Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Some TV Doings, Mostly OFF TOPIC

Although I didn't post yesterday, I did get some television watching time in. I watched American Idol. I think the John Travolta with dreadlocks looking Jason Castro is way out of his league. The judges and public don't seem to be too enthralled with Syesha Mercado, but I personally prefer her singing to Brooke White's. Then, I think the two vying for the big win are the Davids. David Cook's hairstyle annoys me to no end, but he is good. Archuleta? Aw, almost makes me want to have a teenage singing prodigy!

As BB has ended, I was able to watch Hell's Kitchen. I've been catching that online at the FOX site, but forgot to watch last week's show. Right now I'm not super impressed with any of the wannabes. I do think they have some less slobby folks this season. I keep thinking of the guy last season from NJ who kept hiking up his pants and worked at a hot dog stand or something.

Then I went to bed early and didn't sleep. Well, didn't sleep well, I guess. Today was the day of the pre-op testing and my autologous blood donation. I've been living in fear that they'd find something wrong which could be a bad thing, but could also result in the cancellation or postponing of my knee surgery.

It turns out that I panicked and lost sleep for apparently no reason. My blood pressure is "excellent." My EKG was good, temperature normal, chest x-ray looked good, hemocrit and hemogobin (whatever) were good. Of course, I feel like I've been visited by Dracula due to the blood donation for transfusion purposes and all of the vials I gave up for various tests. It gave me a good excuse to eat Milano cookies and quaff pineapple juice, though! After a good more than half a day at the hospital, I'm just tired now.

I'll leave you with some photos of where my surgery will be in exactly two weeks, Somerset Medical Center. It's safe now that New Jersey's most prolific serial killer is no longer employed by the hospital!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Big Brother 9 Live Feeds ... er, NOT

I think I'm still breathing my long sigh of relief that Big Brother 9 is done and over with. Yes, I still enjoy the show, but they really have to get more diversity in the cast for BB10. A mind or two might be nice! I wrote a brief article for TV Squad with links to the Julie Chen Adam/Ryan interview.

I also went back to work today after having last week off. While I was gone, the poison ivy came to life. I know it's evil, but I still think it's a cool plant!

I also found a flower in the rain.

I should be getting back to Newsy Bits and such soon, but I figure I will be mellow for a few days. Thank you everyone for such a great BB9 season here on the blog. The show was iffy, but you guys (gals) were fantastic!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Big Brother 9: Season Finale Live Blogged from the East Coast

jackie's tv blog, Big Brother, BB9

The show has started here on the East Coast ... on time for a change! As it airs, I'll be constantly updating this post and I'll be posting a full real review of the show later tonight over on TV Squad. Please forgive any typos as this is being posted as I watch my television, not my keyboard or monitor!

Doesn't Zoetawny's winner graphic rock your socks? :-)

The audience cheers after Julie intros the show. What that is she's wearing, don't ask me! It's a white with black print shell and a charcoal sweater with matching cuffs and collar. We see a brief rundown of the season. Yawn.

Bros to the end. We get to see James in his panties screaming again. We see crying, Sheila floured. And we're still on the recap.

Adam and Ryan are on the plasma screen. We can vote for our favorite juror on the CBS website -- The winner gets 25 grand.

Natalie likes Ryan. Joshuah thinks Ryan had a backbone. Joshuah says Sheila couldn't win -- she can't get herself out of a wet paper bag. Then Sheila walks in. Sheila tells the jurors that Adam threw the third part so Ryan would do Adam's dirty work for him in voting her out. She claims that she has a moral dilemma with both of them. Matt thinks Ryan won comps, but Adam played a smart game.

Natalie still has the glazed dazed look. She thinks Ryn was strong and smart. She doesn't think anyone ever found out that Ryan had all of the alliances. Sheila is very upset at Adam. Sharon thinks Ryan is where he is because Adam brought him there. Matt thinks Ryan made deals with everyone and is a better player.

Lots of ex-HG there in the crowd.

Final jury questions:
Matt -- For Adam, what are you going to do with the money? $100 grand afterschool programs, start a business, car, help children, change lives.
Ryan -- Help my Mom out (Sheila smiles), do something nice for Jen (Chelsia gasps), something for charity. (Josh says worst anser)

Sharon -- Ryan -- She calls out Ryan on getting her evicted. He lies, says it was a last second thing. LIAR. He puts it on Adam.

Chelsia -- Jen was a hatred person. Heh. Ryan defends her. (Wrong answer.)

Joshuah -- Adam, thrown comps and had Ryan do dirty work. Adam says physical, mental and emotional. Adam says he didn't throw the comp. Don't scream.

James -- Adam, better competitor and why in F2 over Sheila -- Turned negativeity to positvity, straight shooter, minimized risks.

Natalie -- It's Chatty! Baller - Why didn't you take me to final three? She thinks he's telling the truth. Ryan -- You voted me out -- why didn't you keep your word? Ry -- it was one of the hardest decisions.

Sheila -- Adam -> why you lied to my face and said you would take me to the end of the game? Adam said he had to do certain things to keep her in the final three. You had a fair shot. He gets upset. She thinks he didn't carry her, she played a smart game, too.

Ryan thinks he did some things he wouldn't do outside the game, thinks he played a stand up game, won't say bad things against Adam.

Adam -- Decision based on personal feelings, gameplay and plans for the money. Joshuah kleeps sneering. Sheila looks disgusted.

Joshuah and Sheila think Adam is all cocky. They seem to be skewing things for a Ryan win, so we might see the opposite. Adam thinks Sheila and Joshuah were psychopaths.

The jury comes to the stage. We're back. Julie checks in with the final two. Adam, one word after the jury. Rough. Nervewracking says Ryan.

Time to cast the votes. One at a time insert key of the person you want to win, may make a statement.

1. Matt -- Misses both, great job, one of you two taking me to Vegas.

2. Natalie -- I miss you love you even though you sucker voted me out. Gow with gut instinct.

3. Joshuah -- Vote for the person who played hard every comp and has a back bone.

4. Sharon -- Most loyal in the game.

5. Sheila -- Very easy decision. Know it's a game but hopes honesty, loyalty and trust had something to do with it.

6. James -- Hope you party away this money.

7. Chelsia -- Hope you hold the deal, what you said at the round table is what you do.

The first six evicted HG are back. Natalie -- were you playing all sides? Both she says. She would have protected the boys.. Matt -- do you want to tell Natalie anything? He apologizes for everything she's about to see.

To Jen -- Ryan paired off with another woman. Her thoughts on Allison (doesn't care for her) haven't changed. Allison, better match? She has no hard feelings towards Jen and thinks Ryan and Jen are a good match. Jen looks like she wants to punch Allison.

