GinaMarie, Spencer talks about how evenly matched they are and works his agenda for her to take him if she wins the final round.
  • When alone with Andy, Spencer talks about how well GM will do with the jury and how Andy should take him to the final two.
  • Andy has promised both of them.
  • GM has promised Spencer and nodded her head a lot and was agreeable when Andy told her that they (Andy and GM) couldn't beat Spencer.
  • Other than that, it's napping, playing cards, trash-talking, small talk, YAWN.
What I think is -- If Andy wins, he'll take Spencer. If GM wins, she'll take Spencer. Spencer is almost guaranteed the 50 grand second prize. As far as who will do better in the final round, I do think Andy might be better under pressure. It's usually a bit of a crap shoot with questions about what houseguest might say in a scenario which never happened in the house. So, it's hard to study for. GM has worked on her counting and times if it goes to a tiebreaker.

Remember folks, today at 3pm ET, it's the cut-off time to sign up for the blog pool for Survivor: Blood vs. Water!

Spencer works his mojo.

A thrill a minute!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds into Monday - Sept. 15-16


Oh my, I take a birthday rest from reporting that nothing is going on in the house to peek in and find an anonymous comment saying I've given up on the show. Mind you, I did post a show party post despite the fact it was a clips review show and it was on my birthday.

Other than the GM win of the first HoH round and the Andy win of the second round, there is NOTHING of any consequence going on in the house. I've never been one to report on every breath taken, nor do I go into hugely descriptive or graphic details on trash-talking done by the hamsters.

The three in there are getting along fine with each other and continue to trash-talk the departed, occasionally mixing in a pleasant recollection. Last night they walked around to "spots" for most of the departed and described what happened in that spot. Andy drank most of a bottle of wine (or was it champagne?) during that.

Nothing worth reporting is really happening. Usually when it gets down to the three, there's no scheming left to scheme and, unless they're warring, it's boring!

I read an article by one of the previous hamsters who got this far -- I can't recall, but I think it was either Ian or Will. He claimed that pretty much all they have to do is talk about the departed hamsters; they have no new worldly information and that's been their whole life for so long. So, it's just about all they do have to talk about. I can understand that. Of course, that doesn't mean they need to trash-talk about them, but that's always been a mainstay of not only this season, but others as well.

So, I am still peeking at the feeds. They're napping, GM's cooking and baking stuff, Andy and Spencer even did housekeeping, Spencer did more laundry than he's done in three months ... and they've reminisced and trash-talked the departed. If you seriously want blow by blow every breath they take reports, you can check out Jokers. But I never did those kind of reports anyway.

Oh ... and I forgot to mention it -- GM got four of her nine stitches in her knee taken out. Excitement abounds!



Sunday, September 15, 2013

Big Brother 15: Unseen Footage Show Blog Party - September 15

Tonight's show isn't scheduled until 8:30pm ET. However, I'm putting this up on time. It will be clips tonight, so I'm not sure how often I'll update this post. Yet the party will still be on in comments! Come join us!

Since it's going for 8:40pm here, the show is obviously late for being late! 60 Minutes is still on. I wasn't paying attention, so I don't know how late things will be.

While we're waiting, I want to mention that Britney Haynes (BB) has received bad news -- her little baby has been diagnosed with cancer. A fund has been set up to help the couple. You can find out more on Britney's Twitter page or #PrayForTilly on Twitter. Sigh.

8:51pm ET finally starting ...
  • McCrae being told of the Exterminators
  • Champagne brunch reminiscing time
  • Moving Company start
  • Winegate 
  • Oh noes! Elissa is Rachel's sister! 
  • Talking hook-ups in the house
  • Long focus on McCranda ... ew, I'm so over them!
  • Onto Judd the Stud 
  • The GinaMarie meltdown after Nick got voted out 
  • Candice keeping it real and going after Spencer 
  • Amanda torturing Elissa 
  • Crying in the Diary Room 
  • The Amanda/GM cat fight, then Amanda lighting into McCrae for not being a man and rescuing her
  • Andy falls in the pool
  • Exterminator glee 
Finally, Part 1 of the final HoH comp! Disco roller skating, suspended by a key rope. With the start of the comp, the show ends. Of course, if you read my live feeds reports, we know who won it, as well as Part 2. Part 3 is live on finale night.

