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Big Brother 15: 6/30 Nominations Episode Blog Party - Blog Pool Picks

Well, let's see how the edit comes out, eh? Tonight's show is actually starting on time here on the East Coast. So is the blog party!

As I mentioned in the last update, ORKMommy has finished the random blog pool match-ups. Here's who has whom in the game:

Aaryn - QuixoticElf, Isabelle, April Weaver, Donna in FL
Amanda - Petals, JimmyB, Barb S., PDX Granny
Andy - Nickelpeed, jessica Underwood, Patti, Brent McKee
Candice - Terry is a Texan!, Shannon (purrbal), cloverandthetwins, Michelle C
David - Sally, DebbieD, Sharon S, SSW
Elissa - theresa jordan, Caela, jo, Ninboh
GinaMarie - Merrlee, Jackie, Cheryl, EileenM
Helen - Dr_Celine, Sasha, Buzzmaam, RBennie
Howard - Glenn, Jennasmom, ORKMommy, Aya
Jeremy - Tami, JonMD1267, lynn1, Delee, JOKATS
Jessie - Margo, Janice from GA, Pearlgarden, Dave B.
Judd - Lili, SueGee, Karen in CaliforniaHer, Ed in Ohio, Marlol
Kaitlin - DKNYNC, Jillian's mom, BloggyMom, Billy
McCrae - Tammy, gaylos, Chacha, Joey
Nick - Witt, MikesGirl, Brian, poodlepam, Brenda
Spencer - Becky, monty924, Chris (chrob61), Carrie
Hamster watchers ready? Got your drinks and snacks? Is your showmance partner going to dump you to further himself in the game? (Oh no, did I say that?)
As the show airs here on the East Coast, I'll update this post with the major happenings. But the real fun is the party in comments ... come join us!

The boys decide on an alliance - Spencer, Howard, Jeremy, Nick and McCrae.

David is out for a showmance more than a win. He's now one with Aaryn. Jessie is boy crazy. They've all figured out that Elissa is Rachel's sister. Well, all except David. He ain't too bright.

Time for the Have/Have Not Comp! They're divided into three teams of five (including Jeremy although he has the slop pass). It's Lake Big Brother, playing Cooler and the Gang. They have to go across a "lake" and then build a pyramid of cans. The red team - Howard, Andy, Elissa, Helen and Judd are the Have Nots.

The Have Not room is set up like an airplane. They have to sleep on rows of plane seats.

America's Vote - Have not food for next week - bologna and blue cheese, okra and oysters , and lima beans and liver.

McCrae is getting all kinds of advice to put up: Jessie, David, Elissa and Candice. Well, not all at once, obviously. I'm talking from different sources.

Nominations time - Key Order: Nick, Jeremy, David, Aaryn, Kaitlin, GinaMarie, Elissa, Helen, Amanda, Andy, Howard, Spencer, Judd. On the block: Jessie and Candice. McCrae says Candice needs to play for veto. He told Jessie she was nominated because she's a strong player. Cough.

Tuesday is the MVP and PoV show. But we know already. Bwahahaha! 

Big Brother 15: Blog Pool Picks, Live Feeds Into the Afternoon 6/30


Okay, this is going to be one of those multi-tasking type posts. Get ready. Put on your thinking caps or listening ears or feathery boa. Put on something.

First off -- The show tonight, despite some worries, will air on time on the East Coast. The blog party will be posted a few minutes before 8pm ET.

Second -- I'll re-post this listing on the blog party post, but this will give you a bit more warning ... ORKMommy has finished the match-ups for the blog pool. And, here they are:

Aaryn - QuixoticElf, Isabelle, April Weaver, Donna in FL
Amanda - Petals, JimmyB, Barb S., PDX Granny
Andy - Nickelpeed, jessica Underwood, Patti, Brent McKee
Candice - Terry is a Texan!, Shannon (purrbal), cloverandthetwins, Michelle C
David - Sally, DebbieD, Sharon S, SSW
Elissa - theresa jordan, Caela, jo, Ninboh
GinaMarie - Merrlee, Jackie, Cheryl, EileenM
Helen - Dr_Celine, Sasha, Buzzmaam, RBennie
Howard - Glenn, Jennasmom, ORKMommy, Aya
Jeremy - Tami, JonMD1267, lynn1, Delee, JOKATS
Jessie - Margo, Janice from GA, Pearlgarden, Dave B.
Judd - Lili, SueGee, Karen in CaliforniaHer, Ed in Ohio, Marlol
Kaitlin - DKNYNC, Jillian's mom, BloggyMom, Billy
McCrae - Tammy, gaylos, Chacha, Joey
Nick - Witt, MikesGirl, Brian, poodlepam, Brenda
Spencer - Becky, monty924, Chris (chrob61), Carrie
Oh my. I have GinaMarie. She better shape up soon!
And, lastly ... here's what's happened today inside that Big Brother House of Bigoted Babes and Misogynistic Men:
  • Jeremy told Nick he'd be more than willing to kick Kaitlin to the curb, preferring the MC alliance over her.
  • They both think that all David does is hang around Aaryn, so he might as well go this week.
  • Meanwhile, David has now suddenly remembered about the cameras after two "slips" while changing clothes.
  • Go figure.
  • Andy would put up Aaryn if he won HoH.
  • Hopefully others would, too.
  • MC alliance knows they need to get Candice aboard for her vote.
  • GinaMarie still thinks it's a no-brainer that David is going to stay and Elissa will go.
  • Yeah, right.
  • Although, it's BB. Anything can happen.
  • Spencer continues to denigrate women when he's around men, treat them decent when he's with them.
  • On the other hand, the CMG (Catty Mean Girls) are bigoted both in front of and behind the backs of their targeted slur material.
  • A group got together for massive cleaning of the filthy kitchen.
  • About time.
  • They still can't stop discussing Candice accidentally sitting on Aaryn's hat.
  • Tsk, tsk.
  • Nick denied he's gay.
  • Spencer misses his girlfriend, "a good woman."
  • It's Elissa's anniversary today.
That's about it!

