Saturday, August 31, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Saturday and PoV Winner Aftermath - August 31

Just hang your head on the bed, Spencer

Here's what happened today inside that Big Brother House of Horrific Hamsters:
  • Only one person won't play for veto. That one person not picked is Judd.
  • Amanda pushed Andy, telling him he NEEDS to win the veto to take one of them off the block.
  • Oh, at this point, I think he was thinking more along the lines of needing NOT to win the veto so he won't have to make a public stand with it.
  • Even though Andy is pushing for Elissa to go up if one of McCranda comes down, GinaMarie is firm with her previous decision.
  • She will NOT put either Judd or Elissa on the block. She promised them. And, as crude and vulgar as she may be, I haven't seen her break a promise yet.
  • Judd and Elissa both warned GinaMarie that they think Andy is still holding onto some loyalty with McCrae/Amanda.
  • Andy heard that Elissa said he was working both sides of the house and denied it to GinaMarie.
  • I personally think that he's having a hard time breaking the bond. But, in the end, I think he realizes he's better off gamewise with the Exterminators.
  • The veto comp went down, blocked to the live feeds.
  • But we always find out anyway. So there, BB!
  • McCrae won veto.
  • Welp, there goes GM's plan to target him this week!
  • So, it will have to be Amanda walking out that door (first) on Thursday.
  • Aw, my heart breaks for her.
  • Doesn't yours?
  • Amanda cried.
  • Sniffle, sniffle, HONK!
  • Judd wanted to get McCrae to use the veto to save Amanda.
  • That's not gonna happen.
  • Silly Judd.
  • Knowing that GM will not put up either Judd or Elissa, Spencer volunteered to go on the block as the re-nom.
  • I personally would rather see Andy up there as he would have no temptation whatsoever to save Amanda if he can't vote at all.
  • Amanda fussed (in her yellow tutu) that the comp wasn't fair to her.
  • She also thinks it's not fair that she's on the block.
  • She also thinks it's not fair that McCrae is on the block.
  • She also thinks it's not fair when she can't control everybody.
  • Aw, sucks to be her this week!
  • Amanda thinks she deserves to be there in the house.
  • Well, yeah. Gotta give her that. If anyone ever deserved to be in that house of idiots, she's a one.
  • But all of them deserve to be there ... until they get evicted, that is.
  • Elissa and GinaMarie talked the logistics of getting to the final two together.
  • Trying to lead her on, Judd told Amanda there's a chance she might stay.
  • I see no chance. Even if Andy flipped, it would end up a tie and GM would cast the tiebreaker. She won't vote out Spencer over Amanda.
  • Amanda tried and tried, then tried some more, to convince GM she needs to put Elissa on the block as the re-nom.
  • Ain't gonna happen.
  • I'm saying that. GinaMarie told her that she'll sleep on it.
  • Later on GM had a good laugh with Spencer and Judd about Amanda promising her final two.
  • Oh. I forgot to mention -- Judd and Spencer are out of the chicken suits. That was only 48 hours.
  • McCrae started mingling, something he hasn't done alone for most of the season.
  • He talked to GM, telling her he thinks that Elissa, Judd and her (GM) are working together.
  • Um, kind of right. They're all in on getting either McCrae or Amanda out.
  • They're working with each other as in Judd/Elissa, Judd/GM, and a teensy bit of GM/Elissa.
  • It's complicated.
  • McCrae thinks they should pit GM against Elissa and that Amanda should play girly-girl with GM to get Elissa on the block.
  • @@
  • The PoV meeting isn't until Monday.
  • But I would imagine we'll be seeing Amanda and Spencer on the block, Amanda the target.
  • Did I say it sucks to be Amanda this week?
  • Oh, yeah. I did.

What am I doing in this handbasket?

GinaMarie's toe bruise. Ouch.

Ew! Amanda in a tutu! My eyes! My eyes!

McCrae has started mingling

While Amanda exiles herself

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds After Nominations, Friday Night into Saturday - August 30-31

Inconsolable. Too bad.

