Thursday, August 31, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds Bulletin - HoH Winner - August 31

Well, we know Josh and Paul are safe

Apparently the rain let up enough for them to do the HoH comp. The feeds were blocked for it. But when they returned, Christmas was wearing the HoH key. My early guess is that Alex or Jason will be the target.

BB19: Live Eviction and HoH Show Blog Party - August 31

As the show airs here, I'll be live-blogging and constantly updating this entry -- refresh the page to get the latest! As always, the real party is in the comments area. Come join in on the fun! 

For those who, like I am, are in the NYC viewing area -- WCBS 2 out of Manhattan has football, sister station WLNY 10/55 is airing BB at its normal time.

Here are the blog pool match-ups for easy reference tonight --

Alex Ow - jujufruit423, caela, Donna in FL, Nickelpeed
Christmas Abbott - Willie J, Rich from Buffalo, Glenn, QuixoticElf
Jason Dent - Donna in Alabama, Cheryl in NC, jo Chapman, Marthalight
Josh Martinez - Petals, Stormy, Kelsey in NY, Dr_Celine
Kevin Schlehuber - elee86, aya, SueGee on the Left Coast
Matthew Clines - JonMD1267, T-Town Chick, Sharon C
Paul Abrahamian - Indiana Jane, Jackie, Brian, Marlo L
Raven Walton - Kristen from Ohio, David, Nora

Cody Nickson
Elena Davies
Mark Jansen 

Hamster watchers ready?  Let's have a recap!

Julie tells us promises made can blow up your game. (Y'think?) And, then we're into the recap. 

They promise us chaos (probably not to the extent we saw on the live feeds) and a jury segment. Julie mentions that they all have started to turn on each other. Well, that was sure to happen.

Raven tearfully tells us how loyal a game she has played. Mark continues to smile as he talks (and later will smile while yelling at Jason). He claims that Jason is hiding in the storage room. And, yes, he is.

Mark confronts Jason. Raven screams at him saying he lied. Jason denies he said he would take Raven off the block. (Yes, he did tell her that.) Alex thinks what Jason did is bad for her own game. (Yes, it is.) Both Kevin and Josh have moved in case of fisticuffs. Matt is off the wall mad ... although smiling. At least his tongue isn't sticking out.

Meanwhile, Paul works on reeling Raven into the fold. 

Matt decides to play spy and find out who voted for him to go last week. He asks Kevin first. Kevin said he voted Mark. Jason admits being one vote. Alex lies and said she voted Mark. I actually don't blame her because the wrath would then come her way. 

Kevin tells Matt alone that he didn't vote out Matt. Paul goes to run interference. Paul thinks Kevin is in cahoots with Matt for jury votes. Paul spreads his theory to the rest. And, like with all so far this season, they believe Paul.

Josh picks a stupid fight with Kevin. Josh brings up Kevin winning the 25 grand. Kevin says that Josh is being set up and Josh is just a little chump. Kevin knows the score. (But can he actually win anything?)

Now both Jason and Kevin are targets and Paul is gleeful to have set it in motion. 

Josh cries to Christmas. Christmas picks up on the fact Kevin wouldn't swear on his kids that he didn't take the money. Christmas knows, since Kevin did swear on them about the Matt vote. She draws the conclusion that Alex was the second vote and is "dangerous." 

Jury house segment. Elena and Cody have Paul's number. Mark not so much but he's getting there. 

Live vote. Julie tells us Matt has a penalty vote for not following Have Not rules.
Matt -- Thanks to CBS and BB, love all the HG, don't kill each other, Raven best human.
Raven -- Thanks BB, speaks of disease. Thanks to Matt. It will be different without you.

The votes to evict:
Alex -- Matt
Kevin -- Matt
Paul -- Matt
Christmas -- Matt
Josh -- Matt

Unanimous plus one for Matt to go. Raven cries more like it's news to her.

Yikes! They can't play the HoH comp right now due to rain conditions! 

Next Thursday will be a double eviction.

I don't think the HoH comp will play out on the live feeds. And, even if it does, I have to be up early in the morning to go to work. I'll let you know what I find out when I find out! 

