Saturday, June 30, 2018

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds into Saturday Evening - June 30

Foosball is a high tech thing?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Wayward Girls and Boys:
  • Here's a hint -- the more screencaps I have in an update, the more boring the day was.
  • It's doldrums time, that eternity between comps and action.
  • They got the backyard today. Thus, a lot of exercising and lazing about.
  • They played beauty salon.
  • They played Jenga.
  • They played foosball.
  • They played pool.
  • At least they didn't play chess.
  • They planned a BB prom.
  • Sam is hoping not to be SamBot for the prom. 
  • There had been a long feeds block with previous BB. Maybe BB decided they needed a prom.
  • Well, this crowd is certainly young enough. Grodner would get high school kids in if she could. @@
  • Haleigh seems to have picked up some kind of bug. It will be no bueno if the entire house catches it.
  • I think of Kaitlyn and Fessy as the Odd Couple.
  • Angela thinks that Scottie is Swaggy's little rat.
  • Nah, he's just his hamster!
  • Kaycee and Angela had a long discussion about whether Swags is bisexual or not.
  • Who cares?
  • It sounds like some are taking to heart whatever Sam did yesterday (cursing out production during the comp?) and are waffling on keeping her.
  • Oh, wait. Now they want to keep her again.
  • Sheesh. How many more times will they change their minds?
  • Both Swags and Fessy are full of themselves and think they're running the house.
  • Ha. It's too early in the season for that!
  • It's interesting that Fessy claims he saw Hayleigh's Instagram before the season. He wanted to showmance her, but finds he's vying with Tyler for her attention.
  • Kaitlyn fussed about slop to everyone she could, including us.
  • That's all for now!
Why did I sign up for this? Am I nuts?

Jenga is always a thrill a minute.

At least Rachel acknowledges SamBot.

Jealous of Kaycee's weight-lifting?

I got this, dude!

I love Star Trek!

Big Brother 20: Blog Pool Match Ups!

Yes, the random match-ups are in! Apologies go out to many of you -- it seems like we have some rather slim pickings this season. It's great to welcome both the familiar faces and new folks for the pool! Unlike previous seasons, the first evicted didn't go out before the live feeds even started. So, all 16 hamsters are in the pool.

Here it is ... the moment you've been waiting for:

Steve Arienta - Ginnyjulie, Sally, uncartie, Karen in California
Sam Bledsoe - Shayne McCaslin, HowSad, tbc, Sharon C
Haleigh Broucher - Brian, Sharon S, Monty924, Buzzmaam
Kaycee Clark - Sharon N, Skyriverblue, Indiana Jane, Jenna G
Tyler Crispen - SueGee, Glenn Allen, Jessica Underwood-James, JennasMom
Bayleigh Dayton - Ayana, Margo, Krysta Gibson, KelseyNY
Kaitlyn Herman - Chantel, Michelle Carpintero, Donna in Alabama, Auntie Leigh
Winston Hines - Petals, David, Nickelpeed, Bizaro22
Angie Rockstar Lantry - Merilee, Babs, Jean in Tampa, Chauncey
JC Monduix - Brenda, Delee, T-Town Chick, Willie J
Brett Robinson - Judi Sweeney, Lovelakexo, Ed in Ohio, JonMD1267
Angela Rummans - Janice, Chacha, QuixoticElf, Tilda
Scottie Salton - Lili, Chrob61, JO C, DonnaNY
Faysal Fessy Shafaat - Caela, Marthalight, Cheryl in NC, Marina Tatum
Rachel Swindler - PDX Granny, Jackie, CherryPie, Dr_Celine
Chris Swaggy C Williams - Jennifer, MikesGirl, Nora, CRC, ChickMc

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds into Saturday Morn - June 30