After the rush of excitement, the waters calmed ... a bit. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Tearful Tizzies:
  • As I posted in the bulletin, GinaMarie kept true to her plan, putting McCrae and Amanda on the block.
  • During her nominations speech (blocked to the live feeds) she said they were a power duo while everyone else was alone in the game. She also said that Amanda took the fire out of McCrae's eyes once he settled in with her.
  • I hate to say it because I'm not a GinaMarie fan, but the girl is on a roll with competitions and she's spot on with her nominations and the reasons behind them. Good for her.
  • Amanda cried and headed to bed with McCrae ... naturally.
  • McCrae actually said hardly anything.
  • Perhaps he's thinking about how he might have done as a lone wolf in the game. I don't know.
  • It wasn't long before Amanda went wild -- screaming that Judd and Spencer are working with Elissa, it's not FAIR, GinaMarie is DUMB for nominating her, everybody is gonna hate GM ... rant, rant, cry, scream.
  • When she confronted GinaMarie in the HoH room, it was kind of funny with two grown chicken men roaming back and forth like winged security guards.
  • No one spoke up for Amanda in that brouhaha and GinaMarie held her own on her own just fine.
  • As Amanda screamed about how not right the noms were -- when one of them came off the block with the veto, her re-nom will go home, Judd quietly mumbled, "So we all should just pack our bags, right?"
  • Like the old song went, she got no satisfaction and went back to crying all over McCrae, first in the Have Not room, then in their bed.
  • Now that I've mentioned their bed, I must get this off my chest: No one has ever lived in their bed like McCranda! It's ridiculous. They canoodle constantly, eat, sleep, lounge about in the bed. Heck, I'm surprised they haven't asked for diapers so they can truly live in that poor abused bed!
  • Phew. I feel better now.
  • I hope BB burns that bed after this season. It's way tainted!
  • Amanda is sure she's the target.
  • She's not.
  • McCrae is GinaMarie's target as she thinks he's more dangerous.
  • She's right. It would be better for McCrae to go as, if he were alone, he'd probably team up with Spencer, Judd and Andy or a combination thereof.
  • Also, without Amanda dictating the moves of puppet HoH winners, McCrae just might scramble back to his ways at the start of the season when he was honestly in fear he would be voted out.
  • With all the Amanda outbursts, I think McCrae thinks if the noms remain the same, it's Amanda out the door, not him. So, in a way, he still feels personally safe this week. In the past he has talked with Spencer about Amanda having to go before him.
  • Now, GM's not telling her boys that she fears a hook-up with a boys crew and McCrae.
  • Although Elissa isn't a part of the Exterminators, there are mini-deals being made. Spencer told Elissa he'd keep her safe if she did the same for him.
  • It's weird to once again see Elissa mingling about the house, probably with more hamsters than she has all season. In the past, she was pretty confined to hanging out with Candice and Helen.
  • Amanda went into a fit of feeling sorry for herself and giving up, wanting to go home.
  • Oh, save the drama for your mama, Amanda.  It's the premise of the game. You played so many others, it's time for you to get played for a change!
  • On a side note, after the "love" is gone, I wonder if McCrae will be singing this tune from his heart over Amanda.
  • Throughout all of this, GinaMarie's foot continued to swell from her fall on the stairs Friday morning. Like an idiot, she forced her sore foot into heels for the nominations ceremony.
  • Now you have two guys in chicken suits, McCrae in his stupid filthy pajama pants and you need to wear a cute black dress and heels when your toe might be broken?
  • @@
  • Amanda did go around apologizing to people for her outburst, but she still thinks that GM is being stupid not getting Elissa out.
  • McCrae and Amanda then became unwatchable for most of the rest of the night, just hanging out in bed cuddling and crying.
  • GinaMarie made up Chicken Parmesan for all.
  • Amanda had the cojones to ask GM if she and McCrae could have a night in the HoH room. GM said okay.
  • Ew.
  • @@
  • Spencer and Andy will tell Amanda what she wants to hear all week, then vote as planned.
  • Andy and Spencer talked about how they feel Elissa shouldn't win because she doesn't need the money.
  • @@
  • However, Elissa not winning will be part of the Exterminators plan anyway.
  • They do want the final four to be their newly minted just in time for the numbers alliance -- GM, Andy, Spencer and Judd.
  • There's no Elissa in there, nor an Amanda (or McCrae, but he will go this week unless he wins PoV).
  • Amanda gave both McCrae and Andy all kinds of advice for "after she's gone." Don't trust Spencer. Elissa and Judd are the biggest targets.
  • Oh, silly girl. You'll be stuck staying! :-)
  • I really hate to say this, but if this all goes down as planned this week and the Exterminators stick together, GinaMarie (of all people) just might be deserving of the win.
  • Well, if anyone from this season's cast of losers is "deserving" of the win, that is.
  • PoV comp will be later today. We'll see what happens. Whatever happens, either McCrae or Amanda is out the door this week.
  • Yay.