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - September 15, 2013

Good Sunday morning, folks! It's time for my weekly off television topic post reflecting on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. While there isn't any television talk on this off topic post, I must stray to it for a minute ...
  • If you're looking for the latest Big Brother live feeds or show news, you can find those posts right here.
  • If you want to sign up for the Survivor: Blood vs. Water blog pool, that post can be found here. The deadline for that is Tuesday. Please sign up only on that post or by contacting Lifeguard Laurie at the email address listed in that post. No other posts or places will be checked.
Okay, back to off topic!

I had a four-day work week this past week as I took yesterday off as a vacation day to kick off my latest staycation. I usually work Saturdays, so that was an added bonus. The weather, after hitting 96 degrees early in the week, was down to a high around 70 both on Friday and Saturday. Yay! That's MY kind of weather -- cool overnights, sunny, dry and not hot! Yay!

Yesterday I walked downtown to the big Central Americano festival. It wasn't as crowded as the last time I went. But, then again it could have been the time I went or the fact that the last time I went there were actually two festivals adjacent to each other. Nonetheless, people were parked as far up my block to attend the festivities and East Front Street was a huge traffic jam.

While nothing much went on last week, today is my birthday. I'm older than I ever thought I would be had you asked me decades ago. I plan a day of relaxation for the most part. Big Brother live feeds have died down and I can actually rest. I could go to the festival which is still running downtown today, but I doubt I will. 

Festival 6 photo IMG_9641a_zps894cdf63.jpg
Will it go 'round in circles?

Will it fly high up in the sky? I took this shot at the Latino festival in Plainfield yesterday.

Bird 2 photo IMG_9562b_zps82d9f303.jpg
Smile for the camera

This young mockingbird was with its siblings, but was the only one to pose for me up on the fence rail. The mockingbird parents have been very territorial, chasing other birds and even warily watching me for weeks now. There are five of the young 'uns. While they can fend for themselves, they still bother their mother for food by fluffing their feathers, shaking and crying out. Like toddlers, they are. Bridgewater Train Station.


Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Bulletin - Final HoH Part 2 Winner

Andy won the physical part two of the final HoH comp. More details tomorrow as there won't be much to report on anyway!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Friday into Saturday - Sept. 13-14


Here's what we can expect the next five days in the Big Brother House:
  • Naps
  • Trash-talking previous hamsters
  • Naps
  • Rehashing all the comps
  • Naps
  • Bravado about the Exterminators
  • Naps
  • Occasional nice talk of previous hamsters
  • Longer naps
  • GinaMarie trying to do artsy crafty stuff with 2-liter soda bottles
  • Naps
  • GM messing with her make-up and hair
  • Spencer and Andy making deals with each other
  • Naps
  • Three hamsters actually getting along well together
  • Naps
  • Andy eating cereal out of the box
  • Naps
The biggest event yesterday was a live feeds block, probably for their trip down memory lane.

I really don't have anything else for you. Sometime later today Spencer and Andy will face off for Part Two of the HoH comp. I think I'm right on that timing. The winner of that round will face off with GinaMarie in the final round to be played on the live show.

Nap some more

Ready to nap

Friday, September 13, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds - HoH Part 1 -Into Friday - Sept. 12-13

Round and 'round they go ...

Spencer goes BOOM

Oh my. I decided to nap while the feeds were blocked after last night's show. I kept them on with the trivia theme music playing figuring it would wake me up when they started talking. That usually works. It didn't last night. Oops. So I had to catch up for this report. My apologies for not having a live post to cover it. In my defense, I had no clue when they'd start!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Hamsters on Skates:
  • The endurance comp for Part One of the final HoH had them holding on to a lead from above as they skated in circles with cone obstacles strategically placed on the course.
  • As per the norm, Spencer was the first one out.
  • With only Andy and GinaMarie in it for the win, out came BB with the soap bubble guns.
  • Despite GM's broken toe and stitches in her knee, Andy went down first.
  • So, GinaMarie won the first round. Spencer and Andy will face off for the second round, but I don't know when that will be. The winner of the second round will vie with GM in the final round.
  • GM was in rough shape at the end of the comp.
  • That is, until a glitter gun swamped her with glitter. Then she was ecstatic.
  • These three remaining Exterminators are very proud -- they've made it to the end and Julie knows the alliance name and everything!
  • Weehaa!
  • As they always do, they talked of the recently departed -- how dirty McCrae was, how he never cooked a meal and how he really was so sure he'd make the final two.
  • Once again, we have mini-deals going on. Spencer wants to go to the final two with GinaMarie ... or so he tells her.
  • Andy and Spencer also want to go together to the final two.
  • GM is the lone wolf kind of in this one. It's pretty obvious that if she has her choice, she would take Spencer because she promised him long ago.
  • Spencer thinks McCrae's biggest mistake was hooking up with Amanda in the game.
  • Well, duh. He actually threw the game away on her. Had he not stayed in her shadow and in bed with her all the time, he would have had a strong chance of winning it all.
  • Andy will be really mad if he goes out third place. At least second wins 50 grand and he could use the money.
  • Heh. I'd like him to go out third.
  • At this point, not just because she's my assigned blog pool pick (she is), I'd like to see a GM win. Of the three, despite her out of line comments, she's really tried the hardest to win. I've never seen a hamster get so banged up and keep at the physical challenges to win. She's also kept her word when making promises, something most don't.