A new punishment?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of the Hamster Habitrail:
  • As you know from my late bulletin, Fessy won the Power of Veto.
  • For someone who's supposedly a fan of the show, he should realize you don't wear that necklace for hours -- it tends to rub it in to others that they did NOT win the PoV.
  • Oh. And, just so you know -- the green garb in the leading off screen cap is not a punishment.
  • They say it's cold in the house this morning.
  • After the comp last night I barely recognized Steve without his hair greased and slicked back. He looked ten years younger.
  • As for the comp -- blocked to the live feeds -- it was apparently very rough on those poor little hamsters and the win came down to a ball. I mean, we're talking snakes (nothing new in the BB house), some kind of electrical shocks. ice baths (not combined with the electrical shocks I hope), paintball guns and more.
  • Sam told Tyler that she's going home. Tyler told her she isn't. But it does make me wonder more about whether she was bluffing about possibly having a power to stay.
  • I'd keep my fingers crossed here but it makes it hard to type.
  • Bayleigh told Swags that America should vote her for a power because she cried all over the place yesterday. 
  • Yeah, let's vote to call her a wahmbulance!
  • Rachel, Kaycee and Angela want to give Sam a sympathy vote. They also think that JC has a power of two votes.
  • I guess no will will really know until they know.
  • If Sam does have a power, her bluffing is professional -- she cried a lot about going home.
  • Hmm.
  • Rumors are it that JC will vote for Sam to stay. If he has a power of multiple votes ...?
  • Oh, the suspense!
  • Rachel doesn't like Rockstar.
  • I don't care that much for either of them.
  • So, how's them apples?
  • But ... Rachel seems to want Sam to stay. So, I will tolerate her.
  • Apparently Little Miss Sam was very potty-mouthed during the comp.
  • Oh, my.
  • The newest alliance name is Level Six -- Tyler, Rachel, Kaycee, Brett, Winston and Angela. Handshake and all.
  • Fessy has said he won't use the veto.
  • Level Six wants to keep Sam. Winston definitely needs convincing.
  • Then, why the heck did Tyler go ahead and put her on the block in the first place?
  • Bayleigh is upset with Swags and thinks he threw the veto comp.
  • She told him she deserves a power because she cried all over the place yesterday and America votes sympathy votes.
  • Hmm.
  • Sam remains upset and isn't doing her own cause any good if she doesn't have a power to stay somehow.
  • Rachel told Tyler that JC said the other side wants to backdoor Angela.
  • That is so very true.
  • But Level Six isn't really sure where JC stands.
  • I do think he wants Sam to stay. But he's trying to be a mini-Andy working both sides. We all know how that usually turns out in the end. Well, except for Andy, I guess. Usually it doesn't work out too well.
  • Heh. Tyler likened the hamsters to piranhas as he watched the fish tank. I thought he knew what he was getting into!
  • JC thinks he's working with Tyler and Hayleigh. I don't think Tyler is actually working with either of them. Tyler said before that he thinks Hayleigh is the weak link of the other side.
  • Hmm.
  • I'm so confused. Does she or doesn't she? Now Sam is telling Tyler that she's scared if she uses "it" someone else will have to be a robot.
  • I say, if that's the case, go for it.
  • Maybe Rockstar would be a robot. That would be more tolerable!
  • The rift thickens -- Winston is the one in Level Six holding out on keeping Sam. Meanwhile, Sam tells Tyler she thinks Winston is a "predator."
  • I think she just may have called that one right!
  • She also told Tyler that she admires Swag because he's so driven, but she can't be a part of that.
  • There was yet another Hamazon delivery in the wee hours of the night for Fessy.
  • It's looking quasi-possible there might be votes enough to keep Sam.
  • But, if she has a power, it would be a sure thing.
  • We won't see until we see. 

After the veto comp

An hour later

Two hours later. Will he sleep with it?

Sam as herself this morning

I should get a power. I cried!

Big Brother 20: PoV Winner Bulletin - June 29

Finally the live feeds returned. I'm not sure if I like the idea of showing old season episodes instead of Critter Cam. I wonder how the pet adoptions were doing using them.

Fessy (Faysal) won the Power of Veto

Friday, June 29, 2018

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds into Friday Evening - June 29

Different fish cam look this season

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Harried Hamsters:
  • I think Swags and Steve are still on East Coast time in their minds. They were up way early.
  • Swags talked to Tyler about who received the good power. He thinks it was Angela and wants to put her on the block to force her to use it.
  • I think Swags just recognizes that Angela might be a powerhouse player and she won't play up to him. Game-wise, that is.
  • He's more into Bayleigh.
  • But Kaitlyn must see it in the stars (or in his aura?) that she needs to play up to Swags.
  • She told him she was in tears last night worrying about whether she might have upset him.
  • @@
  • The feeds were blocked for the veto pick. We know Tyler, Sam and Steve will play. Hmm ... who else?
  • Swags, Scottie, Fessy playing, JC hosting.
  • I hope he can't drink before hosting. Dude is an obnoxious drunk.
  • I love how they're all talking about the next HoH when veto hasn't even been played yet!
  • Brett and Winston are supposedly aligned with Angela. They want her to win HoH so the target will be more on her than them. Go figure.
  • Meanwhile, Tyler wants Sam to go home this week. 
  • He told Sam that he doesn't know who he'd put on the block if she (Sam) won veto. Earlier he said he wants to put up Bayleigh. Hmm.
  • At least he's thinking in the present.
  • But ... did I hear Sam hinting to Tyler that she has the power to stay?
  • When he asked her point blank, she said no.
  • But she said she's not going to go anywhere -- she will be there no matter what.
  • Hmm.
  • I kind of hope she stays. It's not like she didn't get screwed over so far.
  • But she also could be meaning she would stay loyal to him if he went with his first intuition -- getting Steve out.
  • Kaitlyn not only pulled her crying bit on Swags; she did the same with Tyler. He assured her that she wouldn't be going on the block.
  • Kaitlyn annoys me.
  • Now rumors are flying that Sam has the power! Good.
  • Fessy is still getting Hamazon deliveries. Apparently it's some sort of fake ham as they're making him eat it. He's stuffed. Kind of like Orwell.
  • Bayleigh is freaking out crying because she thinks if she goes up as a replacement, she'll go home. 
  • She probably will.
  • But not if Swags can help it.
  • Of course, some still think Angela has the power.
  • Hmm. Tyler told Angela that many thinks she has the power and, if she plays like she does, it might put a larger target on her.
  • Then he told her he thinks Sam is going to stay, "just has a feeling."
  • Angela wants Sam to stay.
  • In a second long talk with Tyler, as he was telling her he wants/needs her to stay ... she told him she had a thing, a sure thing.
  • A power to not be evicted? 
  • She told him she doesn't want to get evicted, nor does she really want to use it.
  • She refused to tell him more so "he wouldn't have to lie" if something came up down the road.
  • Is she bluffing? 
  • At about 8:45pm ET, the feeds were blocked for the veto comp. Instead of Critter Cam, we get old BB shows. They probably want to push the fact you can watch all seasons on CBS All Access.
  • If they return with a PoV winner before I pass out for the night, I'll post it. Otherwise, it will be in the morning.
  • Laters, hamster-watchers! 

