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'Big Brother 8' - TV Squad Article on Blocked Press for BB Evictees

My latest article -- about BB8 blocking exit interviews starting with Amber -- is up on TV Squad.

May I nap now, please?

Oh, wait ... this isn't the Seniors BB House!

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Report - Friday 8/31

Jameka and Jessica talk about Zach nominating them both for eviction. They aren't pleased with him. They're also upset that he didn't look them in the eye when he nominated them.

But, before that point, lots happened in the house today and I've been running behind all day. So here we go!
  • Dick wants to get rid of Jameka this week, then Zach the next.
  • Jessica was sure she would be nominated. She figured it would be her and Eric or Jameka.
  • Jessica talked with Dick. She said that since she'd probably be on the block, she'd rather be up with Jameka, then Jameka goes home.
  • Jessica received her phone call (won by Eric somehow in the HOH comp and given to her). She talked to her brother and her friend. Since she's been in the house, her brother returned from Iraq and she's thrilled he's home. She's proud of him but has been very worried. Her brother told her the Booyah shirt was backing a charity (which I linked in the post the night they showed her wearing it on the show).
  • Dick and Zach went over their reasons for Jameka to leave this week.
  • Zach is pleased that Eric is a bit scared, but Eric doesn't seem to be his target. It really sounds in all of his talks that it's Jameka he wants out.
  • Daniele worked on Zach with the idea of an Eric or Jessica eviction next week -- which would be this week, they just don't know they're heading into a double eviction.
  • Zach went around talking to everyone, feeling them out. (Mind you, feeling them OUT, not UP.)
  • Zach made a deal with Eric. He told him he would rather be against him at the end and considers Jameka and Jessica threats. He wants everyone to vote Jameka out. Eric agreed he would do so.
  • Well, DUH, Zach. Of course Eric would vote out Jameka before Jessica.
  • Eric told him he didn't want to be put up against Jessica.
  • There you go, the day in a nutshell. Jameka and Jessica are on the block with Jameka being the target. Supposedly, any POV players besides Jameka will keep the nominations the same and Jameka will leave on Thursday with a vote of 3-0.
  • Jessica is playing dumb with Jameka and giving her no indication that she has any inkling what's up.
  • No one has used the word "pawn."
The greatest plans of mice and men ...

We all know things can go topsy-turvy overnight, say nothing about nearly a week!

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Bulletin - Nominations

Okay, the feeds have returned.

Jameka and Jessica are on the block.

'Big Brother 8' -- And STUFF


I came in from work swamped with emails. I get one for each comment and lots of TV Squad and other stuff. I've written an article on the blocking of exit interviews starting with Amber. That should be posted to TV Squad sometime this evening. I'm working on a feeds update and awaiting the feeds block to end as it seems they're doing the nomination ceremony and I want to get that news out to you.

But ... I see some problems in the comments. I really don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable posting here and ask that folks don't make any sweeping generalizations about others based on anything done or said by the houseguests. Please treat others with tact. Some folks are sensitive, some have had past experiences in their lives which make some topics more close to heart. I think we have the best community here of any BB forum I've visited.

But let's move along off the topic of each other. Please...!


As soon as I know the noms, I'll put up a bulletin.

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Since the Live Show Into Friday 8/31

As I get this written up, Evel Dick and Daniele are whispering. I can only catch about every third word they say, but they're not too happy.

Here's the latest skinny:
  • First, I'd like to thank everyone who participated on the blog last night once again. You ALL rock! I recorded the show, but haven't watched it yet because I had the blow-by-blow description of the events. I'll watch it after work tonight.
  • In the comp, they gave up hot showers for the week in order to get more cups. Eric also won a phone call, but gave it to Jessica in hopes they can get her brother in Iraq to call.
  • Keep in mind, the HG are covered with a buttery substance ... and can only take cold showers. EWW.
  • They're wondering if they'll have a food comp tomorrow (today). I don't know, but they usually don't when they have to cover a HOH endurance comp on the Sunday show. Maybe.
  • Jessica thinks that Zach will nominate her because she put him on the block last week.
  • There's something about envelopes and phone calls from home, but the feeds were cutting out and I didn't quite get it. I'm not sure if they were discussing the one call I heard about or additional ones.
  • Everyone who was in the comp is sore. There were some slips, slides, and crashes. Everyone lived, though. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?
  • They didn't get their usual Thursday night big feast -- this must be why they had the one the night before. BB had no idea how long this comp would take.
  • In his HOH, Zach got snacks which he promptly shared with all, a Frisbee, and lots o' goodies. His Mom sent a card which said "Have good clean fun." Huh. She doesn't know this show too well, does she?
  • Dick thinks the fact he was wearing jeans slowed him down. I thought he did very well. I personally think Zach won due to his larger feet to sail on, but it could have been grit and determination!
  • Eric said he hurt himself about five minutes into the comp. Since he thought it might go on for hours, he didn't want to ruin things and didn't say anything.
  • Zach told Daniele his brother told him not to be the first one voted out, so he's thrilled to be this far in the game.
  • Daniele told him that everyone's upset that he won. They're all scared. She then kissed up and commented how she really didn't want Nick voted out the week he was. Going for the sore points, eh?
  • Daniele seems to be trying to hint to Zach that he should put Dick on the block. Zach admits to her that Dick makes him very uneasy.
  • Then Daniele goes for him putting Eric or Jessica on the block. Anyone but Daniele, right?
  • Zach doesn't commit to anything at this time.
  • Dick thinks Amber or Jen had food stashed in the bedroom as there are ants and a smell.
  • Even Dick is sucking up to Zach.
  • Zach, so far, isn't pulling a Dustin. He's his normal abnormal Zach self, perhaps just a tad happier.
As I post this, there are no real indications who will go on the block tonight. I think Zach will think this through thoroughly and do the best thing on a strategic level for him to advance in the game. He won't do anything on a purely personal basis. Zach's like that, yeah, he is.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds - HOH Comp

ZACH WINS AT 10:53 PM ET! He's the new HOH!

I'll be updating this post as time goes on, so check back!

All are still in the comp now, it looks like Zach might be doing the best but it's hard to tell. -- 9:34 PM ET

9:50 PM ET Update -- Zach slightly in the lead, Evel Dick on his tail. Eric and Daniele lagging behind. Not even halfway full for any of them.

Daniele's bowl at approximately 10 PM ET. Zach still in the lead, Evel not far behind.

'Big Brother 8 - Live Feeds and THANK YOU

The feeds have returned! I want to thank everyone who took part in live-blogging the live show (which isn't live here tonight). I'm amazed at the response and you guys (gals!) really rock! It was fantastic! I apologize for not thinking to turn off the word verification for the comments for the posts earlier. Unfortunately, I will have to turn it back on sometime tonight to avoid spambots.

Once again ... thank you all so much! It was fun! And, you were tremendous with the updates!

And Amber's GONE! WOOHOO!

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'Big Brother 8' - 8/30 Live Show - Live Blogged By YOU!

Jackie's TV Blog, BB8, Big Brother 8

Due to football preempting the show until 1:37 AM here in the NYC area, it's YOUR turn to live-blog the live show!

Yes, I mean YOU!

If the show is airing in your area at a reasonable hour, any time zone, I ask that you please jump in down in the comments area with a brief about what's happening. Spelling and grammar aren't important! It doesn't matter if you've been posting comments here before or it's your first time.

Any contributions, whether as it airs or during commercials are welcome! Alas, the website running the east coast show feed is also knocked out due to football.

So we need you! And, but of course, we'd greatly appreciate your contributions in the comments.

1:37 AM ... GRR!