Thanks for coming by!

BB19: Live Feeds into Thursday - August 31

C'mon, Kevin ... win HoH!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Inmate Ingrates:
  • Keep telling yourself ... it's a show. It's not life or death or even someone whom you really know or love. It's a television show. They signed up to be in it. We know better than to ever apply to be on it.
  • I'm so tired of all of the ire, media frenzy and outrage. It's just not worth it all. I put a lot of effort into things BB and have since the first season. Every year there are embellishments, outrage and such. This year is hitting a peak.
  • You just can't let the show or its cast get to you. It's a television show.
  • Okay, to what happened yesterday ...
  • Um, not all that much.
  • Jason told Kevin that if it comes down to between Alex and him (Kevin), he'd have to go with Alex.
  • After all, she's his ride or die.
  • Unless they keep winning, she will be the "die" part of that.
  • Paul, Christmas and Josh plan on taking them out next.
  • With the exception of Jason, pretty much everybody else is almost shunning Kevin.
  • I would so love to see them scamper for his favor if he were to win HoH tonight.
  • Kevin and Jason had a long talk -- Kevin wants to apologize to Alex. He claims he doesn't dislike her, just dislikes how she's treating him.
  • I would think she (and the others) actually owe Kevin an apology.
  • But I doubt that will happen.
  • Unless he wins HoH, that is.
  • Unfortunately, at this point, I'm not sure Kevin can even win any comps.
  • Kevin is rotating between saying he wants to go home and he's not ready to leave yet.
  • Hmm.
  • Matt continues to break the rules. Now it's to the point that if everyone voted for Raven to go, Matt would probably go on penalties.
  • They'll be voting him out anyway.
  • Most of them have been studying days and comps in preparation for the HoH comp.
  • They're not including Kevin in the study groups.
  • If he's thinking on his own, he has no one to really correct him if he has something in the wrong order.
  • Sigh.
  • As the night wore on, Kevin did join in with small talk with Paul, Josh, Jason and Christmas. It was cordial. But no one talked game to him.
  • Later on, Paul tried to convince Kevin to throw the HoH comp.
  • Kevin told him he doesn't want to be a Have Not again.
  • I guess we'll see tonight what happens. 

Trejo, whatever

Christmas ... bah, humbug!

I hope they don't fall out

Definitely falls for peer pressure

Symbolic of Final 3? No. 4 below?

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

BB19: Power of Veto Show Blog Party - August 30

As the show airs here, I'll be live-blogging and constantly updating this entry -- refresh the page to get the latest! As always, the real party is in the comments area. Come join in on the fun! 

Do remember ... this is a television show. We have much more critical things affecting our lives than what stupidity and such these fools say and do in the house. And, with that in mind ... on with the show. 

Recap time. And we're reminded that Kevin is the odd man out. Of course. 

Jason tells us there is no backdoor plan for Kevin and that Matt is the target. Both Jason and Paul have Raven convinced she will be pulled off the block if someone wins veto. Jason also tells us he's wearying of protecting Kevin. 

Matt sincerely promises Raven that if he wins veto, he'll save her. I do believe he would. But his statement about her deserving to be in the game more? I personally don't think either was good casting this season -- both have been just having a summer vacation. 

Alex tries to convince Jason that Kevin is mean to everyone. She wants him out over Matt and Raven. 

Veto players picking time! Jason randomly picks Josh. Matt gets Paul. Raven gets Kevin. Ha. She didn't want Kevin! 

Paul tells us if he wins, he'll pull off Raven, Jason will put up Kevin and he (Paul) will stir the pot while keeping "squeaky clean." Jason doesn't feel right about the situation and claims (to us) that he needs to win the veto to keep the nominations the same. According to him, it was only a ruse they were pawns. He doesn't want Kevin out. At least, not this week.

The backyard has cabanas and new pool toys. It's the Hide a Veto comp during which they hide the vetoes and then go seek. The one hidden the best wins. This is the veto comp in which they destroy the house. They each get three minutes (separately) to hide their veto cards. Then they each have two minutes to find a veto. All of them go in separately and Jason was the first one to find one.

