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Big Brother 10: 8/31 Show Live-Blogged from the East Coast

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The show has started here on the East Coast. As it airs, this post will be constantly updated -- please forgive the inevitable typos! Everyone is welcome to join in with their thoughts in the comments section. Let's have us some fun!

Recap, recap ... more recap. Michelle has now been evicted twice tonight. Jerry is obviously down and feeling vulnerable. Keesha and Renny feel bad about her eviction. Ollie will avenge her leaving. Ha. Memphis sheds no tears, time for another HOH comp and we're still in Recap City. Hey, Keesha won HOH1 WHAT A SURPRISE! As are the noms. Now we get to see the veto and Ollie run away again. A bit of unseen before footage, but we're talking ten minutes solid of recaps. Horrible!

Renny is bugged by the Colonel, nothing in common. They have cute background music for Jerry's lonely journey through the house. The four are celebrating.

Renny and Dan have a talk about the time zones. Renny is so wrong. Heehee. Heh ... she's insisting the wrong time for New Orleans. Finally it dawns on her that she's wrong. Now they're laughing about Keesha's laugh. Memphis actually imitates it pretty well. Dan shouts to us in the DR about Keesha's laugh. Renny thinks dogs can here her.

HOH carnival -- skeeball. Dan tells us if they can't win three against one (against Jerry), then one of them probably deserves to go home. Each round they will be asked the day number of the event, they have to aim the ball towards the day for the answer. Day Jerry called Dan Judas at the veto meeting -- Memphis broke it down into weeks, a smart answer. Dan knew the rough day. Correct day was 35. They get penalty points for whatever amount they're off. Renny did the worst on this round, Dan best.

Aliens in the windows of the BB house - 14. Dan is doing the best so far with Jerry and Memphis running neck and neck together. The next one was Brian being put up on the block -- 6. Dan still has a big lead. In the news is next -- 32. Renny is still doing the worst. Memphis is NOT doing well. Dan remains in the lead. The earthquake -- 22. Jerry got it spot on. Dan only leads by two points now.

Jessie eviction day -- 31. Oops ... Dan's ball bounced off his rather correct answer goal. He blew it. Jerry is in the lead by 6 points. America give the lollipops -- 39. Dan got it right, but too late for the points to win. Jerry wins HOH. He gave an odd cough-hiccup.

The crew of four is dismayed. Dan is pretty sure he'll be on the block. Memphis says he won't make a deal with Jerry.

Jerry's room -- they're all puckering up to kiss his ass according to Memphis. New pictures. Jerry knows they're being nice to him because he's HOH. He doesn't trust them. He starts telling stories. Sigh. I hear too many stories from him on the feeds. But the way this is edited is perfect!

Memphis and Keesha talk. They know one has to leave. Memphis wants to be taken with either Keesha or Dan if they win. He wants Keesha to think he will choose her for the final two, but doesn't want to come out and say it.

Renny is sleepwalking. Sooky-sooky. Memphis tells us Renny is more than wacky -- she's completely off the reservation. Keesha thinks Renny is hilarious even in her sleep. Cute segment.

But it's morning. Renny says she woke up with candy bars in her bed. Keesha and Renny talk. Keesha is worried. She's thinks that she and Renny might be put up together because they're so close. Dan and Memphis talk. Memphis thinks Jerry wants to be promised safety. Memphis thinks making a deal with Jerry is their only hope. They just can't be on the block together.

Memphis goes to talk to Jerry. Memphis tells him that he wants to stay off the block. Jerry tells him he'd like to go to the final two with him -- safest for them both. Memphis tells Jerry he wants to battle the best in the game and it's him. Jerry wants to put Dan on the block. Memphis tells Jerry he doesn't trust Dan because he put him on the block. He's playing Jerry very nicely. Jerry tells us he trusts Memphis more than the others.

Nominations today -- Memphis feels safer after the talk. Dan is sure he'll be going up. Both Keesha and Renny are worried. Jerry tells us his decisions aren't personal and will only get him further in the game. Dan and Memphis are wearing their matching shorts. How odd.

Key order -- Renny, Memphis. It's Dan and Keesha on the block. Jerry says both have nominated him, trust issues with Dan, Keesha is a good player. The PoV will determine who goes home. Jerry tells us Keesha is a pawn and he wants Dan out.

Memphis tells us Renny is the only one in the house he doesn't have a deal with. His goal is to get her out this week.

BB10: Latest Live Feeds

My latest live feeds report is up over on TV Squad.

At 8 PM ET, I'll be posting a live-blogging entry for the show. I hope to see you there!

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Into Sunday Morning

The top screen cap is Keesha's hands working on making a ... um ... an ... um, well, I never figured it out. It's some sort of head. Dan is painting his frog in the lower photo. I know. Painting your frog does sound like an euphemism, doesn't it? Yes, BB gave them arts, crafts, and alcohol in an activity bucket. Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Paint Your Frog Solo:
  • Heh. Before they got yelled at for talking about their Diary Room sessions, Dan said his mobile question was about why he yells in the DR. That drives me crazy and I've mentioned it more than a few times in my show posts.
  • Renny is rightfully worried that she'll be leaving this week. Keesha told her she didn't know.
  • Memphis read the instructions from one of the crafts -- Safe for use by five year-old and up. He deemed they could play.
  • Jerry kept saying the show always ends on a Sunday, but he also says he's pretty sure the show is ending on September 25 (which is a Thursday). He's wrong on both counts. It has been ending on Tuesdays recent years and Survivor jumps into the Thursday slot immediately following the Tuesday finale. For some reason, the latter season premiere has been changed from 9/18 to 9/25. But the season finale of BB is set for 9/16, a Tuesday. It's Survivor which always ends on a Sunday, not BB. Jerry should know that.
  • Because BB gave the kids activities, they spent a lot of time playing games and making things instead of talking game.
  • Keesha tried to work Memphis a bit for a shot at her and Renny staying in the game.
  • Renny told Keesha that Jerry can be a "peckerhead." Heehee, so fitting!
  • Keesha told Renny that Jerry has been saying "Renny is only out for Renny." Renny wasn't surprised. She told Keesha that Jerry has been saying a lot of nasty things about her (Keesha), too.
  • Keesha and Renny think that Jerry wants a final three with the guys. They're wrong. From watching, I think Jerry wants Memphis, Keesha, and himself in the F3.
  • Except for Keesha, all want Renny out because they know if she makes the F2, she's sure to have the jury votes for the win. Keesha still has the friendship/loyalty thing going but she would definitely lose against Renny, too.
  • Jerry was monotonous, full of stories about himself and the wisdom of the ages. Now, I normally respect older folks and I sometimes enjoy tales they can tell. But Jerry's stories all seem the same old, same old, over and over again.
  • Renny thinks Dan is sucking up to Jerry in hopes that he won't vote him out.
  • Renny put a scarf around her neck and fake strangled herself for the camera. It looked like when Archie Bunker used to do the same sort of thing between strangling himself or shooting himself.
  • Renny told Keesha she thinks Jerry is boring because he tells the same stories over and over again. Phew, it's not in my mind! Keesha thinks Jerry is arrogant. Yeah, that too!
  • All are asleep as I post this.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

BB10: POV Update and My Apologies

My apologies for leading everyone astray early this morning. I could have sworn it was the veto necklace on Jerry in a quick flash after the feeds returned. But it's not Jerry who won it -- Memphis won the POV.

