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TV Newsy Bits - Saturday, March 31, 2007

Jackie's TV Newsy Bits
I'm finally feeling better after a bout with a stomach bug. Phew! It took a few days.

In TV Newsy Bits I found out and about the web:

  • The Survivor Fever site has a transcription of Rocky's appearance on The Early Show. Rocky, of course, is the beloved (heh) most recent castaway on Survivor 14: Fiji.
  • Can't get enough Rocky? Reality News Online also has an interview with him.
  • According to Celebrity Spider, Dancing With the Stars Heather Mills is terrified of the jive. Will those bets pay off?
  • has an interesting interview with Michael Emerson, concentrating on the Lost character he plays... Ben. I think he does a tremendous job in the role.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

'Survivor 14: Fiji' - Ep. 7 -or- "Yow, Yau-Man!"

Nothing fluff about this episode, that's for sure!

Twelve are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

The show opened on Day 17 at the Ravu camp as Tribe Testosterone awaited the arrival of Lisi from Exile Island. Alex and Edgardo think she'll be loyal to them and all are worried about her state of mind because she seemed ready to quit went sent away.

Over at Moto, it's also a numbers game. Earl wants to change the power as it stands three Old Moto and three New Moto. What could tip the scale? The hidden Immunity Idol, of course. Both Yau-Man and Earl have clues to the location of the Idol in the camp and Yau-Man is all but positive he knows the exact location. They agree to work together. Earl led the others off to find the boat (yeah, right) as Yau-Man started digging.
Yau-Man Pets the Immunity Idol
And... he found it! It's a carved turtle on a string. He kissed it. He fondled it. He danced with it. he talked to it. Then he quickly covered the evidence of digging. In confessional, he said that Earl is an honorable and trusted man. He thought of not telling him, but feels Earl would be loyal. They would share the Idol. If one needs it, one has it. He told Earl on the sly and Earl seems to think Yau-Man's trustworthy, too.

The Reward Challenge consisted of three huge flammable targets for each tribe, thusly labeled even. Each tribe member would take a turn trying to sling a flameball-doohickey (technical term) from a scoop-thingie at the targets. (Aren't you glad to have a pro here to explain such things with the correct terminology?)

The reward itself would be a seaplane trip to a Fijian game arcade, complete with hot dogs and beer. The winning tribe would also send a member from the losing tribe to Exile Island. Tribe Testosterone Plus One, er... Ravu, won Reward and chose to send Earl to Exile Island. This would mark the first challenge of any type that Ravu has won. But, was it worth the win? We'll see!

So, there it was. Day 18 on Exile Island. Make that Earl's Island, tourists welcome and a beautiful ocean view. Yes, Earl was quite at home there as he imagined it to be his own place, even drawing "Earl's Island" quite artistically in the sand. He didn't bother to look for a clue, just relaxed and caught shellfish to eat.

Perhaps Ravu would have been better off if sent to Exile Island. Most were cramming two or more hot dogs in a roll and making pigs of themselves. Rocky annoyed them all by mocking their stomachaches later when they were sick. He wasn't sick because he didn't overdo the food. I guess he can think sometimes, eh?

Back at Moto, Boo thinks they need to step up the game and win the Immunity Challenge. After all, it's the first time he's lost any challenge. He automatically decides that if someone has to be voted off, it would have to be Yau-Man because he's the weakest on a physical level.

But Yau-Man certainly isn't weak on a thinking-ahead level. While the girls were sleeping and Boo otherwise occupied, Yau-Man made a fake Immunity Idol out of a coconut half. He painted a little face on it and tagged it I.I., for Immunity Idol. He wrapped it up and buried it where he had found the real one, but not as deep. I loved it! It could have ramifications if someone finds it and tries to use it at a Tribal Council. Now, that would be great!
Skull Breaking Immunity Challenge
The Immunity Challenge had tribe members blindfolded as one member was a caller directing them one at a time. The blindfolded tribe member had a Fijian war club which had to be used to break a hanging skull, sort of like a piñata. Not quite a piñata as it was a small and a skull, but the same concept.

Once the skull was broken, a bundle of tiles would fall out. The tribe member had to drop the bundle at a table, then return to his fellow members, all the while still blindfolded. This sort of challenge always makes for some good bruises as folks crash into things. It also makes for some lost souls. Boo doesn't know his left from his right? Eep! I hope it was only the stress of the moment.
Another Puzzle
They could switch callers and Lisi was switched out very quickly for Moto. Even though Michelle jumped right off the platform while bouncing about, she remained in there a long time. Then Boo decided to take over. He could have cost them the challenge as he first couldn't see, then froze. But, in the end, it was Moto hitting the puzzle-solving first and Moto laying out the two words for the puzzle -- Cannibal Isles. Moto has now won every Immunity Challenge so far this season, albeit with different tribe members in the mix.

Day 19 in Ravu reveals a fairly solid front against Rocky. Edgardo and Alex tend to call the shots for the tribe. They think that Lisi will be more loyal to them as she has no one else. And, no one really seems to trust Rocky at all. He's a loose cannon in the game.

Lisi decided to tell Alex and Edgardo the clues she knew for the hidden Immunity Idol and dug around. They didn't show her finding it, and I don't think she did. Remember how Dreamz was an enemy of Rocky? Well, now it seems that Dreamz may be the only one in camp that has a bit of understanding and empathy for the guy. Even Mookie, Rocky's buddy from the original Ravu, knows he's a problem child.
Alex, Edgardo, Lisi, and Dreamz decided that Rocky should go. Dreamz would actually prefer Lisi going, but seems to go along with the plan. But he told Mookie the plans when the rest didn't want him to know. They wanted Rocky and Mookie to think Lisi was the target.

Mookie understood the reasoning behind the Rocky vote, but told Dreamz that he promised Rocky he'd never vote for him. So he would vote a wild-card, meaningless vote. Mookie thought the physical bit (all strong guys) certainly wasn't winning, so it was time for another angle.

At the Tribal Council, it looked like Rocky was a bit worried, but still felt he was safe. He was certainly a lot more calm than he was at last week's Tribal Council. In the end, he was blindsided -- not as bad as some who never had an inkling they'd be voted off, but surprised.

The vote was unanimous with the exception of Rocky and Mookie's votes for Lisi. The closing scene during the credits showed him in some sort of Neanderthal scream, then he said how angry he was and they better not need his vote.

Yes, Rocky is the first member of the jury.

I'm glad he's gone and I even liked Lisi a bit better when she's surrounded by men. But the winner of the night for me was Yau-Man. What a hoot! I think he and Earl are a good alliance indeed.

'Survivor 14: Fiji' - East Coast Update - 3/29 - Voted Off

Rocky was voted off and is the first member of the jury.

A full review/recap will be posted late tonight. Stop pn back and let's talk!

Yau-Man is a hoot.

'Survivor 14: Fiji' - East Coast Update - 3/29 - Immunity

Moto won Immunity.

'Survivor 14: Fiji' - East Coast Update - 3/29 - Hidden Idol, Reward and Exile

Yau-Man found the hidden Immunity Idol at the Moto camp. He and Earl are "sharing" it dependent on who might need it.

Ravu won Reward - a trip to a Fijiian game arcade with hot dogs and beer. They sent Earl to Exile Island. He isn't immune from Tribal Council.

Tonight's 'Survivor 14: Fiji' Blogging

The show will be starting in about ten minutes here in the NYC area. As important events occur, I'll zap up East Coast Updates entries. By the end of the show (approximately 9 PM EDT), I'll post the boot.

Later tonight I'll write a full review/recap of the episode.

You can always find the latest blog entries by hitting the Survivor 14: Fiji link you see at the bottom of this post or the one in the sidebar under Categories.

'Lost' - "Exposé"

Jackie's TV Blog, Lost
Remember the episode a few weeks back which I called fun fluff? The one in which Hurley found the DHARMA Bus? It was a fun episode, but it was fluff as it really didn't have much to do with the ongoing storylines and didn't move things forward.

I feel last night's episode was also fluff. Oh, not fun fluff -- more of a disturbing fluff, but fluff nonetheless. Now, I'm not saying either episode wasn't entertaining. Both were entertaining and interesting. But they're both fluff for not moving the story forward. And, after the past few weeks of answered mysteries, fluff glares.

This episode reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where they did the whole thing backwards, starting from the ending and then leading to the actual beginning. Also, the episode addressed the two new characters, Nikki and Paulo, which were supposed to be introduced in the fall season premiere when they were supposedly caught having sex in Jack's tent. That scene got cut, and the show never explained the two new faces on the island at all.