Pimple anyone?

Swags likes himself. A lot.

I Robot in offline mode

Dance like no one is watching

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds Report into Friday - June 29


Good morning! Welcome to the first BB live feeds report of the season! I'm still a bit fuzzy on the names/faces of the latest hamsters. But I'll catch up before long. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Newbie Nuts:
  • Oh my. They were SO aware of the start of the live feeds even though that wasn't a live show we saw last night. I miss the days of no clocks in the house.
  • Once they realized the feeds were on, it was a whole lotta shout-outs and greetings. @@
  • Hmm ... Fessy and Angie are both "over" Angela. Now, she's one to worry about in comps ... unlike the two nominees, Sam and Steve.
  • They don't think she makes any effort to get to know anyone or talk with others.
  • There was some sort of cat fight before the feeds went on. Meow.
  • What? They get Amazon deliveries this season at the house? Without delays like I have with such deliveries? Life is not fair!
  • Huh? Ham for Fessy? Weird. Did he receive the Crap App punishment maybe? He's Muslim. I don't believe they eat ham as per religious dictates. They're calling it the Hamazon delivery.
  • The house already seems to be separating by gender. Tsk, tsk. When will they ever learn?
  • It seems to be a big deal that Winston caught Kaitlyn eavesdropping.
  • As if none of them ever do that ...!
  • Meanwhile, Angela and Kaycee seem to have bonded.
  • Dang. These hamsters are all over the place!
  • They know someone has a reward/power, but that person hasn't confessed to it.
  • Some think it's JC.
  • If it's from the America vote, I can see it being him. The edited show surely played him up a lot. I get the feeling they want him to be the next iconic BB hamster.
  • Winston thinks Swaggy got it.
  • There are already Have Nots on slop -- Brett, Winston, Kaitlyn and Scottie.
  • Poor SamBot is hanging around, very subdued. (Sniffle.)
  • Orwell is hopefully the only returning hamster we'll see in the house this season.
  • BB gave them booze. 
  • Fessy and Swaggy are non-drinkers. But, still ... BB gave the hamsters a whole six-pack of beer and two bottles of wine. That won't get us a brouhaha!
  • Well, it was enough to get JC drunk and rather obnoxious. 
  • Fessy and Kaitlyn are getting along together quite well. I can't see it as any sort of showmance, though.
  • Winston is pushing to keep Steve because he thinks they can use him on their side.
  • Yup. Sides already. We've missed over a week of hamsters.
  • There is a backdoor Angela movement afoot with Swaggy leading the charge. The plan is for Steve to win veto.
  • Hmm. I doubt he can win it without help.
  • Sigh. Swaggy and Bayleigh are already all kissy-face. Children!
  • Kaitlyn apparently volunteered to be a Have Not to avoid bad karma.
  • Kaitlyn wants Sam gone because she feels Sam mocked her career.
  • She'd probably want me gone, too. Life Coach my foot.
  • JC claims that Brett told him he won the power.
  • Bayleigh went on a crying jag while in bed with Swaggy.
  • And on it goes.
  • I'm so confused. 

Mixing and mingling

Are his days numbered?


Not the best look for him

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Big Brother 20: Season Premiere Part Two Blog Party

As the show airs on the East Coast, I'll be live-blogging it the best I can (considering I might confuse the new hamsters at times). Refresh this page to get the latest! As usual, the real party is in the comments area -- come join in on the fun!

For more information about what you can expect from me, as well as what I expect from you, check out the BB20 blog info post linked here. That also contains a link to the blog pool sign up post. Since the deadline for that is Friday, you have time to sign up! I don't have links which allow me proceeds from CBS All Access live feeds, so ... if you wish to donate via the link on the sidebar, it would be great! This might seem like fun, but it's really a good deal of work. 

The live feeds don't start until 1am here on the East Coast -- my first live feeds report will be posted in the morning.

Remember ... play nice! Let the show begin.

We have the male narrator giving us "previously on."  

I don't like Angela getting all peeved expecting Swaggy to save her when she said she wasn't going to save him. Poor Sam is one sad little robot. And, of course, she's not one of the safe eight. Swaggy likes to eavesdrop, even if he isn't liking the vitriol of the unsafe eight. 

Segment on sex-starved adolescents or something to that effect. Oh, then we meditate. The auras are creepers! 

Robot offline, good. Poor Sam! 

Oh my. Haleigh is feeling bonded to Swaggy because she thought they made a connection during meditating. He slept. Rockstar is in with them and two more.

Hoh comp time! Only the eight in danger compete for HoH. They have to go over lighted balance beams, collect deletion dots and back across the beams to put them in the tubes of others. This is always telling when certain people target other people. Last one standing wins. 

Some of them are working together targeting Sam and Steve. Sam is deleted first. Steve is deleted. Kaitlyn is deleted. Winston is out. Angela is deleted. JC is out.