I've been out most of the day (yay, long time since I've done that), but here's what I've gathered upon my return:
  • Memphis won the POV.
  • Memphis promised Jerry he wouldn't use it.
  • Memphis promised Dan he will save him and made him promise not to pull any odd stunts.
  • Renny will go on the block.
  • Memphis and Dan aren't telling anyone and Memphis plans to act like it's his decision after a lot of thought just decided upon before the POV meeting on Monday.
  • Renny is the one they will vote out this week. Only Dan and Memphis will vote.

BB10: Live Feeds Bulletin - POV Comp

The feeds were blocked for hours. When they came back about 10 minutes ago, a brief shot of Jerry had the POV necklace on and no one else seems happy at all. No one is talking about it.

Hmm ... I thought it was the POV necklace on Jerry, but it was a really brief shot. Then the necklace was up in its place on the Memory Wall once again. Hmm ... I think I'm going to say I think that Jerry won, but I'm not 100% sure. I know Keesha didn't win. If either Dan or Memphis won, they would be scheming. Memphis went right to bed after the feeds returned and Dan looked glum. If Renny won, she'd be talking to Keesha about saving her. It had to be Jerry and he didn't mix with any of them before heading to bed. All are in bed now as I update this.

1:30 PM ET UPDATE: They're still asleep. I'm still uncertain on the winner (although I think it was Jerry). And I'm heading out for the afternoon with a friend. When I come back, they just better have spilled the beans!

Friday, August 29, 2008

BB10: Live Feeds Bulletin

The feeds were blocked for a little over an hour and I'm now (not so) patiently awaiting for someone to spill the beans. All five hamsters are in the kitchen and no one is talking about the noms. What they're talking about is Memphis makes sandwiches without bread by rolling up the other foodstuffs. And Renny told Keesha she needs to learn to cook. BTW - Memphis and Dan can actually cook, at least to an extent.

Waiting ... waiting ... as soon as they talk, I can nap again ... waiting ... Dan seems very subdued and has gone off to lay down by himself. I think with this reaction and Jerry's pre-nom talks with people, it's pretty safe to say he is one of the nominations. But still no clue who's up there with him or confirmation that he's on the block.

Confirmed -- Keesha and Dan are on the block.

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Into Friday Noon

Well, I already gave you the biggest news of the period -- Jerry won HOH. But, here are the details and what's been happening since that time:
  • After the show last night, Jerry was appreciative and kind to everyone. Each person was nice back to him ... which turned out to be a good thing in light of what was to happen.
  • The HOH comp dealt with balls and points won. (The feeds were blocked for it.)
  • Jerry repeated that everyone one should be proud to have made it this far.
  • The hamsters had been locked out of the storage room because BB made it Keesha's little HOH storage room with her HOH basket of goodies. At least she got those.
  • As Jerry got his HOH room, I had bubbles (in lieu of fish cam or trivia), but I had audio. He seemed very proud of his pictures and everyone seemed to take part in the "tour."
  • Jerry told Dan if they were in the final two together, he (Jerry) couldn't win. He thinks his only votes would come from Ollie, Michelle, and April.
  • Keesha doesn't think she can win the jury vote against anyone.
  • Renny told Jerry that Memphis and Dan had an alliance within their alliance.
  • Renny wants both the guys to go up while Jerry is leaning towards a guy and a girl.
  • BB gave this group (sans Michelle) beer and wine last night. They also gave Dan a birthday cake -- his birthday isn't until Monday.
  • Memphis worked his in with Jerry despite their spats in the past. He told Jerry the only person he trusts in the house is Keesha.
  • In the Memphis/Jerry talk, it sounds like Jerry would like the final three to be Keesha, Memphis, and himself.
  • Jerry wants to test Keesha to check out how loyal she is to Dan and Renny.
  • Come morning, he hinted to Keesha that he wants to put her on the block, but he's sure she won't go home.
  • Jerry seems to have a backdoor plan in mind -- put up a guy and a girl, if POV is won, backdoor. Dan is who he wants out right now.
  • As I post this, Dan is talking to Jerry. There isn't any violence or nastiness. Jerry isn't telling him he's going on the block. Dan is pointing out that if they make it to the final three, Jerry has friends on the jury. Jerry says he's not in the final five with his own team, but they all saved him.
  • Nominations should be later today.

BB10: Special Bulletin - New HOH

Another HOH comp was held. Jerry is the new HOH. Keesha didn't even get the room for the night.

No, I'm not kidding. More details later.

As an added note: My full review/recap of last night's show is up over on TV Squad. I took 'em to task for the "red-headed cabbage patch kid" edit! Now I really have to nap. I want to thank everybody who kept the show post updated last night. Y'all rock!

Second added note: No brouhahas in comments please! I will end up removing any nastiness and right now I'm too tired to do it.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Big Brother 10: 8/28 Double Eviction Show

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Dan is a plant, so Zoetawny made him one! (She rocks, you know!) Unfortunately, I can't live blog tonight's show because it won't air here until 1:37 AM ET. Of all nights! Argh.

So, here's where you come in -- if you're getting the show at a normal hour, I ask that you please fill everyone in down in the comments section. You will have my eternal gratitude as well as the gratitude of many blog readers in the preempt boat with me. Spelling, grammar and punctuation need not be perfect and don't worry about posting something someone else might have already posted -- it's neat to read the different takes on the events.

I thank everyone in advance!

BB10: Latest Live Feeds and Tonight's Blogging Plans

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Not only is Dan playing roulette (thanks, Zoetawny!), but CBS is, too. I will be putting up a live-blogging post for Big Brother at 8 PM ET. Alas, I won't be blogging it. It won't air here until 1:37 AM ET. So I'm putting out the plea -- anyone with it airing at a normal human time, please feel free to use the comments section to keep us up it it. Not of this post, of course. It will be a new one. Merci!

My latest live feeds report is up over on TV Squad if you want to check it out. At least tonight will bring excitement back in the house.

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Into Thursday Dawn

Keesha makes the oddest faces, doesn't she? I can't recall why this face she made last night while I was getting screen caps, but it's not her most flattering pose.

Tonight's live show, probably the most exciting one of the season, won't be live here in the NYC area. I'll see it after Ferguson (which, by the way, is in reruns again this week -- no hamsters). But I'll get a post up when it should start so that folks can fill us in as it airs at the normal time in some areas.