Not a showmance

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Overnight Into Sunday 6/30

Jeremy's sneer says it all

I so love to snag screencaps which don't quite put the hamsters in the best light. Above, Jeremy seems to sneer as Kaitlin hangs all over him. He has no respect for her. But, then again, she doesn't seem to have much respect for herself, either. If she did, she wouldn't be all over any guy knowing him less than two weeks ... and in front of the world, no less.

In my last report I said that I thought the replacement nominee was Elissa although I didn't have confirmation at the time. I was indeed right. On the block we now have Jessie, David and Elissa. McCrae's original plan was to backdoor Elissa. There is a movement to oust David now and to use Elissa's possibilities of keeping on with the MVP vote to their own devices. It's all going to come down to a game of numbers.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of High School Hijinks:
  • They got their first booze delivery since the feeds went live last night.
  • Oh sheesh. Within ten minutes, many were acting all drunk. Amateurs!
  • I hear there's almost a record heat wave where they are in CA. Yet Nick wears a blue hoodie which matches his blue ball cap. He must think he looks fantastic in that get-up or something.
  • McCrae and Andy dissed the hot tub bunch for being "superficial." That bunch includes most of the Bieber Fever group. 
  • I think many of the hamsters ... most of them ... are on the "superficial" side. Isn't it a prerequisite for being on the show?
  • While talking with Nick, GinaMarie did the count of votes and think they'll have enough to evict Elissa.
  • Andy cried ... again. Sigh.
  • This time he was just listening to music in the HoH room!
  • Aaryn, the pretty girl who's not so pretty inside, wants to target Helen. She thinks Helen is against her, David, Jeremy and Kaitlin because of the showmances and knocks them for being young.
  • I don't know. It's more honorable to say a person is young (and foolish) than it is to make fun of the shape of their eyes or using slurs regarding the sexuality of other hamsters. Aaryn has done both of the latter.
  • So, she's no pretty girl.
  • Aaryn and Kaitlin also want Andy out.
  • Oh. And they think Candice will bounce back and forth between the alliances and be a rat.
  • They might be right about that. The MC alliance also doesn't have much trust in Candice.
  • McCrae gets around. He also has a side alliance with Jeremy (of all people). At least he doesn't have one with Aaryn.
  • McCrae is still trying to get Amanda to back off a bit and distance herself.
  • He's not too successful.
  • I have a feeling that when he's no longer HoH, that might fade.
  • Helen's worried that Amanda spends too much time with Bieber Fever.
  • She needn't worry. They don't trust her.
  • GinaMarie keeps running around counting the votes she hopes will save David.
  • Candice and Aaryn, cat fight, meow! It was all over a hat that Aaryn thought Candice bent.
  • Oh geez.
  • Wanting to put distance between them, McCrae isn't going as far as to not make out with Amanda. After all, when has this scrawny scraggly pizza boy had such beauty all over him?
  • GinaMarie (who's fading with my like) is irked at both Jessie and Candice. She thinks Candice is like Monet and wonders why she's in the house. And, she's apparently jealous of Jessie, threatening to punch her if she gets all over Nick.
  • Well, she didn't threaten her to her face, mind you. She made that threat while talking to her soul sister, Aaryn.
  • @@
  • The Catty Mean Girls are now thinking they might want to evict Jessie instead of Elissa.
  • CMG = Aaryn, GinaMarie and Kaitlin.
  • Howard seems to be on an even keel with all, although definitely not a part of Bieber Fever. However, even BF doesn't seem to have him in their sights.
  • Every time they call him Howie, I think of Howie and his Jack Shack.
  • Oy. The memories.
  • Gina is just about as bad as Aaryn. Although Kaitlin first said they'd stick together, Gina had to reiterate that Candice and Howard will stick together because they're black and "blacks do that." She also referred to the two as tokens.
  • That was shortly after Aaryn told Helen to "shut up and go make rice."
  • Aaryn also thinks Andy will win MVP because "America loves queers."
  • ARGH! These are SO not people I'd want to be trapped inside that house with all summer. They annoy me enough on the live feeds where I can turn them off!
  • The waffling continues. Now the CMG don't want Jessie to go.
  • My head is spinning.
  • Jeremy, taken into confidence by McCrae in their side alliance, let on to Kaitlin that Elissa might not be evicted this week.
  • To give him a teensy bit of credit, he realized after he said it that he shouldn't have told her. He warned her not to say anything because others won't confide in him anymore.
  • Kaitlin freaks out anyway.
  • While the girls have clear-cut alliances going on without much side action, not so the boys. Spencer, Nick, McCrae and Jeremy each have deals with others.
  • Oh well. They're all still asleep as I get this posted.