Spencer has a Judd head

GinaMarie loves the helmet

The Final Three

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Show - Veto, Noms, Eviction and Kit and Kaboodle Blog Party - Sept.12

Welp, the end is in sight. Tonight's live eviction show will show Andy's nominations, the taped PoV and subsequent ceremony, the live eviction and the start of the final HoH comp. Phew!

If you want to join the Survivor pool on the blog, the announcement post is located here. Please don't sign up on this BB15 post or it might not be caught by our not-so-eagle eyes!

As long as the passing severe thunderstorms don't knock me out of power, I'll post the major happenings right here on this entry as they air East Coast time. Refresh the page to get the latest news!

Football schedule change alert! I know that in this area, the NYC metro viewing area, WCBS 2 is airing football. Big Brother will be seen at its regular time on sister station WLNY 10/55. It will also air at 2:07am on WCBS 2.

As always, the real party is in the comments area ... come join us!

Nominations -- Only GinaMarie is safe. Spencer and McCrae on the block. This week is all about the veto.

Jury house segment -- Jessie, Helen and Candice were doing well. Then Aaryn showed up. She apologized for things she daid in the house. All take toast to it. Amanda shows up. Jessie is thrilled! Amanda and Aaryn mention the boos they got. Amanda tells the others about The Exterminators (from her goodbye message). They're all impressed that GM made such a big move. Elissa comes in. Amanda gives her back the ring.

Judd goes to jury. Oops, Amanda is turning the others off by saying McCrae isn't a floater. Meow.

Veto comp time -- Spiderwebs fill the yard, Do you want to be a fly on the wall? It's a puzzle matching HG to clues. Andy wins Power of Veto!

Julie tells the audience that the Exterminators came clean with McCrae today. McCrae -- Thanks, shout-outs. Spencer -- Use it on me would be great. Andy decides NOT to use the veto, thus leaving GM as the sole vote. McCrae shouts out to BB sites (not mine), Spencer - wants to keep rolling.

GinaMarie votes out McCrae.

Julie talked to McCrae, then talked to the final three. The show is closing without the HoH starting. That's a first.

On Sunday, along with "unseen footage," Dr. Will will confront the jury. Oh my!

I'll have to see what's happening with the HoH comp part one ... I think all of us have been blindsided with that not starting!

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Into Thursday Morning - Sept. 11-12

Spencer seems very relaxed

So, what's happened since we last saw the hilarious hijinks of the hamsters in the habitrail? A lot. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Final Four:
  • Boring. Yep, extremely boring when the live feeds first returned.
  • Andy was in the Diary Room for an extended session and the other three were just sprawled around the living room.
  • GinaMarie was making bracelets for everybody with beads and string ... probably from the dollar store.
  • They started doing shout-outs, so we got more blocked feeds.
  • With the shout-outs, I guess production is worried about not having signed releases.
  • Looking at the Memory Wall, only Andy and GM's keys are there.
  • Aha, McCrae and Spencer are on the block!
  • The veto is hanging there, so someone won it.
  • Hmm.
  • Trying to snag the intel from the hamsters themselves proved to be hard. They must have been warned not to talk about either the noms or PoV as it will air on the live show.
  • The table is downsized. It's that time of the season!
  • Whoa ... ANDY won the veto!
  • So, if the nominations remain the same (which I think they will), GinaMarie will have the sole vote tomorrow night.
  • It looks like it might very well be a Three Exterminator final three heading into finale.
  • Little bits and pieces came out about the veto comp. It was a skating thing. GM has a plaque with Nick's face on a fly over her bed.
  • Oh my.
  • Perhaps it's like the movie and Nick is screaming, "Help me! Help me!" as he thinks of GinaMarie coming for him!
  • Heehee.
  • McCrae thinks he's going home.
  • So do I.
  • Spencer and GinaMarie think they need to take each other for a chance to win with the jury.
  • McCrae is really worried.
  • He should be.
  • But at least he's not AS bad as Judd was.
  • In my crystal ball for tonight, I predict McCrae will go home at GM's hands.
  • Then the rounds for final HoH begin.