TYLER is the first HoH!

Sam is feeling shunned between the robot and first one ganged up on in the HoH comp. Winston is trying to pull for numbers. He wants to bring Tyler into it. Hmm. 

The alliance of six looks like it's coming to fruition. Tyler, without many options if he's in the alliance, is thinking of Sam and Steve nominations, with Bayleigh as the back-up.

Sam in robot persona talks to Tyler. She's so not happy. He see,s tp be a sucker for robot tears. We'll see. 

Rockstar and Kaitlyn are pushing Tyler to put up Angela or Winston.  Swaggy is pushing the same.  

Nominations time. Kaycee's pinwheel spins so she got stuck for a while. 
Tyler nominates San and Steve. He tells them no reason, most fair to put the two who were out of the comp first. (Of course, they were targeted. Steve sucked at the beam, though.)

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Big Brother 20: Season Premiere Blog Party

Welp, it's HERE! As the show airs on the East Coast, I'll be live-blogging it the best I can (considering I might confuse the new hamsters at times). Refresh this page to get the latest! As usual, the real party is in the comments area -- come join in on the fun!

For more information about what you can expect from me, as well as what I expect from you, check out the BB20 blog info post linked here. That also contains a link to the blog pool sign up post. Since the deadline for that is Friday, you have time to sign up! I don't have links which allow me proceeds from CBS All Access live feeds, so ... if you wish to donate via the link on the sidebar, it would be great! This might seem like fun, but it's really a good deal of work. 

Remember ... play nice! Let the show begin. 

Julie Chen is on the BB stage although most we'll see will be taped. We already have a "but first" as she starts the introduction segment. Previous hamsters are in the audience. I won't go blow by blow with the introductions. I've already posted about them. 

The first eight were introduced in clips and are now on stage with Julie. It includes: Tyler, Baleigh, Sam and Winston enter first. The house is done up very differently this season. Steve, Angela, JC and Kaitlyn enter next. Angela already puts a nail in Tyler's (and her own) coffin by going on and on about both being from Hilton Head, SC. (No, I don't believe they know each other.)

Julie tells us that one will win a game-changing power while the others may have their game threatened. 

Time for the introductions for the second group of eight. They too go in four by four. Swag wants to align with Fessy already and JC notices. They discover a third bedroom.

I know I've been quiet a bit. They've just been introducing themselves to each other with their champagne toasts. Already the editing wants to go for the sexual appeal factor. The aura reading hamster thinks Rachel has a red aura which indicates trouble. We'll see.  

They found out Scottie has never been kissed. Called to the living room, Julie promises high-tech twists, etc. She promises BB tech will dominate their summer. They have to get in their gear and head to the backyard.

BB Super Computer -- four men, four girls on each platform. They're battling for the power to reprogram the game. Winner can save him/herself and seven others. The computer crashes, they all pixelate and fall into pools of eight. Then we go to commercial. 

Julie goes to the first eight, tells them they are in the trash holder. They must find the folders marked Escape -- one folder will be marked Escape Play, one person will be without a folder and will face a game changing punishment. Tyler finds a folder and is out first - Escape. He can go to the house or go back to look for the Play folder. He goes to the house. Bayleigh next, goes to house. Brett next, house. Dark hair gal (oops) house. Escape and Play went to Angela. JC found his, house. Winston finds the last one. Kaycee (sp) is without a folder.

Julie promises a twist that will let us impact the game.

The other eight are in the cyber security game. They have to each prove they're not robots. They're hanging suspended and have to spell out houseguest in a puzzle. Last one is like the folder-less one of the first eight. Swag is the first one done and will go against Angela. Scottie was a close second. Steve next. Fessy is safe from punishment. Kaitlyn safe, Rockstar Angie safe. It's down to Hayleigh and Sam. Hayleigh is safe. Sam is figuratively without a folder and will face punishment. 

Bayleigh tries to give Swag advice to not be so cocky about his win. Oops, now they're tight. Weird. He's talking to the feeds that aren't live. Heh. He wants to strike a deal with Angela that they keep each other safe no matter who wins the reprogram. She tells him they need to keep the eight from their platforms safe. That inspires him more for the win.

There are two surfboards in the air and bouncy filmy stuff underneath. Angela and Swag have to "surf the BB web." Last one standing wins. Backdoor webpages, then chopping block pages keep hitting them from behind. Whoa! Swaggy wins!

Reprogram -- He can pick two of the four individual groups that moved into the house. So, they can't go by the eight on the platforms anyway! Can we say Friendship Bracelets Redux?

His own group is safe because he obviously wants to keep himself safe. Brett, Rockstar and someone else. Hmm. 

Meanwhile Kaycee comes back in some kind of rainbow peacock outfits. Pinwheel of Doom.
A robot enters. It's SAM. Well, her voice.

All called to the living room by Julie on the monitor screen. Kaycee has to wear her outfit until the first live eviction. If her pinwheel spins, she has to stay in that room until it stops. With Sam, if she hears Robot Offline, she goes to DR and comes back as human. Robot Online, she makes the trip and comes back as a robot. 

Swaggy saves: Rockstar, Brett and Rachel - his group, including himself. Gruop three Scottie, Hayleigh, Kaycee and Fessy. He says it's because they were all in the second bunch of eight entering the house.