I just don't know


Odd bedfellows?

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - June 30, 2013

Good Sunday morning to all those reading this! If you're here for the Big Brother live feeds posts, the last one is located right at this link. The next one will be posted a bit later today. One of the things I do year 'round here is an off television topic post reflecting on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. You've been warned!

Once again this week, at least in the early week, I got caught in storms heading home. Grr. I thought I put in a request with Mother Nature for the storms to occur during the overnight hours!

On one of the stormy, hot and humid days, I got into a bit of a kerfuffle with some rowdy kids on the train home. They weren't familiar to me and I really didn't expect them to get off at my stop ... screaming and yelling at me. Eep. Thankfully, there were two Plainfield police officers working at the station. When one went to move the obnoxious teens along, the other (after asking where I live), gave me a ride home. Yes, in the front seat! That sergeant ROCKS! That was so nice of him! And, no, he's not one of the officers I actually know on the Plainfield PD.

Those who follow the show know, but others who tune in specifically for this weekly post might not realize -- Big Brother and its live feeds started up for the summer. Working a full-time "real" job and covering the house happenings make for a lack of sleep for about three months. Oy. But, on the other hand, I never have to be worried about having nothing to do!

On the home front, I shared the elevator once again with the now not-so-new upstairs neighbor. No tennis clothes this time, but shorts nonetheless. He's very pleasant and polite. And, that South African/quasi-British accent is a nice change of pace for my ears. He's still quite quiet up there. He can stay.

That's about all I have for you right now ... onto the photos!

Bunny 4 photo IMG_8288a_zps9a9c18d2.jpg
Bunny in the grass

Much better than a snake in the grass, don't you think? Corner of East Front and Berckman in Plainfield.

Rose photo IMG_8293a_zps8cffa705.jpg
By any other name

East Front Street, Plainfield


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Into Saturday Evening - PoV Meeting - 6/29

Some things are best ignored

Since I last posted, the PoV meeting went down. As always, it was blocked to the live feeds. But, also as always, the hamsters talk. McCrae did use the veto to take Candice down (as decided long ago). It seems like Elissa was put up in her place (also as planned). Although the original plan was to backdoor Elissa if all went in motion, the latest target is David (the MVP - Elissa's nomination). The MC (McCrae? Mature Crew?) alliance want to work with Elissa as they think she will keep getting MVP and they can use her nomination to backdoor people.

Here's what's gone down in that Big Brother House of Heck, They're ALL Bieber Fever to ME ...
  • Despite Spencer's long talk with Nick this morning, he's still not quite trusted by the group.
  • Amanda keeps molesting McCrae in bed.
  • McCrae keeps telling her they have to cool it. He tells others she won't stop following him around.
  • Jeremy and Kaitlin are kissing and snuggling whenever and wherever they can. Ew.
  • Howard really is religious, as he said he was. He regularly prays, but thankfully isn't pulling an Amber.
  • Helen continues to talk to others and help them. If she manages to stay in until the end, she'll have no real enemies.
  • Elissa isn't thrilled about the plan to use her MVP vote as they wish each time she wins it.
  • Amanda got a bit pushy about it. "Don't you understand we're keeping you because of it?"
  • Well, that's not so nicely put, is it?
  • Amanda also went on about Jessie still flirting with Jeremy even though he's practically attached at the lips to Aaryn.
  • Children.
  • Sigh.
  • There are probably screen caps out there with David dropping his pants forgetting about the cameras.
  • I don't post those kind of screen caps.
  • But you can bet someone did!
I haven't had any direct confirmation on Elissa being the replacement nom. But some of the things she's mentioned about worrying about being voted out along with the plan to put her up ... she's probably it. If I'm in error, I'll correct it.

Elissa and Helen in the Have Not room

McCrae and his headgear

Oh noes! They killed Howard!

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Friday Night Into Wee Hours 6/28 -6/29


As it is every season, it's a house divided. This season, it's Bieber Fever and well, the Others don't seem to have a name. Bieber Fever includes: Aaryn, David, Kaitlin, Jeremy and sometimes Nick, GinaMarie and Jessie. The core group of the Others are McCrae, Amanda, Spencer, Judd, Andy and Howard on the edge. They have Elissa in mind as an addition. They also plan on adding in Helen and perhaps Candice down the line. By the way, THEY named Bieber Fever, not me.