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Report - Thursday 8/30 Daytime

You may want to remember this picture. I don't think we'll see another smile out of Amber, unless it's one with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Here's the skinny from that Big Brother House of Various Visions and Sobering Realities:
  • What Dick was doing this morning that I couldn't quite figure out was decorating the statues with household items. Um, okay. As I said, the houseguests need a crafts project ... something!
  • Still in the early morning hours -- Dick, Jessica, and Eric were laughing about Zach stealing a plate and cup, putting them in his suitcase. They said he wanted a painting and the dolphin faucet from the bathroom.
  • Jessica is worried that if Amber goes home and Zach wins HOH, he'll put her (Jessica) on the block.
  • Eric tried to tell her that Amber would do the same thing. (I actually don't think she would. I think she'd put up Eric and Dick or Daniele, try to backdoor one of them with the POV if used.)
  • More talk about Eric moving to Kansas after the show. Jessica said he'd be her boyfriend there.
  • Jessica said she only sees her brother, the one fighting in Iraq, every three months or so. He's only 20 years old.
  • They talked about their future wedding... again.
  • Ohhh, they smooched. They really smooched!
  • The wake up song, appropriately, was "Love Shack." The first few bars of it came through the feeds before it was blocked.
  • The BB voice had to yell at them to clean the house.
  • Dick accused Zach of throwing him (and everyone) under the bus.
  • Jessica and Eric were absent when it came to housecleaning duties. Jessica wasn't even moved out of the HOH room when she was supposed to be.
  • Amber cried.
  • it seems that Jessica told Amber she'd be going. She said to a teary-eyed Amber, "I did everything I could, but it didn't do any good." I don't think she was talking the washing machine.
  • Amber told Jessica that she talked to Daniele and it seemed to go well, but Daniele didn't commit to anything.
  • Zach told Jessica whether he stays or not is up to them. If he goes, he goes. If he stays, he stays.
  • Zach didn't cry.
  • As a last feeds gesture, Amber first had er, um, a wardrobe malfunction and flashed her breasts... twice. Oh, my, then a full frontal. So sad!
  • Everything's at trivia and theme music now, has been for a while.
I won't be able to live blog tonight's live eviction show because I'm boycotting it as it seems my favorite Big Brother houseguest in the history of time, Amber, will be voted out. I don't know if my heart can take the stress. So, I apologize to those who expect me to blog the show as it airs. I can't type with tears in my eyes and a heavy weight in my heart! I just can't do it!


I won't be blogging the show because it's not airing here until 1:37 AM due to STUPID football! Argh! Of course, I'll know from when the feeds return who went (and most likely know now). The site which airs the east coast feed of the show is also boycotting due to Amber's impending eviction ... er, football.

But, what I will do is open a show post inviting anyone who's seeing the show at a human hour to jump in the comments section to share the skinny! This could be fun!

'Big Brother 8' - Through the Overnight Into Thursday 8/30

Daniele looks sad, doesn't she? I don't know how well she's handling the pressure and she's neither on the block, nor in the position of nominating anyone. And, the stipend is surely more than her pay at Hooters.

Here are the late night and overnight events from that Big Brother House of War and Worship:
  • Daniele made cookies. She likes to make cookies.
  • Daniele wanted to be called into the DR so she could make fun of Zach. I think she'd like both of the nominees to leave this week, and her father, too!
  • An interesting thing to note -- production has forbidden them to wear all white on the show.
  • Daniele complained to Amber and Jameka that she was trying to make cookies and the two most annoying people in the house were bothering her. Who? Zach and Evel Dick.
  • Now Amber thinks her vision meant that she would win something when she came out of the house. @@
  • Amber doesn't know what a dildo is. I hope she doesn't feel the need to scrutinize one on the show.
  • Jameka tried telling Amber that she should wear something nice for the live show and not her standard "wife-beater" t-shirt.
  • Amber packed, Zach blew up a rubber glove like Howie Mandel's old comedy act.
  • Daniele, despite her hatred of Zach and everything and everyone, cracked up at Zach's inflated glove antics.
  • Evel Dick accidentally put an end to it by hitting it and popping it. Aw.
  • After a six-hour lockdown, they went out to tarps covering a stage or something similar.
  • When accused of farting by Jameka, Amber swore on her daughter that she didn't. Jameka told her that wasn't necessary.
  • Most went to bed, Eric went to the DR.
  • Daniele moped about and cleaned a bit in the kitchen.
  • When Dick got back up, looks were glared and Daniele went back to bed.
  • Eric came out of the DR, passed a few words with Dick and headed to the kitchen.
  • Dick gave a Dick Show. Not that, minds out of the gutter! His talk show to the Internet. He told us it's hard with Daniele and he wants to say goodbye to Amber, it's long overdue.
  • It's fairly quiet now, Dick is on a few feeds, but I don't see Eric. Dick is up to something, but I can't figure it out. He's folding paper towels and putting them about the living room.
  • Eric and Jessica are small-talking in the HOH room. Eric says Amber doesn't talk to anyone, packs and cries. Jessica wonders what she'll do as she goes out the door.
  • The vote seems overwhelmingly an Amber ouster with Jameka the only vote to keep her.
  • Eric says he'll tell her before the show like he promised.

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'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds and Stuff 8/29

Oh, it doesn't look like the smear campaign against Eric by Jameka and Amber has had much effect on the winsome twosome, huh? It hasn't. I really think there's something to the friendship. Will the romance survive after the season ends? I think not so much, but I think they'll be friends.

I have an update up and about on TV Squad, check it out if you'd be so kind!

In other house doings into the evening:
  • They had fun with the HOH camera. That's always a highlight. BB really should give them some sort of arts and crafts, a Twister game, something!
  • It was very hot today and most of the suntanning crew is long gone -- Dustin and all. So they hid inside and napped a lot.
  • Amber thanked God for telling the DR people to tell her to fight to stay. (I don't think she realizes they tell every nominee that, especially the ones who seem down about the nomination.)
  • But Amber thinks God told them because she's a good person playing an honest game.
  • Eric studied things for a memory comp if one comes up. At different times he was joined by Jameka and Jessica.
  • Eric asked Zach if he would let Jessica know that he (Zach) isn't mad at her over the nominations. He's worried that she's upset about nominating him.
  • Eric told Zach that people are saying things to Jessica to hurt her feelings. Zach told him that he doesn't think Eric is just using her.
  • BB sprang for a huge feast for them tonight -- steak, lobster, and more. It's almost as if they had made a last meal request to the warden. Everything you could imagine!
  • They laughed at Amber for not knowing what "scrutinize" means.
  • Amber again thinks she'll get a modeling gig from the show.
  • We STILL have no meeting of the minds on the vote! Argh.
But we do have graphic artist Zoetawny's take on Amber being on America's Next Top Model!

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'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Video

Amber and Jameka talk game. For Amber it might be too little too late, but the majority vote seems still up in the air in the house ... at this moment.

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds News (or lack there of) So Far 8/29

Since I last reported the "big news" -- Eric telling Jessica he did the Jen shirt mustarding and the odd votes, but not mentioning America's Player -- earlier today, not a lot has happened. Jessica is listening to her music, Jameka is repeatedly "Mmmm-mmm--mmm." Jessica should get the camera and write her HOH entry for the CBS website today.

Dick got up earlier than the rest, farting and burping while complaining about Daniele to us. He returned to bed.

Zach danced a dance for the amusement of Jessica and others -- his petting the cat dance.

Amber is miserable and whispering at Jameka. It's very hard to pick up what she's saying but it sounds like she spits when she whispers.

The REAL 'Dancing With the Stars' Cast Revealed

The TMZ spoilers was indeed a hoax post, but had some spot on. AOL has an article up on the real cast for the upcoming season.