Heh. Raven finds Matt's veto. 

Kevin seems to be kvetching more than searching. Raven finds a second one. Remember -- it's not what they find, it's the one not found that wins. Matt finds one. Jason finds the fifth card.

The cards found in order:
1. Jason found Josh
2. Raven found Matt 
3. Raven found Kevin
4. Matt found Paul
5. Jason found Raven

As his card wasn't found, Jason wins the Power of Veto!

They returned to the trashed house. But, at least they have new pool toys! Alex thinks that Jason will put Kevin up. 

Kevin goes to talk to Jason. He asks if Matt goes out. Jason decides to ask of Kevin would be a willing pawn if he pulls Raven off. Kevin doesn't see the logic in the plan. He thinks someone else put a bug in Jason's ear (or so he tells us). He does not want to go on the block. Jason tells us he won't do it -- he considers Kevin his pal. Alex and Paul are not thrilled. Alex thinks that putting Kevin up would buy peace for the week. Jason is getting the idea that Paul and Alex actually want to vote Kevin out. 

Alex now wants Kevin out more than ever. She thinks Jason has gone rogue and is too chummy with Kevin. Christmas backs up Alex with Jason and talks about Matt and Raven's jury votes. Then Paul joins in on the talk. Jason talks to us about the mob tactics used this season in the house. At least he sees it exists. 

Veto meeting time.
Raven -- I trust you.
Matt -- At home on the block, please use on the little gypsy.

Jason -- Coming back to my core thoughts will work best. I've decided not to use the power of veto. Will entertain a question from you if you wish. Alex and Paul look ticked, perhaps more ticked than Matt.

Raven cries to us.

BB19: Live Feeds into Wednesday - August 30

Things are all going kerflooey for him now

This isn't going to be the usual live feeds from inside the Big Brother House of Toxicity:
  • There have been many controversial, false accusations and just plain acts of stupidity in the house the last few days.
  • The backlash will affect the livelihoods and lives of the hamsters involved, without a doubt.
  • Chances are the redress will go towards the hamsters saying the nasty things rather than the person who's the target of the statements.
  • While I'm not happy that my own guilty summer pleasure and I put such work into this each summer for a few dollars here and there and the community on the blog ... I'm not about to get all up in arms over the hamsters.
  • I work in a toxic enough workplace in my personal life.
  • I don't like to be amidst hate and hostility.
  • It's just not me.
  • I personally don't think folks should get all excited about some people on a television show. Get excited about helping people struck by Harvey. Get excited about the unrest in the nation and in the world. Get excited about the real catastrophes going on in the world today.
  • This is just a TV show we watch.
  • Yes, if we were in there, it could be construed as a hostile workplace or some such thing.
  • Yes, if we were in there, we would be surrounded by toxic people and our lives would be miserable.
  • But in the grand scheme of things ... they chose to go on the show. BB gives them counseling after the season. Perhaps they didn't realize how horrible things can get. but there are some issues every season.
  • The positive is that BB production might realize changes need to be made. 
  • Let's all take a few deep breaths and relax a bit ... or take our passion to the important things about living on this planet today.
  • If someone on the show says something stupid or unwarranted, hey ... that's on them. They will have to live with any repercussions.
  • And, just how does that affect us? It doesn't, really. If it does, perhaps it helps us to realize that we might need to be more compassionate and caring about others.
  • Please keep comments to the PG-rating. If you quote from other sites that are more lenient than that, go for all asterisks. 
  • As for the house news, yes ... they are ganging up on Kevin at Paul's bequest. Paul wants them to think that Kevin turned against Jason and Alex. And, it's working.
  • Kevin admitted to Matt that he lied about the 25 grand with good cause, but never lied about the vote for him last week.
  • Matt continues to defy the Have Not rules and will surely go home this week.
  • Paul and Christmas next want Jason out.  

Hold it together, Kevin.