Who would have thought that in this BB15 of young'uns, the deciding factor in the house split would fall along the line of older (plus McCrae) and younger. Heck, they're ALL kids!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Wanton Waffling:
  • Now the core group (which I'll call the Others) are tossing around evicting David and keeping Elissa.
  • They think that Elissa might win MVP most weeks and they could use that as a backdoor plan, working with her to get out Bieber Fever.
  • The early coupling of Aaryn/David and Kaitlin/Jeremy has given the others mocking material and reasons to target them.
  • Jessie still pines for Jeremy.
  • Jeremy and David think they're being used as a shield by the girls.
  • Jeremy isn't as into Kaitlin (or Jessie) as they think he is. He told David he thinks the only girl who can be trusted is GinaMarie.
  • Nick is a very peripheral player. He's not really getting involved or close to anyone. A few have speculated that he might be gay.
  • Actually, I think he's playing it smarter than Bieber Fever by remaining a bit of a nonentity.
  • The Kaitlin/Jeremy showmance is cooling a bit. Kaitlin thinks Jeremy doesn't trust her and GinaMarie is encouraging her to be stronger as an individual hamster.
  • Well, GinaMarie didn't say hamster. I did.
  • Amanda talked to Elissa, told her to work on her relationship with the younger bunch. She hinted she will stay.
  • Of course, McCrae, although the original plan and house wish was to evict her, has been telling Elissa all along she will stay.
  • Elissa can definitely work this to her advantage.
  • I'm still tired of CBS bringing in old players and relatives of players. I'm tired of Rachel. I really am. I was tired of the Hantz family, too. Yet they keep it going. Sigh.
  • Elissa, on the other hand, might have a better back-up alliance than Rachel ever did if she stays this week.
  • The Others plan to evict David this week, go after Jeremy the next week.
  • We'll see how that goes.
  • The Others are leery of Howard possibly blabbing to Candice even though they have eyes on her to bring her into the alliance.
I'm still not sure when the PoV meeting will be held. The plan still seems to be to take Candice down and put Elissa up. Yet, now they will have the votes to save Elissa and evict David.
Elissa and Amanda

Kaitlin, GinaMarie and Jeremy


Friday, June 28, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Into Friday Afternoon 6/28

Yard time today

If you're reading this, entry for the blog pool is closed. This season has the biggest pool ever! Woohoo! ORKMommy will be making the random picks and I'll announce the match-ups before the Sunday episode.

What's been happening inside that Big Brother House of Many Mean Girls and Their Mimbos since I last posted? Read on ...
  • Andy told Judd that he's worried if they get rid of Elissa this week, Jeremy might target them (Andy, Judd) next.
  • Of course, technically, Elissa isn't on the block.
  • McCrae nominated Candice and Jessie. Elissa (although denying it to most of the house) was voted MVP and nominated David. McCrae won Veto. He told Elissa he was going to put her up, but said she's not the target.
  • The original plan was to backdoor Elissa all along.
  • Who knows? These are silly hamster games!
  • Helen doesn't really drink, but claims she will drink in the house.
  • I probably would, too.
  • Andy is getting emotional. Didn't he say he wouldn't?
  • Jeremy thinks if David stays, he'd target Amanda or Candice.
  • Amanda has latched onto Pizza Boy McCrae.
  • Would that happen in real life? Ha.
  • Aaryn and Elissa kissed (not literally) and made up after their fight from last night. It was all over Elissa rumored (true!) to be the MVP who nominated Aaryn's shiny showmance boy David.
  • Jeremy went around talking how he'd "go off" if he got nominated.
  • I want him to be nominated now! Don't you?
  • Helen is quite the social player. She seems to know what to say to each hamster to make them feel better. Hmm.
  • David is worried that he might get evicted and tried to get McCrae to tell him.
  • McCrae honestly told him he didn't really know. He doesn't plan on taking him off the block, but doesn't think he's a real target right now.
  • McCrae wants Elissa to go. He thinks that she's likely to be too popular with "America" and would keep winning MVP.
  • McCrae plans on taking Candice down, putting up Elissa. We'll see.
  • They finally got outside today after being on indoor lockdown for more than two days.
  • There's a photo booth now! You know the kind ... a strip of four pictures. An announcer's countdown voice and all.
  • At least it's something for them to do!
  • I'm not sure when the PoV meeting will be held, but when I find out, you'll find out!


Pretty, I'm so pretty ...

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Report Thursday Into the Night 6/28 -PoV

She does look too much like her sister!

If she didn't look SO much like Rachel, Elissa might have a chance in the house. She doesn't come across as abrasive and, obviously, there isn't the tension of a Brendon in the house for her. She did light into Jeremy for calling her out about the MVP thing, then accused him of being a woman abuser. I don't know. They BOTH came off as jerks in that one.

Anyway ... here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Happy Shiny Hamsters:
  • McCrae, David, Candice, Jessie, Elissa and Howard were the veto players. GinaMarie was the host.
  • The comp, blocked to the live feeds, seemed to be some sort of spelling bee with honey. McCrae, true to his life's work, spelled out "delivery."
  • Elissa came up with "pot roast" but quickly found out that it's two words, not one.
  • D'oh!
  • McCrae came up the winner of this one.
  • So, we still have David (MVP nominee) and Candice/Jessie on the block ... for now.
  • Kaitlin was all over Jeremy.
  • Jeremy is definitely a player. Amanda warned Jessie (another of Jeremy's playtoys) about it.
  • Jessie says she knows.
  • I feel like I'm back in high school with this bunch.
  • Maybe junior high!
  • Some of the girls took a bubble bath in the HoH tub to coincide with the BBAD show.
  • Although they mention the feeds, it doesn't seem to have sunk in that it's not all about BBAD!
  • Elissa told Helen that McCrae plans to use the veto and she (Elissa) will be put up in the place of a nominee. He didn't say who would come down.
  • McCrae has Elissa believing she's not the target.
  • He's of the mind that it's what the house wants -- if they all vote out Elissa as they wanted, fine. If they want out someone else (David?), also fine. 
  • He thinks whatever the outcome, he comes out clean.
  • We'll see.
With the new season on, I'm not sure when the PoV meeting will be held. But it does seem McCrae will stick to the initial plan of at least setting up for the backdoor exit of Elissa.