Here's the big events from last night in the Big Brother House of Lost Loves:
  • Dan and Memphis cooked dinner. Jerry said he'll always eat if there's food. Ollie refused. Michelle ate the dinner and then thanked "whoever" cooked it even though she knew who cooked it, but perhaps not who did the separate dishes.
  • I hope Michelle eventually realizes how pathetic she sounds begging BB for alcohol. Maybe they should set up a 12 Step Program for her in sequester.
  • Ollie sat around in his sunglasses trying to look tough and cool, I guess. I don't know -- those sunglasses remind me of The Fly. help me! help me!
  • Michelle cried after talking with Keesha about Mom's dinners.
  • She wouldn't let Keesha console her.
  • Keesha told Renny she feels sorry for Michelle.
  • Ollie thinks Dan is a plant. Wait, we know that. The new why is because his plan was so carefully planned out and the morning songs were about guns.
  • Renny talked to Ollie and told him that she thinks she's been fed lies. She wanted to know if Ollie really was responsible for Memphis going on the block and the details of the HOH deal.
  • Neither Renny or Ollie know why Dan wanted them to say each other at the POV ceremony. Ollie thinks it was for show. When Ollie asked Renny if she trusts Dan, she told him she doesn't trust anyone.
  • Ollie and Keesha briefly talked religion. Now, here's something I can get behind Ollie on -- he said he doesn't debate religion because he thinks everyone should just read the bible and interpret it in their own way. I'd go a step further and include more than the bible, but I've always been one to hate religion debates.
  • Memphis told Keesha he's worried that Renny thinks he has an alliance with Jerry. Yeah, like that could happen!
  • They are buzzing about a double eviction, but it's really just speculation. They think it's due soon. Dan thinks someone comes back if they boot two. @@
  • Michelle cried some more.
  • Michelle tried again for Keesha's vote. Jerry doesn't seem to be campaigning at all and rather sure he's staying.
  • Ollie told Keesha that Jerry told him he isn't campaigning because the votes are the way they are and he can't change them.
  • Ollie told Keesha he didn't think that Renny would vote to keep Jerry. He also told her that if Michelle stays, they won't target either Renny or Keesha next week.
  • They're really working it, huh?
  • Jerry thinks Michelle keeps crying to gain sympathy votes to stay.
  • Dan used the peace signs from the Hippie Room to make a big veto.
  • Michelle told Ollie that she tried to make a deal with Memphis that if she stays and wins HOH, he can name a nominee and she won't put him up. Now, where have we heard that before? (As a sidenote: I don't recall her having that conversation with Memphis, but I could have missed it.)
  • All are asleep as I post this.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

BB10 Latest Live Feeds and Stuff

Today was one boring day in the BB10 house. My latest live feeds report is up over on TV Squad. I think I prefer when Ollie is freaking out.

In other news:
  • I was saddened to see Bill and his orange dog Star go tonight on The Greatest American Dog. Although I find him to be on the obnoxious side, I felt sorry for JD when Galaxy started to limp. I hope Galaxy is okay and that he'll withdraw the dog if there's an issue.
  • I finally caught the finale episode of Bones. I had already heard long ago about the ending, so it didn't surprise me. But I found the whole ending rather weak.
  • I overdid it with my knee today and I'm sitting here with ice on it. I really should refill my pain meds -- I've been out for a week and thought I was doing fine.
  • They actually stopped my rat poison ... er, Coumadin for a few days this week and put me on a lower dose. Last week I was very tired and felt blah. I feel better this week on the lower dose but have had real problems sleeping. Tomorrow I go for my weekly blood draw, so they'll probably change it again. I so love being poisoned slowly!

Survivor Cast Announced

I have a post up on TV Squad with the CBS video of the new cast. I think I like! I hear has more information but I'll have to check it out a bit later. I have to go work out, fool for exercise that I am. Yeah, my physical therapy halted thanks to Blue Cross/Blue Shield and the skimpy 20 visit limit. But I'm paying a low fee to go use the equipment at the PT place to strengthen my knee. I have to stop almost falling!

Big Brother 10 - Live Feeds Into Wednesday Dawn

Keesha and Dan sunned in the early evening hours last night. I think these could be called compromising positions! ;-)

Here's the evening and overnight events from inside that Big Brother House of Ollie's Follies and Dan's Plans:
  • Jerry watched the washing machine while Memphis, Dan, and Keesha talked about Jerry watching the washing machine.
  • No one else watches the washing machine. I think it's Jerry's secret alliance in the house.
  • Michelle, Ollie, and Jerry (after he stopped watching the washing machine) trashtalked about Dan.
  • Ollie (once again) told Michelle he's been playing nice and he's not playing nice anymore. I personally don't think he played any kind of way except perhaps playing April before a few days ago.
  • Renny (once again) cooked dinner for all. I think I want me a Renny dinner -- she looks like she's a great cook!
  • Renny is sick of the tension in the house. At the end of the meal, Michelle claimed that Memphis and Dan were talking about her. Ollie joined her cause and Renny just gave a huge sigh and said they weren't even talking about them.
  • But it's okay for Ollie and Michelle to talk about Dan and Memphis.
  • Ollie and Michelle promptly started trashtalking about Dan again.
  • Michelle, whose mother should be oh-so-proud of her made homosexual references about Dan which would make a sailor blush.
  • Dan told Memphis he doesn't think CBS will show any of them in a negative light. He's spot on with the Ollie editing last night!
  • Michelle wanted alcohol. They haven't had any since the night before the PoV meeting.
  • Jerry is showing again his need to repeat things. Like the oft-repeated "I'm a little streetfighter" -- he wants to tell either Dan or Memphis the line he used about Evel Dick in his pre-season interviews -- "Out of a million sperm, I can't believe you were the fastest swimmer." First off, it's not scientifically logical, a person is the result of a sperm and egg. A person is not a sperm. If he's going to use the saying, he should edit it to reflect the result of the fastest sperm. He's waiting to use it at the right time. Then we'll probably hear it a dozen more times.
  • Michelle, sure that people are talking about her again, pines for a glass of wine.
  • Jerry wants to make a voodoo doll of Memphis.
  • Jerry told both Ollie and Michelle he will write them letters of reference if they ever need them. I think any prospective employer should just check out videos of the feeds on YouTube. That's all the reference they need, fine upstanding polite, intelligent folks that they are.
  • Ollie, Jerry, and Michelle decide (if none of them make it), they would vote for Renny to win if she's in the final two.
  • Ollie, Jerry, and Michelle think Memphis screwed Steven out of the car win. If they had a do-over, they would keep Steven and boot Dan.
  • Renny, Memphis and company talked about Jerry picking his nose. Memphis thinks Jerry is creepy. I think he was creepier when he stalked April and Ollie. I think now he just stalks the washing machine and doesn't really fit in anywhere but watching the suds.
  • They're not too happy that Jerry is cocky this week. However, they will still vote Michelle out.
  • Michelle tried on and off all day for Renny's vote, but Renny wouldn't commit to anything.
  • The two camps sat in different places each trashtalking the other camp.
  • Ollie thinks that this week won't be a routine Thursday -- they've had enough of the routine. He's right, but he doesn't know it.
  • Renny and Dan joke-flirted again. They make me laugh. If there aren't going to be fireworks in the house, I want someone to make me laugh. Neither Monica or Renny's husband have anything to worry about, but they're a hoot when they get going.
  • I'd rather see that than something like the April and Ollie sexcapades.
  • All are asleep as I get this posted.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Big Brother 10: 8/26 Show Live-Blogged from the East Coast

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The show has started here on the East Coast. This post will constantly be updated as the show airs. Typos will happen as I'm paying more attention to the television than my typing, so please forgive me. Everyone is welcome to chime in with your thoughts and reactions as the show goes on! (Where did I last see that beverage cart?)

Recaps, going over the HOH deal again. Dan and Memphis discuss Memphis going on the block, then Dan in his nominations dilemma, noms cermeony. I like Dan, but his projecting in the DR is driving me mad. Hmmm ... new fodder -- Replacement Nominee Roulette, a game of Dan's. Whoops, back to the old noms ceremony.

Finally, back to color on Day 46. Ollie thinks he gets all the good things from HOH with no blood on his hands. Memphis thinks Dan's plan is crap. Jerry thinks he's in trouble ... but he's a fighter. Dan projects that it's a calculated risk that will make people think he and Memphis don't have an alliance.

Dan and Memphis talk some more. Memphis is pissed, but Dan in his mellow way tries to soothe him. Dan told Memphis the third part of the deal and that he'll put up Michelle if someone comes down.