There is a vote to give a special power to a hamster going on at the CBS BB website.

Remember ... tomorrow's show is 9pm ET!

Big Brother 20: Tonight, Tonight ...

Yep, yep, yep. Tonight is the season premiere of BB20! Are you ready?
  • If you haven't signed up for the blog pool and want to do so, you need to sign up on this blog pool opens post link. The deadline is Friday at midnight ET. We'll only be taking the names from the comments in that linked post; asking in anywhere else is probably not going to be noticed. We're starting it after the first hamster is evicted because we never get to know/watch them. 
  • Tonight's (Wednesday's) season premiere is a two-hour taped show starting at 8pm ET/PT. They have already been in the house long enough for filming fodder while we've been left in the dark. We will have a live blogging/blog party post going for the duration. Please try to be PG-rated in the comments! Trolls, nastiness and plain ol' vulgar will be removed!
  • The season premiere continues tomorrow (Thursday) evening at 9pm ET/PT. Yes, another live blogging of the show and pool party on the blog. Mind you, you don't have to be in the pool to join in with commentary!
  • The live feeds don't start until after Thursday's show ends on the West Coast. So, we're talking 1:00am around here on the East Coast.
  • 'Big Brother After Dark' -- BBAD -- comes to life on Pop TV at the same time as the live feeds and you can find their schedule right here
  • The "big" schedule change for aired shows is that, after tonight, the Wednesday show will air at 9pm ET/PT instead of 8pm. We will see shows on Wednesday, Thursday (eviction) at 9pm ET/PT while the Sunday show remains at 8pm ET/PT when sports don't cause it to be delayed.
  • My plan for the live feeds reporting is to write up two reports per day. I won't catch everything and report as it happens. I'm only one person and have to depend on flashbacks or I would go without sleep for three months! And, I also don't report on every breath taken by the hamsters -- I tend to pick and choose on my own whims. There are other sites which do report every breath taken.
  • I'm not into folks berating others based on looks, size, or anything they can't control. Yes, they can control potty-mouths! I'm also not into weird nicknames for the hamsters -- to keep an eye on the comments (I also watch for fake news on comments and remove), I have to know about whom you're referring!
  • Remember ... this is a TV show. There is no need for hate or getting so worked up about the hamsters that it's skewing your perspective. We do not know these people/hamsters. It doesn't matter who wins or loses (except in the blog pool!) as long as we remain entertained.
  • You can find any of the BB20 posts here on the blog by using BB20 as a search term in the blog search box. 
  • This blog is all about the spoilers. If you don't want spoilers, avoid the live feeds reports!
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  • I also post the links to posts on my Twitter account as I post them. You can find that link right here. I must confess I rarely tweet anything other than blog posts. Twitter probably hates me. Oops.
Ready for the summer? 

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Big Brother 20: Blog Pool OPENS!

Big Brother 20 starts Wednesday night, June 27, at 8pm ET/PT. It's a two-hour premiere! The regular schedule will be Sunday at 8pm ET, Wednesday and Thursday at 9pm. Yes -- the Wednesday show this season will be an hour later than past seasons. The live eviction shows remain on Thursday evenings.
The time is right to jump into the blog pool! While the first eviction should be this Thursday night (along with the feeds going on after that show airs West Coast time), the blog pool sign up deadline will be Friday. We never get to know that first evicted, so that hamster isn't a part of the pool.

I want in! What do I do?
If you want in to the blog pool, you need to sign up in the comments of this post and this post only! Please don't try signing up on any other posts -- we might miss your comment.

Is there money involved in this?
Of course not! You needn't pay anything to get into the pool. You don't need to buy a seasonal beach pass or anything! Mind you, you don't win any money either. What you do win is bragging rights until the next season and the smugness that goes with it.

How does it work?
We make random picks betwixt the hamsters and the blog folks. You cheer on that hamster all season until they either win or get evicted along the way.

When is the cut-off for entering?
All pool requests must be in comments to this here post and submitted by MIDNIGHT Friday, June 30. Be there or be square.

REMINDER -- If you post comments anonymously, you MUST come up with some sort of sign-off name! 

Since there is plenty of time for signing up ... NO STRAGGLERS. If you don't sign up by the deadline, feel free to bring your floatie and beach towel, but ...

Are we ready for our summer fun?

Friday, June 22, 2018

BB20: New Hamster Cast - Part 4

Apologies for being a bit late in posting this last cast introduction installment. You can find the other three installments here, here and here.

Let's get it on!

Angie "Rockstar" Lantry is one of the "older" hamsters this season. Oh my, she's 34! Will she need Geritol to make it through the comps?!?! She's currently a stay at home Mom hailing from Columbia, MD. She apparently has a past in nightclub management career-wise. The mother of three children, her latest was just born around Christmas last year. Unlike whats-her-name, she claims she has her crystals with her. She's a bit out there. If talking my personal life, I think she might just drive me bonkers as she's rather loud and seems a bit too "on" all the time. For the house, it's a totally different game. She could be quite interesting in the house.

On her BBN bio page, she describes herself as eclectic and magical. Well, she comes across as eclectic, all right. In the interview, she called herself weird. Yeppers. I foresee she will be a singing problem resulting in feeds cuts because she won't work anywhere without music. I don't like her choice of favorite hamsters -- Joey from BB16 (it took me a moment to remember who that was) and ... sigh ... Frankie. I hope she realizes that, while it is entertainment, it's not BB20 the Musical and it's not an audition. She mentions Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People" which might be a good read for hamsters. We'll just have to see how she works out.