I personally wouldn't mind David going home, either. The Aaryn/David coupling is way too much too soon. She actually irks me more than he does. I think she's a pretty girl, but she's a know-it-all who really doesn't know as much as she thinks. One thing she's right about, though -- her coupling with David has put a target on both of them!

For those folks wanting to get into the pool, you need to add your name in comments at the SIGN-UP POST. The cut-off for joining is 6pm ET TODAY (Friday).

Already others don't really trust him

Cowgirl at heart

The pretty people

Even dressed alike!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Brief - Not PoV Yet, MVP Nom instead

Stuck in the middle with you ...

Okay, the feeds returned to a quasi-brouhaha. Apparently they had the PoV players picked (Elissa is playing) and some kind of issues about the seating arrangement for the meeting. @@

Elissa is mad at McCrae because he told her he told Amanda that she was MVP. Elissa is mad at Amanda because she knows she is MVP.
Elissa denies being MVP to all.
All suspect or know she is.

The mysterious MVP (cough::Elissa::cough) nominated Dave.  So, currently on the block -- Jessie, Candice and Dave.

They're still on indoor lockdown with the PoV being built in the backyard.

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Quickie Report - MVP

Have Not beds

Sigh, silly America voted for Elissa to be MVP! Gah. She told McCrae, but no one else that I caught. The other girls are freaking out, but they were freaking out well before she actually got word about it. Of course, this might throw a wrench into the plan to backdoor the wench, er ... Elissa. My apologies. It just came out!

They want her out mostly because she's Rachel's sister. I haven't really seen enough of her on the feeds to judge her on her own merits yet.

Right now the feeds are blocked with trivia playing -- either for the PoV or the MVP, don't know which.

Although they haven't made it clear:

  • It seems the MVP can be nominated as it's (supposedly) a secret.
  • The PoV probably works the same for the MVP as anyone else -- they can take themselves off if nominated, another off if they wish.
  • The MVP has no real power to stay in the game. They can be voted out like anyone else other than the HoH and PoV winners.
That said, McCrae is in a sticky spot. He knows she has it and, it would come off as really evil to backdoor her if she doesn't win PoV.

Laters, hamster watchers!

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds First Night

Yes, it's Big Brother in all its live feeds glory! Before I get into the happenings, I want to mention a bit about the feeds themselves. In previous years, except for the first season, they've been hosted by Now they're hosted on the CBS website. I see pros. I see cons.

The player itself is better for me. However, there are glitches galore. When starting the feeds up for the first time, it was hard to get anything other than a black screen. Digging around the Internet, I found the fix -- going into the flashback calendar, then going live. Who woulda thunk it? Then there's been an ongoing problem with only one set of mics going for all four screens. Sure, they do the two cams on one room bit. But then I should be able to hear what they're saying in each room! At one point my feeds stopped and a replay button came up. Hitting it would get two seconds of feeds. I had to exit and start again.

I also checked out Big Brother After Dark for the first time as I have TVGN, but never had Showtime. I ended up turning it off because it was on a slight delay and conflicted with my feeds. Yes, the language seems censored on it. However, the feeds themselves are in line with previous seasons. Well, except for the glitches.

They've been in the house for six days already (blocked to us), so they've already had nominations and the Have/Have Not comp. Here's what's been going on:
  • The house is already a pig sty.
  • Jessie and Candice are on the block.
  • Supposedly as pawns because McCrae told them he plans on backdooring Elissa.
  • The Have Nots sleep in airplane chairs in the Airplane Room. They think the words on the wall might have to do with how to recline the chairs.
  • Have Nots are: Andy, Helen, Howard, Elissa and Judd.
  • They decided to put on a "fashion show" or pageant thing for the first night of BBAD and the feeds.
  • Um. Okay.
  • Helen won it. Woo.
  • That pageant is what most of the wacky screencaps on here are from.
  • The girls are all catty already!
  • Jealousy abounds. That's what you get with all the kids in the house.
  • Aaryn is unduly worried about being nominated and evicted when the MVP comes into action.
  • If she keeps it up, she should be worried. She's very annoying about it.
  • I'm actually liking GinaMarie a bit more than I thought I would.
  • Maybe because so many of the other girls are acting like high school kids.
  • Aaryn also made a big fuss because so many in the house don't understand how PoV works.
  • While she has a point, it's definitely not a good move to keep harping about it.
  • Aaryn is also sure that Elissa will be MVP due to Rachel's fan base.
  • I think she's wrong.
  • Candice and Jessie (nominees) had a slight misunderstanding, but made up and are still friends. BFFs, even.
  • Apparently, before the feeds went live, Elissa got into two fights with people.
  • I can't really say as I haven't seen a lot of her on the feeds tonight and what I've seen has actually been better than the catty jealous little girls.
  • Mind you, I do NOT want to like Elissa.
  • McCrae isn't all that much in favor with his nominees. They think he's weak and couldn't even look them in the eyes during the nominations.
  • Aaryn also complained that one of the women had a fishy smell and needed something for it. You can take that one from there. I'd rather not go there.
  • Andy and McCrae are tight, but not in a gay kind of way.
  • Jessie and Candice think Amanda is super stuck-up.
  • They're on an indoor lockdown, apparently for the second night in a row.
  • The PoV is supposed to be tomorrow, er ... today. Thursday.
  • They took the airplane out of McCrae's HoH room, supposedly because he played with it.
  • The plan seems pretty solid to backdoor Elissa.
  • Of course, they should know that you can never depend on plans in the house!
  • Several are still up as I get this posted. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Big Brother 15: Season Premiere Blog Party

Everybody ready for the summer? The show is about to start here on the East Coast. As it airs, I'll update this post with the major happenings. If you want to join the pool, the cut-off for jumping in is FRIDAY, 6pm ET. The post to join in is located at this link -- please sign up there as your request might get lost in the excitement here. The random pool match-ups will be announced on Sunday before the show starts.