The writers gave their mysterious appearance more than one nod in this episode, speaking for the audience via none other than Sawyer himself. Good. I'm glad he's as confused as the audience is! The episode was Paulo and Nikki-centric. Someone had to ask it... "Who the hell are Paulo and Nikki?"

In Flashbacks:
Nikki was working on the set of an Australian hit TV show which had stripper pole-dancer types working in some sort of undercover dealings led by their boss, played by Billy Dee Williams. Nikki played the character of Corvette in Exposé; a character who was killed off in the episode we saw "filmed."
LOST: Nikki
Ah, but Nikki had a thing going on with the show's director, Howell (or is it Howard?) Zuckerman. No, she wasn't interested in him, per se. He was an old rich man. He was a target for Nikki and her boyfriend, Paulo. She poisoned him with something which would make it look like a heart attack. Then she and Paulo stole a nesting-doll which we'd later find out had a pouch or bag of diamonds worth eight million dollars.

They caught up on the news of his death as they waited to board Flight 815 out of Sydney. They saw Shannon and Boone pass through arguing and declared they would never become a bickering couple like that. They're too much in love, after all. Paulo put the nesting doll with its bag of diamonds and his nicotine gum together in a bag for the flight. He decided he would quit smoking so he could live longer with his true love, Nikki.

That's basically the content of the real flashbacks although the beginning of the story on the island was just about the end. Not quite the end, but it set forth the puzzle which would unravel. It's hard to explain, but I'll do my best.

On the Island:
Hurley and Sawyer were playing ping-pong when Nikki staggered out of the woods, collapsing in front of them. "Dude, Nikki's dead," said Hurley. "Who the hell is Nikki?," asked Sawyer. But she wasn't dead. She uttered something which sounded like "Paulo lies." Then, her eyes remained open as she died in front of Hurley, Jin, and Sawyer.
They checked -- there were no marks on her, no sign of trauma. Jin thought it was the island monster. Sawyer didn't think so. Was it poison? Heart failure? The Others?

They notice dirt under her nails and went the direction from which she had arrived.

There was Paulo, very dead with his eyes open, too. They dragged him back to the beach and put his body next to Nikki.

Sawyer produced a gun and decided he was going to do a "perimeter sweep." The phrase confused poor Hurley who must not watch serious crime shows, although he's thrilled by Exposé. When Hurley questioned Sawyer about where he got the gun, Sawyer told him "off of one of them," referring to Nikki and Paulo.

Leaving Sawyer, Hurley went to Desmond to ask if he knew anything. After all, Desmond has his "power." Nope, he didn't. But he told Hurley that he saw Sawyer and Nikki fighting over something earlier in the day.

Armed with that information, Hurley went to Charlie and Sun. Sun really thought that it was the Others who killed them because her own experience when kidnapped was so horrible. Charlie then confessed to her that he was the one who kidnapped her and that Sawyer wanted it to look like the Others did it. When confronted by Hurley and Sun, Sawyer said that the fight was because Nikki wanted the gun. Hurley demanded it back and we find out there were no bullets in it all along. Sawyer also found a walkie-talkie in Paulo's stuff which indicated he was working with the Others.
LOST: Stolen Diamonds
Sawyer found what Nikki was digging about -- a pouch of diamonds. He tried to give them to Sun who slapped him. The diamonds are worthless on the island. She told him she wouldn't tell Jin, as that would make another grave on the island.

They dug a large double-grave in the beach for Nikki and Paulo, both of their eyes were still open. Sawyer tossed the diamonds in as Hurley gave a eulogy. "They killed each other for diamonds." Sawyer once again asked, "Who the hell are they?" They covered the grave with a huge mound of dirt.

Oh, but that's not the whole story. In island quasi-flashbacks, the story of Nikki and Paulo's time on the island after the crash of Flight 815 was told. Hey, they were at the crash scene in the season opener and we just didn't notice them!

75 Days Ago: Nikki and Paulo are frantic to find their bag which contained the nesting doll diamond stash and Paulo's nicotine gum. Ethan told them the plane split into two parts and we saw Boone once again.

57 Days Ago: Nikki went to the now dead (exploded) school science teacher, Leslie Artz, to see if he could give her an idea on the trajectory of the other part of the plane. While there, she looks at his bugs. He told her about a Medusa spider as she looks at one jar. He reminds her of the mythological Medusa, after which the spider is named.
LOST: Paulo
48 Days Ago: Paulo and Nikki were still searching for the bag. Paulo found it while in a pond, amongst seats of dead bodies from the crash. He found it and lied to her.

32 Days Ago: Paulo, chewing the nicotine gum, was burying the nesting doll of diamonds on the beach when approached by Locke. Locke told him "things don't stay buried here." Yes, it sounded a bit Stephen King-ish. He went on to explain that high tide was due and and beach erosion would un-bury the item. If he wanted to bury it, he should go inland.

Paulo went to the Pearl Hatch, something he and Nikki found during their search. They also found Yemi's plane. He hid the nesting doll in the tank of the toilet. But then Juliet and Ben arrived, apparently using the tunnel to get in. Paulo eavesdropped at they talked about making Jack do the surgery to save Ben. When Juliet asked Ben how he would get him to perform the surgery, Ben said, "Like I do with anyone. I'll find out what he's emotionally invested in and exploit it." They left and then Paulo left after pocketing a walkie-talkie he found in the monitor room.

9 Days Ago: Locke, Jack, and others are in the Pearl Station. Paulo, fearing his hiding place would be found, retrieves the pouch from the nesting doll, then smashes the doll itself to destroy the evidence.

12 Hours Ago: Paulo and Nikki were talking -- she's upset that they missed Thanksgiving two weeks ago. They talked about not finding the bag of diamonds was probably the best thing. They're all lovey-dovey. After all, the diamonds would have torn them apart. Paulo got up to get some wood (or something), Nikki picks up the nicotine gum package which fell from his pocket.

Knowing that Paulo lied to her, she then went to Sawyer to get a gun (hence the fight with Sawyer). As she leaves, Sawyer calls out to her, "Who the hell are you?"

8 Hours Ago: Nikki confronted Paulo with the gum package and told him she knows he has the diamonds. She figures they're hidden on him, and whips out a jar with a Medusa spider in it. As she lets it bite him on the neck and its venom does its stuff, she told him that the bite would paralyze him for about eight hours and it should strike quickly due to where he was bit. She retrieved the bag of diamonds from down in his pants and... wham... Medusa spiders! One bites her on the ankle. She buries the bag of diamonds quickly, then stumbles to the beach where she collapsed in front of Sawyer, Hurley, and Jin.

So, she didn't mumble "Paulo lies." She mumbled "Paralyzed." Now they're buried alive. Vincent, the dog, grabbed the blanket from them before they started the burial, so the dog may be aware they're alive. And, I have a feeling that Locke's statement about things not remaining buried on the beach may indicate they'll unbury themselves. Seeing as the last timeline given was eight hours and the effect of the venom is eight hours, they're just about unparalyzed.

It creeped me out as they buried them alive.

As I said, this was a very interesting episode. But, for the most part, all it did was explain Paulo and Nikki's appearance on the island. Is there any significance to the numbers in their island storyline? Yes, eight is a major Lost number and it's significant as the venom lasts eight hours. But the others?

Who the hell are Paulo and Nikki, anyway?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

'American Idol 6' - 3/28 Results Show East Coast Update

Bottom three:
Phil Stacey
Haley Scarnato

To commercial...

This post will be updated as new information airs here on the East Coast. Either Chris Sligh or Gina Glocksen will round out the bottom three. All the others have been declared safe.

UPDATE: Chris Sligh joins Phil and Haley in the bottom three.
Phil is safe.
Haley is safe.

Chris Sligh is gone.

UPDATE: Did anyone catch what Chris said to Phil? It sounded like "you owe me big bucks." But it was so fast and I didn't tape.

Whatever Will I Watch Tonight? - Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Of course, I'll be watching the American Idol 6 results show at 9 PM EDT tonight, then posting a quick East Coast Update entry with that oh-so-vital information about who gets voted off. So, if you're in another time zone and just have got to know -- check back here about 9:30 PM EDT. Hitting the American Idol label at the bottom of this entry will bring you to the latest entry.

Ah, but there's a lot of good stuff on the tube tonight besides American Idol!

At 8 PM ET/PT, there are all new episodes of Jericho (CBS), Friday Night Lights (NBC), Bones (FOX), The Great American Dream Vote (ABC), and America's Next Top Model (CW).