Dan asked Keesha if he made a mistake. Keesha thinks it won't go the way he wants it to, it never does. Renny arrives. Duh, Keesha now knows that Michelle and Ollie have an alliance. Dan tells Renny and Keesha he won't put either of them up. "Oops." He'd have to put Michelle up.

Ollie is tells Jerry and Michelle about the secret third part of the deal. Of course, it was supposed to be a secret. Jerry isn't putting too much stock in the deal. (Judas memories.)

Dan wants everyone to gather in the living room. America's Vote. The phone call. Jerry's eyes lit up and Michelle looked like she was going to cry. Keesha does shed a tear or two in the DR. Michelle goes off crying because she's so lonely and would die to have a phone call from home. She sobs to us. I'm not as patient as Renny with her. Jerry goes and talks to her, too. Now Jerry is upset, 54 years, Parkinsons ... I have more sympathy for him.

The phone rings -- in the living room. Stupid Michelle doesn't know if she should answer it. Jerry's daughter asks for him, his grandson talks to him. Then his wife Jo. She tells him she's okay. They miss each other. Michelle cries, not sure if she's touched. Everyone else is smiling and seems happy for him. When he asks if she thinks they behave, she said, "Well ..." Sure enough, Michelle cried because she misses her family. "Thank you America" - he croak shouts.

Memphis goes to HOH with Dan and Keesha. They're wondering if Michelle will vote out Memphis and who Michelle would put up if she gets HOH. Best case scenario -- Michelle goes home this week. Dan tells us he's going to have to break the deal with Ollie. Very important POV, says Keesha.

Player picking time -- Dan picks Renny, Memphis selects Keesha, Jerry gets Houseguest Choice -- Michelle. Dan did not want Michelle to play. Jerry thinks if she wins the veto he'll get removed. He also thinks that then Ollie gets to pick the replacement nominee.

Ollie goes to Dan about the deal. 2/3 is done, the rest, the most important? Ollie tells him they need him on their side. Dan nods a lot and says okay a few times.

POV comp - All in space gear, Star Wars music playing, it looks like Mars. Ask not what theveto can do for you. Planet Veto, fly puzzle pieces on a zip line kind of thing, extra pieces in puzzles. Two heats..

Michelle Dan Keesha heat one, the others go inside. ONE GIANT LEAP is the name of it. Dan wants to throw the comp to Keesha so she'll use the veto. Michelle wants to win it. Keesha has a lot of rope problems. Michelle has the traveling down. "What Michelle has in strength, she lacks in brain power" -- Dan. Michelle thinks she's good at puzzles, but has problems. Keesha has the puzzle down. And Keesha wins the heat and advances to the finals.

Memhis, Renny, and Jerry are up. Both Memphis and Jerry really want the win. Renny loves being in the astronaut suit and is having fun. Jerry dropped a piece and took a long time picking it up. Like Michelle, Jerry claims to do puzzles all the time and is good at them. Memphis won the heat!

Keesha and Memphis in the final round with a new puzzle. Ollie tells us he's happy because he has the power. Dan is happy, couldn't have orchestrated the whole thing any better. Memphis WAY beat Keesha! Michelle grimaced. Ollie did fine.

Ollie is giggling because Renny or Keesha will go up. Dan thinks Ollie and Michelle are going to be shocked.

Memphis and Dan celebrate in the HOH room. Memphis thinks Michelle is a loose cannon, hostility in the house. Dan says they can beat Ollie. Dan tells Memphis to keep things mum. Dan tells Keesha and Renny about the third part of the deal. "Dan's not a very good negotiator," says Memphis. Dan wants Ollie to continue thinking the deal is on. "You're going to need some protection," Renny says.

Ollie wants to talk to Dan now. Dan says he's going to try to talk Memphis out of using the veto. Ollie tells him he wants to put Keesha up. Dan tells him his hands are tied. Ollie tells him three people in the house won't come after him next week -- Ollie, Jerry, Michelle. Of course, Dan already has Keesha, Renny, and Memphis.

Dan wants to cause drama and fights amongst others so the attention is off of him. Dan tells us at the veto meeting, he will get each HG to pick a replacement nominee so they all get mad at each other. Michelle says Keesha, Dan tells Ollie that he needs him to say Renny. Ollie agrees to do it. Keesha has no problem saying Michelle. Renny gets questioning and thinks it's a cop-out. Wait, Ollie's going to say mine? Renny is peeved but says she'll say it. Dan says Michelle is going up, but he needs the fireworks.

Ollie is so proud of himself and hopes it follows through. Veto meeting time! Memphis speaks as POV winner. Jerry speech -- COngrats, awesome job, don't expect him to use it on him, nice speech. Memphis saves himself. Dan gets up, worst case scenario, wants to have fun, play games -- Replacement Nominee Roulette. Who do you wish, be truthful, if you don't say a name, you go on the block.

Michelle: Keesha -- Ollie: Renny --- Keesha: Michelle --- Renny: Ollie

Gamble is a risk, Ollie you lost a bet, Michelle you go on the block. They stare. Daggers! Michelle thinks it doesn't make sense she got backdoored for someone else's deal. She threatens in the DR. He's a plant, y'know.

Ohh , the lollipop throwing and a bit of outdoor. They edited a cringe on Dan as he was in the HOH for the lollipop throw and the backyard rampage.

BB10: Latest Live Feeds

As Jerry continues to watch the washing machine (his form of television, I guess), my latest live feeds post is up over on TV Squad. Remember to stop back later as the show airs here on the East Coast. At about 9 PM ET, I'll get the live-blogging post up and then my full review/recap of the episode will go up on TVS sometime much later.

Oh .. and welcome aboard all the new faces in comments! Make yourselves at home. I'll send someone around with the beverage cart soon.

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Into Tuesday Dawn

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Now, you know that yesterday's rather explosive (or, in Ollie's case, implosive, too!) events would be prime fodder for graphic arteest Zoetawny! Ollie may implode, but Zoetawny rocks. The huge problem with a day like yesterday is that after all the excitement, it all turns into boredom as they contemplate their navels or something. Or they just repeat the same conspiracy theories over and over again from their grassy knolls. Here's the latest:
  • Ollie and Michelle discussed their "Dan is a plant" theory too many times. BB started cutting the feeds when they brought it up. It's all based on Ollie being sure that he saw Monica at a production meeting when Dan said he was there alone and had lied to Monica, telling her he was going to Miami on vacation.
  • From what I can gather, Dan has applied to be on the show before and it's very possible that Monica has, too. However, I don't think Monica has anything to do with this season.
  • Renny laughed as she examined the football picture of Coach Dan which Ollie has deemed fake because "the neck is too big."
  • Michelle worked on Memphis. Why would Dan put him (Memphis) on the block when he was breaking the deal anyway? He could have just put Ollie and her up there in the first place. Also, why would Dan ask him not to use the veto to save himself? She promised not to put him up if she stays and wins HOH this week.
  • She wants him to vote to evict Jerry.
  • Memphis played along nodding and occasionally acting surprised, but Michelle embellished it all in her report back to Ollie.
  • Renny told Dan that Michelle asked for her vote (to stay). She said she was too flustered to even think (to Michelle) and didn't commit to anything.
  • Renny and Dan had an extended bonding session. No, not like Ollie and April! Just talking, Dan telling sad childhood stories appealing to her motherly ways.
  • Michelle worked on Keesha. She told her it was Dan leading the call for her (Keesha) to go when she and Libra were on the block.
  • Keesha doesn't buy the goods and just nodded a lot.
  • Keesha told Renny that she has to control her emotions.
  • BB fixed the lamppost broken in Ollie's rampage.
  • The HOH room finally figured out that the Ollie crew told Jerry about the third part of the deal before the PoV Meeting.
  • Renny asked Dan if he ever saw the movie Harold and Maude. Nope, so she told him it was about an older woman and a younger man. He said she was flirting with him. These two are fun to watch when they get going.
  • Memphis and Keesha talked about setting up fake puzzles to promote conspiracy theories.
  • No more violent outbursts and, although he hasn't said it, I would imagine BB read Ollie the Riot Act.
  • They're all asleep as I post this.