Julie shows Adam telling Natalie he voted to keep her. They knew. Now it's Joshuah crying over the pizza and Adam consoling him. Adam is shocked -- he bought the act.

Julie tells the jury about the 25 grand prize going to one of them at the end of the show. Voting is now closed for juror.

Votes revealed:
1. Matt -Adam
2. Natalie - Adam
3. Joshuah - Ryan
4. Sharon - Adam
5. Sheila - Adam


They didn't show James and Chelsia's votes as they weren't needed for the win, but she just showed they voted for Adam. Adam promises money for autistic children.

Sheila came in second place, James got first place for the 25 grand. Now Sheila will have more reason to cry.

And Neil is there in the crowd at the end. He just wasn't sitting with the evicted.

Just a Note

I've been running errands, doing deep-cleaning of the apartment as it might go a bit astray, and doing a million things. But I'm still here! (Well, after napping a bit, I am.) I go back to work tomorrow and have two more weeks of work. I want to thank Laurie for setting something up for during my expected absence. I'm not sure what I'll be doing here -- I was thinking a generic post the day before I go into the hospital so people could comment.

I'll figure out between now and then. I won't be going for surgery until May 14. (I'm hoping the Survivor finale is May 11 ... please!) I personally don't plan being in rehab any longer than I have to. I'm not a hospital, strangers prodding me kind of person. I know it's important for recovery and know that I will do fine. But I'd rather do fine at home!

In a little while, I'll take off comment moderation and open up the BB9 finale live blog post. Wait until you see Zoetawny's graphic for it!

Friday, April 25, 2008

BB9 Live Feeds and Stuff

My latest live feeds report is up over on TV Squad. It might be the only interesting news until Sunday!

Although I've had tons to do this week prepping my apartment, running to the DMV and such, they said it was too early for my medical clearance pre-op tests. So, I'll be doing those tests and the autologous blood donation on Wednesday. On the 5th I have my next orthopedic surgeon appointment, the 6th a knee replacement class at the hospital, then the 14th will be the big day. I cannot catch a cold or they'll cancel it. Argh.

Here are some photos I took yesterday while out and about --

This cat lives on the street around the corner from me. I've seen him around for a few years. I worry about him out on city streets, but he has a collar and hangs around a house where I know a bunch of kids live. He thinks I can't see him hiding behind the bush.

The NJ Transit tunnel at the Somerville Train Station is kind of cool. Most just have gang graffiti.

Look up! It's SPRING!

Look over there! It's SPRING!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Survivor Micronesia 4/24 Show East Coast Updates

jackie's tv blog, survivor

The show has started here on the east coast. I'll update this post as important events (immunity, boot, and such) happen.

My full show review will be posted over at TV Squad later tonight.

As always, comments are a joy! :-)

In the Survivor auction, Jason is off to Exile Island again -- there is a new idol hidden there.

Sure enough, Jason found the new idol. But the women have a plan to blindside him.

Erik won immunity.

The blindside plan worked. Jason didn't use the idol and was voted out.

Big Brother 9 Live Feeds Into Thursday Morning

So, it's the bromance alone in the house. Now, if it were a true bromance, not just two immature dudes full of themselves, it might be more interesting. Here are the highlights of last night's happenings after the end of the live show:
  • They sat around and walked around stunned.
  • They had champagne.
  • Ryan repeated his "never trust a stripper, let alone a Penthouse Pet" line like he thought it should be trademarked to him.
  • Ryan mimicked Sheila's plea to stay in the house. Adam joined in mocking Sheila.
  • Adam thanked BB while looking in the camera. The camera nodded.
  • Ryan told Adam that he couldn't figure him out the whole game.
  • Adam told Ryan he wanted him around to be a smoking buddy. Then he said keeping Ryan was due to Sheila.
  • They congratulated themselves for playing so well.
  • They talked about how Sheila was campaigning all the time but had no gameplay in her.
  • Then they got into trashing Sheila hardcore.
  • Ryan thinks Julie Chen has a crush on him. @@
  • Adam is mad that Sharon threw the Glass Houses comp.
  • There was a Diary Room audio leak in which Ryan angrily just about demanded the show give them cigarettes.
  • They continued bashing the others from the house.
Oh, this is gonna be such fun until Sunday!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

American Idol 4/23 Results Show East Coast Update

David Archuleta is safe.
David Cook is safe.
Brooke White is SAFE? How could that be?
Syesha Mercado is bottom two. How could that be?
Jason Castro is safe.
Carly Smithson is bottom two. (She was good last night, too!)

Carly Smithson is going home tonight.

Big Brother 9 4/23 Live Eviction, Final HOH Live Blogged from the East Coast

jackie's tv blog, Big Brother, BB9

The show has started here on the East Coast. I'll be updating this entry as it airs. Please forgive typos and feel free to join in on the comments!

Julie is wearing a yellow sweater and black slacks. The three remaining HG are working at the HOH. Sheila won't drop out willingly. She says it's cold. Now she's crying about Adam saving her, hated him and now best friend. Ryan says by Adam doing his dirty work there's no blood on his hands. Julie mentioned that Ryan and Adam dealed to save Sharon.

An hour before the last eviction, it's Adam going to Ryan for a deal to keep Sheila. He knows keeping Sheila is best for him. Ryan wants to stay with evicting Sheila. Adam convinces him that Sheila will choke and it will be easier for them to win. Ryan and Adam shake on keeping Sheila. Sheila cries. and cries some more. She wants it to be Adam and her at the end.

Back to Up the Creek. Adam is sure the guys have it all over Sheila in the comp. Ryan and Adam taunt her, Ryan says that was the plan. Sheila thinks about her son and won't give up. She thinks she has hypothermia and is losing it, there she goes into the pond. She doesn't want to be sick for the next comp, she says.

Ryan tells Adam to throw it and he has Adam's back. Adam lets go. Ryan wins the first part. Adam says Sheila thinks he's with her, Ryan thinks he's with him ... and he doesn't care as long as he's in the final two!

Time for round two -- Adam against Sheila. Adam wants to win. They will play separately, called to the backyard one at a time. Human guinea pig wheel, maze, ten balls representing HOH. The mzae is on the wheel and, as Adam says, "it has to be done in a speedy manner." Sheila says it's a fricken nightmare. She's not having an easy time of it while Adam is doing his stint with a plan.

Sheila is getting dizzy, falling all over the place. Adam is done. Sheila is done. But, of course, they're done separately. Sheila took 33 minutes, 26 seconds. Adam took 14 minutes and 55 seconds. Adam moves onto the next round facing Ryan.

Sheila tells Adam she has to accept her "fates." Adam apologizes to her and tells her he'll do the best he can to win. She tells him she trusts him. Then Ryan shows up. They start their secret handshake. Ryan says Adam proved his loyalty to him yesterday and now won today. Adam said he will win the hlf-million. Now Ryan is thinking he might stand a better chance with Sheila at the end.