All we need is Chicken George to join in

A chicken studies the Memory Wall at night

She's filling her face, he's picking at his nails

It's not FAIR!

BB needs to make a rule about NOT living in beds

Friday, August 30, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Bulletin - Nominations - August 30

Oh my. It happened.

GinaMarie put Amanda and McCrae on the block.

Amanda is freaking, McCrae is just hanging out in bed.

Make sure you read what's brought this on in my last post. It's kind of scary that GinaMarie's thought process on the nominations is both rational and strategic.

Whole lotta shouting going on!

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Friday Daytime - August 30, 2013

Oh, poor little Mandy girl

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Bad Examples:
  • Apparently (blocked to live feeds), BB actually played The Chicken Dance as wake up music.
  • Amanda told Judd she's done with it; she doesn't care anymore.
  • Promises, promises.
  • Then she went to visit GinaMarie in the HoH room and cry her heart out.
  • Amanda said she's going to stay away from Elissa even though she hates her.
  • Promises, promises.
  • After Amanda left the HoH room, GinaMarie mimed the crying into the cameras, rolled her eyes and made the crazy sign.
  • Then GinaMarie almost promptly fell down the stairs.
  • Oh my. I didn't know Amanda had THOSE powers!
  • GM re-injured her back and jammed a toe.
  • Not to be confused with toe jam.
  • Ew.
  • Soon there was Trivia. Ohhh ... a secret game!
  • When the feeds returned, Spencer was popping some balloons and the house was a disaster.
  • More of a disaster than usual, that is.
  • Confetti and busted balloons all over the place!
  • Apparently there were cards and confetti inside the balloons and prizes.
  • But the only one who seems to have won anything is Spencer. He won $10,000.
  • Amanda wants McCrae to go talk to GM. She can't because she already said it's over, she doesn't care.
  • McCrae sees no need to rush to speak with her.
  • @@
  • He went and asked if she will be speaking with people. She told him later as Andy was due in.
  • When she had Andy in the room, GM told him her target is McCrae. She thinks McCrae is more dangerous.
  • Oh, yeah ... she will be putting McCrae and Amanda both on the block.
  • This should be priceless!
  • GM told Andy (and later Spencer) that she is NOT working with Elissa. She's repaying a favor, but Elissa is basically on her own.
  • Elissa told her she wants Amanda out.
  • That's not exactly surprising, is it?
  • GinaMarie is telling her fellow Exterminators (Judd, Andy and Spencer) that if there are rewards in veto, go ahead and go for them.
  • She's intending on going for punishments, anything short of shaving her head.
  • She did ask Spencer to consider taking one punishment because he does have the money and trip. She thinks McCrae would be going for every punishment to stay.
  • Of course, it might not be a reward/punishment comp at all!
  • Although they're not seriously considering it will be, GM did mention that if it's a double eviction, they can get two birds with one stone.
  • They're in glee that THEY have the numbers this time around, not McCrae and Amanda.
  • One will go, no matter what.
  • Meanwhile, there's more unrest in the showmance. Amanda sulked and pouted that she didn't care about being there anymore.
  • McCrae said something about her attitude and it was on.
  • Suuure, they'll get married.
  • @@
  • Amanda and McCrae want to push for Judd and Elissa to go on the block.
  • That's not gonna happen, kiddos!
  • Amanda told GinaMarie that if she doesn't put Elissa on the block, EVERYONE is going to be enraged!
  • Oh my.
  • So far, Judd and Spencer have lied well to McCranda. Andy said something last night about he's worried on of them might go up, but ultimately said he didn't know.
  • Amanda thinks the final four should be herself, McCrae, GinaMarie and Andy.
  • It could very well be Andy, Spencer, Judd and GinaMarie if they pull this off.
  • At least, that second final four is a bit more on an even playing field. In the first scenario, you know the couple intend on being final two if they make it that far.
  • Nominations later tonight!

Two chickens walked into an HoH room ...