Here's who you can expect to watch: Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown, Marie Osmond, Jane Seymour, model Albert Reed, pro boxer Floyd "Pretty Boy" Mayweather, Jr., Cameron Mathison from All My Children, Internet wealth tycoon Mark Cuban, actress Jennie Garth, model Josie Maran, racecar driver Helio Castrovneves, and actress-singer Sabrina Bryan.

I don't know half of these people. Your thoughts?

UPDATE -- ABC has updated their site and lists Wayne Newton there, so he's indeed in on the season.

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Update - Overnight Into Wednesday 8/29

Eww! Eww! Amber has her nasty socked-feet on the table as she talks to Daniele in the approaching dawn hours at the house. I most definitely hope she plans to scrub that table down and disinfect it. Eww. People eat food on that table! If she wants to lounge, why not go to a couch?

Here are the late night/overnight happenings from that Big Brother House of Society's Ills:
  • In one of the only conversations I've seen of the type, Jessica and Eric discussed how hard it must be for Jameka to be the only black person in the house. They both give her a lot of credit for handling things so well.
  • Daniele drank orange juice that had gone bad. They also found that a container of mustard they had in the refrigerator has an expiration date of April 2007 -- long before they entered the house.
  • The bats in the backyard put on quite a show for the houseguests. I could even hear them on the feeds. I know I may be in a minority, but I think bats are neat little animals ... as long as they're outside, not inside!
  • Dick had another tiff with Daniele over her snotty responses whenever he said anything -- all day and in front of others.
  • "Well, don't hang out near me!" she snapped.
  • Amber offered Dick a hug, but he said he preferred a Xanax.
  • Amber thinks they might keep her in the house because she offers good advice all the time. @@
  • When Amber and Jameka asked Jessica how Eric is voting, she said she wasn't sure but didn't think Amber was his target.
  • Jessica told Jameka and Amber that she's been mad at Eric for the past few days because she thinks she made an error in the nominations. Whether she's just saying that to secure their jury votes down the line or not, I don't know. She has been having some second thoughts about the votes, but Jessica and Eric are as thick as thieves. I think she will choose to try for the final two with him more than either of them.
  • Amber thinks that Daniele and Dick want to keep Zach because he'll promise them anything.
  • Amber said that Eric and Jessica's deal with Dick and Daniele is up this week because they didn't put them on the block. She also said that if she wasn't in on the deal, Eric was the culprit. (Well, she didn't say culprit -- she probably doesn't know the word.) She thinks that Eric lied over the deal. It shows that she's grasping straws about the deal because in actuality, it's a final four deal.
  • Jessica denied she has "a debt to pay" and balked when Amber said Eric ran her HOH so she put up her two friends in the house.
  • Jameka and Amber tried to convince Jessica that Eric has a side deal going with Dick and Daniele.
  • What Jameka and Amber don't realize through all of their efforts is that Jessica is actually in with Eric and they both have the deal with the Donatos.
  • Amber swore on her daughter's life about things about three times in the past 12 hours. Poor kid. It just seems to flow out of her mouth too easily like she says the phrase all the time. That creeps me out.
  • Jameka and Amber are sure that Eric wants to take Evel Dick to the final two. They say he's in the game for himself. (Um, shouldn't they all be in there to win? Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought that was the purpose behind the whole shebang.)
  • Amber told Jessica to lie about their talk when she speaks to Eric.
  • Amber wants to target Eric next week if she's still in the house.
  • They played quarters and Eric had to kiss Zach (twice on the cheeks) as losers (the guys) had to kiss each other for punishment. Yeah, NOW he kisses Zach!
  • Eric said, "This is the gayest moment ever."
  • Evel Dick licked Zach and Zach got mad. "Don't [bleeping] LICK me!"
  • The other punishments were guys wearing high heels, bikini tops and girls wearing panties on their heads.
  • Dick licked Eric and Eric just laughed.
  • Daniele slept through most of the shenanigans and was mad they made so much noise that they woke her up. When Zach said he kissed her father, she said, "Disgusting!"
  • After the game was over, Zach told Dick that next week they have to backdoor Eric. Dick agreed, but does he really? I don't think so. I think Dick wants to stay with the Little Julie Chen Alliance and once they're to the final four, knock off Eric.
  • Zach is now saying he only needs second place to win the money he really needs.
  • Dick thinks everyone wants to be in the final two with him (Dick) to guarantee they'll win.
  • Dick told Zach that unless he hears that Zach has tried to get him on the block, he'll vote out Amber. (Here's where it gets tricky -- Dick KNOWS that Zach went to Eric and Jessica upon being nominated to propose that Dick be backdoored and Dick KNOWS that Zach told Eric he wanted him to use the POV to save him and backdoor Dick. So, in effect, Dick can just turn around and say "you tried to get me out this week" if he votes for Zach to go home.)
  • When Dick asked Jessica if she's kissed Eric yet, she said she hadn't.
  • Amber really really really worked on Daniele to get her vote to stay. Daniele looked bored for the most part and committed to nothing.
  • Jessica told Eric all about her talk with Jameka and Amber. She didn't lie about it, either.
  • She said that Amber said Evel Dick said all debts were paid off and the deal is over. Eric said Dick was lying to Amber.
  • Eric once again stressed that he really cares about her and would do nothing to hurt her.
  • Eric and Jessica wondered why Amber's boyfriend wasn't flown to the show and it was her cousin instead. They also think, from what Daniele said, that Daniele is very popular with America.
  • Jessica thinks her vocabulary has improved since being in the house. (How about Amber's?)
  • Tons of small game talk, but it seems that Jessica/Eric cannot be split up by the likes of Amber or Jameka. Eric points out that Jameka doesn't have his best interests in mind, although she's close to Jessica.
  • Eric hinted that Jessica will have to watch all of the show tapes to find out some things about what he's done in the game. (America's Player stuff, I assume.)
  • Then he went further -- he told Jessica that he was the one doing the odd votes and the mustarding of Jen's shirt. He didn't tell her why he did it, he acted like it was just to stir things up. he said he had reasons which will come out later.
  • She said she thought it was him all along.
  • They laughed about it and she claimed the banner plane about him being a liar was true.
  • She said she's not mad about him over it.
  • He said he wanted to tell her for weeks because it was bothering him. He just didn't know how to tell her and was worried she'd be mad.
  • The adolescent lovebird affair remains intact and he didn't really out America's Player as he acted like it's all been his own doing for his own nefarious purposes.
  • All are in bed as I post this with Eric and Jessica talking small talk, mostly not game related. I think the house might be leaning towards an Amber eviction, but it's very iffy. It could go either way as I've seen no meeting of the minds between the Little Julie Chen Alliance members.

'Big Brother 8' - new TV Squad

A new update is out over on TV Squad! Visit me there! (Of course, I'll be here, too.)

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'Big Brother 8' - 8/28 Show Live-Blogged from the East Coast

Jackie's TV Blog, BB8, Big Brother 8

The show is starting here on the East Coast. I'll be updating this entry as it airs. Everyone is welcome to jump in with your comments and observations!

We're visiting Recap City to start out, of course. Jessica has just nominated Zach and Amber. Zach is telling us he'll get Jessica if he can. Amber believes in God saving her. Dick is really happy, as is Daniele.

Amber is talking into her necklace like it's a direct microphone to God. Amen.

Zach is worried that he's on shaky ground. Daniele tried to be a bit of a comfort, but not much of one.

Jameka joins Eric and Jessica in the HOH room, they're joined by Daniele. They said Zach looked like he was going to cry. Jameka tells us that she hopes Amber isn''t the target and she hopes it's a backdoor move.

Amber thinks Zach will go unless she's being used as a pawn for them to backdoor Dick or Daniele.