Monday, August 25, 2008

BB10: Latest Live Feeds

My latest live feeds post is up over on TV Squad. A lot of it is already covered here and in comments, but go ahead and check it out!

Ollie is still in the house, but I bet he got quite a warning!

BB10: Ollie Talks to Dan

Since this was uploaded, Ollie has torn apart and broken things in the kitchen and backyard. He ripped all the keys off the wall and told the BB voice to suck his (anatomy part again) when they called him to the DR.

BB10: After Veto Meeting, Ollie Explodes

Crude language warning alert.

BB10: PoV Meeting Over

The veto was used and Michelle is on the block. Ollie is trying to convince Renny that Dan wanted him (Ollie) to put her (Renny) on the block. He also thinks that Monica is fake. He promises hell will be released. Renny is playing dumb. Again, Ollie used a derogatory slur on homosexuals in referring to Dan. If those words even come to his mind, he's not someone I like at all.

Big Brother 10 - Live Feeds Into Monday Dawn

Oh my gosh, they keep repeating the same things over and over ... on both sides! Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Deluded Dingalings:
  • Renny thinks Jerry makes things up.
  • Keesha and Jerry both claim to have not lied in the game.
  • Jerry told Michelle that Keesha called him a liar.
  • You can see where this is going.
  • Keesha and Renny agree that Jerry is a jerk.
  • Keesha doesn't want to eat dinner at the same table with Jerry.
  • Memphis thinks that Michelle will be after him for his vote once she goes on the block.
  • Jerry went on and on (and on and on) about Keesha's laugh. Hey, I agree with him but listening to him is almost as torturous. I also noticed yesterday that he doesn't laugh -- he cackles.
  • Although they were separate almost all day, the Ollie Camp had no problem eating the dinner Renny prepared.
  • Dan told them he would be meeting with everyone one at a time.
  • Michelle went first -- Dan told her the deal was more elaborate than she thought and that she should ask Ollie for details.
  • Dan basically talked in circles to Michelle.
  • Michelle then started talking about how Jerry knew she wanted the phone call. She wonders how America perceives them. (She might want not to know.)
  • Michelle went to Ollie to ask him. She told him that Dan said to talk to him when she asked if she's safe this week. She said that Dan told her whatever the deal was, it's going down.
  • Dan is getting antsy -- he's worried about the power shifting next week.
  • In his talk with Jerry, Jerry (obviously not hiding the fact he knows there's a secret deal) went on and on trashtalking Keesha to Dan.
  • Jerry also mentioned how he (Jerry) doesn't ever badmouth people in the house. (After spending all day badmouthing Renny, Memphis, Dan, and Keesha to Ollie and Michelle.)
  • Jerry also tried to convince Dan what a good ally he'd be if he stays and how he's never lied. They want to make Dan think he's safer with their alliance.
  • Michelle and Ollie laughed about how stupid Dan is to be following the deal.
  • Ollie asked Dan if he told the others about the deal -- Dan told him he didn't.
  • Dan reported back every bit of his conversations with Ollie, Jerry, and Michelle to his alliance.
  • Dan, antsy himself, tried to tell Keesha she needs to calm down. He said he's on their side (Renny, Keesha, Memphis) no matter what the others say.
  • Jerry told Michelle that college is a good place to meet a husband. Gee, I thought it was a good place to find an education!
  • In the end, it looks like the plan is still on -- Dan will nominate Michelle when Memphis comes off the block.
  • I expect fireworks later today.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Big Brother 10: 8/24 Show Live-Blogged from the East Coast

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I do have a live feeds post up over on TV Squad, but it's been a bit of same-old same-old today with the exception of Jerry getting the phone call. BTW - It was three years ago today I had the first surgery on my now new knee. It was supposed to buy me a year.

The show has started here on the East Coast. This post will be updated as it airs and everyone is welcome aboard in comments! Beware, typos will exist. :-)

Recaps, recaps - Dan and Memphis secret alliance, Renny's noms, Ollie and April's relationship took a step forward? They should know the feeds watchers know where it was since week one. Recap, offer cash, April voted out.

Into the HOH comp now. Ollie has his gloves, Dan his jacket. Memphis feels he needs the win or, if he doesn't, Dan or Keesha. Ollie and Michelle want to avenge April's exit. Ollie thinks he's all alone although he knows Michelle is in his corner. Dan tells us he's not here for April's 5,000 -- he's here for 500,000.

Keesha doesn't know how Ollie will do without April. Ollie tells us he's taking the game to the next level. Dan likens the HOH to the Carnival Ride from Hell. Ew,a groin shot of Jerry.

Jerry out at 41 minutes. He can't feel his legs. Michelle fusses that she was the innocent bystander of a balloon toss. She picks off a balloon for revenge and it opens on her -- green ick in it. Good. Keesha out 1 hour, five minutes. Memphis is disappointed in her. He wanted her to make a decent effort.

Michelle out at one hour 59 minutes. She says her sneaker got caught and ripped her from the seat on the vine. Memphis out at 3 hours, 19 minutes, so it's between Dan and Ollie.

Ollie tells Dan "I won't go home." Both are shivering. Dan tells Ollie that he is only up there for Monica and needs to see her photo. Ollie tells him he loves his "peeps" too. Ollie promises Dan if he wins, he won't put him up. Dan promises Ollie he won't go up. Swore on his girlfriend. Supposedly then Dan's gears start spinning. What else can I give you? Who do you want protected? Myself - Ollie's answer.

Dan says to us he has to give all the HOH power this week to Ollie so the blood will be on his hands. Protect someone, one nomination, and choose the veto. Ollie calls all the shots except for one nomination. Ollie drops and is smug about the deal.

Dan tells us he made one of the worst deals in BB history, but thinks it will all work out in the end and he's proud. Keesha tells Memphis that Dan made a funky-ass deal. That's a good descriptor! Ollie tells Michelle that Dan said he could save one more person and there is more to the deal. He tells her there's a third part of the deal which he isn't supposed to tell her. He tells her the third part. "I got a steal."

Dan told Memphis he made a deal that he'll tell him about later. Memphis isn't happy when Dan tells him it might get sticky this week. Renny hasn't a clue, Memphis is mad.

HOH room -- a Taken shirt from Monica, photos, she is pretty. Coaching photos, letter from home. He tells us he will turn on fake tears for his advantage. It works on Renny.

Renny asks Dan about how many women he's dated. He keeps asking definitions. He tells us he loves to pick on her.

Ollie goes to HOH room, Dan gives him a beer to bribe him. Ollie assumes that Dan will nominate Jerry. Ollie wants to nominate Memphis. He thinks that Memphis is more threatening. Dan tells us it would be a huge risk which could backfire if he puts his ally Memphis on the block.

Memphis goes to Dan in the yard. Dan tells him that he made a deal with him that he could put one nominee up. Dan wants him to trust him. Memphis is more worried about others. Dan wants to guarantee two votes for Memphis to stay ... Keesha and Renny are his target votes. He talks to Keesha first, she says she doesn't know if Renny will keep Memphis.