Popping the balloons

Luxury comp aftermath on quad cam

There's a point where fake eyelashes go too far

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Thursday Night into Friday - August 29-30

Hey chickie, chickie

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Barnyard Animals:
  • To recap, GinaMarie won HoH and the chicken suits went to Spencer and Judd.
  • I had mistakenly thought that McCrae had been carrying chicken feet when it was orange Converse sneakers -- he was the orange bunny in the comp.
  • Oops.
  • The feeds were blocked until the comp had ended.
  • Now Amanda has two obsessions -- her irrational HATRED for Elissa and what Julie Chen said to her on the live show.
  • She seems consumed with her hatred of Elissa and is determined to convince GinaMarie to put her on the block.
  • I've never seen anyone quite so obsessed in all the years I've watched the show.
  • I'm talking since Season One!
  • Amanda thinks everybody is on the same page as her.
  • Meanwhile ... Spencer, Andy, Judd and GinaMarie (the Exterminators) are beside themselves with joy and plan to put McCrae and Amanda on the block.
  • And, nope ... Elissa, the target of Amanda's hatred, has nothing to do with it.
  • But, she's surely along for the vote, I'd say!
  • The boys have agreed to protect GinaMarie from McCranda.
  • I actually don't think they need to worry so much about McCrae. He's turning out to be the most inept superfan I've ever seen on one of these shows.
  • Spencer thinks he's going to make all kinds of money selling his BB stuff on eBay.
  • @@
  • Whenever they're around Amanda, everybody is just being a bit of a "yes man" to her vitriol over Elissa.
  • No sense in stirring the pot before the explosion over nominations.
  • Elissa is actually in the dark over this. I think she has hope that GM won't nominate her, but she has no idea that the guys (sans McCrae) are with her. She knows Judd is on their side, but doesn't really know Andy and Spencer are with them.
  • Amanda's hatred of Elissa was even more fueled by Julie's questions.
  • How DARE they portray Elissa as innocent and her (Amanda) as a bully!?!?!
  • Amanda thinks Elissa keeps putting her down.
  • @@
  • At one time, when Amanda left the room, GM, Andy and Judd all started dancing around again.
  • Aaryn had warned Amanda that GM would work with Elissa and put her (Amanda) on the block as a target.
  • Guess what, Amanda? Aaryn was honest about that one!
  • Amanda told GM that she needs to put up Elissa and either Judd or Spencer with her.
  • Amanda is STILL sure that Judd was the MVP putting her on the block!
  • Oh, silly little mean girl.
  • The chicken suits shed. 
  • I didn't know the dollar store made chicken suits, did you?
  • BB gave them alcohol. I wonder how much they'll get after the nominations go down.
  • Amanda told Elissa she's going on the block.
  • Elissa laughed at her.
  • That really irritates Amanda.
  • Aww.
  • Keep it up Elissa!
  • (Actually, Elissa is getting very upset at the continued bullying.)
  • Amanda thinks Elissa is picking on HER.
  • Oh, geez.
  • Amanda's behavior has McCrae trying to calm her down. He told her that GM doesn't like that kind of thing.
  • No one does. It's whacked.
  • McCrae told Amanda not to let Elissa bully her and to play the victim to GM.
  • @@
  • What world are these people living in?
  • Not mine, I hope!
  • Elissa thought Jessie's tirade at her was funny and not harmful, but Amanda's is hate-filled and cruel.
  • Yup.
  • In her HoH room, GinaMarie got another photo of Nick.
  • Run, Nick, run!
  • Her letter was from her mother, though.
  • Spencer likes GM's HoH goodie basket better than Elissa's. GM's is full of junk food while Elissa's was mostly healthy foodstuffs.
  • Amanda told GM that Elissa made her cry.
  • @@
  • Amanda spent the latter part of the night after the HoH room reveal crying.
  • Oh, my heart goes out to her, doesn't yours?
  • Heehee!
  • Judd is fussing and whining more about his chicken suit than Spencer is. He says it's all hot and sweaty.
  • Judd was very worried about coming back into the house with everyone still sucking up to McCrae and Amanda.
  • Amanda told Elissa that she (Elissa) keeps bullying her (Amanda).
  • Elissa walked away.
  • Amanda chased after her chastising her for bullying poor little Amanda.
  • @@
  • Oh, shrink, please! We have a spill in aisle one!
  • To placate her, GM told Amanda that Elissa has been her target since the first week.
  • A few minutes later, GM laughed with Andy about how Amanda is playing the victim. Andy warned her not to fall for the act. She said she doesn't.
  • The girl ain't too bright, but GM does have Amanda down.
  • I do think that GM will stick to her guns and put up McCranda.
  • Woot.
  • We'll see tonight!