Well, there just better be excitement, I say!  We're counting on these hamsters to keep us entertained for a very long time. They need to WORK IT!

If you haven't followed the blog before, you might want to check out what it's all about during the Big Brother season right here in this post. The Big Brother After Dark show is on TVGN tonight (and every night) for two hours starting at midnight, ET. The live feeds themselves kick in after the West Coast airing, again midnight ET. My first live feeds report of the season probably won't be until extremely early morning here on the East Coast.

Now, let's settle in with our tasty snacks and cold beverages and watch some silly hamster hijinks! Remember, these hamsters have already been in the house probably since Friday or so. So, we've already missed a lot!

As always, the real party is in the comments ... come join us!

Howard, Spencer and Jeremy already formed a secret alliance. A bunch of the girls want a pretty girl alliance -- that was Elissa's idea. Now, Jeremy, Jessie and David are in an alliance. Silly hamsters.

Julie tells them there will be three nominees every week. HoH will still nominate two. She won't tell them yet where the third comes from.

The first HoH comp is Popsicle Factory. They each climb on a huge popsicle and hang on, last one remaining up wins. Down: Judd, Howard, Candice. Then stuff is squirted on them by a giant tongue. Candace figured out Elissa is Rachel's sister and mentioned it to Judd. Down: Amanda, Spencer. Now flavoring is being squirted on them. David is upset about his hair. Another girl went down, then Jessie down, then Elissa, GinaMarie. Andy out. Caitlin down. Last girl up Aaryn is down.

Julie offers a Never Have Not Pass (good all season) in one of two pails to the first two to drop. David drops first and will have choice of pail. He did NOT get the pass. Jeremy goes for the pass. Nick deals with McCrae and drops.

McCrae is the first HoH!

Julie gathers all in the living room. The third nomination will be made by someone in this room -- she tells them America will vote MVP and that person makes the third nomination. The MVP is all secret stuff, the others won't know.

Sunday is the Have Not and noms. Tuesday is PoV. Wednesday is live eviction. 

Big Brother 15: How We Do What We Do

Anybody excited about the season starting tonight? Yep, it's our guilty summer obsession, for sure. If you're checking in on the blog for the first time, I'd like to explain a bit of what we do here. I realize that I'm an "I" and not a "we." But, while I do the writing and posting here, it's the "we" part who makes this place great!

What I do:
  • Two or three times a day, I'll be posting live feeds reports from the activity inside the house. These are often SPOILERS, so beware. Spoilers are a big part of what this blog will be about all summer.  These reports won't be on every breath the houseguests take as I'm only one person. I try to snag the important happenings or events which catch my fancy.
  • Screencaps from the live feeds events will be posted in each report.
  • On show nights, I host blog parties posted at the start of the show East Coast time. These are posts updated with the major show events in real time as the episodes air on the East Coast. The party is in the comments!
  • Unless life circumstance or blacked-out feeds dictate otherwise, I provide live coverage updates and screencaps of endurance competitions which generally don't air until the next aired television episode.
  • If I post something as a rumor, it's just that -- a rumor. If I verify that something happened, you can bet your bippy that it's the truth!
What WE do:
  • We have a blog pool! The esteemed ORKMommy is the lifeguard for this particular pool. Right now, we're a bit delayed and the pool is STILL OPEN for those who want to come aboard. Until Friday, 6pm ET, you can sign up at the pool blog post. Please sign up there rather than here on this post as we don't want to miss anyone. We'll be announcing the random match-ups before the Sunday episode.
  • We have the BEST community aboard in the comments area! Things I might miss on the live feeds (as I do work a full-time job on top of this obsession) are discussed by community members with the live feeds, the blog parties rock, the cyberdrinks flow. What more could you ask for?
  • Lively discussion, good friends and fantastic show fans. Be there or be square.
There are a few ground rules:
  • For the most part, dissing the hamsters is fair game. They chose to be on the show and (often) humiliate themselves in front of the world.
  • That said, there are a few lines which, if crossed, might get comments deleted -- the really nasty comments about weight, looks, racial stuff, slurs, etc. It's better the comments focus on what the hamsters DO in the house, how they interact with others and such.
  • I'm not too personally keen on nicknames for the hamsters. Sometimes it's hard to know whom you're talking about when you call someone outside of their name. They're often confusing enough, especially right in the beginning!
  • Your fellow commenters in the community are NOT the topic of the blog! Folks are allowed to like or dislike any house hamster without being harassed about their choices! If you disagree with another about a hamster, state your case for (or against) the hamster without resorting to insulting the other commenter.
  • Not to be done example: "You're an idiot if you like Julie Chen! How stupid can you be?" Instead, a comment saying why YOU don't like Julie would stay aboard, not one being nasty to the other commenter.
  • Any trolling posts, especially from those who don't like reality shows and really have no business wasting their time here, will be removed. It's a show WE like and WE follow. It's OUR home.
  • Any spam will either not post to begin with or will be removed. I will be checking out any links posted and, if they're not related to the show or are suspicious, they will be removed.
  • I do ask folks to be leery about clicking on links not posted by me as sometimes it might be a few hours before I can check them out. I want everyone to be aware that viruses are out there!
  • If you want to be a part of the community here and you're posting as "anonymous," please come up with a sign-off name at the end of your comments. Otherwise, you'll be lost in a sea of anonymous posters and we won't "know" you by your comments.
Wow. That seems like a lot of rules, doesn't it? But, folks who have been aboard for years here will definitely understand why I'm posting them. We have a basically friendly and welcoming community here -- nasty to others in the community isn't a welcome thing. There are other sites to troll if that's your goal!