Renny arrives in the HOH room. Renny outright says she doesn't trust Memphis. She thinks he would cut your throat. Dan is trying to convince her that they should use him to a certain point and cut him. Dan tells us his entire game depends on a woman who wears wigs and boas. He calls her "wrecklous." They agree on final three together, Renny isn't too cool with Memphis, but seems like she will go along with it.

Memphis is still not happy, as he has a right to be.

Is Memphis wearing one of Dustin's grey v-necked shirts? Ew.

Dan talks to Monica's photo. He seems torn.

Nominations today -- Jerry hopes Dan has the same "no sour grapes" approach he does. Say what? Michelle is leery. Memphis knows of the deal and expects to be nominated but says he will go after him. Ollie is sure his deal has to be followed.

Dan mentions the deal that was struck and that he's honoring the deal. Key order: Ollie, Renny, Keesha, Michelle. So it's Memphis and Jerry on the block as we know.

Dan says he nominated Memphis because people don't know where he stands, vagabond, renegade. Dan tells Jerry that it's not about the Judas bit. He makes a football analogy, then tells them they have the power to save themselves with the veto.

Ollie tells us he controls what happens from here on out. Dan thinks the nom will hide his alliance with Memphis. Memphis says it doesn't make sense.

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Into Sunday Morning

Well, Memphis winning the PoV has put some excitement in the house. Here's what's been going on since the big win:
  • Ollie and Michelle are not happy campers. Ollie wants Dan to convince Memphis not to use the veto. Memphis ain't that stupid!
  • Michelle slammed around.
  • Ollie made all kinds of threats towards Dan while speaking to Michelle including punching Dan in the jaw, etc. Then he went to bed and put a pillow over his head.
  • Jerry just seemed dazed and confused for a while.
  • Dan spilled the beans on the third part of the Ollie HOH deal to Renny, Memphis, and Keesha. He told them he has no intention of keeping the third part although he had kept the first two parts. He wanted to let them know first.
  • Ollie, meanwhile, told Michelle he wanted to expose Dan's deal to all and call him out in front of them.
  • Memphis wants Dan to put up Ollie, but Dan will hold to that part of the deal -- Ollie is safe this week.
  • Ollie was like a petulant child with a really bad temper as he blew off steam to Michelle about the situation.
  • Michelle wants Ollie to tell Dan he must put Keesha on the block.
  • Renny suggested a scheme in which they'd take Jerry's money in return for his safety this week.
  • Memphis isn't keen on any idea his alliance has in which he doesn't remove himself from the block even though they assure his safety. They want him to take Jerry off and Dan to put Michelle up.
  • Renny, Dan, and Keesha have made pretty solid plans to be the final three, with Memphis as the fourth.
  • Renny cooked up a nice dinner (no food comp this week, they can all eat) and everyone but Ollie took part in the meal.
  • Memphis, Dan, Keesha, and Renny think Ollie has to go next week. (They don't know it's a live double eviction week this week.)
  • Jerry tried to get Keesha to give him her vote to stay this week. (Which she will if Michelle goes on the block.)
  • Ollie finally talked to Dan. He said Keesha has to go on the block -- she's been badmouthing him, blah-blah, deal, blah, your alliance will turn on you, blah-blah.
  • Dan told Ollie he's still trying to get Memphis to not use the veto. (They wanted it to stay mum about breaking the third part of the deal until the veto meeting on Monday.)
  • Ollie told Dan that Renny deserves to be on the block and if it's a tie between Renny and Jerry, he wants Dan to vote out Renny.
  • Dan just kept saying he had to think about things, talk to Memphis, etc. Thankfully, he made no new promises to Ollie.
  • BB told them that one of them will be chosen by America to get a phone call from home. Jerry cried thinking about his wife upon hearing the news.
  • Ollie tried to reassure Michelle that he holds the cards even if Memphis uses the veto.
  • BB gave them alcohol, but not in abundance. One bottle of wine and a six-pack of beer.
  • Ollie and Michelle talked about what great game players they are. Ollie says his HOH deal is the best in the history of the game.
  • Michelle, on her own, isn't quite as smug. She had a few bouts of crying during the evening, at least one had to do with the phone call from home (which it seems she didn't receive). She thinks Jerry got it, but he denied it.
  • Most seemed to sleep rather fitfully through the night as did I. My apologies for a late report today. I was a fitful sleeper, then got watching The Sopranos on A&E when I should have been writing.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

BB10 - POV Over

The feeds are back. I'm still trying to figure out who won. Michelle didn't seem to according to a conversation with Ollie -- she doesn't feel safe. Hmm ...

It sounds like Memphis won. It also sounds like Keesha let him win it. I could be wrong, but if I am, Dan and Memphis are doing a special handshake for production for nothing.

The latest update -- Memphis will save himself. Dan will renege on the last part of his HOH deal with Ollie. Michelle will go on the block and be the target of Renny, Dan, Keesha, and Memphis. Renny came up with a scheme to tell Jerry he can buy his safety this week even though he's already safe. Memphis will approach him about that. Dan told his side about the last part of the deal and how he wasn't going to keep it. They will keep mum until the veto meeting.

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Briefs

jackie's tv blog, Big Brother, BB!0

Thanks to Zoetawny, we see how Dan prayed over his nominations. It's too bad he sold his soul to get HOH, though! Not all that much has happened since they woke up this morning. But since I expect a lengthy feeds outage for the POV comp, I figured I'd bring the news up to snuff.
  • They chose veto players. Ollie is the only one not playing. Jerry apparently got Houseguest's Choice and chose Michelle. That's because they all know Ollie is safe.
  • Ollie and Michelle have a new conspiracy theory -- Keesha and Memphis are boyfriend/girlfriend. Why else would she not get a photo of her boyfriend when she was HOH?
  • They've been on indoor lockdown since last night as BB builds something in the backyard.
  • They think it will have something to do with them flying about as the wake up songs were David Bowie's "Space Oddity" (you know the one ... ground control to Major Tom, etc.), Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me to the Moon," and the theme from Star Wars.
  • Ollie is trying to make sure his buddies (Michelle and Jerry) don't spill the beans that he's supposed to put up the replacement nom if veto is used.
  • Dan has been telling his buddies he will put up his own replacement nominee if veto is used and it's likely to be Michelle.
  • Jerry has been to almost threatening when talking about Dan and even to him -- he's stupid if he votes him out, won't win the big money, etc.
  • Memphis still doesn't trust that Renny will vote for him to stay.
  • Bring on the comp already, BB.