Gonna be a long two days, gonna be a long week

He's all ears

This seems fitting

Barnyard animals in the house

HoH room fun!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Big Brother 15: HoH Endurance Comp Live Feeds -- August 29

Once the live feeds return, I'll update this entry with well, um ... UPDATES and screen caps from the live feeds. As I get it posted, the feeds are still blocked.

10:10pm ET - Feeds still blocked. Remember to refresh this page to get the latest news. Er, but not right now as the feeds are still blocked.
10:15pm ET - Still blocked.
It's really sad that I know the answers to all of the trivia questions. Is there a 12-Step Program for me?
10:22pm ET - Still blocked.
10:30pm ET -- Feeds still blocked. Grr!


 McCrae is carrying chicken feet.

McCrae is shaving ... in anticipation of a beak maybe? Judd might be the other chicken.

  • Amanda thinks she can control GM's nominations.
  • Meanwhile, GM is hugging Judd and Andy in the storage room. 
  • I believe I'm mistaken -- I think that it's Judd and Spencer in chicken suits, NOT McCrae.
Julie apparently did push Amanda's buttons. She claims that now she "knows how she's being portrayed."

Amanda vows to be "on" GinaMarie until the nominations. I hope GM sticks to her guns.

Big Brother 15: Live Eviction/HoH Show Blog Party - August 29

Ready to party? If your area is affected by football being aired, please check this linked post to see if someone has mentioned a delay or alternate station to view the show one time.

As it airs here on the East Coast, I'll update this entry with the major happenings. Refresh the page to get the latest news! As always, the party is in the comments area ... please join us!

BTW - a slight spoiler (maybe) from the live feeds -- Elissa told Aaryn that, if she's evicted, she should blame all the racial things she said on Amanda. Hmm.

Lots of bad edits for Amanda tonight. Too bad, so sad. Heehee. Spencer, Andy, Judd and GinaMarie form the Exterminators alliance to go after Amanda and McCrae. Aaryn is scrambling for votes since Amanda told her that Andy has been with them longer.

Julie says Dan Gheesling will be on the show tonight. We get to pick a bunny suit or a chicken suit for 24 hours for the two finishing last in tonight's HoH. Twitter #bbbunny or #bbchicken.

Dan likes Judd, thinks Amanda is playing the game, but too personally insulting. Onto a couples segment -- Brenchal. Dani and Dominic -- they recently got married. Jeff and Jordan, together for four years now.

Talking to the HG -- Asks Judd what's changed, he said some people are gone. She mentions the drama, then moves right to Amanda and her bad behavior. She claims Elissa pushed her buttons and they're fine now. Elissa passes it off as emotions are running high. Julie brings up how messy the bedroom is.

Nominees speech time -- Aaryn, talks of family, thanks BB, respects decision. Andy -- trailblazing, weird speech, loves Anderson Cooper.

Judd -- Aaryn
Spencer -- Aaryn
GinaMarie -- Aaryn
Amanda -- Aaryn
McCrae -- Aaryn

It's unanimous (as I knew it would be) ... Aaryn is gone!

Whoa, first booing I've ever heard when someone came out! The racial comments are coming up! She says being Southern is a stereotype, things taken out of context, didn't mean anything. Julie reads off quotes. She doesn't remember saying them. (She says.) BB taught her anything? Life in general. People are laughing at her as she says she likes Candice, loves Helen. She says she feels horrible and then blames Texas. She looks terrified.

HoH comp -- Big Hoppertunity, fingers through fence to egg, maneuver through maze, hop it to basket. Their feet are tied together. They must gather a dozen to win.

Julie tells them there is a punishment at the end for the lowest two, chicken suits.

This comp will last past show end, so (as I tend to do), I'll put a post up to cover it on the feeds.

Julie says there's a surprise announcement about next week. I predict a double eviction.

Surprise competition for HG on Sunday, double eviction next week. (I was right.)

The comp post is up (but the feeds aren't yet).

Big Brother 15: Live Eviction Show Schedule/Programming Changes - August 29

Due to football tonight, many CBS stations in the Eastern and Central Time Zones are delaying the live show tonight or airing it on an alternative station. I will be putting up the blog party post tonight at 9pm ET and updating it in real time (and, yes, the party will be AWN).