To the Smitten Ones. Flirting on the lounger. This is an older conversation -- the husband of 80 years one.

Oh, now they're playing Gregorian Chants or something to Jameka's cry praying. Jessica walks in on her and thought she had fallen. She hugs her. Although Jessica seems a bit surprised, she handles it well. She tells Jameka she's into her church at home, so she understands religious feelings.

Zach goes to Jessica and says he thinks it makes sense. He pushes for him to be removed and a backdoor plan for a Dick removal. Or Daniele. Jessica says "hmmm-mmm" a lot, but doens't seem enthused. She tells us in a DR session that she doesn't really trust Dick and Daniele although they have an alliance with them.

Now they're showing the houseguests Amber and Daniele's trip. The HG don't think Drew Carey is really the new host of The Price is Right. Daniele cries in the house, Amber cries on the show.

Dick and others are very nice about it, telling Amber she did well. Daniele cried because she didn't see Nick.

Eric tells us he likes Jessica ... again, still. He crawls under the covers with her after taking off his shirt. He kisses her. She lays there like a log, then giggles. "It's about time." BB played the moment for all it's worth. Perhaps 25 cents?

Time to pick players for the veto comp. Jessica picks Daniele. Zach picks HG Choice and goes for Eric. Zach tells us he thinks there's a better chance of Eric using the veto that way. Amber picked Jameka. Dick, the only one left, is the host.

Zach tries to work on Eric pre-comp. I love how the show editing hints the veto is used.

Time for the comp! It's a scary rat-filled swamp. They have to stand on a tree stump and find the rat with the answer to a riddle asked by a hungry cat.

It's the Cheshire Cat, Cat Scratch Veto, the first answer is Dustin. He was number six to go, enemy to one named Joe/ parading in cape and crown ... Jessica is eliminated.

The answer is slop. Concoction is crude, barely passes as food. Outlook looks bleak when you eat this for a week. Jameka out.

The answer is Nick. Who could know, he'd be the fourth to go. His heart rang like a bell for Daniele. Daniele last to her stump, eliminated.

The answer is Jen. Eric beat Zach to the stump although Zach tried to push him off. Zach elminated.

It's down to Amber and Eric. Her vision will come true. The answer is Veto. Eric wins VETO. Zach hugged Eric giving reason for Daniele to speculate there's something between them. She voices her concern to her father. They know Jessica doesn't want to put up Jameka. "We have to get Jessica out," says Dick.

America's Player task -- He actually jokes about it being Dick, but then says we're being good to him with Jessica. He barely finishes the task with a brief hug and a peck.

Amber cries to Eric that she doesn't want to go home. I don't know, I don't know, should I be worried, etc ... it's like speed talking. Eric tells her that he will honor what Jessica wants to do.

Alone with Eric, Jessica tells him that she's worried about trusting Dick and Daniele. "It might be the biggest mistake ever." Eric tells her they made an agreement with them. Jessica voices a bit of doubt about Eric to us, but I don't really see much doubt on the feeds. I wonder what they said to her to get that response.

Now it's time for Eric to decide what to do with the veto. The meeting == jis eyebrow goes up. Amber says he should use it on her, but will respect decision. Zach will live with his decision. Eric told them he talked to all this week. He says they're all serious threats to him. They say to expect the unexpected. That's why I AM choosing ... not to use the power of veto this week.

Now Amber says he's evil and has no soul. Zach thinks Eric stacked the odds against himself.

Eric tells us that he knows we want Amber to go home as we wanted her nominated twice, so he didn't change the veto.

America's Player -- Which of the two nominees should go home this week? Zach or Amber?

'Big Brother 8' - Yes, He Loves Amber

In honor of Him loving Amber, I made a new silly video.

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Report - Tuesday 8/28 So Far

<-- Zach wants his hair trimmed. For some reason, he only seems to trust Jameka to do it. She's a bit nervous, probably because she doesn't really know what she's doing. Zach said, "I can hear Julie now. Why is there a J carved in the back of your hair?" I don't think Jameka will get too adventurous in the hair-cutting endeavor.

Now, if it were Amber ... "I had a vision of you in stripes!" In other news from that Big Brother House of Worried and Winsome Wilmas:

Eric thinks this season is more entertaining than All-Stars. I beg to differ.

BB woke up the houseguests at noon their time today. And they wonder why they're up until dawn, eh? I think BB should start waking them by 8 just to jolt them back to reality.

Dick pointed out to the Internet watchers that there will be five people left to evict and three more weeks of the show.

Jessica is having second thoughts about her nominations. She thinks she may have made a mistake and isn't sure they can trust Evel Dick and Daniele. Eric sympathizes with her, but thinks she did the right thing this week.

Eric wondered if Jessica wanted to talk, but she said she just needed to get over it.

Dick and Eric joked about what deals Zach might offer them to save him.

Eric complained about Zach making noise and "having a tantrum" when called to the DR early in the morning.

When Daniele kept going on about being glad there's only 21 days left, Dick did the old "don't wish your life away" kind of talk. Now, my parents used that on me when I was a child, but I didn't mouth back to them. Daniele got snotty and covered her eyes with her towel while sunning.

That's it for now! Oh, Jameka denied to Zach that she's looking for a husband. She says she's just waiting, not looking.

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Through the Night Into Tuesday

Nah, Evel Dick isn't burning anyone with a cigarette. And, I'm pretty sure he isn't a gang member. He's outside talking to Daniele in the wee hours. Here are the late night happenings from that Big Brother House of Misfit Toys:
  • The houseguests watched a private viewing of the Daniele/Amber appearance on The Power of Ten, but aren't allowed to talk about it until Tuesday night. I guess the show wanted to air it, but doesn't want live feed watchers knowing the outcome of the game show.
  • Amber thinks that Jessica nominated her to show Dick and Daniele they're not together while Zach was nominated to make him think they're not with Daniele and Dick. My head hurts at her logic.
  • Dick told Jessica that Zach told him that she turned on him.
  • When Eric said the DR told him his Abercrombie and Fitch necklace looked gay and he shouldn't wear it, the BB voice said, "Eric, stop that!"
  • Dick read into Julie Chen's comments to him that he may not be looking good on the show.
  • The houseguests all think this is a boring week for both them and the feeds watchers.
  • BB called each HG into the diary room tonight and most just wanted to nap.
  • Daniele told Eric he should say he swore on Amber's daughter that he won't keep her in the house.
  • Eric told Dick that Zach wanted them to backdoor him (Dick) this week.
  • Daniele and Dick had a pleasant talk about the game, Daniele's plan to go to DisneyWorld and more.

Monday, August 27, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds - TV Squad - 8/27 Evening

If I have to suffer, you have to share my pain. It's very boring in the house tonight and several houseguests have complained about it. BB, give them something to do! Have 'em paint gnomes or something!

One camera kept focusing on Amber chewing, biting, and swallowing fingernails -- with the appropriate audio. Blech.

EWW! Make her stop! Another camera focused in and out on somebody's foot sticking out of the covers looking mysteriously like a part of the male anatomy. At least I think it was a foot. I have a new update posted on TV Squad, take a gander and make a comment if you wish!

TV Squad - The Jen-terview

I have a new article up over on TV Squad, going over the AOL TV Tattler Jenterview. Stop on by!

'Big Brother 8' - Monday Live Feeds So Far 8/27

Yep, Evel Dick is sitting pretty. Or, as pretty as he can sit with those funky feet!