At 9 PM ET/PT: A Criminal Minds repeat on CBS, a new Crossing Jordan episode on NBC, the American Idol results show followed by a new 'Til Death on FOX, new episodes of According to Jim and Rules of Engagement on ABC, and a repeat Pussycat Dolls on CW.

Come 10 PM ET/PT, my choice for watching and blogging is the new Lost episode on ABC. CBS has a repeat C.S.I.:NY while NBC has a new episode of Medium.

What will you be watching tonight?

As Per the Letterman Mention

Elephants in ManhattanIf you were watching David Letterman last night, you heard him mention that the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey elephants walk through the city. Alas, last night was the night and I still felt sick, so I didn't go. I usually try to go as, unlike Letterman's reference, it's a big event.

After all, how often do elephants walk from the Queens-Midtown Tunnel up 34th Street in the middle of Manhattan? (Um, okay... twice a year -- coming and going.) The arrival of the elephants is a fantastic evening and last night's weather was perfect! I really wish I had felt better and had gone.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of folks line the route of the elephants as they parade through the city. Y'see, the circus train can't make it into town, so they march the elephants and horses (and tons of circus stuff) through the streets at an hour which doesn't interfere so much with traffic in the city. It usually goes down around midnight or so.

It's always a hoot to see confused motorists roll their windows down and ask, "What's going on?" When the crowd yells back, "The elephants are coming!" or just "ELEPHANTS!" -- well, those cars just tend to get the heck out of there thinking how crazy New York City is!

I know this isn't quite a television entry, but blame it on Letterman. He was wrong. It's perhaps a much cooler event than the circus itself -- watching the elephants take over the streets of Manhattan amidst the skyscrapers. Their exit at the end of the circus run follows the same path, but that one is met with little enthusiasm. It's the arrival that's the party!

I took the photo above the year before last and now haven't been for the past few years. Last year the knee and weather were bad, this year my tummy. Next year, I swear I'll be there again!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

'American Idol 6' - The Top Ten Perform Mentored by Gwen Stefani

Jackie's TV Blog, American Idol
I didn't find tonight's show as entertaining as last week's, but it could be just me. The stomach virus I've been avoiding caught me this morning and I'm way under the weather.

I thought Gwen Stefani had sage advice for all of the contestants. I loved how blown away she was by Melinda Doolittle.

She was impressed by LaKisha Jones, the first up to the stage this week. LaKisha belted out the Donna Summers song "Let's Dance." It wasn't my favorite performance of hers, but I'm measuring it against her own performances, not those of others. She did fine vocally, but it didn't move me the way I know she is able to move me. All of the judges enjoyed it.

Chris Sligh sang "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" by the Police. That's one of my least favorite Police songs. I wish he had done "Driven to Tears" or "Murder by Numbers." Gwen warned him to watch the tempo and that was indeed the problem with his performance. Randy and Paula talked about the tempo while Simon declared it was a mess, all over the place. I like Chris Sligh, but it wasn't good.

Next up was Gina Glocksen going for yet another Pretenders song, this one "I'll Stand by You." I'm not a huge GG fan, but I thought that her performance may have been her best yet on the show. Simon agreed with me about it being the best while Randy and Paula were also very positive. Simon also said something confusing about chalk and cheese, so I had to look up the saying. Ah, interesting... from that site: "
As different as chalk and cheese is an old proverbial phrase to suggest that two things, superficially alike, are totally different in their qualities." Huh. I never heard the phrase before and it dates to the 1500s.
Sanjaya Fauxhawk Malakar
Then there was Sanjaya Fauxhawk Malakar. Like Randy, I'm a bit speechless. It's like Sanjaya knows that he'll get the vote -- he's gone bizarre, plays up like he's all that (and remember how shy he was in auditions), and does weird stuff with his hair. He sang "Bath Water" by No Doubt and I was so agog at his hair that I couldn't tell you how bad he was. He told Simon that he was just jealous (the typical juvenile response) because he couldn't pull it off. I'm assuming he meant the hairstyle. He didn't seem to forget the words, but Gwen Stefani was indeed right to worry about him.

Haley Scarnato was next, singing Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors." Eh. I wasn't impressed. I think she might have bought her ticket home with that one. Simon was right -- it was forgettable.
Phil Stacey
Phil Stacey, who kind of creeps me out to begin with, sang the perfect controlling man, stalker song -- "Every Breath You Take" by the Police.

I'm scared now.

He actually sang it pretty well, perhaps one of his best vocal performances on the show. The judges were favorable.

My personal favorite, Melinda Doolittle, sang "Heaven Knows" by Donna Summer. Gwen Stefani is amazed by her and so am I. It wasn't my favorite performance of hers, but she is so darn good. Simon hated her outfit, I thought she looked good.

Blake Lewis was warned by Gwen to watch the beatbox and not to lose the melody. She didn't have much to worry about. He sang The Cure's "Love Song." It was tender, it was touching. Paula thinks he'll make the finale and Simon called him the front-runner of the guys. Although I actually like Chris Sligh's voice more, I do enjoy Blake's Take.
Jordin Sparks
Then there was Jordin Sparks. Gwen seemed as impressed as I am that she's just seventeen years old and has such control. She didn't let me down as she sang No Doubt's "Hey, Baby." The judges were happy except for Simon who loved the vocals, called her most improved, then said it was copy-cat-ish.

I think she did very well, once again!
Chris Richardson
Ending the show was Chris Richardson. Not sounding as nasal as some past weeks, he sang No Doubt's "Don't Speak." Eh, okay. This guy will never be my favorite. I just don't enjoy his voice all that much. Randy said it wasn't his best vocal. Paula loved it. (Um, okay.) Simon told him it was a better song choice, but he needs to pay more attention to his vocals.

So, who's going home this week? I always put Sanjaya on my I Want Him To Go Away List, but I bet he's safe again. I think Haley might be gone or... heaven forbid... Chris Sligh. Who do you think will be leaving?

Monday, March 26, 2007

TV Newsy Bits - Monday, March 26, 2007

Jackie's TV Newsy Bits Remember, folks -- there is now a Dancing With the Stars blog discussion post for those who wish to discuss the show, just head here. I'll be reading the comments and you never know... you just might get me watching the show!

In actual TV Newsy Bits I found out there:
  • BuddyTV has an exclusive interview with last night's losing team from The Amazing Race 11: All Stars, Teri and Ian.
  • Celebrity Spider has an in-depth promo peek at next week's two-hour episode of The Amazing Race. Location and a bit of brouhaha mild spoilers, but not finish order or anything huge.
  • Apolo Anton Ohno, now on Dancing With the Stars, announced his 2010 Winter Olympic plans to ET Online.
  • The Los Angeles Times has an intriguing article about the John Locke character on Lost. Remember, I said long ago that Locke was the key to the island!
  • Looking for unusual television and entertainment related bits, as well as viral videos? The relatively new This Just In website (a Time Warner joint venture between HBO and AOL) always has the odd. And, I enjoy odd, don't you?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

'The Apprentice: L.A.' - East Coast Update - 3/25

Kinetic lost again and Angela, the Project Manager and Olympic athlete... was fired. I only caught the tail end of the show.

'The Amazing Race 11: All Stars' - Ep. 6 -or- "Home of the Tanzanian Devil"

Tonight's show was a very odd episode. I didn't care too much for the outcome, as you'll see.

But that's not why I found it odd.

For the most part, it really didn't move forward so much. Instead of, like the last episode, having some sort of show-planned back-up tickets for a flight, the flight the teams had to board had some waiting for more than a day, maybe two. While I don't like bunching points, I think that put some teams so far behind the pack leaders that an extended bunching point will be needed to get the teams on a bit more even basis. I found the Detour and Roadblocks rather run of the mill, too.

Seven teams remain. Who will be eliminated next?

Charla and Mirna, the first team to arrive at the last Pit Stop in Maputo, were the first to leave. I actually missed the time gap between them and the last team, Uchenna and Joyce, this week. I believe it could have been more than a few hours.

The teams received $124 for this leg and had to get their drivers to drive them to the airport where they needed a flight to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The mention of Tanzania prompted a reference to the "Tanzanian devil" by Eric. It's no wonder he's a beach bum model, eh? To give Danielle credit (which Eric never seems to do), she knew it was a Tasmanian devil.

Okay, a half-hour into the show, we still had dreaded airport scenes. First, the airport wouldn't sell tickets until morning, so all the teams made it there. But, in no way could it be considered a bunching point. And, what's worse is that we had to endure fake accents from Mirna and Schmirna, nasty glares between Eric and the Guidos, and lots of confusion.
Yes, Danielle Was a Nightmare
And, want to know what's the absolute worst? Mirna and Charla were the only ones on the first flight! Argh. It gave them a huge lead on the other teams. Uchanna/Joyce, the ChaChas, Dustin/Kandice, and Eric/Danielle got on standby for the next flight.