However, I thought it would be good to get a post going pre-show with any scheduling news we know in our areas to share with others. If you see the show is delayed where you live, post the city/state area and the time it will start. If it's going to be aired on a sister station, post what station and time.

I'll start off with my own area:
9pm ET on sister station WLNY 10/55 (Check your listings -- usually on either channel 10 or 55)
2:07am ET on WCBS2

Your turn ...

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Wednesday Evening into Thursday - August 28-29

Did GinaMarie bust her butt?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Harried Hamsters:
  • GinaMarie's lower back is really hurting her after she lugged Judd into the pool. If the HoH comp is physical, this might hurt her chances.
  • Her fellow ally boys are a bit worried about that.
  • Aaryn packed her bag. 
  • Aw, so sad.
  • Not.
  • I think I might be sad that it's not Amanda going out first.
  • Judd has a fear that it's a double eviction again and wants to show people where his stuff is to pack.
  • Heh.
  • I think we're probably in for another double eviction next week, but not this week.
  • Andy's worried about the eviction.
  • Again.
  • Still.
  • Whatever.
  • Amanda and Aaryn talked about her speech. Amanda suggested she should say, "At least I'm leaving at the hands of a white person."
  • Then they all got doing Asian accents after Amanda mocked Chinese people.
  • @@
  • GinaMarie told Elissa that Aaryn told her that she should stick with her.
  • Well, it's not the best, but at least Elissa is getting people on her side. A few weeks ago all she had was Helen.
  • GinaMarie thinks the Zingbot zings might be in the HoH comp.
  • Amanda continues to eat constantly. I really don't know she doesn't just explode.
  • That would make good TV!
  • Aaryn told McCrae that Spencer doesn't trust him.
  • She's still dropping little tidbits all over before she goes.
  • Aaryn predicts that unless they win HoH, Amanda and McCrae will be on the block every week.
  • Well, duh. Of course.
  • Elissa and Aaryn had a long talk, mostly about what could have been had Aaryn not fallen in with Amanda.
  • GinaMarie protested to Amanda and McCrae about Aaryn saying she was after them.
  • At least Aaryn is an equal opportunity pot stirrer if nothing else.
  • She's pretty much dropped seeds of discontent all over the house.
  • Not so much about Elissa, though. Perhaps because she knows many people in the house already don't like her.
  • Ew. The camera just focused on Spencer with his hand down his pants.
  • Ew.
  • Now I have to go away.

J-U-Double D

Ew, but at least she made him shower

Aaryn and Elissa talk what could have been

McCrae with CLEAN HAIR!

Always eating Amanda, always scheming

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Wednesday into the Evening - August 28

Ohh ... Jenga frenzy excitement

I wish we could come to a happy medium feeds-wise in the house. For a few days there, it was hard to keep up. Today it was hard to not fall asleep. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Hazy Hamsters:
  • Most napped for most of the day.
  • The fish did not nap.
  • The fish are coolness.
  • While I didn't like the extreme behavior when Amanda was bullying Elissa, now that she's been being nice, it's way boring.
  • The Exterminators Alliance -- Spencer, Judd, Andy and GinaMarie -- are determined to get Amanda or McCrae out next week.
  • Well, that is unless Amanda or McCrae win HoH.
  • Then they'll follow them along like the good little sheep they are.
  • Aaryn discovered toys in the storage room -- Jenga with its label blacked out, a deck of cards, a Slinky and a hacky-sack ball.
  • Ohhhh.
  • Excitement.
  • She didn't tell anyone for a long time, but then said she saw them once she joined others in the yard.
  • Judd went in to check. Yup.
  • Like Aaryn before him, he went looking through the entire deck of cards.
  • What do they think? A Get-a-PoV free card is in there?
  • Judd found out that the Slinky doesn't work well on a spiral staircase.
  • He left the toys in the kitchen and went back out to the yard.
  • GinaMarie claimed they were lying when they said there were toys in the storage room.
  • No, Judd left them in the kitchen. Not lying at all.
  • However, GM still thought it was necessary to punish him for lying and spent much time and effort in pulling him over to the pool to throw him in.
  • BB voice told them to stop, but they didn't.
  • They should have stopped.
  • GM hurt her back messing around wrestling and lugging Judd.
  • The rest of the Exterminators lamented that she should realize that she's not that young anymore.
  • GAH! When I was her age, I was into some of my most physically active years of my life!
  • Aaryn is resigned to leaving, told GinaMarie that Amanda and McCrae must get gone and she herself wants to mend fences with Elissa as to leave on a good note with her.
  • The indoor lockdown went into effect at about 5pm their time. It will probably remain so until tomorrow night's show.
  • Yawn.