Julie talks to them. How does Sheila feel to be at the mercy of the guys? Scary, nervous, helpless, hopes someone wants to take her to the end. Now she's feeling the love for Adam.

Jury votes? Ryan is about a 3 on the win scale, Jen, won money, won luxury. Sheila feels a 4 after rambling. Adam goes with a five. He mentions that Sheila buttered everyone up before they left the house.

Jury house -- Joshuah is Matt's boy (and girl) in the house. Natalie says Matt usually gets up and leaves. Natalie thinks he's mean. She doesn't know what she feels for him. Natalie thinks she wants to get out where people like her. Joshuah speaks up for her. Everyone else is nice and she voted against them. She does NOT look happy. Now Sharon is in. James looks sick. Team Matty is notorious according to Matt. Sheila is a one trick pony cry says Matt.Chelsia ntocie that Adam and Ryan worked together on getting Sharon out.

The winner of the third part will evict someone on the spot. Ryan and Adam are ready. How well did you get to know the jury members? HowMost points at end of six questions wins.

Matt said "The hg I wish I was nicer to was Natalie or James. Both Right, Nat.

Chelsia sais the moment she most expects to read about, Gave up a half million for a shomance or told everyone out the door. Both got it wrong (half mill)

Joshuah says He or Sharon is most deserving to win. Myself, he says. Ryan got it right.

James said "I think what will happen between me and Chelsia, bike around world or sink. Sink, both right.

Natalie said best showmance me//Mattie, JHames/Chelsia ... James/Chelsia. Both wrong.

Sharon said biggest lie I told back cause me to fall in glass house, never told a lie. Her back. Both wrong. RYAN wins final HOH.

Ryan said, "I knew it" when he heard Sharon threw that comp.

Julie gives Adam and Sheila a chance to plead their case. Adam, part of the plan, bro to the end, do the right thing. Sheila cries, trusted me, carried through, will change her life, almost hysterical. So grateful and happy if he picks her.

Ryan chooses to evict.. both are deserving for different, Adam's gamelplay mor deserving, votes to evict Sheila. She cries even more.

Adam thinks Ry had a great speech. Ryan says he did it by gameplay. They do the handshake.

Sheila looks devastated. She thought Adam would win and take her to the end. She had his back, thought she played a really good game. Julie mentions she's a single mom walking out with no money, any lessons learned? Toughest thing she ever did in her life. She cries a lot more. I'm not seeing tears, though. Are you?

Julie tells her she should be proud. She was older. Sheila says it was a blessing, being in the final three, just wanted to win for her son, his birthday is coming, in shock. Julie keeps prying her, going to make her cry more. NO TEARS.

Goodbye messages, Ryan nice. Adam thinks he'll miss her, sorry if he made the wrong decision. Sheila says she will keep in touch with Adam.

Julie calls it a bromance and they agree. Adam said it's huge that Ryan did it all for him. Season finale is Sunday at 8 PM.

Big Brother 9 - Live Feeds Into Tuesday Evening

Well, this is it. It's the final three and, gosh, they're boring. I wrote a full review of the show for TV Squad, but I'm not sure when it will go live.

Here are the happenings from inside that Big Brother House of The Excitement's All Gone:
  • Sheila told Adam she'd campaign for him in the jury house. She doesn't seem to know that the last evicted usually doesn't make it to the jury house.
  • They sat around rehashing and trashing all of the other houseguests.
  • Sheila said she never was a part of Team Christ. Ryan and Adam think she was. Didn't they even know their own team?
  • Whatever they did in Part 2 -- Sheila took 14 minutes and Adam took 3, so it wasn't even close.
  • Adam thinks Sheila will go to a local hotel, not sequester.
  • Adam told Sheila that he can't even let Ryan have a thought that he'd take her with him to the final two or Ryan would smoke him. Hmmm ... will he or won't he?
  • Adam assured Ryan once again that he'll take him to the final two if he wins. Will he or won't he? Hmmm...
  • Adam kept doing things to make the BB voice yell at him.
  • Sheila says it's the most stress she's had in her life being in the house.
  • She also said the DR wanted her to campaign, but she doesn't see what good it would do.
  • She seems resigned to third place.
  • But I think Adam may still be a wild card if he wins HOH.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Big Brother 9 4/22 Show Live Blogged from the East Coast

jackie's tv blog, Big Brother, BB9

The show has started here on the East Coast. I'll be updating this entry as it airs. Please forgive typos and feel free to join in on the comments!

Julie Chen, al;beit taped. She has a little coral colored sweater set on, her hair is fluffy. We've gone through the initial recap, but first it's the power of veto and Sheila and Adam are locked together. B&W recap of the nominations once again.

Go to color and Sheila is overwhelmed, calls Ryan's speech lame. Sharon thinks her alliance with Ryan will save her. Adam is still a bit worried. Sheila cries, it's frickin painful. Sharon consoles her. Sharon tells us her goal is to be final three with Ryan and Sheila. Sheila tells Sharon the guys control the game and it's us against them. She doesn't trust them. Sharon assures her she will make sure they're the final three -- she doesn't trust Adam.

Ryan thinks that either Adam or Sharon will take him to the final two. Adam says he'll do or say whatever it takes to get him to the final two (in a diary room segment).

Sharon and Ryan talk, Ryan wants her safe. She tells him she wants Adam out. Sheila questions Adam if she can trust him. Adam sidesteps a bit about committing to saving her with the POV. Adam tells her that he's still at risk. Sheila tells him his decisions have sometimes pissed her off. He's going to have to get his hands dirty.

It's time for Sheila and Adam to get chained together. She says he knows shackles too well and she'll never forgive Big Brother. Ryan thinks they're the most dysfunctional marriage you could ever imagine and says it's priceless.

Final POV comp. It's night. Adam and Sheila are shackled. Sheila wakes up and notices Sharon is missing -- they're scheming -- her and Ryan. Shraon is sure that Adam has to go. She wants final two with Ryan. Sheila, meanwhile, tells Adam she and he are the most deserving of final two. Sharon tells Ryan it's do or die.

Sheila and Adam are about to get the shackles off and rejoice.

Time for POV -- four quandrants cordoned off, hourses with jockeys without head. They have to put faces of jusry members and two clues in the order of eviction. One horse at a time. More clues than they need, some have no match. First one to get all five horses in order wins.

"Personally I want to win this veto because I want to be a power whore," says Ryan. All the others want to win for themselves. Sharon doesn't want Adam to win. Ryan is leading. Ryan wins.

"I don't know where that leaves Sheila," says Sheila over Ryan's win. Sharon wants Ryan to take her off the block. Ryan says he controls everybody's fate at this point.