But, after boarding, Eric and Danielle had to leave the plane as they didn't wait for the tickets with the others and were in someone else's seats -- or something to that effect. Danielle was crushed. She said it was a nightmare and she rather looked like a nightmare, too.

That left Eric/Danielle, Terri and Ian, and the Guidos stuck at the airport. Ian had been insistent about waiting on line and ended up missing the boat. Er, the plane. Then, Eric/Danielle boarded a flight and it was just Terri/Ian and Team Guido (Joe and Bill) left behind. By the time they got on a flight, the winning team probably already jumped on the mat at the Pit Stop.

Once in Dar es Salaam, teams had to take a ticket to board a dhow which would sail them to where they'd find the next clue. As the first dhow was canceled due to a storm, Charla and Mirna were left to wait until morning. By then, Oswald and Danny showed. They were so lucky! They got to travel with seasick Charla! Oswald tried to administer a bit of first aid to make her feel better. Mirna said "you always have such great beauty tips." Say what?
Puzzle at the Detour
The next clue led to a Detour, a choice between two tasks that both members of the team must complete. They could Solve It or Schlep It. In Solve It, teams had to complete a rather difficult 62-piece puzzle which consisted of painted wooden fish which each fit in a particular place. In Schlep It, teams had to go to a lumber yard, put two fifty-pound logs in a cart, then wheel it a bit over a mile to deliver it. All of the teams except for Dustin and Kandice chose the puzzle. The wood actually seemed easier. Some of the teams had real problems with the puzzle, others finished it on quick order.
Target at the Roadblock
Next was a Roadblock, similar to ones we've seen in the past. In "Who's on Target?," Maasai warriors were gathered to teach and watch as one member of each team threw a wooden club used in that area at a target. When they hit the target, it broke and revealed the next clue. I remember the Maasai from either this show or Survivor. They're the tribe which drains blood from cows to drink. Not enough to kill the cow; they revere the cows. Who says reality television isn't educational?

The clue they received there directed them to the Pit Stop where the next team may be eliminated. Oswald and Danny were there at the same time as Charla and Mirna, but easily finished first. When Charla and Mirna finished, they put on such a loud and odd celebration that the Maasai actually cringed away from them a bit.
Maasai Warrior Hides From Mirna
I had dreaded flashbacks to the time they went shopping in their season as they stopped to purchase fruit. ChaChas, don't blow it! Sure enough, Mirna and Charla passed them and hit the Pit Stop at the Old Fort in Stonetown first. Other teams were still struggling to make it and we saw day turn to night and to dawn again before the last team checked in.

Here's the order at the Pit Stop:
  1. Charla and Mirna - Each won a catamaran. Neither knew what one is.
  2. Oswald and Danny
  3. Uchenna and Joyce - Since they were marked for elimination in the last leg, they had to wait a half-hour before they could claim the spot. No other teams arrived during the time, so they kept third place.
  4. Dustin and Kandice
  5. Eric and Danielle
  6. Joe and Bill
  7. Terri and Ian - Philiminated
Obviously, I don't care for the winning team. But this entire leg was sort of so-so. With the huge flight snafu it set the whole leg awry. I didn't really enjoy it too much. I believe the footrace bit with Ian/Terri and Team Guido was heavily edited. I think there probably was quite a bit of time between them. I guess we'll see what they say in interviews.

Next week's show is two hours. They better make up for my dissatisfaction with this week's episode.

'The Amazing Race 11: All Stars' - March 25 East Coast Update - Finish Order and Philimination

The teams arrived at the Pit Stop in this order:
  1. Charla and Mirna (boo) - Each won a catamaran
  2. Oswald and Danny
  3. Uchenna and Joyce, waited the half-hour and were still third
  4. Dustin and Kandice
  5. Eric and Danielle
  6. Joe and Bill
  7. Terri and Ian - Philiminated
A full review/recap will be posted late tonight. Stop on back!

TAR Starting on the East Coast - March 25, 2007

Okay, the show is starting now here in the NYC area. Expect an East Coast Update with the Pit Stop arrival order and Philimination in about an hour -- approximately 9:40 PM ET.

A full review/recap will be posted late tonight.

Whatever Will I Watch Tonight? - Sunday, March 25, 2007

At the moment, I have an old episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent on Bravo going on in the background.

I just peeked on on the local CBS affiliate. The basketball game currently playing is in its second quarter, so CBS programming will run late all evening... again.

What does that mean for me? It means I won't get my Amazing Race 11: All Stars fix on time (once again). I will be watching it and I will post an East Coast Update with the finish order at the Pit Stop as soon as it airs here in the NYC area. What time would that be? Right now, I have no clue. But I'll zap a post up when the show starts to give you a sense of the timing for the East Coast Update. And, but of course, a full review/recap of the show will be posted late this evening.

What else is on tonight?

Although the entire evening will be delayed due to March Madness, CBS has new episodes of 60 Minutes, TAR, Cold Case, and Without a Trace.

At 8 PM ET/PT, NBC has a new episode (could it be the season finale?) of Grease: You're the One That I Want. FOX has a new The Simpsons followed by a new King of the Hill at 8:30. ABC has a new Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

In the 9 PM ET/PT hour, FOX has new episodes of Family Guy and American Dad. NBC has a repeat of Deal or No Deal and ABC has a Desperate Housewives repeat. At 10 PM ET/PT, NBC has a new episode of The Apprentice: L.A. and ABC has a repeat Brothers and Sisters.

Needless to say, the shows I watch for the most part tonight are on the delayed CBS schedule. Grr.

It's 10 PM - Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

Um, no, I don't know where my children are. I know where my two cats are, though. And, I usually know where I am.

The local FOX affiliate's slogan has been in place for forty years and they're not letting us forget it. Channel 5, WNYW, in New York City, has had an ongoing anniversary celebration going on for a number of weeks now. Back in the days before FOX itself came into being its own network, WNYW started a newscast at 10 PM... a revolutionary thing for a world where we all knew local newscasts had to start at 11 and act as intros to Johnny Carson!

Back in 1967 when it all started, the slogan (It's 10 PM, do you know where your children are?) was an apt fit for the times in the city. Alas, these days 1 AM seems to be the new 10 PM. (Sigh.)

One of the local papers has an interview with Ernie Anastos regarding the anniversary. Of course, Ernie bailed out of WCBS Channel 2 where he was co-anchoring with Roz Abrams before WCBS sent her to the cornfield. I don't blame him. Together, Anastos and Rosanna Scotto make a good team. The chemistry is so much better than Anastos and Abrams although I can't think of a newscaster with the name of Rosanna without thinking of Gilda Radner's character Rosanna Rosannadanna. Eep! Thankfully, Rosanna Scotto isn't of that ilk. But, you know, it's always something.

Due to primetime programming, I don't always watch the FOX5 News at Ten, but when I do and I hear that slogan... it brings back the days of my own childhood in the late 60s to me. And, believe me, my parents always knew where I was at 10 PM even when I preferred they didn't!

Happy anniversary, FOX5 News at Ten! And, thanks go to blog reader Lisa for the heads-up on the Anastos article.

Take Pride in Pants - This Week on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' - March 26-30

Late Show with David Letterman Hopefully Dave has recovered from his stomach bug during the past few days. We're due for no March Madness schedule changes and all new shows this week.

Alas, within the show which had been scheduled for last Tuesday evening (which was impromptu-hosted by Adam Sandler), a tribute to Calvert DeForest (Larry "Bud" Melman) had been on the slate. Calvert was an active part of Dave's shows dating back to 1982. It still makes me smile to think of him, in a delivery only he could do, vouch for "Toast on a Stick." He passed away last Monday at the age of 85.

On the Late Show website, there's a brief statement from David Letterman: "Everyone always wondered if Calvert was an actor playing a character, but in reality he was just himself - a genuine, modest and nice man," said Letterman. "To our staff and to our viewers, he was a beloved and valued part of our show, and we will miss him."

You know, that's what I always got from him, too. He seemed like a neat, nice, man off the street kind of guy. I would think that there will be some mention on Monday's show about his passing. Rest in peace, Mr. DeForest. You entertained many of us for decades.