Here are the day's events so far from inside that Big Brother House of "But I had a Vision!" --
  • Before they went to sleep, Eric double-checked with Jessica to make sure she was still okay with his plan to let the nominations stand. She's fine with it.
  • Jameka seriously tried to turn Jessica against Eric. I think she was doing it more in Amber's interest and perhaps Jessica's down the road rather than her own.
  • Jessica told Jameka that she doesn't think Eric is going to use the veto. Jameka went on about Eric, Dick, and Daniele ... and sometimes Zach!
  • Jessica reported the Jameka conversation back to Eric.
  • Eric kissed her. I think this is probably the America's Player kiss. America has no sense of adventure!
  • Eric is mad that Jameka told Jessica he didn't want to win HOH because they might give him pictures of his girlfriend. He says that's none of Jameka's business and he's been honest with Jessica.
  • Eric told Jessica he really wants to win HOH next week.
  • Jameka, the school counselor, asked if someone could explain the "Jensa Member" t-shirt. She doesn't get the reference. (I guess it's safe to say she's not a Mensa Member. It's scary that Jen obviously knew the reference and Jameka doesn't.)
  • Amber told Jameka that Jessica told her that she isn't the target, but she (Amber) thinks something is going on between Jessica, Eric, Daniele, and Dick. (Ding, ding, we have a winner!)
  • Eric didn't use the veto -- for the first time this season! Amber and Zach are still on the block.
  • The washing machine still isn't working right.
  • It hasn't been a thrill a minute, folks.

'Dancing With the Stars' - Line-Up Spoilers?

... or possibly not. The official list is due Wednesday morning, but I found this on TMZ. I'm not sure if it's a joke or serious, but know you guys want to see it!

'Big Brother 8' Live Feeds Bulletin - POV Ceremony

The POV Ceremony is over. It sounds like Eric had a nice speech. It also sounds like the nominations are remaining the same -- Amber and Zach are on the block. Jameka doesn't understand why Eric wants his two enemies to remain in the house with him. She thinks it might be a tie.

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Into Monday 8/27

<--- Amber actually smiling as the houseguests play spin the bottle. It's more of a mix of spin the bottle and truth or dare or something. There is no kissing involved. They tell a "truth" and all say "how sad." Very odd. Not like yesterday morning with Jessica and Eric! Which, by the way, was the only interesting point of the day and that was sort of blah. Without further ado, here's the news from inside the House of Big Brother Previously Rejected Applications:
  • Eric's rather anti-climatic kissing of Jessica yesterday morning won't count for America's Player. If she's chosen, he will have to do it again. (One more time, this time with feeling!)
  • I still want him to have to kiss Dick or Zach, though.
  • Amber read her bible often yesterday. Hopefully she has at least portions memorized by now.
  • The washing machine is still on the fritz.
  • Strategy or not? Dick went to Amber complaining there's only so much of Zach he can take. They had a talk about how annoying Zach is with his know-it-all ways. Amber once again brought up Zach promising to cook for Jameka and not doing it.
  • Amber cried. (Not due to the Dick conversation, just on general principles.)
  • Eric and Jessica discussed whether the big Dick/Daniele fight was real or staged. Jessica thinks it was real because Dick's eyes are all red.
  • Amber talked to Jessica. She said she wants someone good to win the season. At this time, the only good people left in the house are herself, Jameka, and Jessica. (That's according to Amber, not me.)
  • Amber says that if she stays and wins HOH, she would never put Jessica or Eric on the block. (Never? Um, those numbers are getting down, girl!)
  • Jessica told her if the vote's a tie, she'll vote out Zach.
  • Amber thinks that Dick and Daniele are a strong pair, but Jessica and Eric aren't because they're just good friends.
  • Jessica sat with Dick for a while trying to avoid Zach and everyone. Her strategy is to sleep to avoid people.
  • Dick has flip-flopped back to wanting Zach out.
  • Amber still loves her rat!
  • Amber finally nailed Eric. Just to talk to him, minds out of the gutter! She's worried that she's the target and promises him things she can't possibly keep like never putting him on the block. She did the "good people" to win thing, but now he seems to mysteriously be a part of that. She says she doesn't want Dick, Daniele, or Zach to win.
  • Amber cried while talking to Eric.
  • When she asked him if she should be nervous, he told everyone should be nervous because there are only seven players left.
  • Eric told her he's basically against the backdoor method of evicting a houseguest on the whole. He said he's a bit upset that almost everybody who's gone home this season has been backdoored.
  • She cried some more.
  • Amber told him that she can tell he's a good person by his eyes. @@
  • Eric told Jessica that tomorrow (today) it will be blatantly obvious whether they're with Dick and Daniele or against them.
  • Jessica said she's not worried about the final four, she's worried about next week.
  • Amber told Jameka that Eric won't be using the veto.
  • Zach and Amber both campaigned their cases.
  • Then it went into the game which is still on as I post this. As a punishment, Dick had to lick Jen's picture twice. Fun, fun. So sad!
  • The game is over as I add to this -- Amber is whispering to Jameka that Jessica has always been suspicious of her and Eric. @@ (I felt I had to add that to make your morning!)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - Sunday 8/26 Show Live-Blogged from the East Coast

Jackie's TV Blog, BB8, Big Brother 8

I apologize for my hours of absense, alas... had stuff that had to get done. I hate that, don't you?

The show has started here in the NYC area. As usual, I'll be updating this entry as it airs. Please join in on comments!

So far, recap, recap and a happy Dick. Oh, all of the cryptic comments by Jen as she left! Jessica is wondering what she should know. Amber is happy Jameka is still around. They're still congratulating each other on Jen's exit.

Now they're re-celebrating Jessica being HOH. Zach feels safe, heh. If God doesn't think Amber should get the HOH, it's not meant for her. @@

Amber is justifying her loss by the fact God meant NEXT week she'll win HOH! Jameka thinks it might be a great week for her because she's close to both Jessica and Eric. Amber thinks Jessica might put Daniele and Dick up. She loves God.

Eric is flirting with Jessica. The woobie listens.

Eric tells us he has no game when it comes to women. But compared to an Ogre and a 44-year old, he's the best left in the house.

It's time for Jessica's HOH room! Excitement galore. Dick thinks the cheerleading squad is ugly. She got her Booyah shirt.

Now Jessica is trying to find out what Jen wanted her to know. Amber said it's that Eric has a girlfriend and there's a lot more to it. Jessica doesn't like cheats and looks pensive. Amber tells Eric, too. Eric looks uncomfortable, but then he does that a lot.

Eric does much work on Amber, tells her there is a relationship -- it comes and goes. He tells Amber he has tried not to cross lines in either direction. He wants to talk to Jessica. He tells us that everything he's done towards her in the house has been true and honest.

So he talks to Jessica. She seems quasi-okay with things.

It's time for Dick and Daniele to argue! He wants her to take vitamins. "He wants to be all parenty and stuff!" Zach picked up enough to get an "I'm on your side Dick dig" to Daniele. Dick asked her if she ever took any responsibility for her part in their break-up. He never left, he never abandoned her.

Y'know, I don't like it when the show airs their dirty family laundry.

Good, Jameka and Jessica talking in the HOH room. Jameka suggests putting up Dick and Daniele. Jessica is acting like she might do that ... most likely for the benefit of Jameka. She tells Jameka she doesn''t know what she'll do, but she won't put Jameka up. Jessica says that Daniele is a bigger threat to her than Dick is.

Luxury comp time -- jessica gets to pick the teams and goes for girls and guys. She also participates. They have wetsuits and a sudsy thing in the backyard. The prize is a Big Brother shopping spree. They must get into their birthday suits. Amber thinks her boyfriend will kill her. Daniele said she's modest and her father is in the house.

Clothes have letters which spell things like toga and Jenitard. They have to put on the clothes with the letter and hang it on the line. I personally would have abstained. The guys are separated from the girls, but still...!