The tongue strikes again

Please let that shirt go with Matt

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Tuesday - August 29

All in the game, yo, all in the game.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Confined Cruelty:
  • Y'know, if the house is going to go all kerflooey, they need to not do it on the evening I work late and have to get up early for work the next day!
  • Hmm. Now Josh is saying how he can't stand Kevin and Paul is telling him to cool it because they have to keep him until the final four.
  • Hmm.
  • So now Paul must figure that Alex and Jason are too big a threat? Raven too big a threat? Hmm.
  • Of course, he could be just saying it for Josh and have something totally different in mind.
  • Christmas, Josh and Paul think Kevin would be easier to beat at the end. Of course, they're talking in the comps -- not in popularity or an F2 situation.
  • They're thinking of putting Alex and Jason up next week, telling them they're backdooring Kevin.
  • Um. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I don't think Jason and Alex would buy it.
  • Matt and Raven are now in good graces of Paul and Company. Matt is doing all he can to be voted out (penalties for eating, etc. as a Have Not) to ensure Raven will stay in the game.
  • Paul and Company have already taken Raven under their wings, telling her the plan to put up Alex and Jason. They tell her she must play along that Kevin will be backdoored.
  • Um. WHAT?
  • Didn't that just happen with her and Matt?
  • They tell her it's Alex they want out. Never mind that it's Jason who has such greatly offended her.
  • All Kevin really wants at this point is Raven out before he goes.
  • Kevin also said that if he wins HoH, he wants to put Raven up twice on the block to make sure she leaves.
  • Heh.
  • Kevin wants Raven voted out this week, not Matt.
  • That won't happen -- Paul wants Matt out, plus Matt is adding up the penalties. He is sleeping with Raven not in the Have Not Room.
  • Christmas and Paul plan a fake fight to act like they're not working together.
  • In the wee hours, Paul had a talk with the camera (us). He's thinking he might go the whole season without being on the block. He claims he's so happy, but it's a lonely happiness because he can't really share it with anyone. 
  • And, he says, "I'm pretty sure I'm a psychopath, but ... &#($ it. I don't care."
  • Oh my. If only he used his power for the force of good! 

Sigh. This is sad.

I'm in with the In Crowd!

I cooked every day for them!

BB19: Live Feeds, Veto Meeting Monday - August 28

And they eat food off of there?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Chaotic Crazies:
  • The morning was relatively quiet.
  • All heck broke loose after the veto meeting.
  • As I predicted, Jason did not use the veto.
  • So, Raven and Matt are still on the block.
  • And they're livid.
  • Both screamed at Jason for what seems like forever.
  • Raven yelled that he lied to her.
  • Matt got so heated and in Jason's face that I noticed all of a sudden both Josh and Kevin standing there ready to put themselves between them.
  • Matt claims he doesn't care.
  • He ate food (Have Not) and took a hot shower.
  • BB gave him a penalty vote.
  • So, he ate more.
  • Meanwhile, Paul is already moving on with his plan to oust Kevin next week.
  • He's egging them on to give Kevin a hard time.
  • Even though Jason said something absolutely horrible about Kevin;s family (not to Kevin) and the internet is in an uproar, it was indeed said in jest.
  • But, no, it shouldn't have been said at all.
  • They remain friends.
  • That is, until Kevin leaves the room.
  • Sigh.
  • This is a total mess.
  • But Matt will be out of there this week.
  • That's good. 

Morning laps and yaps

Before the fireworks

Matt goes off on Jason

Kevin and Josh were the bodyguards

Maybe a house will fall on her

Monday, August 28, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Monday - August 28