Here are the guests we can expect to see this week:
  • Monday, March 26: Will Ferrell promoting his latest movie Blades of Glory and musical guest Kings of Leon whose CD is Because of the Times. Oh, I'm so not a Will Ferrell fan, but I'll be watching.
  • Tuesday, March 27: Patricia Arquette (Medium), Paul Mooney promoting his DVD Know Your History and singer Macy Gray (CD is Big). Um. Okay. As long as Know Your History isn't as foolish as Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. [I love how FOX is touting the popularity of shows which follow or are the odd half-hour with American Idol.] Hmmm... in looking up the DVD to link, it has David Alan Grier (who I adore) and Sandra Bernhard (who is quite a character all on her own). It could be interesting. And, it should be nothing like 5th Grader.
  • Wednesday, March 28: Al Franken and Isla Fisher whose CD is The Lookout. Al is usually interesting when he's on with Letterman. But the site is listing The Lookout as a CD when I believe it's a movie. Heck, I could be wrong. I guess we'll see who's right - Letterman's staff or me. I bet I'm right!
  • Thursday, March 29: Rosario Dawson from the movie Grindhouse and musical guests Bloc Party (CD is A Weekend in the City.)
  • Friday, March 30: Donald Trump and Jon Heder promoting Blades of Glory. Now, I like Jon Heder better than I do Will Ferrell and Trump will probably say something incredibly foolish.

Overall, I'm not really too impressed with this week's guests. However, due to Dave himself and other goings-on, I will always watch the show. Oh, they could lose "Will it Float" but that could be just me. Oh, and they could do a bit better with the content on the website. There are often errors, omissions, and such. Perhaps it's interns putting up the content, but I still love my Letterman!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

TV Newsy Bits - Saturday, March 24, 2007

Jackie's TV Newsy Bits Oh, I'll be so happy when March Madness is history. It's been wreaking havoc with the schedule of my favorite CBS shows. Plus, the gentleman who lives downstairs, usually a quiet retired single man, has been having friends over and I keep hearing random cheering and booing during the game times. Another man and I were entering the elevator the other evening when we heard loud whoops. We turned to each other and said, "March Madness."

One good thing about the schedule changes on CBS this past week is that I actually watched the season one finale of The Wire on BET at 9 PM on Thursday. I generally don't catch it at that hour as I'm either watching C.S.I. or writing about Survivor. The episode of The Wire was so powerful, I think I'll be taping it when it re-airs at 1 AM tonight.

I am so hooked on the show! When the season two (in real life season four recently ended on HBO) starts, I noticed its start time is 10 PM (April 5). Now, that might be a doable time for me to watch the show without hunting it down in the middle of the night to tape it. I admit to cheating and have read ahead on the episode recaps on the main HBO site. I just can't get enough! I'm also looking forward to theme song change to Tom Waits from the Blind Boys from Alabama. I think that's such an interesting touch -- the same song, "Down in the Hole" by Tom Waits, sung by a different artist or group each season. Also, I now relate "The Farmer in the Dell" to Omar. Yikes.

Here are the TV Newsy Bits I found out and about on the web:
  • Reality News Online has an interesting interview with self-proclaimed Survivor nerd/geek, Anthony Robinson. What does he really think of Rocky? An excerpt: "He lives on planet Rocky. In his world, he equates being an aggressive jerky loud in-your-face person with being a man. In my world, it’s just not. I live on a different planet than he does. There are some big men in the world who are quiet, calm, collected, and prefer to deal with people in a rational, civilized way."
  • Heather Mills has placed her own wager that her artificial leg will stay on just fine during her time on Dancing With the Stars according to the Celebrity Spider. She thinks the websites with the bets are a lot of fun.
  • is reporting that this coming Tuesday's live performance show of American Idol will run overtime -- seven minutes into the the next hour, thus trying to take some of the Dancing With the Stars audience. They (FOX) claim it's because the show just won't fit into a mere hour. Yeah, right. Oh, it's a dog-eat-dog world, isn't it? Gwen Stefani (hey, someone who's popular now and someone whose talents I actually like) will be mentoring the top ten contestants.
  • How did Tallahassee take to being the focus of the con man image on Lost this week? The local paper (online) has the reactions of men (and women) from Tallahassee. Also, Celebrity Spider has a detailed promo for next week's episode -- mild spoilers within.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

'Lost' - "The Man From Tallahassee"

Jackie's TV Blog, Lost
Now we know they're trying to spoil us with good episodes back-to-back! Another mystery solved, yet a new mystery posed. At least we're running even.

Tonight's episode was Locke-centric and the flashbacks sure weren't skimpy on this one. The time element for them was substantial and the back-story told was vital.

We didn't see Hurley's beat-up DHARMA-mobile (nor even Hurley); this wasn't a fun fluff episode. No time to fool around and have fun in this episode!

In Flashbacks:
John was receiving disability payments from the government for depression. (And, yes, he could walk at this point.) He bristled at being asked personal questions about his parents and then told the woman behind the desk at the disability office that he had stopped going to therapy as it was useless. She promptly temporarily suspended his benefits until he resumed.

In his dingy room he ate chicken while watching television when there was a knock on the door. It was a young man named Peter Talbot who wanted to ask questions about an Adam Seward who was about to marry his mother. "Why ask me?" Locke asked. Well, it was because he had donated a kidney to him. Of course, we knew him as Anthony Cooper, Locke's biological father and con man. Locke denied knowing him and told Talbot it was an anonymous recipient.

Locke then tracked down his father insisting that he call off the wedding. He knows that his father is just marrying her for yet another con job. The father agrees to do so. But, once a con man, always a con man.

Detectives show up at Locke's door asking about Talbot. After Locke denied knowing him, then claimed he was soliciting, they told him they had a slip of paper with his name and address from Talbot's pocket -- he had been murdered.

Locke confronted his father who (of course) denied killing Peter Talbot. He told Locke that he had been intending to call off the wedding when Talbot was killed and the timing hadn't been right to tell her. He said he was a con man, not a murderer. He then asked Locke to meet them both in his room and he'd call it off right in front of him. Oh, no! No intended bride, just a shove out of an eighth-story window. So now we know why Locke was in a wheelchair.
LOST: The Scary Wheelchair
Locke's next flashback was in a hospital room being questioned by detectives. He's paralyzed not only from the fall, but with some sort of wheelchair-phobia. The orderly tries to get him in the chair and he cries and panics. Sheesh, he knows he's paralyzed. Why the silly fear of something which would offer some mobility? It was like a scene from "When Good Wheelchairs Go Bad" or something! I expected the music from Jaws to start up.

On the Island:
Sayid, Locke, Kate, and Rousseau are still peeping at Jack playing football with the Others like they're all great friends of his. Ben, in a wheelchair, and Juliet are on the scene now, all friendly with Jack. While Sayid is worried about safety, Locke proposes they approach Jack alone to see if he wants their help escaping.
LOST: Kate
Kate made it into the barracks and followed the sound of a piano playing. When she found Jack, he wasn't too thrilled to be found. He told her they were watching him. Sure enough, she's lunged on with guns and captured, along with Sayid. The others ask who else is with them and Kate told them that they were the only two. (Remember, Locke and Rousseau are somewhere around... Rousseau hiding in the woods.)

Locke had a different target. He went looking for Ben and found him. Ultimately, he was looking for the submarine. Ben told them there wasn't one, so Locke told him of Mikhail. Alex came into the room and Locke took her gun to the head to hide in the closet as someone approached. Ben told Richard (he's from that "Not in Portland" episode) to "bring the man from Tallahassee." Locke questioned if that was code. Ben laughed and said there was no code for "a man is holding my daughter in the closet with a gun."

Ben and Locke talked about the wheelchair -- the fact that Ben is in one and Locke no longer needs one. Ben questioned him on how he would pilot the sub, but admitted he knew that he had the C4 explosive and planned to destroy the sub. Ben told Locke he knew how he ended up in the wheelchair. Then he asked, "Did it hurt?" "Of course it did. I felt my back break."
As Ben and Locke talked, Kate and Jack were talking, too. Jack told Kate that all of the abducted were safe and lived there. He reminded her (rather adamantly) that he had told her not to come back for him. She claimed she didn't think he meant it. Jack told her he had made a deal to save Ben and was to leave the island with Juliet in the morning. Juliet arrived at that point and they left Kate.

Sayid was being held outside, chained to a swingset (or something). Alex had been sent by her father to get his pack. When she said that to the one holding Sayid, he said, "You look like your mother." When she said her mother was dead, he told her not to be sure about anything that they tell her. Bam. He gets a beat-down.