McCrae has his favorite socks on

Andy is without a worry

GM has Nick Fly over her shoulder

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Big Brother 15: Not Live Eviction, PoV, etc. Show Blog Party - Sept. 11

Okay, I'm well rested for a change and, as of now, the house is down to the final four hamsters. However, since the feeds have been blocked, we've been in the dark. Those who follow the live feeds can predict who is gone, but only rumors exist about the HoH and PoV comps.

As the show airs here on the East Coast, I'll update this entry with the major happenings. Refresh the page to get the latest. As always, the real party is in the comments area. I hope to see you there!

P.S. -- If you want to join the Survivor pool on the blog, the announcement post is located here. Please don't sign up on this BB15 post or it might not be caught by our not-so-eagle eyes!

Ten minutes into it and we've really seen nothing new except how much Spencer and the Exterminators want McCrae out. Spencer said that if McCrae wins the veto, Judd will go up.

Veto time -- Superheroes! Ian Terry flies in as the host. They have to "fly" back and forth to get puzzle pieces and form a magnetized puzzle. The magnet lets loose with time.

Judd drops out. Sheesh! McCrae wins the PoV! Spencer tells both GM and Judd they're safe.

Veto meeting. McCrae saves himself. Judd goes on the block. Judd tells McCrae he's after him, won't be after Andy or Spencer.

The voting is opening for America's Favorite. Not sure why they're even holding it this season. It's pretty much a given that Elissa will get it. Oh, well. I'm not even going to bother. No one this season was really a favorite of mine in the long run.

Eviction -- GM says hi to family. Not perfect, tries her best, gonna be family forever, hopes they keep her here. Judd -- Hi to family, love all y'all, guarantee that Andy and Spencer final three, can't say how. Hmm.

Andy -- Judd
McCrae -- Judd

Judd is out! (Again.)

HoH comp starts. It's a question and answer -- Before or After. 3-way tie! Into tiebreaker. Andy wins HoH!

Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Blog Pool Sign Up!

Next Wednesday evening, September 18, at 8pm ET/PT, we have the Survivor: Blood vs. Water season 90-minute season premiere leading into the finale of Big Brother. Mark your couch potato calendars and start thinking of the snacks and beverages now! It's gonna be a heck of a night!

I'm thrilled to announce that the honorable and esteemed Lifeguard Laurie has once again offered her services to host the blog pool. She rocks like that, y'know. You can sign up for the pool by contacting her at: 
Entries must be in by 6pm ET Tuesday 9/17.

Remember, the pool is all in fun. You will be randomly assigned a castaway to cheer on until they either get ... well, um ... cast away or win. If your castaway wins it all and is the sole Survivor, you win bragging rights until the next season is underway.

On show nights, we'll have blog parties right here on East Coast time. I'll also keep an eye out for newsy items about the show and such to keep us entertained. 

I previously posted on the cast announcement here.

Survivor fans ready?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Tuesday Morning until Trivia - Sept. 10

J-U-Double D will go-go

Okay, this isn't going to be my typical live feeds update. We'll get a bit newsy with it!

All we really saw today other than the trivia blocking the feeds was the fake night filming for BBAD tonight. They were given dollar store arts and crafts and had to pretend it's night because the eviction is set for 5pm their time today, but won't air until tomorrow night. This happened about 9am to 11am this morning their time.

They messed around a lot mocking the fake night. One of the things they did were to make FAKE phone calls about FAKE happenings. Of course, the internet crowds (or many of them) think they're real happenings. Oy.

Spencer's HOH blog is up on the CBS website. I'm kind of surprised -- I think his writing skills might just be the best I've ever seen from a hamster blog. Oh my. I would advise that if you read, don't even bother with the gazillion hate-filled comments. I'm still not getting how people could hate strangers on a TV show that much. I realize that many of the things said and done reflect poorly on them, make a sad statement on society, etc., etc. I don't understand why people are reacting with such hate, though. It seems counterproductive or something. I dunno. I'm tired of all the hate.