Back to taped Julie ... she tells us that if the noms remain the same, it will be Adam casting the sole vote for eviction. Duh, I say. Ry and Adam talk. Adam tells him that he'll do whatever. Ryan brags he could make one move and boot him. Adams promises. Ryan powertrips.

Adam calls Sharon dude as he tells her he doesn't know what to do. He promises her he'd keep her if she takes him to the final two. It dawns on Adam that she might have something going with Ryan.

Sharon runs to Ryan, of course. Sharon tells him Adam is going to take Sheila. She doesn't trust him. He has no loyalty to anybody. Now Ryan doesn't trust Adam. Sheila tells Adam that she has his back and if she wins, they're final two. She says if Sharon stays, she'll go to final two with Ryan. She cries and repeats she's had his back.

Ryan accuses Adam of trying to cut deals. He pretty much denies it. Ryan denies that he and Sharon have anything going on. Ryan tells him that he might be able to trust Sharon more than Adam. Adam vehemently denies everything and says he will vote Sheila out.

Julie talks to them. She wonders if holding all the power could come back to haunt him. He's not worried. Sharon is the first HG in BB history to be nominated for eviction five times in a row. She thinks by the grace of God she's still here. Sheila, re: Shackled: Singles day best day in the house, thought of shackles made her want to run out the door. Adam says he accepts her the way she is.

Veto meeting and eviction next.

Veto meeting in front of Julie (on the screen for them). Ryan says he has no reason to change his nominations and doesn't use the POV. It's down to Sheila and Sharon. Sharon says loves to stay, amazing time, same speech as each week. Sheila says she wants to stay, but will take something from Sharon ... if God's will, she will says goodbye. She cries and hugs Sharon.

Adam says not an easy decision, evicting Sharon, his voice cracks. Sheila cries more than Sharon. Adam cries. Sharon leaves well. Ryan's first words get bleeped, but he isn't upset. Sheila just keeps crying. She thought she was going. They're changing for HOH comp.

Talk with Julie -- Sharon says she's shocked, but not really. It's just a game. She thinks Ryan had more faith in Adam. She's not mad. She thinks Adam and Sheila will stick together at the end. Six nominations, not five.

Goodbye messages -- Adam loves her, likes, her, Sheila's his partner. Ryan doesn't understand why, breath of fresh air, did not plan this, not his doing. Sheila teary, really good person, will be a good wife and mother.

Future for her and Jacob? They have a lot going on, would like to try. You take the good and bad, put them all together.

Final HOH Part 1: Julie explains because it's the final one, Ryan HOH can compte. Sound cut out as she explained the rules here. The yard has a pond in it and what looks like boogie boards on a level water slide. They are Up a Creek. They strap themselves in, must have rope in hand at all times, let go, out. It's like a ski rope. The river is starting to rise and the platform is tilting.

Sheila is getting cold but smiling. Adam and Ryan are doing well. Ryan says it's better than sweating in a box. Julie says the voyage is about to get choppy and they have a rough night ahead of them. (This is what took BB two days to build in the backyard.)

Adam calls Julie BABE. She tells them they never know what Mother Nature has in store. It starts raining and they don't give us the end.

BB9 Live Feeds ...

The feeds just came back on. It sounds like Adam won the comp part with Sheila today. It was something to do with swimming. Ryan and Adam will face off live in the third part tomorrow night on the show.

BB9 Live Feeds Not Much of an Update

I know I haven't posted since this morning, but not much has happened. Ryan and Adam are gloating because they're sure they'll be the final two. Sheila knows they're planning to win, not sure if the idea will increase her performance on today's part two of the HOH. Ryan and Adam even came up with a special winning handshake. Sheila discussed the possibility of Adam, her, Ryan and Jen getting together to do something for autistic children.

Then it went into a feeds block more than a few hours ago.

Shh ... BB9 Three are Sleeping

After I wrote my last report here, I stayed up (with the feeds on) and wrote up the report for TV Squad, complete with a gallery of screen caps. That went up sometime ago, but then I was asleep. I slept until past 10. Yikes, I haven't slept that late in a few years!

At least the houseguests were going to sleep as I headed to bed and they're still asleep.

Big Brother 9 Live Feeds Bulletin

Big She is in da house. And, who isn't?

After being blocked for hours, the feeds returned about ten minutes ago. Sharon is missing. It's just Ryan, Adam, and Sheila.

Here's the skinny:
  • Sheila is shocked that Adam voted to keep her, so Ryan must have left the nominations the same.
  • Before the feeds were blocked (around 9 PM ET), Adam and Ryan shook hands on keeping Sheila.
  • They have arts and crafts.
  • Sheila apologized to Adam for treating him badly.
  • Rooms have been closed off. The guys are in the pink room. I think Sheila is in the boat room.
  • Ryan won the first part of HOH. Sheila and Adam vie against each other tomorrow.
  • Lots of small talk right now, so I'll get this up.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Latest BB9 Live Feeds

My latest live feeds report is up on TV Squad. It was a horribly boring day until about a half hour ago.

Off Topic Stuff

Since the BB9 houseguests are being so boring as they wait around inside the house for the POV meeting and the HOH comp ... and eviction? -- I'm posting some photos.

It's finally spring here in New Jersey!

A starling (or maybe a grackle?) on a wire enjoying the sunshine.

It's a daffodil, but surely not yellow!

Looking out my living room window at a squirrel in the tree. You see, I can keep myself occupied!

My remaining cat really doesn't like the camera.

BB9 - Review Post up on TV Squad, Houseguests Up

My review of last night's show (watched at a horrible hour here in the NYC area) is up over on TV Squad.

The houseguests are getting up in the house. Sharon and Sheila are in the bathroom and during short feeds blocks, BB must be trying to get Ryan and Adam up.

Big Brother 9 Live Feeds Into Monday Morning

Adam and Ryan talking about voting out Sheila last night.

Yesterday was an odd day in the house. The hamsters were locked inside all day due to HOH construction in the yard. The one event usually held on Sunday -- the POV meeting -- wasn't held. And, they found that there will be a HOH comp today (Monday). They keep calling it live, but it will only be live to them. It will show taped on Tuesday's show. It will most likely be blocked from the feeds, but we'll see.