Let's imagine it's Ian rocking on the hammock

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Casting Catastrophes:
  • I just don't know about this season.
  • I have a lot of "what ifs" in my head.
  • What if Christmas didn't break her foot? 
  • What if Paul hadn't returned to the game and received protection in the first few weeks?
  • What if Cameron had stayed in it?
  • What if they doled out alcohol to this bunch as in all previous seasons?
  • What if casting had nixed putting someone like Raven in there who claims to be so sickly, thus getting more attention to her "cause" and working on the sympathy of cast and fans? *That is, until we all realized that, while she does have some health issues, much of it is embellished.
  • What if Raven hadn't been cast? Would Matt actually play the game or just sit around in that nasty orange shirt with his tongue sticking out the side of his mouth?
  • Oh, well. As people who lose would say ... "it is what it is."
  • Of course, I don't think that the production people realized that everybody would fall for and follow Paul this far into the season!
  • He's been playing the game and his fellow hamsters every single minute.
  • And they're practically blinded by the light. Or something like that.
  • Anyway ... to the day and evening yesterday ...
  • It seemed like a replay of the day before with the exception of not having a totally messed up house from the veto comp.
  • Paul still worked his anti-Kevin agenda.
  • Matt and Raven are sure it's a backdoor plan to get Kevin out and they are indeed just pawns.
  • They did have the yard yesterday.
  • Josh, Christmas, Paul, Alex and Jason sat around trash-talking Raven, Matt, Cody and Mark.
  • And, to a lesser extent (at that time), Kevin.
  • Kevin and Matt are Have Nots this week as they were the first two out of the HoH comp.
  • Kevin fixed up his bed and claims it's now the most comfortable bed in the house.
  • Jason says that Kevin takes his food to be all rebellious and act the villain like he's going to cheat at Have Not, then just throws out the food.
  • In her long list of worldly deeds, Raven claims to have held a real toucan and a sloth.
  • Well, she's held Matt. We know the sloth part is true.
  • Heehee.
  • Paul and Christmas look forward to the arrival of the dollar store games and arts and crafts to keep away the boredom.
  • Josh thinks that Kevin is indeed a father, but thinks his kids are younger than Kevin is claiming. (I doubt anyone could keep up those intricate "lies" about colleges and places the kids are living ...!)
  • Alex still thinks Kevin is all a fake, a hoax.
  • Raven supposedly was in a doctor's office during 9/11 and choreographed a dance tribute to the day. Um. She was about five years old!
  • To her credit, I guess she could have done it later.
  • I guess.
  • Matt and Raven had a big cinnamon and milk throwing fight in the kitchen. Raven claims it was all Matt's fault. Yep, he's her Door Matt and she steps all over him.
  • Later Matt and Raven talked about staging the fake fight and how everyone believed it was real.
  • Hmm.
  • Paul is still working the couples angle in the guise of getting Kevin out. He told Raven that if Jason doesn't use the veto, Josh and Christmas will be angry. He also told her that Josh and Christmas think Alex and Jason are on a power trip.
  • Hey, this way Paul is covered in all cases!
  • Later, he discussed the pros and cons of Matt versus Raven out with Jason and Alex. He thinks if they get Matt out, Raven will be easy to control.
  • I don't know. Raven has come closer to winning comps than Matt!
  • So ... in today's veto meeting, what will Jason do?
  • I say he will keep the nominations the same.
  • And, it's more likely that Matt will go over Raven this week.
  • After all, that's what Paul wants.  

Josh calls her Creepy Christmas

Again ... who is responsible for casting?

The tongue thing and shirt need to go

Gathering of "friends"

Sunday, August 27, 2017

BB19: HoH, Nominations Show Blog Party - August 27

As the show airs here, I'll be live-blogging and constantly updating this entry -- refresh the page to get the latest! As always, the real party is in the comments area. Come join in on the fun!

But first ... the recap. 

Okay, we're to the hot dog buns hanging hamsters HoH comp. They're getting squirted on them and we're getting DR session bits from all. Alex tells us that she and Jason decided one of them would rogue vote Matt and blame it on Kevin. Her vote was indeed accidental and thus Matt got two votes to go.  The wall of buns is tipping, too. Kevin slips and is out first, thinking he needs to depend on Alex or Jason to win and keep him safe.

Matt is out. He want Raven or Paul to win to put up Alex and Jason on the block. Josh is down. Paul jumps, faking that he fell. Raven goes out immediately after Paul. It's down to Jason and Alex. They "fight" for it. Raven is upset that they're staying up. Alex wants safety and a jury vote. Matt is mad because poor Raven is shivering and crying. Ha. Alex finally jumps and Jason wins HoH.

BB switched out the kitchen table for the mid-size one while they were out doing the comp. Jason tells us he wants to put Matt and Raven on the block. Matt is hoping Jason will go after Kevin.