Unfortunately, I've known some people like many of the hamsters this season. I avoid them. After this season ends, I can avoid these hamsters as well. I won't have to have them in my life and I can feel better about myself that I'm not like them, nor are any of the people I truly care about.

'Nuff said 'bout that.

I don't expect the live feeds to return until after tomorrow night's eviction show airs on the West Coast ... putting it at midnight here. When I know something, I'll post. But I probably won't know anything until tomorrow night's blog party post. The last I saw indicated that Judd will go home, but (of course) the HoH and veto are up in the air.

GinaMarie packing

Ohh! Dollar store crafts "night" for BBAD

Andy ... Lies R Us, er ... Exterminator

McCrae - could be tortured if we COMBED his hair!

Paint a pretty pink pig and name it Petunia

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Overnight into Tuesday - Sept. 9-10


Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of We're Almost There:
  • While they continue to tell Judd he's safe every time he asks them (which is often), he's not.
  • The plan is for a unanimous vote of two to vote him out, thus keeping GinaMarie.
  • GM has been told she's safe. But then again, so has Judd.
  • In watching her, I'm thinking she's not believing it until it happens.
  • At least she isn't asking all the time!
  • They're not not telling Judd just to be mean and blindside him -- they honestly don't want to have to deal with him being upset. They know how much he wants to be in the house.
  • If there's a positive about all those remaining in the house -- none of them were the recruits. All of them were fans of the show who applied.
  • The eviction will take place sometime today.
  • I expect feeds will be blocked, but I'll update later with whatever I have. 
  • This is the earliest all have been to bed all season!

All in bed early

No one wants to tell him he's going

Monday, September 09, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Monday into the Afternoon, PoV Meeting - Sept. 9

No pillow to hold?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of So Many Issues it's a Magazine:
  • McCrae and Judd talked about the racial comments made by Aaryn and GinaMarie.
  • McCrae thinks Aaryn's comments were due to her parents and friends (nurture, not nature) than due to where she was from.
  • Hmm ... almost like he knew she blames it on Texas! Maybe she used that as a defense with him when she was still in the house.
  • McCrae also thinks GM's comments are more childlike and not as serious, but that she'll be ripped apart for them once she's outside the house.
  • I think McCrae might be right on both counts.
  • The PoV ceremony, blocked to the live feeds, went down as expected. 
  • McCrae is no Marcellas.
  • He took himself off the block and Judd went up in his place, also as expected.
  • GM told Spencer that if she stays, she would definitely keep him over Andy.
  • Judd tried to plead his case with Spencer that if McCrae wins HoH, he'd go after him (Judd) rather than Spencer because they had a kerfuffle.
  • Judd didn't say kerfuffle.
  • I did.
  • If Judd said kerfuffle, it would come out "mumbleble."
  • That kerfuffle was the "doing something crazy" Judd warned McCrae about.
  • Apparently he threw a fit at the veto ceremony so it would look like he and McCrae are fighting, not working together.
  • Meanwhile ... GM is also working with McCrae, studying for questions on comp dates.
  • Judd thinks of Spencer as the big brother he never had.
  • And he really adores Andy.
  • Oh, gag me now.
  • Of course, he's looking for Spencer's tiebreaking promise.
  • Spencer promised nothing.
  • When the BB voice told them that their (GM, Judd) luggage was in the storage room, it dawned on them there will be an eviction tomorrow.
  • Remember, that will be aired on Wednesday.
  • Andy is hoping they'll make a gag reel of all of GinaMarie's accidents and injuries.
  • Well, yeah. That could be funny, especially when GM tries to make light of it herself.
  • When the HoH camera came out, they did their Exterminator spraying poses in front of Elissa's photo on the Memory Wall.
  • Judd will NOT give up asking if he's going or staying. He claims he doesn't want to be blindsided like last time.
  • Heck, I'd vote him out just because he's like a little kid asking "Are we there yet?" a gazillion times in the car.
  • Judd also worked on Andy for the stay.
  • Spencer and Andy really haven't had much alone time today.
  • Their alone time is the only time I can really tell how the votes might go.
  • Spencer was pretty solid that he'd rather keep GM.
  • Unless Judd's persistence is swaying them ...

Judd packs his bags

Ew! Food on the floor when they have ants?

GinaMarie and Nicky sitting in a tree ...