Back to Ben and Locke -- Locke is questioning about how they have power and such. Ben told him there would be a big problem if he blew up the submarine. He said that while he was born here, most of the others weren't. He has to have something to show them there's a way off the island and the sub was it. "You have a choice. I can show you things. I know the island better. There is a magic box and you just never know what may be inside. Jack and I made a deal. It's a one-way ticket. If the submarine goes, it can never come back due to the anomaly. I also promised him in front of my people."

So, Ben wants him to blow up the sub -- that's the way he keeps Jack and all of the people won't think he broke his word. As Alex walked Ben to the sub, she told him that Ben manipulates people, that's what he does best. Rousseau, in the woods, saw Alex and just froze.

Jack asked Ben for one last favor, to let his friends (Sayid and Kate) go free once he's off the island. Ben agreed it wouldn't serve him to keep them. Juliet thanked Ben for keeping his promise and both head to the dock. Locke approaches them, all wet. He looks at Jack. "Sorry, Jack." BOOM, the sub blows up.

The scenes cut to Locke all chained up. Ben yelled that he had really done it now. Locke protested, saying that he knew that Ben wanted the submarine blown up all along as he knew the C4 was in Sayid's pack.

Ben told him that to let Jack go would have been a sign of failure, but he couldn't break his word. So Locke came along and made a dream come true. Back to the magic box... "When I asked if it hurt, I meant did it hurt to know your own father tried to kill you?" He told Locke that he knew he communed with the island not only because he didn't need the wheelchair, but it was the one place his father could never find him.
LOST: Anthony Cooper or Adam Seward
"I want to help you. Let's go look in the magic box."

In there was Locke's father, bound and gagged on a chair.

LOST [thunk]

Okay, what I'm wondering is if his father (the man from Tallahassee) is really there or something like the smoke monster thing. A shape-shifter? An idea put in John Locke's head?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

'Survivor 14: Fiji' - Ep. 6 -or- "Tribe Testosterone isn't a Super Power"

There were finally some changes this week. I'm talking about the show itself, not the fact that it aired on Wednesday. Next week it will return to its regular Thursday night 8 PM ET/PT in most viewing areas.

Thirteen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

The show opened with flies bugging the Ravu tribe in their non-luxury camp. Yau-Man said in a confessional spot that he was surprised to be still in the game. He thinks the others think of him as dispensable and really wants to find the (a) hidden Immunity Idol.

The show jumped right into tree mail or, in this case, wicker basket mail. The note promised a feast, a trip to Exile Island for one, and mentioned brain teasers. Now, I'm not quite sure where the brain teasers were, but I noticed that Jeff changed his shirt. Whoa! I believe that's indicative of big changes ahead, don't you?

Once the tribes met with Jeff, they were told to drop their buffs. Was it a merge? Nope. Edgardo and Earl had to start the new tribe picks. They each had to pick someone from the other tribe and, then in turn it was repeated until one remained due to the odd number.

The teams, in order chosen, are now:
Edgardo, Mookie, Alex, Rocky, Dreamz, Anthony
Earl, Boo, Michelle, Cassandra, Yau-Man, Stacey

That left Lisi standing alone (as she should be). She was very flippant and thought it was her ticket out of the game. Instead, all she did was blow any chance that others know she's willing to leave. She was sent to Exile Island and won't return until after the next Tribal Council. She will join the tribe which loses a member.

Jeff had Edgardo and Earl do rock/paper/scissors for the right to reach in a bag and pull out a buff to determine which tribe goes to which camp. Edgardo won, but he lost... he pulled out the orange buff for the Ravu Camp. Yau-Man, Earl, and Michelle will finally eat! Oh, gee. Poor Rocky. Too bad, so sad, Rocky.
Anthony - I am so screwed!
Both tribes had beer at their camps and we saw the start of Tribe Testosterone. Just when I thought Rocky could get no worse, he did. Oh, there was male bonding, back-slaps, and Rocky declared them an unbeatable super power. Poor Anthony was very worried. After all, he's the nerd and geek. He was scared to take off his shirt and just kept the fire going and played cook. The Macho Boys went off fishing and did very well -- five fish in two hours.

Over at the new Moto Tribe, Earl may be getting a bit big for his britches. I really like Earl, but he may be going too far with his thought of being the tribe leader. Yes, Cassandra fell in with Earl and Yau-Man, but he shouldn't assume he has more power than anyone else. He said he plans to keep his friends close and his enemies closer. I guess we'll see.

At tribe Testosterone, Rocky was telling all the other macho men how feminine Anthony is, planting the seed while he male-bonded with the bros. Yes, that should be read with sarcasm dripping like an ice cream cone on a summer day. Mookie joined in on the Anthony bashing and a good time was had by all. All except Anthony, who was back at camp playing Cinderella.
Immunity Challenge Course
The Immunity Challenge was a bit different. The course (pictured on the left) had a marked trail by buff color. The tribe members were attached to a doohickey which looked like spokes of wheel. They were loosely connected in the middle so that the tribe members could make adjustments, get closer to the center while another was "pushed" in the other direction. The tribes' paths intersected through the course and they had to pass through gates.

Dang, it's hard to describe it. It's a good thing I took photos, eh?
Immunity Challenge
It was a close "race" through the gauntlet. At some intersections, neither tribe wanted to give up ground. In the end, the new Moto tribe barely squeaked by beating out the Super Power Boys. Of course, this keeps the Moto winning streak intact, but it's not the same tribe at all.

The win gave Yau-Man enough strength to carry to tribe flag home. What a touching moment, almost enough to tear up... or not. But it was good to see Earl and Yau-Man on the winning side for a change.

What was really priceless was the look on Rocky's (James, Boston, whatever) face when they lost! Upon returning to camp, he put the Anthony "girlie" bashing back into full gear, as did Mookie. Anthony tried to talk sense into Edgardo and Alex, but no one would commit to him. Edgardo even said in confessional what a dangerous and annoying player Rocky could be. But did they turn to Anthony? Nope. The ex-Moto Men enlisted Mookie into their alliance.


At Tribal Council, Rocky started degrading Anthony once again. Jeff even provoked it a bit more. I felt very bad for him. Yes, I think he doesn't defend himself enough, but he's been stuck with Jerk Boy Rocky all this time! In the end, they all voted out Anthony except for his own vote cast for Rocky.
James and his girlfriend?
So, we're still stuck with Rocky. But now I want Moto to keep on winning! I think Rocky is one of the most obnoxious, misogynistic, nasty, bullying, testosterone-driven, annoying contestants ever on the show. I took one photo during the show with the only girlfriend he'll ever get after his actions on the show.

So there. They even look a bit alike.

'American Idol 6' - 03/21 Results Show - East Coast Update

Peter Noone sang "A Kind of a Hush."

Phil, Melinda, Blake not bottom three.
Chris Sligh, Lakisha, Jordin not bottom three.
Sanjaya, Haley, Gina not bottom three.
Chris R and Stephanie bottom two this week.

Lulu sang "To Sir With Love" -- YAY!
(I love that song. She jazzed it up too much, argh.)

Stephanie Edwards was voted off.

'Survivor 14: Fiji' - 03/21 East Coast Update - Voted Off

Anthony was voted off with all votes going to him except his own for Rocky.

A full review/recap will be posted late tonight.

Stay tuned for the American Idol 6 Results Show East Coast Update as the show airs here next!

'Survivor 14: Fiji' - 03/21 East Coast Update - Immunity

The new Moto tribe won immunity, not the all-male new Ravu.


See the previous update for the new tribe breakdowns.

'Survivor 14: Fiji' - 03/21 East Coast Update - Tribe Shake-Up - Exile

New tribes were formed led by Earl (Ravu) and Edgardo (Moto) -- at Jeff's direction, of course. Each tribe member had to choose a person from the other tribe.

New tribes are:
Edgardo, Mookie, Alex, Rocky, Dreamz, Anthony
Earl, Boo, Michelle, Cassandra, Yau-Man, Stacey

Odd woman out Lisi was sent to Exile Island. She will be immune from TC and will join whatever tribe loses.

Earl and Edgardo rock/paper/scissored for the camps. Earl's team is in luxurious Moto while the all-male tribe has Ravu.

Tonight's Schedule: 'Survivor 14: Fiji' - 'American Idol 6' Results Show - 'Lost'

It's going to be a busy night for me (and my TV). Here's the lowdown:

8 PM EDT: Survivor 14: Fiji - I'll post East Coast Updates on important events and the boot as the show airs here in the NYC area. A full review/recap should be posted late tonight.

9 PM EDT: American Idol 6 Results Show - Stop back here by 9:30 PM EDT to see who got voted off the show, as well as the entire bottom three. I'll be posting and updating an East Coast Update entry as the show progresses, but won't be writing full review/recap later.