Here's the excitement from the late night and overnight hours in the Big Brother House of Beebies Love:
  • During a feeds block, the HG received Chinese food.
  • Since BB called them each into the Diary Room to tell them that the guinea pigs are the remaining preexisting relationship, that was a topic of discussion.
  • They taped their goodbye messages for Adam, Sharon, and Sheila yesterday as Ryan has not yet either used or not used the veto. All three had to pack just in case.
  • But it seems Sheila is the one with a ticket to ride ... right on out the door.
  • They know BB is speeding things up, but aren't sure how many days they have. From what they're saying it sounds like they think the finale is next Tuesday or Wednesday when it's indeed this coming Sunday.
  • Sharon told Adam she's sure Ryan won't be using the veto and putting him on the block.
  • They discovered a place where Matt carved his name in the rail. I wonder if BB will deduct from his stipend for the damages?
  • Ryan and Adam teased both Sharon and Sheila saying they both had crushes on Alex.
  • They all think Sharon should have gotten the HOH question right because the guinea pigs are her fur-iends, her beebies.
  • Adam said he had a meltdown over his cigarettes. He had a secret stash hidden and it's gone.
  • Sheila told Adam he probably still has his cigarettes somewhere and will probably find them when he packs.
  • Whatever the Diary Room was doing late last night when they called the HG in one by one was fun according to Sharon. That's all we got before the BB voice admonished her -- "Sharon, you are not allowed to discuss your Diary Room sessions with other houseguests!"
  • Ryan once again told Adam he has to vote "Big She" out. Adam agreed to do so.
  • Ryan thinks that Sheila's an idiot because she's not sucking up to Adam for the vote. Adam thinks it's easier that she's not.
  • Adam is worried that Sharon might beat them in the HOH comp. Ryan is sure she won't.
  • I'd like to see her beat Ryan just because he's so darn smug about how great he'll do!
  • The guys practiced hanging by their arms from the staircase just in case the HOH comp had them hanging from their arms. @@
  • They all headed to bed, but Adam and Ryan got up and snacked again before returning to their beds with visions of HOH wins in the heads.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

BB9 Live Feeds Update

I took this screen cap before a feeds block. I thought it might be the POV meeting, but it returned to the HG eating dinner. BB told them the preexisting relationship was that the guinea pigs are sisters.

It looks pretty definite that Ryan will keep the noms the same and Adam will vote Sheila out. Adam and Ryan had a blow-up, but they're buddies once again. It sounds like all the real action will probably go down tomorrow.

Big Brother 9 - 4/20 Show NOT Live Blogged from the East Coast

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ARGH. The Pope leaving the city is on. They will rejoin the show already in progress and re-air it in its entirety at 11:30 No live blog here tonight and I have a cry for help out on TV Squad for my review tonight, too. I turned off word verification for now as reports from others are coming in.

It's 8:38 PM and the Pope isn't on the plane yet. CBS2 must think everyone is Catholic or something. I'm not happy here, but I thank those who have been updating the show in comments.

8:43 PM -- It just came on here. Thanks a lot CBS 2. I'm not Catholic and didn't want or need that coverage. They should have showed it online on their site.

The luxury comp movie is over and yan is telling Sheila she will be fine. She just has to win POV. She knows he (Adam) kept Natalie. Sheila knows Ryan is putting her on the block. She doesn't trust either Adam or Ryan.

Sharon thinks Adam needs to go on the block. Ryan doesn't want it to look suspicious. Sheaon still wants herself and Ryan in the final two.

Nominations -- Adam is safe. Ryan says his nominations aren't anything against the ladies, he just has Adam's support from last week, Adam nods.

Sharon has faith in herself and her partner Ryan. Adam is worried. He doesn't want Sharon to win POV. Sheila isn't only on the block, but shacked with Adam.

BB9 Live Feeds and Show - Uh-oh!

As Adam picks his nose, my latest live feeds post is in Pending over at TV Squad. I'm not sure when it will go live.

The big news is that they've been on indoor lockdown all day as a "monster HOH comp" is being built in the yard. Adam, Sheila, and Sharon have been told to pack their bags. There's an eviction tomorrow. Sheila is upset as is Sharon -- they both thought they had more time.

The UH-OH in the header is about ME. (Yeah, it's all about me, you know.) Although 60 Minutes started on time, the local CBS affiliate is expected to air the Pope leaving the city and some ceremony. It's been Pope Central on television in this area. He's supposed to leave around 8 PM. Sigh. I'm not sure whether they'll delay the show, totally not show it or what. I guess I'll keep you up on it when I hear how they'll handle it.

Big Brother 9 - Live Feeds Into Sunday Morning

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Yo, yo, yo ... check it out, dawgs. I think I've been watching too much Randy Jackson on American Idol, eh? Last night (and the Saturday before) I watched Groomer Has It on Animal Planet. And now today, I'm posting Zoetawny's graphic of the BB9 houseguests as the dogs they might be. (Our apologies to the good dogs of the world.)

If I don't get off this dog kick, my cat is going to need a little cat psychiatrist. She's going to have a complex. But, she should feel better that no cats were harmed or mocked in the production of this blog. It's a dogs world for the houseguests!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of When Good Dogs Go Bad:
  • As I mentioned in my last update (over on TVS), they napped a lot. They have been napping more than is good for man or dog.
  • Sheila played with the oversized golf stuff all alone because the rest were napping. Maybe they're just avoiding her.
  • Sheila took a sauna alone and then painted one of the Easter craft things they had.
  • All alone.
  • At least she doesn't keep talking when alone although I enjoyed Evel Dick talking to the cameras when he was alone. I just don't want to hear Sheila's voice and all she'd do is complain, whine, and fuss anyway.
  • Sheila cleaned the cabinets. (Okay, I guess she can come over here if she wants to clean stuff. I could use a hand. She'd have to be muzzled, though.)
  • Adam reported to Ryan that the girls are both telling him all kinds of "crap."
  • Adam and Ryan played with the golf stuff.
  • Adam told Ryan about different scenarios Sharon is coming up with the jury votes.
  • Ryan told Adam that Sharon hung out with the wrong group too long and she's wrong, too.
  • They think that all Sharon has is a guaranteed three votes -- James, Joshuah, and Chelsia.
  • Sheila has been trying to use those three votes as a reason for Sharon to go this week.
  • Adam is down to two cigarettes left.
  • Sheila thinks she deserves to win. After all, she's not a gold-digger! (This coming from someone who lived in a big shot's mansion for a few years.)
  • Sheila seems envious that Sharon will go to a spa, on a shopping spree, and to a movie premiere. Apparently since she won all of that, she doesn't need to win the game, right?
  • Sheila and Sharon think they've both been the last to know anything and everything in the house throughout the season.
  • Ryan ran laps around the yard. I'm surprised the BB voice didn't remind him how many laps it takes to make up a mile. No, they never say that when it's useful!
  • Sheila went on an anti-Natalie rant saying that Natalie grew mean towards her after Matt was evicted.
  • Both Adam and Ryan want to avoid talking game with Sheila.
  • Sheila and Sharon once again tried to figure out the third pre-existing couple.
  • They have all forgotten about the Hudson River Virus (or whatever it was!).
  • Sharon and Sheila don't think they can win against the boys. They believe that whoever leaves this week will see the other seven days later.
  • They're wrong.
  • Oh, not about not winning ... just about the length of time between when they lose.
  • All are asleep as I get this posted.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

BB9 Saturday Live Feeds

My latest live feeds report is up over on TV Squad. Unless you think Sheila talking a lot is exciting, it's been a fairly quiet day in the house.