At 40 years old, Steve Arienta is the "old guy" in this cast of kids. To me, that's rather sad. But, at least they didn't throw one person in their 50s in to babysit. I'm kind of wondering if his wife, whom he calls a BB superfan, might fare better. But we have him. He's an ex-undercover narcotics detective and current college professor. When talking about players, he definitely felt the need to both mention and differentiate himself from Derrick. Alas, he named Mike Boogie as a favorite. The only good thing about that is that he also talked about Dr. Will and Chilltown. So, he has a wide range of BB background that others might not be old enough to possess. I noticed many of the commenters were critical of him. I don't know how well he's going to fit in with the other hamsters. But, if he can, he just might surprise the naysayers.

From his BBN bio page, he's originally from Parsippany, NJ and currently resides in Wanaque, NJ (as if his North Jersey accent didn't give it away that he's a Jersey Boy). No, I do NOT talk like that and few around my NJ area do. Hmm ... it was the NYPD he was in. I wonder, since he's 40, why he left before getting enough years in for a pension. Although talkative in his interview, his bio is very brief and to the point. One thing I already love about him is that he will not be in a showmance! I'm so tired of showmances! IF he can fit in with the others, he might last. On the other hand, he might be the first eviction. 

Bayleigh Dayton is 25, originally from Lees Summit, MO and is now living in Atlanta, GA. She's a flight attendant and ex-pageant girl. I do love her eyes! I don't quite care for bringing the prayers, closeness to Jesus kind of attitude into the house although I find her twist on that a bit more acceptable than I did for some hamsters in the past. I enjoyed her "don't poke me, don't touch me" statements. I have a feeling, despite what she says, that she is going to be all about the drama in the house -- she was rather dramatic in the interview. If she is, she could be great feeds fodder. 

On her BBN bio page, she mentions being a big Marvel fan. That's a plus for me. (Yeah, there are many sides to Jackie.) Surprisingly, all of her BB love goes to ... Donny! Oh my. I wasn't expecting that from her! Hopefully she'll remember his patience! I just don't know about this girl. If she keeps the drama under control, she could probably do very well. But, if she lets the Drama Mama fly wild, it could make for entertaining live feeds.

Finally (drum roll), here's the last hamster -- Tyler Crispen, age 23. He's from Rossford, OH and currently resides in Hilton Head, SC. He's a lifeguard. Reminiscent of early Frank Eudy with the goofiness of some of the surfer dudes over the years on Survivor, he is probably the only real superfan of the season. (Although I do think Steve is a closet superfan.) He's a bit goofy but seems very likeable. I love that he doesn't care for the alpha males.

On his BBN bio page, he couldn't mention just one favorite player -- he mentioned three of them. Victor, Zach and Dan, all for different reasons. Hopefully he can combine their talents into his own game. His bio page doesn't really give me a lot to go on. The interview is a bit more telling. If he's smarter than the average hamster he could do extremely well. But, if he's as goofy as he comes across, he just might do well, too. I think I'd rather see him go further in the game than some of the others.

Since I was having video access problems and didn't post a video for Swaggy Whatever in Part 2, here's his video:

And, that's it for the cast! Opinions? Are you ready?

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

BB20: New Hamster Cast - Part 3

If you missed the other two installments so far, you can use this link to check them out.

Some of the videos seem to be vanishing through no fault of my own. But, here we go with the next group of four --

Sam Bledsoe is a 27 year old welder from Stuart's Draft, VA. I have no clue where that is. Had someone asked me, I would have thought it to be a beer on tap. I think she's the first one so far that I actually kind of like. I'm not saying she will win, but at least she's pleasant and seems to have a sense of humor, as well as coming across as a decent human being (which you don't always see on the hamster cast). First strike against her is that she didn't recognize the Diary Room. Oopsie!

On her BBN bio page, she's outdoorsy, which is good. She names Daniele Donato as her favorite player. That's an interesting choice. I always felt her to be a bit underrated as a player. She has seen many seasons -- I'm thinking from the way she talked, she watched many of the early ones on CBS All Access. That would mean shows only, no live feeds. Hmm. She's yet another one with a lay low at the start plan. I think, if nothing else, she might be enjoyable on the feeds. Maybe she'll win. Who knows?

Angela Rummans, age 26, is originally from Hilton Head, SC and now residing in Playa Vista, CA. They list her career as a Fitness Model. In her favor, she got excited when she realized she was in the Diary Room although she first thought it to be CBS Headquarters. @@ I couldn't help but notice her hands are twice the size of Ross's hands. Yipes! She's another who wishes to lay low at the start. Dang! The first bunch of comps will take forever with everyone laying low! She is a show fan since childhood, didn't mention the internet or feeds. I like how, at 26, she's lived "years and years" by herself. Hmm. I think she could be a strong player, but she's coming across as a bit too cocky for me to like her a lot.

On her BBN bio page, she lists Rachel Reilly as her favorite player. She must not be talking Rachel's first try on the show! She claims to be "very lovable and not afraid to use my sexuality to get ahead." First, people who think they're all that lovable usually aren't. Second, I do not want a summer of sleaze. I'll see how she comes across on the feeds and show, but I'm sticking with full of herself right now.