10 PM EDT: Lost - I'll be watching, taking screen shots, and writing notes. Due to the late hour (and the fact that my Survivor recap probably won't be up yet), a full review/recap should be posted sometime early tomorrow evening after I return home from work.

Stop on back!

Last Night's 'Late Show without David Letterman'

It seems that David Letterman has caught that norovirus or stomach flu I mentioned is going around my workplace a few days ago. For the first time ever, Letterman showed up to work but couldn't go on with the show. True, he was out for periods of time with heart surgery and shingles, but this was indeed a first.

Scheduled guest Adam Sandler agreed to host the show although he didn't seem all that comfortable with it at all. I'm not a huge Sandler fan, but he did do a few things right.

The first and best thing he did was to bring out his bulldog (of some sort), Matzoh Ball. He interviewed her and she was priceless. I could have spent an hour watching the dog's non-reactions. The other thing he did right was to bring his friend and co-star of his latest movie (Reign Over Me), Don Cheadle, to the show. I enjoyed their attempts and the show would have done well to stick with the dog and Cheadle.

Ah, but, no... Danica Patrick, the race-car driver who recently left Letterman's team was a scheduled guest. It went downhill and the subject somehow became diarrhea. Oh, so not a good topic! Adam's interviewing skills (or lack thereof) really showed. It makes you realize how good Dave actually is. When Adam was playing with the dog or having fun with his friend Don, he did well. He tried one interview and both the guest and the host fell on their faces.

I love the dog, though.

Since tonight's show was pre-taped, we'll have the Real Dave once again. Thursday and Friday night's shows are pre-empted for March Madness. Hopefully, on Monday, Dave will be feeling well. That norovirus is horrible... I'm still avoiding it and running away from those who have come down with it.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

'American Idol 6' - The Top Eleven and the British Invasion

Jackie's TV Blog, American Idol
Yo, yo, yo. Check it out. Check it out.

Graphic artist Zoetawny made me a new tag for my American Idol posts and, guess what?

They brought it tonight! Now, this is entertainment.

Think about it. If I grew up with Motown, it should go without saying that I grew up with the British Invasion as well. I had my Peter Noone (Herman) crush and all. This is my music. Those were my times. Well, the times of my youth, that is. I turned the show on with a bit of trepidation tonight and was thrilled to find it the best show of the season... perhaps the overall most entertaining show in many seasons. No, the contestants weren't all perfect, but the overall feel to the show provided me with a lot of entertainment. And, dawgs, dudes, dames... that's what I'm here for. Or there. Well, I'm here, but you know what I mean.

First up was Haley Scarnato, looking all sexy and slinky (and a bit wiggly when she jumped up and down). The girls were coached by British pop singer from the 60s, Lulu. She sang "Tell Him." It was a good choice for her and it's finally a song which matches her bouncing about the stage. She's not my favorite performer, but she put on a good performance, easily surpassing most of her past performances. Randy and Paula both sang their praises while Simon commented that her singing probably won't be the only thing the audience talks about -- "you naughty little thing."

Chris Richardson took the stage next. Peter Noone coached the guys and didn't seem all that impressed with Chris. He claimed he didn't really "hear his voice" and advised him to stick to the melody. Chris sang "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying." Sigh. I didn't care for it although I have the original hit somewhere in my 45 RPM vinyl collection (yes, I still have them). Again, he was nasal-sounding and, reflecting back on all of the performances, I thought it one of the weaker ones of the night. This is bad... I ranked Sanjaya's performance higher than Chris's this week. Yipes. Yet, the judges loved it. So, what do I know? I'm sure he's safe. But his version did nothing for me, nothing at all.

Stephanie EdwardsNext up was Stephanie Edwards, who Lulu compared to Beyonce. I enjoy Stephanie. I think she's a strong singer and performer who could have knocked the socks off of Fantasia in that year. But her competition this year from the other women is rough. She sang Dusty Springfield's "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me." I thought she did very well, but the judges weren't as pleased with the performance as I was. Randy called it pitchy. Paula mumbles something about "notes falling off." Simon thinks she's losing her edge, losing her soul, and is too old for herself. Say what? I think she's probably safe.

Then there's Blake Lewis. Each week I'm respecting and enjoying this kid more and more. He's not the powerhouse voice of a Lakisha or Melinda, but he's innovative. He sang "Time of the Season" by the Zombies. I loved it! I thought he was teensy bit off pitch a couple of times, but he mesmerized me. It was a perfect song for him and he Blake-ized it well without destroying the original. Who's your Daddy? Oh, it was so good! Randy said it had "massive yo factor" and was brilliant. Paula said he raised the bar. Simon said it was a million times better than last week and proclaimed it the strongest performance so far of the evening. Blake ain't going anywhere.

Lakisha Jones sang next, singing a song which doesn't thrill me -- "Diamonds Are Forever." Hey, if she's going to sing a James Bond movie song, I want her to sing "Goldfinger." Can you imagine her singing that song? She could bring down the house with it. Instead, we got bling. She sang it well, but it wasn't my favorite performance of hers. I think she displayed excellent quality performance skills. But, but, but... it wasn't the show-stopping Kiki! The judges seemed to think along the same lines as I did.

Phil Stacey sang "Tobacco Road." I liked the start and some bits in between, but my overall impression was "So?" I'll say that I do think it's one of his better performances, but Phil doesn't give this girl a thrill. I can't help but think of Uncle Fester (same time as the British Invasion) when I see him. The judges were a bit more positive than I was about his performance, but I think he's on thin ice this week.

Jordin Sparks, the 17-year-old powerhouse, was next with "I Who Have Nothing." She's another one I see improving week after week. Are we sure she's just a kid? Have we checked her ID? My gosh, she did well. The judges were as impressed as I was. Good girl, Jordin! (Lulu was very impressed with her, too.) Simon mentioned how gloomy the song is, but said she sang it beautifully. She sure did.
Sanjaya Malakar
When they said we'd see the "wild side" of Sanjaya Malakar, I thought that meant he'd sing "Wild Thing" by the Troggs, but nope. Close, but instead he went for The Kinks' "You Really Got Me." And, though I still want him gone, he did an excellent teenybopper heart-stopper version. He moved in other than his silly floating stuff; he reached down into growls and everything. Oh, no. He's not a Melinda or Lakisha, not a Blake or a Chris Sligh. But he actually showed some spark tonight. For that, I won't even mess with his picture. Hey, are teeth really that white? Randy called the performance his best to date. I agree. I think that he's going to be around next week.

Gina GlocksenGina Glocksen hit the stage next looking as punk as punk can be. I'm a tad upset with her. She chose a song which I thought defined me in my teen angst years. She chose "Paint It Black" by The Rolling Stones. Keep in mind, I saw the Stones sing the song live in their prime on more than one occasion. She sang it wrong. She kept losing the melody. She sang like she was doing a bad impersonation of Joan Jett doing a bad Mick Jagger impersonation. She mumbled words. The judges were a bit less harsh than I was just now, but Simon deemed her vocals "not good enough." 'Nuff said. Based on that performance alone, she should be a shoe-in for the bottom three. Her past and audience might save her butt, but she better not screw up a song I like again! Sanjaya was more loyal to the Kinks. Sheesh!

Chris Sligh talked with Peter Noone about singing "Henry the Eighth" and I was so hoping he would! "I'm Henry the Eighth, I am, I am. I got married to the woman next door and she's been married seven times before. And every one was an Hen-er-y." That song always makes me smile. But, instead he went for "She's Not There" by the Zombies. It was a good song choice. It wasn't my favorite performance of his, but it was light-years better than Phil Stacey or Gina Glocksen! Second verse, same as the first... the judges enjoyed it. I couldn't but help noticing that a family member or friend of his had a sign playing with Timberlake's song -- "Bringing chubby back."

Melinda DoolittleThey saved the best for last. Ah, Melinda Doolittle. Why hasn't she been out there making records for years at this time? She amazes me. She can sing songs I really don't like and make me sit there in awe of what she does to them. She said she was going out of her comfort zone and chose a song from Oliver - "As Long As He Needs Me." Now, my favorite song from that show is "You've Got to Pick a Pocket or Two." So, you can see where I stand. Well, consider yourself a star, Melinda. Consider yourself part of the furniture... or something to that effect. Randy told her, "Dude, you're a pro." Paula said she's in her own league. Simon said it was sensational, impeccable vocals, and said she's indeed as nice as she seems.

I think we'll see Phil Stacey going home this week. What do you think?

'Dancing With The Stars' Blog Discussion Entry

I only catch this show now and then, so I won't be writing regular entries about it. However, I know many of the readers here would like to discuss the show.