Big Brother 9 Live Feeds Into Saturday Dawn

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Since one of the commenters likened Natalie to a Pomeranian and she should hit sequester today, you know Zoetawny just had to do it! Heehee!

So, Ryan has the POV. With the nominations remaining the same, Ryan would want Sheila out and Adam's sole vote determines the final three. Ryan has been trying to get Adam to promise to evict Sheila. But will her? Or will Ryan use the POV himself to save Sharon. If he does that, Sharon is bound and determined to take Adam out. This should be interesting.

With all the excitement looming ahead, they're really not being too exciting in that Big Brother House of Dazed Dillydallyers:
  • Sharon talked about Jacob. Yawn.
  • They cooked dinner. Actually, this crew (when not on slop) is quite into cooking. I think BB should give the houseguests cookbooks in addition to the bible as reading material.
  • Speaking of reading material, Sharon reached her goal and finished reading the bible in its entirety.
  • Ryan and Adam think Sharon is still in love with Jacob although she says she's over him.
  • Ryan told Adam he lied to him about the Matt and James votes, he needs him to be honest now. Sheila walked in, so they stopped talking.
  • Adam later told Ryan to do what he has to do.
  • Ryan said he needs to know if Adam has something going on (dealwise, not romance) with Sheila.
  • Ryan told Adam that Sharon has been saying that Adam and Sheila are together in the game.
  • Adam doesn't admit anything going on with Sheila and again tells Ryan to do whatever he feels he has to do.
  • Adam told Ryan that neither Sheila or Sharon deserve to win. He and Ryan should be the final two.
  • Adam said what he did for James came from the heart.
  • The girls think the guys are in control of the game now. Neither is campaigning hard.
  • Beavis and Butthead ... er, Ryan and Adam, seem to agree that Sheila will be evicted this week.
  • Adam swore on his mother that he would vote to evict Sheila.
  • They're all sleeping now.

With that said, this meeting is adjourned.

Beavis and Butthead rule the Big Brother 9 house for the week. And, as always, graphic artist Zoetawny rules the blog! Have a good day and I'll update things a bit later tonight.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Big Brother 9 Live Feeds - POV Winner

Adam looks at the POV necklace hanging from ... RYAN's photo on the Memory Wall. Yep, you heard me.

Here's what's happened in the house since my earlier report on TV Squad:
  • The Sheila and Adam Show continued with them bickering, him teasing her, her whining and complaining up until about 8:20 PM ET.
  • The feeds were blocked for the POV comp from then until nearly 10 PM ET.
  • And Ryan was wearing the necklace.
  • Adam and Sheila were no longer shackled.
  • The ants have returned in the kitchen.
  • Ryan got worried that his fly was down during the POV. We'll have to look for that.
  • There has been just about NO game talk since POV. Small talk, dinner prep, and that's about it.

BB9 - Adam and Sheila Shackled - Video

I'm working on the evening BB9 live feeds report for TV Squad. But until it's done and posted, I uploaded this clip to YouTube for your enjoyment.

Big Brother 9 - Live Feeds Into Friday Morning

Like sand through the hourglass, these are the happenings of the hamsters since my last report:
  • When Sheila asked what Adam would do if he was on the block with Sharon, he told her he'd win the veto and take himself off.
  • Ryan and Sharon finished watching the movie they won and came in from the backyard for an indoor lockdown while the staff dismantled the event.
  • Apparently Sheila and Adam were granted a reprieve on being chained together for the duration of the movie.
  • So, they're to be attached once again.
  • Sharon said they aren't allowed to talk about the movie - What Happens in Vegas.
  • There were two Mustangs in the backyard. No, not the horses. The movie had to have something to do with the cars, I'd guess.
  • As for the movie, they commented it was good, Sheila would have enjoyed it.
  • Sharon thinks Adam won't try hard to win POV since he's not on the block.
  • The cuffs will come off of Sheila and Adam at 5 PM today (their time, PT)
  • Sharon thinks Adam and Sheila had an alliance before coming here -- something about Sheila being on Craigslist and Adam being recruited by Robin (casting woman).
  • Sharon is very worried. She thinks Adam must go. She told Ryan he HAS to win POV, take her off the block, and put Adam up so she can vote him out.
  • Sharon thinks if Adam wins POV, she's history.
  • Adam and Sheila aren't having the best of times trying to sleep while chained together.
  • Ryan thinks the third relationship has to be Sheila and somebody else.
  • Poor Adam. Sheila is talking non-stop about all kinds of things.
  • As I get this posted, they're all sleeping, perhaps not the most restful sleep for Adam and Sheila.

Big Brother Live Feeds After Nominations

Adam listens to Sheila talk. And talk. And then talk some more. She wants his vote to stay. She feels he owes her the vote, I think.

Here are the evening happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Not So Lovable Louts and Layabouts:
  • As you know, Ryan nominated Sheila and Sharon for eviction. He wants Sheila out and has told Adam so.
  • After the nominations ceremony, Adam seems to want to vote out Sheila with no advice from Ryan. "After she did that to me ...!" I have no clue what that's about. It seems to be something which happened while the feeds were blocked.
  • Sheila cried.
  • Adam doesn't want to be chained to Sheila for 24 hours. What a shock!
  • Ryan and Adam once again talked about how Sheila must leave this week.
  • Ryan told Sharon they're getting rid of Sheila this week. She told him he ought to target Adam.
  • Sharon said she wants to vote out Adam if she wins POV and takes herself off the block.
  • Sheila said being chained to Adam is her punishment for voting Natalie out of the house.
  • Adam thinks they have 13 days left in the house. He's wrong. It's ten.
  • Sharon and Ryan want to be the final two.
  • Just earlier Adam and Ryan wanted to be the final two.
  • I want the guinea pigs to be the final two.
  • The feeds were blocked for a while and when they returned, the chain was off of Adam and Sheila. Not a word why.
  • Sheila cried some more.
  • Adam told her he would vote to evict Sharon.
  • Sheila said they're faking that they hate each other to fool Ryan because he can't be trusted.
  • Sheila told Adam she loves and trusts him.
  • Since Sharon and Ryan are watching the movie they won, it's been all Sheila and Adam.
  • Adam listened at the door and almost in unison Sheila and the BB voice told him to "Stop that!"
  • Adam told Sheila that he's going to tell Ryan whatever he wants to hear, but then he'll be voting to keep her in the house.
  • Sheila needs some Tylenol PM. @@
  • They're both boring and unchained with no explanation that I heard.
  • Ryan and Sharon are still watching the movie.
  • I'm outta here!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Survivor Review, BB9 Noms

D'oh! I forgot to post the BB9 noms. I hate when they tell people ahead of time they're going on the block. It makes the nominations ceremony itself (which is blocked from the feeds) almost unimportant. Ryan nominated Sharon and Sheila, as he said he would. I'll be posting an update in a bit.