Hamster watchers ready?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Big Brother 15: Blog Pool Sign Up is ON!

Due to pool cleaning after the recent storms, we're a bit late in getting the blog pool sign-up going. Well, to be honest, things just kind of sneaked up on me ... my profuse apologies!

As a result of my lackadaisical ways (yikes!), the sign-ups begin NOW. The cut-off for signing up to be in the pool will be Friday evening, June 28, 6PM ET. The pool match-ups will be announced here on the blog Sunday evening, June 30, before the show.

The rockin' ORKMommy once again will be your lifeguard for the season. She'll randomly match up pool participants with house hamsters. You get to cheer on your blog pool hamster throughout the season until evicted, sequestered or sole Survivor ... hamster in the house. If your hamster wins it all, you get bragging rights until the next season! It's all in fun, no wagering, please!  I have no desire to take part in anyone's gambling addiction problems!

If you're posting as "anonymous," please sign off your comments with a name, some name, any name each time you post. You need to at least have a sign off name to be a part of the pool. Better yet, sign in with your Google account or Blogger account!

Hamster watchers ready? Dive in the pool NOW!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - June 23, 2013

Good Sunday morning to you! Me? I overslept today. It felt good, so I'm not too upset about it. However, it makes this post a bit later than usual. What's this post? Well, it's my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way.

For the television fans -- make sure you check out my hamster introduction post. I plan on checking out the videos today and will probably post more on the upcoming Big Brother 15.

I spent the early part of the week getting caught in downpours on my way home from work. Yes, just as I was leaving, we'd get thunderstorms and torrential rain. Grr. One day, one of my co-workers was kind enough to tell me -- "Oh, they've put up a tornado watch. There's rotation in the cloud." Thanks, like I needed that news as I was heading out into it! No, there was no tornado. I just got soaked despite my umbrella.

Thankfully, by midweek, we actually got in some days with no rain whatsoever. That's been very rare the last month or so. I just know that come August we'll be worried about drought and the lack of rain! That's how things seem to go. I'll put up with it as long as I don't have to deal with another storm like Sandy again. I just ask that the timing be a tad better -- for four days in a row, it started to storm right as I was leaving work. Y'know, Mother Nature, overnight rain would work out much better for me. Thank you in advance!

There isn't much else to report on this week. I worked. I ate. I slept some. I got stuck under a cat for long periods of time. So, we may as well go onto the photos for the week ...

Tiger Lily 2 photo IMG_8133a_zpsb94b9bc3.jpg
Tiger Lily

Last week I saw these had bloomed just a half-mile away from my 'hood, but hadn't come to life here yet. This week, they're going wild and I love it! Berckman Street, Plainfield.

Clover photo IMG_8161a_zpsc1d83c99.jpg
Weed or nature being creative?

Even in its most common efforts, I find nature so intricate and stunning!


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Big Brother 15: New Hamsters Revealed

Perhaps just speaking for myself for a moment here, I'm a bit disappointed with the lack of diversity in this cast. One 37-year old, one 31, one 32 ... the rest in their 20s. Two of the women are married, the rest of the cast is single. Gah! Not only is there a lack of age diversity, but it's a mighty white cast as well. Of course, that doesn't mean I won't watch. However, I'd really like to see a better mix of real people on the show, not star or starlet wannabes. But it is what it is and here's a brief look at the upcoming hamsters; the link on their first names leads you to their bios on the CBS website --

Aaryn Gries

Aaryn: 22, college student, single, originally from San Angelo, TX, now living in San Marco, TX. I think she might be a bit naive for this game. According to her, she's afraid of "People with evil or absent minds that hurt or deceive others." Um. What show is she competing on again? Oh, yeah. Big Brother.

Amanda Zuckerman

Amanda: 28, real estate agent, single, originally from Long Island, NY, currently living in Boynton Beach, FL. She thinks Britney is hilarious and didn't like Jen (BB8), so that's in her favor for me. She's afraid of sharks. Well, that's just common sense. BB has a lot of landsharks, though! I think she's more apt for the show than Aaryn.

Andy Herren

Andy: 26, professor, single, originally from Aurora, IL, currently lives in Chicago, IL. Dang, his bio on the CBS site is extremely loquacious. He seems to have a plan for the win. But if he talks as much as he writes, he'll drive 'em all crazy. He claims to be afraid of "I am slightly afraid of heights, but it is not crippling or anything. I am terrified of bees, though. And people who enjoy Tyler Perry movies." So we have a clown in the house.