The fish were more lively than the hamsters

Channeling Dan Gheesling's shorts

Tie your hair in a knot and put a bowtie on it!

The dollar store toys are starting to appear

Judd loves a Slinky

How GinaMarie hurt her back

Big Brother 15: Power of Veto Show Blog Party - August 28

Come one, come all ... get ready for the Zingbot. Now, I bet we could have written better material, but it's always fun to see the hamsters fume about the zingers anyway.

A programming note before we start -- tomorrow night it seems like football has taken over much of the CBS primetime block. I'll set up a post prior to tomorrow's live show so people can share any programming information in their areas -- when it's scheduled, if there's an alternate channel. I myself am thankful that here in the Greater NYC Metro area, WCBS bought WLNY out on Long Island and that my cable provider carries it. It's most likely to be found on either channel 10 or 55 if you're in this area. WLNY be airing the CBS primetime shows tomorrow night as WCBS will air football. No more middle of the night not-live shows here! Woohoo!

As the show airs here tonight, I'll post the major happenings in real time. Refresh the page to get the latest! But, as always, the real party is in the comments area. I hope to see you there!

Elissa's plan to target Aaryn has morphed into a "Let's backdoor Amanda" plan. She brings in both Judd and Aaryn on it. Of course, Aaryn is for it as it would save her butt. However, veto is still to be played. All just might change.

Time to pick veto players -- Elissa gets Amana (eek), MCrae got GinaMarie, Aaryn got HG choice and chose Judd.

The Zingbot arrives while they're all sleeping.

Time for the PoV comp, a party theme with cake and robots. It's Baby Zingbot's first birthday. They have to roll a ball through a teeter-totter type thing bent in the middle, run to the other side, catch it, roll it again ... to charge "batteries." Judd got really sick from the heat and dropped out. Amanda wins with GinaMarie right on her tail.

Amanda goes onto a path of havoc trying to bully Amanda into putting GM on the block instead of Andy after she saves McCrae with the veto.

Veto meeting time. Amanda saves McCrae. Elissa puts Andy on the block.

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Tuesday into Wednesday - August 27-28

Morning meeting

Y'know, it was a lot more interesting to watch when they were all quibbling with each other. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of It's A Long Time Until Thursday Night:
  • They all keep thinking a Pandora's Box is due. Hey, there just might not be one. They seem to forget that there was a time that the seasons had no Pandora's Box.
  • I'm just wondering when they'll get the dollar store arts and crafts or get to tie-dye t-shirts.
  • Now, there's the real excitement every season!
  • In the past week or so, the ants have rediscovered the house. I don't know why they waited so long this year.
  • Maybe they were afraid of the hamsters.
  • Judd and Elissa continue to get along well. A lot of their time talking is spent about Amanda (horrible woman) and McCrae (doesn't take a shower for two weeks), peppered with small talk about television and family.
  • On the other hand, Amanda and McCrae spend a lot of their time talking about Judd (can't be trusted) and Elissa (needs to go!).
  • Today (well, Tuesday), most of them spent the day either napping or lounging around.
  • B-o-r-i-n-g!
  • The HoH camera came out and a good time was had by all.
  • @@
  • Amanda said that it's fun to just laze around and not worry about bills.
  • Spencer said it's like living at home with parents.
  • Hey, McCrae should feel right at home then!
  • Amanda said she feels happier because she took her meds.
  • Hmm.
  • Andy, knowing he's safe, keeps asking people if he's safe and saying how, of course he's mad at Elissa for putting him on the block.
  • Amanda would still like to keep Aaryn for the comp wins and target value, but agrees with McCrae that they never know what she'll do. She's shown that she isn't loyal while Andy has had constant loyalty.
  • Spencer and Andy think Judd is only being nice to Elissa as she's HoH.
  • While I'm sure that has something to do with it, I've also noticed that he gets very quiet and doesn't take part in it when the others are trash-talking Elissa. 
  • I think Judd really doesn't trust anyone and probably thinks that Elissa is the least likely to target him.
  • Oh! I was mistaken! McCrae pays all of $100 a month to live with friends. His parents even canceled his phone and stuff.
  • Hmm.
  • Aaryn keeps trying pretty much anything to convince people that they should keep her.
  • Some truths, some lies.
  • It's just digging a deeper hole for her to crawl into on Thursday.
  • Some of what she's saying sounds like she's saying it to instigate problems between others.
  • They got a paltry amount of alcohol -- everyone can drink this week as there are no Have Nots.
  • They played beer pong.
  • A thrill a minute.
  • Amanda put herself in charge of the beer pong.
  • Spencer called her a control freak.
  • Well, yeah!
  • Aaryn told the others that Elissa said Judd is the best-looking man in the house and that Elissa wants Aaryn out because she's jealous of her relationship with Judd.
  • @@
  • While Judd IS the best-looking guy in the house at this time, it's not like there's much competition going on in that department.
  • And, no. Elissa hasn't any interest in that manner towards Judd.
  • Amanda ran and told Elissa about it.
  • Elissa laughed.
  • They all laughed because it kind of shows Aaryn is grasping at straws.
  • It could very well be a unanimous vote out of Aaryn on Thursday.
  • Nah, not "very well." It will be unanimous.