My review of tonight's Survivor is up over on TV Squad.

Today was another one of those days for me -- worked later than I planned, had to go to the doctor's office to pick up all of the pre-admission paperwork for my medical clearance and my auto-whatever blood "donation." I have to give them my blood so that when I need it during my surgery, I'll get my own back. Oh, great ... I hope I don't give myself any diseases! Then when I got home there was a letter from my health insurance company -- "We're pleased to inform you that your surgery has been approved." Well, of course it is! Sheesh!

More in a bit!

Survivor Micronesia: East Coast Updates 4/17 Show

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My latest Big Brother 9 live feeds post is be up on TV Squad.

The show has started here on the east coast. I'll update this post as important events (immunity, boot, and such) happen.

My full show review will be posted over at TV Squad later tonight.

As always, comments are a joy! :-)

Rewards challenge -- two teams of four compete, Cirie not picked in schoolyard pick and goes to Exile Island. Jason, Ozzy, Erik, and Amanda won reward -- an overnight cultural feast, dance and more.

Parvati won Immunity. Jason made a deal to give up so everyone can eat, but they all lied to him -- fingers crossed as they told him they wouldn't vote him out. Jeff said the deal will cost him the game.

ARGH ... why didn't he play the idol?

Ozzy was voted out.


Big Brother 9 Live Feeds Into Thursday Morning

Ryan was happy to get a new stash of cigarettes in his HOH basket. I took this screen cap as he smoked in the yard last night.

Here are the latest happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Dwindling Days:
  • Adam and Ryan think whoever the third couple is in the house, they won't 'fess up now. (Well, maybe if they could talk, they would!)
  • Sharon is sure the slug in the yard is her same friend from the other night. Ryan and Adam threaten to cook it, so she had to ask Sheila to watch it so she could go to the Diary Room.
  • Adam told Sheila that if it's her and Ryan with a preexisting relationship, he's fine with it.
  • Ryan thinks Adam and Sharon could be siblings.
  • Ryan claims he doesn't know anyone in the house (from before the show) and that he never lies. Well, he's right on one count.
  • Sheila thinks that she might be related to Ryan and just not know it. That, to me, doesn't meet the criteria. If you don't know it, you don't have a preexisting relationship. I guess they're thinking along Cowby/Nakomis lines.
  • Sheila doesn't understand why BB would deliberately put a target on her and Adam as they're the only couple left. They pledge to be loyal to each other.
  • Ryan hinted to Sheila that he might put Adam on the block.
  • Adam is sure that Ryan will win POV, too.
  • Sharon's slug went missing.
  • The guys wondered if Sharon and Sheila might have a lesbian relationship.
  • Ryan's worried that since he got the question on the relationship right people will think it's him.
  • Sharon played with the guinea pigs as they pondered the relationship thing even more.
  • Sheila freaked out when she realized that Natalie's grandmother is from Tennessee and so is she. Horrors! Did she vote out a relative?
  • Ryan told Sharon he doesn't want to take Adam to the final two.
  • Sharon told Ryan that she knows Adam voted for Natalie to stay because he winked at her as he came out from voting.
  • Ryan thinks it would be best for him and Sharon to get Adam out next.
  • He just doesn't want to blatantly put him on the block. He really likes Adam.
  • Ryan thinks Adam is one who doesn't like to get the blood on his hands and keeps thinking of the jury vote.
  • Ryan also thinks that Adam has been playing spineless for weeks now. They decide they'll talk more after they get some sleep.
  • All are sleeping as I post this.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

BB9 - Live Feeds Since the Eviction of Natalie

Sheila and Sharon are in the hot tub as they talk to Ryan. Adam is in the Diary Room. All is friendly, but Adam is now the odd man out with Sheila and Sharon.

Here's what has happened in the Big Brother House of No Gnats since the eviction:
  • They still haven't figured out that the pre-existing relationship still in the house is the guinea pigs.
  • Sheila spilled it that the relationship she thought of was Josh and Neil. She claimed she thought it was a lie (it was) when he told her they were a couple and were adopting a son.
  • Ryan thinks Matt and Sheila are related. Remember, they had thought she was his mother.
  • The feeds messed around focusing on the guinea pigs while they discussed the third couple.
  • The Diary Room is telling them the couple is still in the house, thus fueling more speculation.
  • Ryan and Adam next think Sharon is Sheila's niece.
  • Adam thinks there's something fishy going on.
  • Sharon thinks she knows who voted Natalie out. She's sure it's Adam because she heard him whispering to her as she left.
  • Sharon was confused by the question about the combined minutes. She says she misinterpreted it.
  • Ryan said "You can't trust a stripper (Natalie) and you can't trust a Penthouse Pet. (Sheila)" I guess he trusts Sharon and Adam, eh?
  • Ryan was playing with the oversized golf stuff and hit a ball into a camera. It started buzzing and they had to go on indoor lockdown while BB fixed it.
  • Sheila thought Natalie put her down and thought she was the dumbest girl in the house while she herself (Natalie) wasn't too bright.
  • Girl? Girl? A 46-year-old GIRL? It irks me that they call the grown men (although not necessarily mature) boys, but I can't buy calling Sheila a girl.
  • I am woman.
  • Hear me roar.
  • They're wondering if Sheila is some sort of relation to Ryan.
  • Ryan's HOH room was revealed. I'd say exciting, but ...! He got Mountain Dew, cigarettes, photos and a letter from Jen.
  • Not a heck of a lot of game talk going on. They're still going on about the third couple and the fact they have one six-pack of beer for four people.
  • Sharon's slug returned. It's her fur-iend with no fur. I guess it's a iend.
  • Ryan and Adam chopped holes in the sides of their beer cans and chugged them
  • Then they burped.

American Idol 4/16 Boot Update

They're doing the show with the two groups and one must tell which is the bottom three. David Archuleta is safe and in the middle.

I know I'm getting old. I think "Without You" is a Harry Nilsson song, not a Mariah Carey one.

David sits. David Cook, Jason and Carly are safe.

The bottom three are Kristy Lee Cook, Syesha Mercado, and Brooke White.

Syesha is safe. Brooke is safe.

Kristy Lee Cook is history.