Candice Stewart

Candice: 29, pediatric speech therapist, single, originally from New Orleans, now living in Houston, TX. She really liked Ian, really dislikes Boogie. So far, I'm feelin' the vibe. In addition to drop roller coasters, bugs and rodents, she says "I guess I am more afraid of more serious life issues like health and the well-being of my family." Hmm. I believe I like this one!

David Girton

David: 25, lifeguard, single, from San Diego, CA. Oh my. He has quasi-Hayden hair! He hopes his good looks will take him to the end. Sigh. He likes Jeff because he's a "cool cat" and got a great "babe." So, blog buddies ... is he going to be the hook-up king of the house? And, can you say "shallow?" Yep, I thought you could.

Elissa Slater

Elissa: Rachel Reilly's sister (SIGH, knock that off, Alison Grodner!), 27, nutritionist, married, originally from Concord, NC, currently living in Kannapolis, NC. Her favorite previous hamster was Rachel (of course), least favorite, Monet. She's afraid of heights and planes. I'm afraid of her sister reappearing on the show. NEXT ...

GinaMarie Zimmerman

GinaMarie: 32, pageant coordinator, single, originally from Brooklyn, NY, now living in Staten Island, NY. So far, this would be my local hamster. Let's see if I approve of her. (After all, it's all about ME!) Uh-oh, not thrilled, I say! When it came to the "afraid of" question, she said, "I would be afraid of aliens, if they ever exist, and if I ever see one I would probably s**t my pants. Those movies scare me." That's just weird. Way too into pageants for my taste, too!

Helen Kim

Helen: The OLD hamster at 37, political consultant, married, originally from Falls Church, WV, now living in Chicago, IL. She has a strategy in which she'll throw HoH, then let the stronger players get the boot first. (Yeah, that always works SO well!) She likes Jeff and calls Rachel a "drama queen." Y'think? She's afraid of blood and bugs. That's fine; she's not on Survivor, after all. I think I just might like this one, too.   

Howard Overby

Howard: 31, youth counselor, single, from Hattiesburg, MS. He's a longtime watcher -- he names Jason of BB2 as a like, Lisa of BB3 as a dislike. He's afraid of "spiders and big birds." He loves loves loves board games. (Have I mentioned how much I hate the chess game being in the house?)  He seems intelligent, seems to know his strategy. But I'm wondering if, since he mentions being intelligent often in his bio, he might be a bit off-putting. We'll see.

Jeremy McGuire

Jeremy: 23, boat shop associate, single, from Katy, TX. He's going to miss his Mom. As a matter of fact, she's the one who told him to try out for the show -- she's the BB fan; he's never watched it. He's afraid of "poisonous animals." I guess it's good that he's never watched and doesn't know what Elissa being Rachel's sister means! Will Momma's boy have a chance? 

Jessie Kowalski

Jessie: Thankfully, not THAT Jessie, phew! 25, unemployed, single, originally from Beaumont, TX, now living in San Antonio, TX. Well, the stipend vs. being unemployed will make her feel like a rich woman. She has a dog she loves. She liked Danielle (not Daniele) and didn't like Evel Dick. That's kind of understandable. She's afraid of flying and overpasses. I don't know. She seems a bit perky.

Judd Daughtery

Judd: 26, property appraiser, single, originally from Englewood, TN, now lives in Etowah, TN. He frog gigs. Yessirree, Bob, we gots a country boy here! He plans a very social and strategic game. He might find that his plan to find an older person to align with near impossible, though. He likes many previous hamsters, dislikes Cowboy and Ronnie. Afraid of heights and spiders. He gigs frogs, but is skeered of spiders?!? Sheesh!

Kaitlin Barnaby

Kaitlin: 23, bartender, single, originally from Vadnais Heights, MN, currently residing in Minneapolis, MN. What? She's not a mixologist? She's afraid of spiders, the dark and dying alone. Um. Well, hopefully she won't have to worry about the latter for decades. She's a kid! She claims to be a "very closed-off person" and that she'll keep to herself. Yeah, right. If she's the first bimbo in bed, I'm going to call her on that!

McCrae Olson

McCrae: 23, pizza delivery boy, single, from Oak Grove, MN. Huh. I wonder why his photo is the only one that's not an outright head shot? An ambitious lad, for sure, he likes "typical boy stuff." Why do I get the feeling that, if he doesn't win the show, his parents are going to have him at home until he's well into his 30s? He likes Will Kirby. That's good. He's afraid of "Mice and ventriloquist dummies." He might be okay. My personal jury is out on him.

Nick Uhas

Nick: 28, an entrepreneur, single, originally from Hilliard, NY, now lives in NYC, NY. An entrepreneur, eh? Is that a synonym for "unemployed?" He does have a strategy to be in an alliance through thick and thin. That's a good plan. He claims to have no fears because of his mind control abilities, brags about his grades at Yale and touts his physical excellence in various sports. He likes Boogie. Oh my.

Spencer Clawson

Spencer: 31, railroad conductor, single, from Conway, AR. Little diversity, but two red-headed dudes! He says he's polarizing -- people either really like him or they don't. He also says he's opinionated and "chill." I would think that's a bit of an oxymoron, wouldn't you? He then says people are drawn to him. He likes James (Rhine) and Enzo the best, Chima the least. I guess I'll either like him or not. I might be drawn to him like a moth to a flame. I don't know.

So, that's our summer hamsters. Do you have any early favorites?