Josh tells Alex that Kevin was freaking out about the hinky Matt votes to Paul. He thinks it's proof that Kevin was the vote. Meanwhile, Jason tells Kevin that it was him and Alex. He tells Kevin to act like he doesn't know.

So now everybody thinks Kevin was one of the votes. If they could blame both votes on him, they would. 

Paul and Alex talk -- they want to make Matt and Raven think that Kevin will be backdoored if they both go on the block. They buy the story.

Jason admitted to Alex that he told Kevin they were the votes for Matt to go. Now she's thinking that Kevin might be a liability to their game. 

A segment on how Raven can't talk. Another segment on the lies she tells. 

The Tree of Temptation is back for its second round at the hamsters. Paul points out to us that the bad apples outweigh the possibility of the good. 

Christmas picks up on Josh being a bit suspicious of Paul. He thinks Paul is getting too close to Alex and Jason. Who woulda thunk that it would be JOSH of all people who is catching onto Paul? 

Kevin tells Jason he fell because he's had surgeries on his wrist. The vote comes up again. Jason really wants him to calm down because his digging will spotlight him.

Raven goes to Jason because she wants to know if she's going on the block. He hints to her that Kevin is still his target (as he had previously told her). She buys it. Jason tells Paul they -- Matt and Raven -- need to be split. If Matt goes, Raven should crumble. Raven tells Matt that Kevin is the real target.

Time for the nominations ceremony.
Jason first nominates Raven, then Matt. Old hat for them, feel comfortable, know the real agenda -- another hint at the backdoor Kevin plan for the two comfortable nominees.

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - August 27, 2017

Good morning! Since it's a Sunday morning, this is my weekly off television topic post taking a look at the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. This weekly post is done year in, year out. Big Brother, the main draw for so many of you, only lasts about three months -- although sometimes it seems to be a lifetime. If you're here solely for the BB posts, please feel free to skip this post. You can find my latest BB19 posts by using this link.

This week has been rather icky for me. I caught some kind of bug and was down for the count for several days at the beginning of the week. I missed the eclipse entirely. But, since I didn't have proper eye protection, didn't want to ruin my camera and it wasn't all that full around here, plus a gazillion people across the country photographed and took video of it, I don't really regret my extended rest at the time. I certainly saw enough of it! I'd rather photograph things the whole world isn't watching or those things we all see but don't take the time to appreciate.

That's not to say I took such great photos this week. I was only out and about for three work days. Other than that, I was confined to my bed ... and my bathroom.

Hey, maybe I was taking bubble baths!

Or not.

Without further ado, here are the photos I took this week ...

Nature remains wondrous

When you walk with Jesus ...

... he'll save your soul. (Credit to Tom Waits) 
I've been rewatching The Wire on Amazon Prime. It reminds me of the correlations between Baltimore and Plainfield albeit Plainfield is a much smaller city. Since the show was aired, Plainfield's Hispanic population has grown to the point where they'll be tipping the percentage scales soon, if not already. I don't know if Baltimore's percentages have changed in the same manner. But, when the show first aired, it reflected this town, too. Now, in the current day, the violent crimes seem to be MS-13 or 18th Street related more than sects of the Bloods. Hey, I'm just a citizen as are the majority of folks living here. I took this shot from the Plainfield Train Station looking at North Avenue.