Heehee, the guys spelled goat while the girls saw toga in it, as did Dick. The guys are totally dazed. The girls are going at it with a final of bunny suits! Shrieks of joy! They win! They have two minutes to put on as many of the new articles as they can. Inside the house there are racks and racks. The guys watch wearing robes and yell advice.

Amber says she's not as small as she looks. Jessica took the mannequin. I think it was her anyway.

OMG -- Amber thinks she has the hair and the face, and the body to be a top model. She tells us through tears in the DR that it's the future for her. Jameka gives her encouragemnt. Eww.

Zach pleads his case to Eric and Jessica, tells them to put up Dick and Daniele.

America's Player - Who should Eric get nominated? He's thrilled with the choice of Amber and guarantees it.

He talks to Jessica, tells her that Amber doesn't trust them. Jessica tells Eric that Jameka suggested Dick and Daniele. She knows her nominations didn't hurt her the last time, but has to think out her strategy.

America's Player -- Which houseguest should Eric kiss? (He blew that this morning with Jessica!) I want him to kiss Zach or Dick!

It's time for the HOH nominations thoughts. I love how the HG has to say it's the job of the HOH each week like we don't know. Jessica tells us she has to put up two people who aren't a threat to her this week, maybe take out a power player?


Time for the cermony. Jessica says the game gets harder each week because she gets closer to people each week. She said some people have been working with her, others have been since day one and others haven't been there for her at all or too little.

Keys: Eric, Daniele, Jameka, Dick.

Nominated Zach and Amber, feels that he hasn't been with her the entire time, nor has Amber. Zach tells us he actually has to work this week to stay in the house. Aha, he admits floating!

And Amber cried. "I'm not mad at you, God. Help me!"

'Big Brother' - Past Winners, Present Strategies?

As the houseguests sleep, I thought it would be interesting to pick up and run with something commenter Barbwire came up with on a previous entry here.

In thinking about Jameka and Amber's game strategy or lack there of, she wondered about past winners of the show and whether some flew under the radar. I'm offering my take here and would like to open the discussion floor for your thoughts. Does Amber really have a strategy? Jameka? If either wins, will it be a purely under the radar win? How about Zach? Has a lack of strategy won the game before?

Here's my take on the previous winners:

Season 1 Winner: Eddie McGee didn't play under the radar, but no one really had a plan that year.

Season 2 Winner: Will Kirby, didn't play under the radar yet threw every comp, his strategy was to lie and tell them he was lying. Puppetmaster and probably my favorite all-time houseguest.

Season 3 Winner: Lisa Donahue - now, I think she played a bit under the radar. Not my favorite player, nowhere near it. She was strong at times in comps.

Season 4 Winner: Jun Song, had a reputation for playing under the radar but I think she actually had a strategy and was a bit sneaky. I think she was pretty game-smart and used others (especially Jee) to her advantage.

Season 5 Winner: Drew Daniel, not the strongest strategist by a long shot. Joined an alliance and was likable. I think I'd put him in the flew somewhat under the radar camp.

Season 6 Winner: Maggie Ausburn, definitely didn't fly under the radar, but instead had others do all of her dirty work for her. In my opinion, a bit of puppetmaster although certainly not as entertaining for me as was Will Kirby.

Season 7 Winner: Mike "Boogie" Malin, didn't fly under the radar but instead rode on Will Kirby's coattails throughout the season. I was NOT happy to see him win, not at all.

Here's my take on those left in the house right now and their strategies:

Amber: Has no real strategy, had a vision she'd win, thinks she's good and nice, thus worthy of winning. She's playing under the radar, but her tears and whining bring her to the forefront -- that's not strategy, though.

Jameka: Nice and good person, make friends with all and win. Under the radar.

Daniele: Strong in comps, I think her original strategy was to get along well with people, win comps. Immaturity issues, her father in the house, and the personalities of others have affected her strategy. A change to super-alliance with Dad and win at the end because they like her better.

Dick: Studied the game and often says he wants to emulate Will Kirby. Alas, his own personality does him in. Change in strategy to work with Daniele. He'll be thrilled if she wins, but is also thinking about his own position in the house. Cooks, cleans, makes himself useful even in rant stages.

Jessica: Under the radar, nice, but uses Eric and others to do her dirty work for her, thus still coming up in favor of others. Decent people skills and she's using them. Decent in comps. I do think her strategy is a bit under the radar when compared with others in the house, but a stronger player than Amber or Jameka. She actually tries to think ahead in the game.

Zach: Almost under the radar, but his strategy is showing more as the numbers in the house dwindle. He puts himself in the position of siding with the HOH each week promising to vote their way in an effort to keep the spotlight off himself. He listens and picks up on everything. He would have been more successful with different housemates. I could see him and Roddy teaming up, etc. Zach puts himself in the position where he never offends anyone by nominating them, never wins any comps. Maybe he can't win comps because he did really want to save his own butt with the POV this week.

Eric: He's the Big Brother scholar, but his strategy has had to change due to America's Player. If he were at his own devices, I think he could have every move planned out ahead. Unfortunately for him, the AP has thrown him some curve balls. I think he's handled the cover-up with the stray votes and such better than I ever could. I'd actually like to see how he'd play the game on his own. I think he could very well be the best strategist in the house if not for the AP intervention.

Your thoughts?

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Report - Into Sunday Morning 8/26

Jackie's TV Blog, BB8, Big Brother 8

Yes, I think Zoetawny nailed it. Eric is a legend in his own mind!

I seriously wonder what his game plan was prior to being saddled with the America's Player gig. He knows the game in and out. He probably would fare well if he was playing it straight up.

But there are some issues with Eric, some he could improve with a bit of restraint and others a bit beyond his control. What he could improve is he talks too much and talks without first thinking. I think he sometimes talks just to talk. That he could change if he worked at it.

Harder for him are his mannerisms and body language. He's on the hyper side, always looks either nervous or guilty, wiggles around as he talks, and his eyes are all over the place as he talks or even sits. That body language tends to make him come across as sneaky or dishonest even if he's being truthful. He's squirmy!

Controlling his body language would be a tougher task than controlling his mouth, but I think it's hurting him in the house and with anyone who watches the feeds regularly. They don't show as much of his body language on the show as we see on the feeds.