So, this entry is for you! Hang out, discuss the show's happenings with others, place wagers on whether Heather Mills' leg will um... be a problem, and just have fun!

Here are some links of interest about the show:

You can discuss the shows here, use articles you see linked, dance, and more in the comments. I'll be making a label (category) for the show a bit later tonight so that it will be easy to find this post to join in on the discussions. And, I'll probably post something now and then if I catch the show or see some interesting news. So, that label at the bottom of the post will get you here!


Monday, March 19, 2007

TV Newsy Bits - Monday, March 19, 2007

Jackie's TV Newsy Bits It's time for those bits! Yes, I'm talking those television-related Newsy Bits I find while perusing that big bad Internet.

What bits did you think I was talking about?


Here's the skinny:

  • AOL Music is streaming Elliott Yamin's (American Idol 5) new CD before it hits the markets. It's free for the listening and you don't have to be an AOL member to access it. He's had a makeover and now a new CD. He's a non-winner on the move. Hey, remember when the guys were so good?
  • Remember... Survivor 14: Fiji will be on Wednesday night at 8 PM ET/PT this week, not on its regular Thursday night. Celebrity Spider has a bit of info with minor promotional spoilers in this article.
  • The local newspaper (online) has an article about Jersey Girl (who woulda thunk it) Muna Heaven being fired on The Apprentice: L.A. Now if Jersey City inhabitants could pick up that accent, youse guys.
  • ET Online has an interesting article about how fans on the Internet kept Jericho alive and well during its long hiatus. Which reminds me... I keep getting more information from Primatech Paper (Heroes). I have to get that stuff written up for you.
  • Some artists in NYC are suing NBC claiming that the idea of an artist painting the future was stolen from them by the writer of Heroes.

Okay, I'll be settling in to watch The Black Donnellys before long while taping 'Til Death Do Us Part with John Waters as The Groom Reaper on CourtTV. Paula Abdul is on Letterman tonight, so I have to see that!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

'The Apprentice: L.A.' - East Coast Update - 3/18/07

Once again, I won't be writing a full review/recap of the show, but here's the skinny:

The task was to create a webisode.
Arrow with James as PM won the task.
Kristine was the PM of Kinetic.
The Trumpette was back (Ivanka).
Muna was fired.
Oh... and Arrow got to meet the Governator.

'The Amazing Race 11: All Stars' - Ep. 5 -or- "We didn't come here to be sissyfoots."

Each week I'm reminded why I like Oswald and Danny so much. Even when they bicker a bit (like they did tonight), they can be a hoot and deliver some of the best lines in the show.

On the other hand, every week I'm reminded more and more why Charla and Mirna irk me so. In my book, Mirna is more irksome than Charla. I honestly think I'd take to Charla much better if she had a different partner.

Seven teams remain. Who will be eliminated next?

The teams started out from their last Pit Stop at the "End of the World." This is the closest we've seen the race actually get to Antartica, which is kind of cool in and of itself. Heck, not cool... outright cold! Teri and Ian were shocked that Romber was eliminated while Mirna seemed to take credit for the elimination. Oswald and Danny, the first team to arrive, left first at 12:02 AM. In last place, Charla and Mirna left at 2:41 AM, almost a three-hour gap betwixt first and last. Will it matter? Of course not. It's the Amazing Race!

While Team Guido (Joe and Bill) promised they were going to show a "kinder and gentler Guido," we see them provoked later on in the leg. The teams had to travel to a glacier where they received one avalanche beacon and were directed to follow the signal to find a buried beacon with their next clue. It all started out with an 8 AM opening, thus a bunching point.

The more I see Eric, the more he irks me, too. Perhaps he should team up with Mirna. He deliberately tried to annoy the Guidos and seems to have some problems with both gay and older folks on the whole. The Guidos walked away refusing to let him instigate problems which may make them look bad.
Oswald and Danny Rule
Once the gates to the glacier were opened, some teams zoomed right through the task. Others had issues. For example, once again Dustin and Kandice blew by a clue. But they caught themselves this time and went back before losing too much time. Charla/Mirna took a long time, but Danny and Oswald took forever. The ChaChas also took turns being cranky about it.

After completing the glacier task, teams had to fly 7,000 miles to the town of Maputo in Mozambique. Any plane tickets have to be purchased through travel agents as the airport can't sell them. The show has back-up tickets which would get them in at 3 PM if teams cannot obtain earlier flights. But all the teams, including the lagging ChaChas, managed to get on the same flight and their arrival time was 9:40 AM.
Amazing Race Roadblock: Trained Rat
Once in Maputo, the teams had to get in marked cars with drivers and head to APOPO Training Field. Again, there was a bunching point and Eric called the Guidos "freaks." It was there that they faced a Roadblock (a task only one member of a team can do) and one of the coolest ones I've ever seen. Rats! Oh, I'm not talking the rats running around KFC/Taco Bell in the Village. I'm talking working rats. These rats have been trained to detect explosive landmines and work with trainers. It's fascinating to read about and gives us a whole new insight of a much-detested animal. Well, I never detested them. I just don't want them in my abode... or where I eat. Pet rats have always been okay with me.

Not only did I think the challenge was fun and really interesting, but Charla's rat was more interested in grooming for the cameras than finding the landmine/clue. The name of the Roadblock was "Who Smells a Rat?" I couldn't help but compare Mirna to them each time they showed her. During the task, one of the ChaChas promised their rat, Nelson, that if he finds the clue, "We'll take you to a nice lab where they'll apply make-up on you." Ian gave his Cagney impersonation, "You dirty rat."
Maputo Confusion
Once the rats did their thing for the teams, they had to travel 50 miles back into Maputo, but it wasn't as easy to get to the location as they thought. The road sign must have loved the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz. "Some people go this way, and others go this way." The road sign indicated Maputo was either to the left or straight ahead. The teams going straight ended up lost. Or, was it the teams who went left who got lost? All I can say was one way was better than the other and shifted the dynamics of who was leading the pack.

Once they finally got to the next clue, it was a Detour. Both choices were ways folks make a living in the area. In Pamper It, the teams had to go to a market stall where they had to sell nail-painting to locals. Men in the area both do the painting and have their nails painted. Once they earned a certain amount, they would receive their next clue. In Porter It, teams had to load ten bags with coal, sew them shut, then lug a single bag by foot to a location in town.
Free Nails to a Cute Girl
The Guidos were running in first place at the time and chose Porter. Hey, Eric can say what he may, but there are two male gay teams in the race. Both chose the physical task of Porter It. Alas, they should have chosen Pamper It. Mirna and Charla, way behind the other teams, finished that one in short order. So did the Beauty Queens (Dustin and Kandice), who even took the time to paint a young girl's nails even though she had no money. Geez, Ian and Teri were headed to Porter, but accidentally ended up in Pamper and they nailed the task, too! (Get it? Nailed the nail task. I kill myself sometimes.)


But all the teams faced with the Porter task found it dirty, time-consuming, and probably the wrong choice. Uchenna and Joyce fell way behind as they got lost while lugging the bag of coal around.

Here's the order at the Pit Stop in Fortaleza, Maputo:
  1. Charla and Mirna - Their first time (and hopefully last time) in first place ever on the show. They won a trip to Aruba.
  2. Dustin and Kandice
  3. Teri and Ian (who were shocked they did so well)
  4. Oswald and Danny - Oswald promptly chased Phil around wanting to hug him with his coal-covered hands. That was a hoot! When Phil commented about them taking the coal task, one of them said, "Hey, we didn't come here to sissyfoot!" (Ah, but I bet they will shop again sometime!)
  5. Joe and Bill - They beat Eric and Danielle in a close footrace which prompted Eric to blame Danielle and later fuss that they were "beat by a bunch of queens." You go, Queens!
  6. Eric and Danielle
  7. Uchenna and Joyce
As it was one of the three planned non-elimination legs, Uchenna and Joyce are still in the race. However, they are marked for elimination. They must come in first place on the next leg or suffer a thirty-minute penalty which theoretically could make them lose the race.

I still hold with wanting Charla and Mirna gone, but Eric is about on par with them. Danielle, I have nothing against. Well, other than the fact that she's running the race with Eric. I'm liking the Guidos and ChaChas more each week and have to say the same for Teri and Ian. Dustin and Kandice are a strong team in many ways, but this is the second time they've gone by a clue. They have to pay more attention. I liked Uchenna and Joyce in their season, but they are dragging a bit this season. I did smile at Joyce's reaction to the rat... "Oh, he's cute!"

Who are you cheering on?