BB19: Live Feeds into Sunday Dawn - August 27

Matt imitation?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Froot Loop Dinguses:
  • The caption on the above screen cap of Alex is because a good third of the time, Matt has his tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth.
  • While Alex is making a face, with Matt it's a habit. It annoys me. Make him stop.
  • Now, keep in mind that Jason told Raven he would take her off the block if he won veto.
  • He won veto.
  • Raven thinks that he can't break his word because he has a Southern accent and a good Southern man will keep his word on national television.
  • @@
  • This is Big Brother, a game usually built on lies, deceit and trickery.
  • Or, this season, built on a bunch of people not bright enough to boot Paul.
  • Anyway, when he made the nominations of Matt and Raven, Matt was the target.
  • They planned on making Kevin nervous by making it seem like it might be a backdoor plan for him to go. Or, at the very least, he would go on the block if either Raven or Matt came down.
  • But now it seems like the plan might have taken wings -- Alex and Paul are pushing a whole lotta shade Kevin's way.
  • With Kevin, he talks to us. So we know pretty much where he stands. He's a bit leery, but unaware to the most part about the latest.
  • Paul talks to us, too. But he hasn't had alone time with the camera since the things started to change. I think he's still setting Kevin up for soon, but willing to go Raven or Matt this week.
  • Alex and Jason don't talk to the cameras (us) hardly at all. It's pretty clear where Alex stands. But Jason is a bit trickier to read. Is he playing along with all of this just to not make waves at the moment? Or, has he a bond with Kevin that he will find hard to break when push comes to shove?
  • Hmm.
  • Kevin certainly has picked up on the change with Christmas. Up until a few weeks ago she was all over him to the point where feedsters were screaming as they watched -- "He's married! Stop that!" Now she's almost blatantly avoiding him.
  • Meanwhile, Paul is trying his best to convince Jason to put Kevin on the block, claiming he's a counterfeit. I think some of this is due to them now thinking that Kevin might be an undercover cop like Derrick. And, not only that, but one who knows Derrick! 
  • Kevin had said in his bio that he met Derrick at some BB meet and greet kind of event with his daughter. He told the others that he once met Derrick. Then Derrick made his show appearance recently. Now, all of a sudden, Kevin must work with Derrick!
  • Oh, geez.
  • I don't know if Jason will buckle, save Raven and put Kevin up.
  • I don't think he will. But he's definitely getting pressured.
  • Paul told Christmas that if Jason keeps Kevin safe (off the block) this week, their final four will change to include himself (Paul), Christmas, Josh and Kevin.
  • Hmm.

The boys need to team up

I wouldn't have predicted his survival

Nasty shirt needs to be burned

Saturday, August 26, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Saturday Evening, Veto Winner - August 26

All veto players got shirts
... maybe because that's the only way to get Matt to change his shirt.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Squalor Squirrels:
  • The veto players were actually picked last night -- Paul, Kevin and Josh in addition to Matt, Raven and Jason.
  • So, the hamsters thought the comp would be a night comp.
  • It wasn't.
  • Heh.
  • They worried for nothing!
  • The core group that aren't nominees keep going back and forth a bit over who they want out more.
  • But thankfully, it's still sticking with Matt or Raven.
  • Kevin is on the short list, though.
  • Jason wants to keep the nominations the same so one of them goes.
  • Raven has been asking people (Jason/Paul) to save her if one of them wins the veto.
  • She actually thinks that might happen.
  • The others are letting Kevin stew thinking he might be backdoored.
  • Well, the comp was the hide the veto placards, then go around the house ripping it up looking for hidden vetoes.
  • Jason won!
  • Raven is hoping Jason will keep his promise.
  • Heh.
  • Paul now has a new floatie toucan he's named Traybo. Or Trayvo. Something like that.
  • Jason also wore a floatie frog around for a bit. He said he'd wear it long enough to get it on television, then give it to his son Gatlyn when he goes home.
  • I don't think Jason will use the veto.
  • And, oh so sadly, either Matt or Raven should go home this week.
  • It's just breaking my heart to know that one of them will leave us.
  • They've both been such a big part of the house and of entertainment value this season.
  • Sniffle.
  • Ha. 

Cleaning up the mess

Paul now has a toucan named "Traybo"

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Friday, August 25, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Friday Evening, Nominations - August 25