Anyhoo ... here are the late night and overnight happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Lovable Buffoons (Or Not):
  • For the longest time last night the feeds were intermittent as Daniele kept reading out loud from the BB Rules Book. "When Big Brother announces a lockdown, you must immediately ..." Feeds block. "Houseguests can use the pool at anytime but may not swim alone as there is no lifeguard." You guys don't know how much I'd love to get my hands on that book!
  • Evel Dick assumed the chef position last night, cooking dinner for everyone.
  • As BB won't let them have good cutlery, he had to chop and mince with a plastic knife.
  • He swore at and bullied the [bleepin'] broccoli and carrots.
  • Evel Dick said he has never seen so many green potatoes at a time.
  • Amber is upset. She wants to talk to Jessica. She has too much to pack. People are deserting her. Fuss, fuss, whine, whine, sniffle, honk.
  • Daniele thinks it's odd that they only got all those banner planes within one week and none since.
  • They have the fake rats from the Power of Veto comp. Amber seems disturbingly attached to hers. (It's not a living being, Amber!)
  • Jessica told Eric that, during the POV comp, she was thinking that Amber just might win. Apparently Amber had a good showing in the comp. Scary, eh?
  • Jameka and Jessica plan to make Sunday's dinner.
  • Zach offered to make dinner for Jameka and she told him to cook for everyone, not just her. Amber points out that he's said he was going to do so three different times and hasn't done it yet.
  • Heh. Eric said that when he was in first grade he wrote an essay named "Sometimes I Wish I Was a Fly." They sent him to the school psychologist.
  • Daniele told Dick she "can't stand these people."
  • Jessica decided her fake rat has "devil eyes" and places it so it can guard the HOH room.
  • Jessica, Amber, and Jameka tried to de-trunk Eric in the hot tub. (Y'see, in this aspect he does very well. Women are not intimidated by him and he doesn't creep them out at all. It's almost like a kid thing going on.)
  • Dick exposed himself to Eric. Eric found it oddly amusing that it just seemed part of being in the house.
  • Daniele told Dick that Amber kept complaining that Nick didn't mention her in the letter she received.
  • Eric told Jessica that if the nominations remain the same, he'll say in the POV speech that he respects her opinion. But he'll try to scare everyone first by acting like he's going to shake things up.
  • Daniele and Dad had a lengthy nice talk about family memories and house happenings. Good. No whining.
  • Daniele said she can't talk about the trip, but watch for a "New Amber who's serious and kicking ass." Then she laughed.
  • Dick wants an honest alliance -- no side deals with Jameka or others.
  • Eric later told Jessica that now he's worried that Dick may have some side deals going on since he brought up the issue.
  • When talking about Amber's visions, Eric said, "What is she? Miss Cleo?"
  • The Alliance of Four -- Dick, Daniele, Eric, and Jessica -- came up with a new name for their alliance. It's the Little Julie Chen Alliance. Um. Okay.
  • Eric thinks this might be the most bitter jury ever on the show. I think he could very well be right.
  • Eric called Amber the One Person Nerd Herd. Not to her face, of course. She would have cried and we don't need more of that!
  • Eric and Jessica continued their platonic, yet flirting, relationship. Oh, there was a massage! They touched! Oh, my!
  • It's all quiet in the house now (finally) as I get this posted.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

'Big Brother 8 - Live Feeds - Saturday 8/25 So Far

Lucky Jessica gets to entertain Jameka and Zach in the HOH. It's a fascinating conversation.
Jameka: "What's the R in RV stand for?"
Everyone: "I don't know."
Zach: "The V is for vehicle."
@@ They may as well have Amber in the room with them! (It stands for recreational ... recreational vehicle, RV.)

Here are the day's events since I posted the morning update:
  • Eric kept telling Jessica he never cheated, etc., etc. He is really irked at Jen's mention about his girlfriend/relationship.
  • He does indeed seem to be a bit smitten with Jessica. Is it all part of the game? I don't think so. He reminds me of a 14 year old boy in love.
  • Eric and Jessica discussed various scenarios around the POV. They intend to eliminate one of their original nominees and aren't targetting Dick, Daniele, or Jameka.
  • Amber and Jameka talked about how Eric is feeding Jessica ideas and it's his decisions, not hers, going into play.
  • Amber and Jameka were also discussing number combinations with 1, 3, 5, and 7. I don't know what that was about, but it was important to them!
  • Amber prayed and told God to "do what you think is best." Um, I may have to pray to remind him that her leaving the house as soon as possible is best!
  • Jessica, Jameka, and Zach practiced memory questions for comps.
  • There was a long feeds blockage, then WHAM -- Eric had won the Power of Veto! Apparently Zach was a very close second, but second doesn't cut it.
  • The Veto Comp had them finding rats. (I can't see how that would be that difficult in the house this season, can you?)
  • Jessica's happy because an Eric win means the nominations will remain the same -- Zach and Amber.
  • Amber cried. Or pouted. Or cried while she pouted.
  • Not knowing it vanished, Zach keeps talking Pirate Master. He's mentioned it before. Maybe he wants to be a pirate bunny.
  • Zach is pleading his case to stay with anyone who will listen.
  • Jameka says she'll be shocked no matter what Eric does with the veto.
Lots of napping and a rather subdued house today. It's raining there, the clothes washer is still on the fritz.

'Big Brother 8 - Live Feeds POV Winner 8/25

Eric won the Power of Veto. A full report will be posted later this evening!

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Into Saturday 8/25

Jackie's TV Blog, BB8, Big Brother 8

Graphic artist Zoetawny had to use her "mad skillz" to create a second HOH graphic for Jessica! I think, in watching the feeds, Jessica is the one person least changed whan she's Head of House. With others, they seem to gloat (Dustin, Dick) or, in Daniele's case, freak out a bit. Jessica handles it well. I just wish her voice was a bit different. So, what's been happening inside that Big Brother House of Whispers and Wimps? Here's the skinny:
  • Zach had a long talk to Jessica about his nomination. He's worried that he might be evicted, but approached the conversation at the angle that he isn't the target. He told Jessica he's not mad at her and understands that it was the most logical move for her to make.
  • Zach really wants to win POV (remember, he hasn't won anything yet) and remove himself from the block. If he does, he wants Jessica to put Dick on the block and backdoor him.
  • Zach also thinks that Dick and Daniele will play hard for POV if they're chosen because they want the nominations to remain the same.
  • Jessica took all Zach was saying in and obviously took it under consideration. After all, she was nodding her head and saying "uh-huh" and "yeah." I'm sure Zach took that to mean she agrees with him.
  • Jessica committed to nothing with him.
  • Zach told Jessica that, no matter what happens, he'd vote as she wants him to.
  • Eric is still upset about Jen's comment warning Jessica about his girlfriend. Perhaps that was the impetus for his nasty remark as she left. He's still stewing about it.
  • Jameka worked her way right into the happy group o' houseguests while Amber was a bit somber and Zach was um, Zach-ish. (He always reminds me of a comic book geek who's smart but not ever "in with the in crowd." Not a bad thing, but it makes it hard for others to understand where he's coming from at times.)
  • Evel Dick wants Zach to go. It's only fitting that Zach wants Dick to go, right?
  • Amber cried.
  • Eric wonders if he'll set a record if he doesn't get chosen to play for the veto again.
  • As the HG feasted, Amber was subdued.
  • Beer pong was played. I miss zuma-zuma.
  • Jameka went on a crying streak -- alone. Well, her and God, that is. She cried, she prayed, she cried while praying.
  • Daniele told Dick everyone hates him. He didn't think so, so they went through the list. It's everyone. He just laughed.
  • Jameka tried to shake Jessica's faith in Eric. Jameka just doesn't trust him and thinks Jessica shouldn't trust him either.
  • That didn't last long as Eric and Jessica are still up talking in the HOH room as I post this. She has the woobie and they're still BFF. (Best friends forever)

Friday, August 24, 2007

'Big Brother 8' Live Feeds - Nominations

As expected, Amber and Zach are on the block.

And Amber cried.

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds - Friday So Far - 8/24

The nominations ceremony hasn't happened yet. I'll post a bulletin when I hear the news.

But here are the other happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Odd Ducks:

  • BB woke them up early today -- 10 AM their time. Of course, that's only early if you've been up for most of the night.
  • Daniele and Zach tried to convince Jameka that sushi can be good.
  • Daniele thinks that Julie Chen's HOH questions have been uncomfortable and intrusive. (Um, this is a show with 24/7 live feeds, cameras, microphones. It's an intrusive show, darn it!)
  • BB woke up the houseguests again just before 11:30.
  • Jameka said the school where she works actually handcuffs misbehaving kids until their parents arrive. Yikes.
  • Daniele told Jameka she didn't have to do chores while growing up -- her grandparents did everything. (Why am I not surprised?)
  • There was a luxury comp -- timed grabbing and putting on of clothes (similar to ones in the past). The girls won.
  • In all of the Eric/Jessica talks it seems the noms will be Amber and Zach. Jessica still isn't sure what she'll say at the ceremony.
  • They think if they go after either Dick or Daniele, they (Jessica and Eric) will wind up on the block next week.
  • No one is on slop this week and there was no food comp unless it was part of the luxury comp.
  • Zach talked to Jessica and Eric. He admits that he thinks there's more to Eric than he's seeing and it worries him. He suggests an Amber/Dick nomination. He offers to be "with them" in their quest.
  • Eric later mentioned to Jessica that Zach does this with every HOH -- plays up to them and promises to vote with them. That's why he doesn't get nominated.
  • Daniele is worried that Zach is trying to shmooze Eric and Jessica -- and that they'll put them (D&D) on the block if they listen to him.
  • Although there was a bit of nudity in the luxury comp as they tried on clothes, was it necessary for Amber to flash the Internet later putting on her new clothes?
  • My eyes. My eyes.
That's it. Amber blinded me. I'll have to find a cure before the nominations ceremony.