Woe is me

With grace and elegance

Setting up the beer pong

With glowing balls they play

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Monday Night into Tuesday - August 26-27

I wonder if he has a security blanket at home

After a few days of manic problems, the hamsters have quieted down now. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Stormy Seas:
  • GinaMarie talked about Staten Island.
  • McCrae wondered if Nick lived in Times Square.
  • @@
  • GinaMarie doesn't seem to know much about New York State outside of downstate (which she seems to think is upstate),
  • Aaryn tried to convince GinaMarie that if she stays, she'll go after Amanda and McCrae.
  • Elissa told GinaMarie not to believe Aaryn.
  • Elissa told Aaryn she feels bad for the kind of person she is.
  • Oh my.
  • McCrae made the attempt to mend fences with Elissa.
  • Not because he really feels it deep within (although he's ticked at Amanda's behavior) -- it's all in the game.
  • I'm getting almost as tired of him saying "like" every third or fourth word as I am of him chewing on his fingernails all the time. Oh ... and those plaid pajama pants!
  • McCrae and Elissa's long talk aired out a lot of the issues between them.
  • Of course, now that everyone seems to have accepted Aaryn going home this week, things are a bit easier for all.
  • Even Amanda admits she's given up the fight. She felt she should try because Aaryn's done so much for them, but the time came to stop.
  • Oh, it did take a while more with Amanda, though.
  • She resisted McCrae's coaxing to go talk to Elissa for hours before she buckled.
  • McCrae told Amanda that any more acting out on her part will further alienate GM against them.
  • Amanda decided her social game is over, it's all about comps now.
  • Hmm. She won one so far. 
  • Amanda is dead-set against Judd, Elissa or GinaMarie winning the game. She says that she won't vote at the end if it's any of them.
  • @@
  • Spencer and McCrae trash-talked Aaryn.
  • They claim that Aaryn is saying anything she can to stay.
  • Well, a lot of what she's saying is the truth and they just don't want her saying it!
  • Despite all the anti-Aaryn sentiment, Andy is worried that he might be in for a blindside.
  • No, Andy, you're not that important. Everyone knows what you are. 
  • Spencer told Judd and Elissa that McCranda needs to be split up.
  • D'oh!
  • But then he solidified his bond with McCrae. When Spencer says they need to be split up, he means Amanda must go.
  • Aaryn again apologized to Judd for her part in getting him evicted.
  • Oh, I believe Judd has tucked his grudges away for future reference.
  • Judd told Aaryn he doesn't know how he'll vote yet.
  • Aaryn said she doesn't want to be blindsided.
  • I say -- Hey, Aaryn, when you know it's coming, it's not a blindside!
  • NOW Aaryn claims she wants to play on her own, not be Amanda's puppet.
  • A bit too late for that!
  • Elissa and Amanda had a long, long talk. If you didn't know Amanda like we do from the live feeds, you might feel there was actual remorse and a fresh start between the two.
  • But it's all in the game.
  • Amanda knows that, strategically, she needs to amend somehow for her outrageous behavior and Elissa pretends to accept it.
  • So, it looks like it will be Aaryn out Thursday without a doubt ...

Talking to Amanda, believe it or not

The big apology session

That behavior really wasn't me ... she says.