I must win. I'm such a sickly waif.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Targets and Tangents:
  • When I last left you, people were throwing all kinds of shade at Kevin.
  • Yet, that's not who they want out this week.
  • If he can't step his game up, he will be a target soon.
  • But the consensus of the main players is that Matt should go.
  • Kevin would actually prefer Raven out at this point. He tries not to be in the same room with her. Apparently just her voice has the chalk on a blackboard effect on his ears. He visibly cringes when she shrieks.
  • So do I.
  • Alex told Jason she honestly blacked out on her vote in the eviction and she was the second vote for Matt to go instead of Mark.
  • Hmm.
  • I kind of doubt it. But they do get all wound up for their private moment with Julie Chen. If memory serves, she stumbled over her words trying to get shout-outs out.
  • Then again, she might have just realized lying will get her nowhere and it's not such a big deal anyway.
  • Kevin had a long talk with the camera (us and his family). He thinks he's doing pretty good so far -- after all, he hasn't been on the block.
  • Yet.
  • I worry that his first time on the block will be his last time on the block.
  • Raven isn't only getting on Kevin's nerves, but Alex is on her case more and more daily.
  • I told you that Alex and Jason complained about Raven's cooking before. Well, now Alex is saying that Raven cooks way too much and they're spoiling food.
  • Hey, the cereal isn't getting stale with Matt around!
  • There is a controversy whether Kevin jumped or fell in the comp.
  • I was watching and it seemed accidental.
  • But I could be wrong.
  • Apparently Kevin said something to Jason about his wrist giving out due to weakness from a surgery.
  • Hmm.
  • Raven has been trying to get in Josh's favor and, gullible lad he is, he was believing she honestly likes him.
  • Um, no.
  • Christmas set him straight on that one. She told him that Raven is just using him and he shouldn't be listening to her.
  • She's probably right on that count.
  • The Tree of Temptation reappeared.
  • No one took the bait.
  • There are more bad things they could get than good things.
  • I believe the tree only has one more showing in the house before it's gone to seed.
  • In the end, Jason did the right thing -- that is, what I wanted him to do -- he nominated Matt and Raven for eviction.
  • I'd be fine with either leaving.
  • If one of them wins veto, the other will probably go.
  • I think both of them have worn out their welcome in the house.
  • We'll see who wins veto tomorrow ... 

True love is popping his pimples. EW!

Paul is not his target. Not yet, anyway.

Kevin talks to us. Or his family. Or both.

Ohh! Fisticuffs. All in jest, though.

I'm nominated! I get more DR sessions!

BB19: Live Feeds into Friday - August 25

Into East Coast dawn

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Fierce Franks:
  • If you missed my HoH update post (previous to this one), it got down to Alex and Jason. Alex ended up jumping and Jason won.
  • After they went back into the house ... lo and behold ... it's (finally) the small table!
  • Matt and Raven aren't happy campers.
  • Sucks to be them, huh?
  • Maybe Matt should have tried harder to win.
  • I will admit Raven did seem to try.
  • Hmm. When Kevin asked Alex about the Matt (not Mark) eviction votes and she claimed she didn't remember who she voted for. Hmm.
  • Jason admitted to Kevin that the two votes to keep Mark were him and Alex. Kevin doesn't want people to think it was him (Kevin).
  • Yet Alex let Josh think it was Kevin.
  • Paul is "sure" the two votes to evict Matt were Kevin and Raven.
  • Now, that one doesn't even make sense.
  • Meanwhile, no matter who did it, Matt and Raven know two votes were for Matt to go. They, for the first time, seem actually worried.
  • Kevin told Paul the votes came from Alex and Jason. 
  • They denied it to Paul.
  • Meanwhile, Josh and Christmas know it was Alex and Jason, but will pretend to believe Kevin was one of the votes.
  • What a mess for poor Kevin!
  • Alex wants everybody but Paul to think it was Kevin and Raven.
  • A bit late for that, I'd say.
  • Josh, once again, should get a penalty for violating his Have Not rules. He was eating something under a blanket. 
  • The HoH reveal came late.
  • But was enjoyed by all.
  • Alex wants Matt out this week. So does Jason.
  • So does Paul
  • So, it will probably come to be.
  • But Alex next wants to set sights on Kevin. She thinks he's lying about everything and he's a cop like Derrick.
  • Interesting ... they've gone from thinking Kevin is a mobster to thinking he's a cop as the days have gone on.
  • Heck, I'm watching the feeds and I'm not quite sure what the man does. 
  • But he's not lying about the wife and seven kids. I do know that much.
  • I'm sad to see him targeted (after Matt), but he will have to step up his game to stay.
  • That's the buzz ... 

Please let them target Matt and Raven

Who wants to see my HoH room?

Scheming? Nah. Kevin story time.