I'm switching to the Canada ET videos because they won't vanish on me ...

Winston Hines is 28, a medical sales rep hailing from Somerset, KY and now living in Bowling Green, KY. He wasn't interviewed in the Diary Room, so I can't judge him on that. He doesn't mention his fanship relationship with BB, but seems quite familiar with at least the shows themselves. Yet another lay low at the start dude. One thing I did take away from his interview that I liked is that he has no interest in having a showmance. It seems all of his unrequited love this summer will be for his dog at home.

From his BBN bio page, he lists Paul as his favorite player -- but in his interview he spoke about how Paul screwed up. He's right. Paul could play the game very well, but totally screwed up the social/jury management. In the interview, Winston said, if he doesn't win himself but makes jury, he will not be a bitter jury and will vote on game play. We'll see. In some ways, I think he just might be good at the game. Hmm.

Scottie Salton, age 26, is a shipping manager originally from Shorewood, IL and now residing in Chicago. He's the 26 year old who's never been kissed. Maybe because he's too energetic and even a tad entertaining to stop for a kiss? I don't know. He made me laugh, though. And he is a big fan of the show. Although not mentioned, since he's seen some of the Canada BB shows, he's probably a feedster himself. And, he actually wants to win one of the first two HOH comps. Finally! With everyone else laying low ...!

On his BBN bio page, he says he wants to play with the best and wants to knock out non-players first. Floaters, grab your waterwings! His favorite player listed is Evel Dick. Oh my. Hey, I didn't always like what Dick did, but he played the game very well and entertained me on the live feeds. Now, if Scottie doesn't turn off people with his Energizer Bunny personality, he could take this very far. I do think he'll be entertaining to watch! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

BB20: New Hamster Cast - Part 2

I'm not posting these in any particular order other than to present two females and two males in each installment. If you missed my first cast post, you can find it right here on this link.

Here's my next four for your perusal ...

Finally, the fifth new hamster in, and it seems that Rachel Swindler is an actual show fan. She recognized the Diary Room (and Ross) right away. She claims to be a superfan, having watched every season. Yet, that last question about winning and being hated or losing and America loves her threw her. She's 29 and listed as a "Vegas Entertainer." She relocated from her hometown of Myrtle Beach to Las Vegas. Now, if she watched every season, she would have had to start at nine. Hmm. It's possible she backtracked seasons via CBS All Access. But I think some of the regulars here on the blog might be more superfan than Rachel is. I feel she might gave only watched the shows themselves and didn't hit the online side of the spectrum.

On her BBN bio page, she lists Britney Haynes as her favorite previous player. She thinks Britney was hilarious, played a good social game, too. Hmm. Now, I adore Britney's sense of humor, but I feel she made many wrong decisions. Mind you, I'm not saying I would or could do better. Looking through that bio, I'm not seeing anything that screams out she will be the BB20 winner. I do like the nickname "Craychel." That said, I don't think she will be quite a Rachel in the house. I love how some of these hamsters come off so full of themselves -- she claims to use her "power over men to get big tips." Um. Well.

Oh my, two in a row recognize the Diary Room. Faysal Shafaat is 26 years old and a substitute teacher (coach?) from Miami. At least he claims to be a fan, not a superfan. He's "religiously" watched the last five seasons or so. I doubt he's really aware of the live feeds audience. I feel that if he doesn't watch it, he might be a quick target just because of his physical being.

On his BBN bio page, he says he thinks he's "joker, hilarious and confident." I often find that people who think they're hilarious just aren't. We'll be the judge of his hilarity, thank you very much. He's another Victor fan -- I'm thinking that has to do with Victor's competition wins more than anything else. I do like that he has a pit bull named Cooper. A doggie named Cooper has to be a good boy! He seems to have an okay strategy about playing low at the start. But, will the others quickly assume he's throwing comps? Hmm.

Another four season type show fan, Haleigh Broucher is a 21 year old college student from Texas. Like Faysal, she plans to lay low at the start. If everyone lays low, who will rise to the top at the start? Unlike him, she did not recognize the Diary Room until Ross told her. I also don't think she has a clue about the online doings and live feeds side of the show. She'll find out.

On her BBN bio page, she lists herself as "classic, cautious and contagious." I'd add in "alliterative" but it doesn't start with a 'c.' Her goals after college are to go to more college. It doesn't seem like she has a game plan. If someone isn't paying for her to attend school, she's going to pile up those student loans. Maybe winning BB20 could help pay them. Her favorite player is Derrick, not only for his game play, but she thinks he's adorable. Okaaay. She says she has an unreasonable fear of chainsaws. Hey ... Texas Chainsaw Massacre, little missy! Not so unreasonable of a fear! I kind of like her, but don't think she'll win it all. We'll see. I'm not overly thrilled with her, mind you.

YIKES! CBS is shutting down the videos due to copyright issues. Eep. So, if an interview video has disappeared, that's the reason. Oops.

It's hard to get as good a take on them without a video, but here goes ...