Big Brother 10 - Live Feeds Friday Night Into Saturday Morning

Well, Dan nominated Jerry and Memphis, the latter due to his deal with Ollie for HOH. Memphis knows why he's nominated and was expecting it. But that doesn't mean he's happy about it, not at all. Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Let's Make a Deal:
  • Dan is insisting to Memphis that Renny will vote the way he wants (to keep Memphis) while Memphis knows Renny doesn't care for him much. He thinks Dan is depending too much on Renny and it's his game at stake.
  • Memphis also told Dan that he shouldn't trust Renny -- she's in it for herself. (Isn't that what she says about him? And shouldn't they all be in it for themselves?)
  • Dan said that he won't fulfill the second part of the deal -- Ollie will not be the one to pick the replacement nominee if POV is used. Of course, he didn't tell Ollie or Michelle that. He now plans to put Michelle on the block if the POV is used.
  • Keesha told Dan that she doesn't think Jerry would be the one to go if it remains Jerry/Memphis on the block.
  • Renny pointed out that he didn't put Michelle on the block because Ollie wants to protect her.
  • Keesha said if Memphis won POV, Dan would have to put Michelle up. Renny told him if he puts her (Renny) up, she'll make his life miserable.
  • Renny said that you have to lie and be a snake in the game. Dan said that you could be the snake charmer.
  • Ollie and Michelle agreed to each other that if either of them won the POV, they would save Jerry.
  • They told Jerry of their decision. Ollie claims they "[bleeped] the wrong person."
  • Keesha avoided answering Memphis when he asked if she know who would go on the block if Jerry was saved by POV.
  • They sat around waiting for the POV comp, but it didn't happen in the late night hours.
  • It bothers Keesha that Ollie and Michelle are strutting around all smug since nominations.
  • Michelle, Jerry, and Ollie were laughing because Dan's alliance doesn't know the part of the deal that Ollie chooses the replacement nom if the veto is used. Um ...
  • Memphis broke Dan's bed (not on purpose) when Dan was called to the Diary Room. It didn't take long for Dan to discover it was broken. Heehee!
  • They're just starting to get up as I post this.

Friday, August 22, 2008

BB10: Latest Live Feeds and Nominations Bulletin

My latest live feeds report is up over on TV Squad.

And, finally after a long feeds block, they're back ... Memphis and Jerry are on the block.

Big Brother 10: Live feeds into Friday Dawn

Yes, Dan won the HOH comp late last night, but has he sold his soul? My special report on the comp is up over on TV Squad. However, let me catch you up with more here.

  • Not really a recent development, but since I've seen grumbling about Dan wearing his hooded jacket. I think Ollie's gloves even that advantage out. Both had an idea from the wake-up song that they'd be in an endurance comp. Rain is a standard BB ploy in those and gloves often are a great help, too. It seems both Ollie and Dan tried to think ahead.
  • From the talk after the comp (BB had the feeds blocked for the real deal while they were still dangling), it seems that Dan did indeed tell Ollie that he wouldn't nominate him and one other person. That person, of course, will be Michelle.
  • Ollie thinks the deal covers naming the nominees, but Dan said he could name the replacement nominee if the veto is used.
  • Dan already seemed to be regretting his deal when he talked to Memphis. He seemed to hint that Memphis might be in danger and that he had to work with "her." Hmm ... Michelle? Renny? I just don't know.
  • Keesha told Renny that she heard Dan tell Ollie he could pick the second person to keep safe.
  • Memphis thinks Dan should just give Ollie the HOH.
  • Michelle played dumb with Memphis. Deal? What deal?
  • They're all a bit worried about someone coming back because Julie asked Memphis about it on the show.
  • Dan told Keesha he wouldn't put her on the block.
  • HOH room, blah-blah, pictures, letter from home. His girlfriend Monica sent him a shirt with "Taken" on it. (He's been very well-behaved in that aspect of house doings, but look at his choices.)
  • There were audio problems galore as the night wore on.
  • Ollie told Michelle he gets to pick one of the nominees, neither he or Michelle get nominated, and he gets to pick the replacement if the veto is used.
  • Ollie also told Michelle that he thinks Dan is a plant -- he's sure he saw him in the hall with Monica at CBS.
  • He's also suspicious that Dan had a raincoat type jacket in California.
  • Ollie thinks that Monica might be the one coming into the house. @@
  • Ollie and Michelle are thinking it might be a double eviction week coming.
  • Michelle fussed that Dan got more goodies for the HOH refrigerator than she did.
  • Michelle and Ollie are all into conspiracy theories. Now they think the show planned for April to go and that's the reasoning she won the five designer outfits in that comp. @@
  • Finally all fell asleep.
  • Jerry is up looking like the Undead as I post this.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Big Brother 10: 8/21 HOH Endurance Comp Update Post

12:39 AM ET: The feeds came back and Ollie went down. Dan is the new HOH!

12:35 AM ET: In a long feeds block, last up was Ollie and Dan. If they come back and one has won it, we won't know if any deals were made for the win.

12:06 AM ET: Memphis is out.

11:50 PM ET: Memphis, Ollie, and Dan still in. It's raining.

11:35 PM ET: Same old, same old. Ollie, Memphis, and Dan still hanging.

11:20 PM ET: Same as 11:00 PM. BORING!

11:00 PM ET: Memphis, Dan, and Ollie still in comp.

10:47 PM ET: Michelle out.

10:45 PM ET: Ollie, Michelle, Memphis, and Dan hanging in. BB is slamming them harder.

10:32 PM ET: Jerry and Keesha still the only ones out of the comp.

10:15 PM ET: Still just Jerry and Keesha out of the comp.

10:00 PM ET: Michelle, Ollie, Dan, and Memphis all still hanging in.

9:54 PM ET: Keesha is out.

9:45 PM ET: Jerry is still the only one out.

9:30 PM ET : Jerry falls. He says he can't feel anything.

9:22 PM ET - Feeds returned, all still in.

As I get this up, the feeds are still blocked. I'll be updating this as the comp goes on.

9:20 PM ET -- Not ignoring you, feeds still blocked.

Big Brother 10: 8/21 Live Eviction Show Live-Blogged from the East Coast

jackie's tv blog, Big Brother, BB10

Zoetawny made us a nifty graphic (and oh-so-true, too) for the show. The show has started here on the East Coast. This post will constantly be updated as it airs. Be advised -- since I'm paying more attention to the TV than anything else, there will be typos. Everyone is invited to join in down in the comment section!

Recaps --nominations, veto, etc. Julie has on black slacks and a nice mathing slightly poufy-short-sleeved top. I don't know about that gangly chain around her neck, though. She brings up the fact that someone might try to buy Dan's vote (although they couldn't buy his veto). I really wish Dan would stop shouting in the DR. Jerry is surprised that April offered Dan money. Michelle wants the person who offered money gone. Jerry said Renny told him he'll stay.

Michelle goes to Dan looking for information about who offered the money. Much ado about nothing, I say. Michelle tells Keesha and Memphis that she doesn't think April offered the money and blames it on Jerry. Now she thinks Jerry needs to leave the game.

Keesha says she has to stay with her desire for April to go. Memphis thinks they should still vote out April. Dan is quiet. April says they have no reason to put her on the block - all she's done is be nice, give people stuff, make cakes. One person doesn't like her and it's jealousy. (Yay, Zoetawny graphic!) April wants to sway a vote her way.

Michelle tells April that no one has talked to her about the vote. Ollie told her that keeping April is best for her. Michelle says if the house wants April out, she'll vote with them rather than being a target. Ollie tries Dan ... Dan doesn't commit. Dan always looks so uncomfortable in these situations.

Now April is working on Dan. She asks him if Jerry offered him money. She asks him to take money into consideration, offers hims safety if she can. He tells her he'll think about it.

In DR sessions: Ollie wants to keep April because they connect so well (like dogs during sex?), Michelle is worried about going against the house. Memphis doesn't like either of them, mentions Jerry is a liar twice.

Ollie and April families. Ollie tells April his parents want him to be happy. It's to the family church of Ollie. He thinks Ollie's upbringing made him what he is, morals, principles. @@ April's family? Her twin sister says April is the dominant twin, she thinks Ollie is like herself -- laidback.

Ollie's father doesn't know what a showmance is. Ollie's father is totally clueless! His mother said it was unnerving at first, but Dad says he stands by his son's decision.