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Report Since the Live Show Into Friday

<--- Eric tells Jessica he thinks she wants him to be a Nancy Boy.


Here are the evening's happenings since the live show ended from that Big Brother House of "You Can Never Be Too Blonde and Win Too Many HOH" --

  • Eric thinks Jen's speech was rude (the one in which they plead their case to stay). Well, I think his "speech" was rude when she left. He should have just let her go without his snide comment. If she was considering voting for him in the jury, he blew it right there.
  • The house mood is upbeat, but I'm sure that will change with the pressure of another HG going home.
  • Dick hopes Jen gets fired from her nanny job.
  • Jessica asked Amber what Jen had wanted to tell her before she left. Amber said she wasn't going to say, but since she asked ... Jen wanted to warn Jessica not to trust Eric because he has a girlfriend named Cheryl. She doesn't want Jessica to be hurt.
  • Jameka tried to give advice to Daniele about how to talk to her father. She says he's abrasive but means well -- he's always proud of her and loves her.
  • Jameka says Evel Dick's intentions are good. (And where does the road paved with good intentions lead ...?)
  • Daniele kept fussing about her father, nothing to do with the Jen incidents. She fussed in general about him and it was more of a woe-is-me fuss.
  • Dick and Eric continued to trash talk Jen long after she was gone.
  • Amongst Jessica's HOH goodies she got a "Booyah" shirt.
  • Jameka had an Amber moment. She asked Daniele what boas (the kind you wear, not the snake) were and how you spell the word.
  • The HG speculated that Kail might be the mayor of her town. Heh.
  • Amber told Eric that Jen told her to tell Jessica not to trust him.
  • There was a big In N Out burger feast during which Jameka overate and regretted it ... not!
  • Eric said his girlfriend is long-distance.
  • Jameka seems to be pushing Jessica (a bit) to put Evel Dick on the block.
  • Jessica told Jameka she won't put her on the block.
  • America's Player? -- Eric told Jessica that she should put Amber on the block. Amber and Zach. I'd say the Zach is a personal choice of his, Amber the voted one.

All are in bed as I post this, with Eric and Jessica just parting ways (for the dawn).

Thursday, August 23, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - 8/23 Live Eviction Show Live-Blogged from the East Coast

Jackie's TV Blog, BB8, Big Brother 8

The big show is starting here on the East Coast. I'll constantly be updating this entry as the show airs. Please forgive any typos or misspellings and have a good time in the comments area!

So far, recap!

Julie says it's been an exciting and explosive week. She has the explosive right. Now recapping the veto meeting in black in white.

Jameka is happy that Jen replaced Amber as it means a better chance she'll stay in the game.

Jenth Degree is on the treadmill when Dick comes in. He told her that talking about not needing the money has had a big effect. Jen tells him she's not bitter. Then she goes to Daniele in the HOH room. The JenBot actually sheds a tear. They really shortneed this. The conversation lasted about 20 minutes in real life.

Amber and Daniele take off for their trip.

Jen is talking to Jameka about not wanting to go to the sequester house. Jameka thinks she disrespected the integrity of the game.

Ah, Jen hides her won stuff in prep for destroying Dick's cigarettes. And, she's cooking! Turkey burgers! Jameka shouldn't play with her bare feet as she talks. Dick thinks Jen wants attention. AHA! The cigarettes! She has them, to the storage room! Jumping on them! She hid her clothes so Dick couldn't destroy them, yet is destroying four cartons of his cigarettes.

Dick looks for them, mentions the deal to be nice and wants to know where she hid them. Everyone else just stares. Dick found her stuff and hid it upstairs in the HOH room thinking she had just hidden his cigarettes.

Jen approaches Eric and others saying, "I'll now perform ... eating." Everyone tells her not to, but then dismiss her as a cheater. She's called to the Diary Room. She explains to us that she received a penalty vote -- an automatic vote to evict her tonight.

They show the slapping his cigarette bit. Ah, they're showing it all! Must see TV! He was wrong to blow the smoke, but she kept at him. She slapped at him, yet he actually was pretty restrained.

Amber and Daniele are heading to the Big Apple for their Power of Ten appearance. A private jet. Now Amber says NYC is so cool -- on the feeds she dissed it. They will play against each other, then one will go for the big bucks. Nick is going to be Daniele's "friend, family member" whatever and Amber's cousin will be hers. Nick's Mohawk has gron in a bit. Oh, geez ... they showed the beginning. Amber is a ham. @@

Julie is talking to them. And Amber is going on, but not crying! Julie tells Jen she's the first person in 8 years of the show to break food restriction and receive a penalty vote. Jen thought she made history by being there.

Now the streak of Eric's streaking, etc. We're into commercial and the voting should begin soon.

Julie's talking to Daniele in the HOH room. She tells Julie she owes a lot of credit to Eric and Jessica. She says she would love to be sitting next to her Dad in the final two ... because he has a lot of enemies. @@

Talk with the nominees -- Jen says, "I'm Jen" No, she's happy and honest and doesn't fit in here, happy to come here, happy to leave. Jameka is honored and happy to be in the house, nice speech.

Jen has one penalty vote for eviction.
Amber votes to evict Jen.
Dick votes to evict Jen.
America votes to evict Jen (Eric)
Zach votes to evict Jen
Jessica votes to evict Jen

Unanimous plus one, Jen is evicted from the Big Brother house... but a commercial first!

Jen gives a big smile. Amberr hugs, Eric says as happy as she is to be leaving, they're happier to see her go. Zach hugged her. Jen said something about Daniele having her back, but I didn't catch it all. Ah, Daniele just said she said, "I'm glad you had my back."

Julie tells Jen she's one of the most compelling HG ever. She listed various Jen-actions. Dick mean things -- is it how he feels or strategy? Jen said it wasn't appropriate either way. She mentions she'll be on the jury. Jameka says although bad first impression, changed. Eric calls her fun and unique and interesting. Dick tells her she should have been gone long ago. Jessica is apologetic. Zach tells her she's a great competitor. Daniele wishes she had left on a better note and apologizes. Amber, crying face, says she's not as bad as she thought she was -- show off the beautiful person inside to the whole world.

HOH Comp -- "Tanks for the Memories" -- Evicted HG will get revenge. They're on dunk tanks. Jen gets to dunk them if they're wrong with the answers.

Who did Joe say was most in need of a slop diet? Zach or Jameka? All right (Zach)
Spelling bee? Eric wrong -- (I missed the whole question)
Jameka or Dick -- Carol give Bible to -- All wrong.
Nick prefer to see streaking -- Eric or Zach -- Amber gone, Zach gone.
It's between Jessica and Dick.Jen got to dunk Dick.
Jessica is the new HOH.

America's Player -- Who do we want out of the house?
I really, really want Amber gone. It's gotten so even her voice on the live feeds grates at me.