Chris "Swaggy C" Williams is 23 years old, a day trader from Bridgeport, CT. (Back when I lived in CT, Bridgeport was known as the Murder Capital of CT, don't know if that has changed or not.) He does seem to be a fan of the show, mentioning twelve years on his BBN bio page

That said, he's a huge Paul fan and thinks Paul was robbed. Personally, I think Paul could be a very good player but made huge mistakes which cost him the win both times. Plus, he can be obnoxious. I don't think Mr. Shags (I want to call him that!) is old enough to realize what Paul did wrong in the house. He claims to have a photographic memory which will help him in comps. I have a feeling he just might be a bit too cocky to be in serious contention for the win.

Stayed tuned for the next group ...

Monday, June 18, 2018

BB20: New Hamster Cast - Part 1

I'm sorry to be a bit late with these. But I had a rather stressful surgeon post-op, get air conditioner working, deal with employer and disability insurance company kind of day. I wasn't home for the Live Feeds introduction. But I have found the Ross interviews which, if they aren't the same ones, they're indeed Jeff-like. Because there are 16 of them, I'm breaking this down into four parts of four hamsters each.

Of course, Allison Grodner went for young and what she thinks might be sexy in casting despite the fact that the Celebrity BB was an older cast and well-received. I don't watch for hook-ups. I don't know about you. The oldest hamster is 40. Children rule once again.

And here are the first four, not in any particular order ...

Kaycee Clark is indeed a women's football player (and a server on the side). I guess they don't pay NFL rates, huh? She's 30, from San Diego but currently living in Tempe, AZ. She says, "You know what I'm saying?" way too often. That's an urban thing which tends to irk me as I live in an urban area and hear it way too much. Make her stop. (I do find it more acceptable than that midwest thing of using the word "whenever" in place of "when" -- that's just totally incorrect!) She claims to have watched every season yet didn't realize she was in the Diary Room. Hmm. 

According to the BigBrotherNetwork bio she claims to be a people person and a fun type. Being in the house could indeed change that! Her favorite player was Cody, especially if he had upped his social game. Maybe she's trying for second place? My jury is out on her. I think she could possibly be a competition beast. But I think she might be a bit more assertive than she thinks her fun people person persona displays.

JC Monduix might look 12, but he's 28 years old. He's originally from Spain then to Miami and now resides in West Hollywood. They say he's a professional dancer. I'm thinking a street busker, myself. That said, he made me snicker a bit during his Ross interview. That's always a good thing. He says he's outgoing, honest and eccentric. Eccentric is usually good in my book. By the way, he's 4'8" tall and I can see why he might be intimidated by big tall guys. 

On his BBN bio page, he lists Josh Martinez as a favorite, mainly because he reminds him of people he's known. I guess I won't hold that against him. Much. His plan to be the cuddly little guy flying under the radar just might work to a point. If he's indeed a professional dancer, he should be athletic. Will he win it all? I did like his win and have them love me answer. But I don't know if he's mean enough to lie and backstab. At least he's different from the usual bimbo and mimbo.

Oh my gosh. Kaitlyn Herman is an oh-so-wise 24 year old Life Coach, originally from Long Island (and retains a bit of the Lawn Guyland accent) currently living in Encino, CA. First off, she's going to be a pain to listen to on the live feeds because she tends to mumble some. Perhaps if she didn't try big smiles while talking, she would speak more clearly. Second, she plans to read auras of others to win the game. Say what? What planet is she from? What show is she on? 

According to her BBN bio page, she considers herself personable, intuitive and dramatic. Oh, yeah ... being dramatic always plays well for hamsters. Oh noes! She's going to be without her crystals and essential oils? Whatever will happen?!?! Her favorite hamster is Victor, not a horrible choice. But I'm wondering if that might be the first season she watched. I don't care that she has "manifested" herself as the BB20 winner. Unless she turns out to be entertaining on the live feeds, I wouldn't care if she got first boot. I know. I'm being cruel. 

Brett Robinson is 25 years old, originally from Oakdale, CT and now residing in Charlestown, MA (outside of Boston). He's a cyber security engineer. At least, after being almost prompted, he recognized he was in the Diary Room for the interview. He describes himself as "vehement, riveting and trophy." What the heck does that mean? Wait, I may not want to know if he thinks himself to be some sort of trophy. He certainly doesn't seem to come across as "all that." 

According to his BBN bio page, he want to play like his favorite player Derrick, but also wants to play dumb so they won't catch on that he's the mastermind of the game. Oh geez. If he's going to be the mastermind this season, I wonder if we'll see a BB21. He plans on lying about his job and playing a dumb surfer type. CT and MA aren't really known for big surfer types. He says he hacks the computers of friends for fun. I have no more words.

I feel like I'm being a Negative Nellie with these so far. Maybe the next four will be better. I can only hope.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Big Brother 20 - Cast Announcement Coming Soon

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It's coming! The show will have a two-night premiere starting Wednesday, June 27. That debut will be two hours starting at 8pm ET while the Thursday show will be on the 28th starting at 9pm ET. The live feeds will start after the Thursday show finishes airing on the West Coast. 

So ... who will be the house hamsters this season?

We don't know. Not yet, anyway.

But according to the CBS website, All Access members will have the first sneak peek at the cast on the live feeds this coming Monday starting at 11am ET. Unfortunately, I have my surgeon follow-up visit slated for 11:30am that day. But I will have the rest of that afternoon off to catch up (and to catch you up) on what I find out!