Marriage proposal -- her sister is upset. They want to live tgether. Gag.

Talk to HG: Talks to Ollie, scary week, crows. She asks him about the birds. He says they're dirty. To Dan -- congrats on winning first comp of the summer. Renny -- emotional when seeing parent pictures in HOH -- she wanted to see husband and children, but goes on about living memories of her parents. Very emotional. Jerry -- slop for half your stay -- He fries it. Audience question for Memphis -- Bring one HG back? He says Brian just for giggles.

More DR -- Keesha thinks April should stop bragging about herself. Dan thinks Jerry could be a liability, he's the swing vote again but doesn't really want to be in this position.

Julie talks to Renny: Kooky Renny, now serious player as HOH. She hopes the others underestimated her. She thinks she's very strategic, gives 110% and hopes America is crazy about her. Back to parents ... made her strong woman she is today. Wary of Memphis? She'd like to see him go, thinks he's shrewd, needs to learn respect, etc.

Nominees talk. April -- So grateful to get to know each and every one of you, will treasure every moment, play for yourself, if she leaves cereal boxes not in order. Jerry -- Besides slop, something special, memories, will take no sour grapes with him to jury house, tries to keep word.

Live voting starts -- votes are to evict:
Keesha - April
Memphis - April
Ollie - Jerry
Dan - J ... April
Michelle - April, sadly

April is evicted. She was expecting it. She hugs them all including Keesha, handling it well. Ollie looks like he wants to cry, but gives Jerry a quick hug.

The talk -- Keesha? Fiendemies? She says she has nothing bad to say about her, Keesha turned on her, not sure why the house turned. Ollie? Is that part of why evicted? She doesn't think so. If she acted in the house as she is in this interview, she'd still be there. Future with Ollie? Ollie wanted to move to Arizona anyway, he'll get his own place. Marriage was a joke. Goodbye messages: Dan - Ambitious hurt you, target with Ollie, prolong life in game. Renny -- Amazing, vivacious, competitive, love you. Keesha: Rocky relationship. Ollie" Found such an intellectual and beautiful, will you be my first girlfriend? She says yes.

HOH comp - They're in the yard on ropes, King of the Jungle. Be last person hanging on jungle vine, argh ... it's an endurance. It's raining. Ollie has gloves. Vines have life of their own, they rise.

America's vote: They miss loved ones. Phone call from home.

Next week is a double live eviction, fast forward. The check back has them all still hanging in. Jungle noises, Ollie looks scared. They're getting slammed against walls, going up and down.

BB10: Latest Live Feeds

My latest live feeds report is up over at TV Squad. At 8 PM ET, I'll post a live-blogging post for tonight's show in East Coast time. Everyone is welcome to stop by in the comments there!

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Into Thursday Dawn

The feeds have been so boring that I messed with a screen cap of Jerry last night as I watched the hamsters. Original screen cap above, tampered with below. Oh, I know I'm no Zoetawny. I can't make anything move.

Here's the latest news from the Big Brother House of Lonesome Losers:
  • Ollie thinks BB wants to bring out the ugly in people. Well, yeah ... if it didn't, the show would be a snooze!
  • Michelle decided she would refrain from cussing for the day. She made a valiant effort.
  • Keesha has been feeling sorry for Jerry -- she thinks the stress of the game is wearing on him. Uh-oh, will he be her next "cause"?
  • They went into an indoor lockdown expecting it to be for Craig Ferguson (which indeed was a repeat last night).
  • Ollie told April he was playing for himself and trusted no one after April asked him if he trusts Renny.
  • Ollie thinks the HOH comp will be endurance. I'm not so sure.
  • Ollie asked April to be his first girlfriend. Apparently all the others he's bragged about were just for sex, I guess. What an honorable man!
  • Dan told Keesha and Memphis that he finds it interesting that Ollie is suddenly complaining about Jerry. Well, duh.
  • The hamsters found out that Craig is on "hiatus" as they put it. I didn't catch April's reaction on the feeds. She had to be crestfallen ... it was her next big shot at making a fool of herself ... er, gaining Hollywood stardom.
  • Dan made everyone squeamish talking about slaughterhouses and how animals are killed for food. In its own way, BB is a bit of an abattoir.
  • Memphis said "they" (DR, I assume) ask him a lot of questions about Renny. Hmm ... the DR knows that Renny doesn't trust Memphis ... are they planting seeds for him?
  • Ollie zipped April in her suitcase and wheeled it around shocking Keesha and Jerry. Now, that was funny. I hope it makes the show!
  • Renny told Keesha the DR asked her about her (Keesha's) laugh. Heck, just ask ME, BB! Every time she starts laughing, I have to jump to turn down my speakers before the neighbors call the cops!
  • April said the DR told her that she's a "new revised Janelle." Blech! So not true from everything I've seen! I was never a huge Janelle fan, but April is nowhere near the player and more like ... um, I don't know. Just not Janelle.
  • BB told them they aren't allowed to talk about production.
  • Ollie told April he wants her to call him Brian when he leaves the house. I know that his real name isn't Ollie, but I forgot it's Brian.
  • Dan continues his antics -- scaring people and general goofiness -- making the others laugh and Renny to comment that she doesn't know what's wrong with that boy.
  • April and Ollie had sex ... again.
  • They're all asleep as I post this.

Random off topic note: I'm all hyped for a new show tonight! You know I'm a cop show buff kind of person. Tonight is the premiere of Jacked: Auto Theft Task Force on A&E. Normally, I wouldn't be all this psyched about the show, but it's my county's car theft task force featured for the entire season. I've been hearing of their work for years and saw them in action once. There's a write-up in the Star Ledger today about the show. Since Hopkins ended, my slot is open. Yay!

Great minds think alike added note: Heehee. I just opened my email and found this in it from Zoetawny!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

BB10: Latest Live Feeds

My latest BB live feeds report is up over on TV Squad. Also, if you click on my name in that post, you'll find my post on the new TAR teams. I must watch dogs now.

Big Brother 10 - Live Feeds Into Wednesday Dawn

I took screen caps of Ollie and April in the hot tub, but I refused to take screen caps of them in bed later. Renny is playing Murder with everyone else in the house except for April and Ollie. Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Wayward Street Fighters:
  • Jerry worried about the vote and Keesha told him he had nothing to worry about.
  • Renny, with her Michelle/Memphis conspiracy theory, voiced her suspicions to a new audience -- Jerry.
  • Of course he agreed with her.
  • Renny is even more ticked off about Memphis because he didn't talk to her when she wanted to talk to him.
  • Dan read out loud from the bible.
  • Keesha is developing a soft spot for Jerry. She told Dan she really felt sorry for him when he thanked her for taking the time to talk with him earlier.
  • Jerry and Dan talked about dogs, cars, politics, and Jerry's bypass.
  • BB gave them alcohol.
  • They wanted to play hide and seek, but April was irked that they even asked her to join in.
  • April and Ollie want couple time, y'see.
  • Jerry told April and Ollie that he didn't want to lose his two friends (them) in the house over this week. I'm sure they were touched. Jerry is surely working everyone.
  • April cried.
  • After hide and seek, it turned to Murder in the kitchen. The game, not actual murders, mind you.
  • Jerry told Keesha that Dan said she had a good heart.
  • Ollie is still trying to convince April that she has a shot to stay.
  • April and Ollie had sex ... again.
  • Eventually, all went to bed. Ollie got up early, exercised a bit and is now just sitting alone on the couch as I post this.