Big Brother 9 4/16 Live Eviction Live Blogged From the East Coast

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Yep, Zoetawny does it again with a new graphic for tonight's show!

The show has started here on the east coast. As it airs, I'll constantly update this entry.Please forgive typos. And you know I love to read your comments!

Ohh ... Julie has short sleeves on ... she's wearing her arms! Her hair is up, too.

Sharon tells us Natalie has no idea how bad they want her out this week. Natalie is confident that she's just a awn. Sheila says she will be backdoored.

Natalie says to Adam and Ryan that she wants to go to the final three with them. Ryan tells us Natalie plays all sides and you don't know what to believe. Ryan and Adam decide a house meeting. I hate the way Ryan calls the girls "my bitches." Apparently he's racist and sexist!

Natalie is worried. They tell her there's going to be a meeting -- "things came out we need to confront." She's worried she's going home. Sheila acts suprised in the DR -- What are they doing?

Now they want her to come to the table, house meeting. She's dying her hair. Oh, I can stop typing for a while, because this is the video I uploaded before. :-)

Sheila says that the guys ruined her whole plan. She no longer knows if they're going to evict Natalie as she wants. Adam and Ryan talk. Ryan wants to go tell Natalie what's up. They tell her that she's playing too hard. She tells them she never lied to them, only to the girls. Now she gets teary. She says the girls threw her under the bus. She cries. She says she's loyal to them, always have been.

Will the tears work? I guess we'll know soon, eh?

Nat's in the kitchen and confronts Sharon (of course that was a whole day later). Sharon holds her own. Natalie denies anything but loyalty to the boys. Sharon just looks at her in disbelief.

Sheila asks Adam and Ryan who they're keeping. Sheila tells them Natalie is a bigger fish. Adam says he has to go with his heart. Now, this is last night's footage.

Hmm ... Julie told us James has some surprising words for his girlfriend Chelsia. What could that be? It better not be a marriage proposal!

Julie is going to chat with the houseguests. Natalie -- Adam and Ryan called your loyalty into question and you said you were loyal to them. Sharon says it wasn't her battle, let them get out what they felt. Sheila feels that she was thrown under the block and hurt. Ryan says it needed to be called out for Natalie's sake, it needed to be all out there on the table. Question -- F2 sit next to deserving or easy to beat. Adam says deserving because he can beat anyone. Sharon and natalie say deserving, so does Ryan. Sheila agrees.

Jury house -- Chelsia still has feelings for James. Josh is upset he got evicted by Natalie. Matt keeps to himself. James enters. Matt is happy he got booted. Chelsia feels bad that he didn't win. James has the DVD. James told them Adam gave him a shot. He tells people it really effects people when you leave on a bad note. He blames Chelsia for his getting evicted. He was the residue of Chelsia. She goes off crying. She's upset. James goes to her, hugs her. He consoles her. Tells her he's okay with leaving but he knows he fell for a girl.

I just figured out who James is reminding me of. Picture no pink mohawk -- Matthew Broderick.

DR pre-vote stuff. Ryan is thinking of keeping Nat, but she's good at comps. Adam thinks Sharon is easy to beat in comps, but she has some definite votes from the jury. He's dead stuck on this, he says.

Julie talks to the nominees. Sharon says thank you for keeping her here all theses times, again same speech. Natalie thanks BB for experience of a lifetime. She loves her boys, her loyalty is with them, she gets teary for votes once again.

The votes:
Ryan votes to evict Natalie
Adam votes to evict Sharon

It's a tie! After commercial ... I predict Sheila will cry and tell us it's the hardest decision she has ever had to make in the house.

Julie announces there is a tie. Both girls look worried. She tells Natalie that she just told all of America her loyalties were with the boys and she just can't have her evict her. Natalie weeps. Natalie is evicted. I don't think she'll hold up well with the jury. Adam or Ryan said it was fair.

She tells Julie she's beautiful. Sheila tells them that she made her job easier (with the speech I believe). She says she couldn't risk saving her.

Julie tells Nat she looked like a sure thing to be in the final four. She's shocked they let it go to a tie and she got evicted. She's upset at both boys because she was sure they were going to keep her. Playing all sides cost her she thinks. She claims she was trying to protect the boys.

Goodbye messages -- Sharon says people didn't know what to believe. Ryan wishes her good luck. Adam tells her it's strictly gameplay. Sheila apologizes and cries. Amazing heart, do care, say hello to Mattie for her.

HOH comp -- They're on a huge round platform with walls -- Fact or Fiction, about the houseguests. Step forward for fact, back for fiction. 7 questions, most points wins.

Allison received the fewest votes to come back? Jacob. Adam got it wrong. Sharon smiled.

Toy in GP cage still holds BB secret. Fiction. No one right

Chelsia was escorted out of the jury house by security. Fiction. Sharon only one right, takes lead.

Number 8 has a secret meaning in BB game. Fiction. Sharon and Ryan right.

Amanda faked an illness to win over housemates. Fiction, all right.

James and Chelsia have stopped speaking to each other at jury house. Fiction, all right.

Third pre-existing relationship STILL in house? FACT One still in the house!

Ryan and Sharon to a tiebreaker. HOH comp Glass Houses, how many total combined minutes did all stay in their boxes.

Argh. Ryan won HOH. They're more wondering about a previous relationship in the house.

I wonder if the guinea pigs are the other relationship. ;-)

BB9 - Pre-Live Show Video

The feeds are on later towards the show tonight. Usually they're blocked a good hour or two before the show. I took this video about five minutes ago and got it up on YouTube.

Latest BB9 Feeds Report

jackie's tv blog, Big Brother, BB9

Heh. Zoetawny made a Natalie vs. Evil-Doers graphic for us! It's perfect! Thank you, Zoetawny ... you know how much you rock!

And I want to thank you all for all of the great comments and community here on the blog lately. I've been bogged down and haven't had the chance to spend much time commenting, but I am indeed reading them. I love it! What a fantastic group we've become! Yay! I have to say the one which made me laugh out loud was the anonymous commenter saying God wanted her to be here pretending to be someone else. But the community has to be the best I've seen on anything show related for ... well, forever! Thank you!

My latest live feeds report is up over on TV Squad. As usual, I'll be live blogging tonight's show here in a separate post. Thankfully I don't have to write the review afterwards. I've been filling in for JJ on his BB nights there for a while but the Wednesday show is Kristin's post.

I'll close for now with another shot of Roofus I took yesterday morning.

Big Brother 8 - Live Feeds Into Wednesday Morning and STUFF

Oh, I know this isn't a screen cap from the feeds. But, can you find Roofus the Cat in this photo I took early yesterday morning on my way to work? You can click on the photo to enlarge it. Look, it's SPRING! (Finally.) I have some other photos I took which I'll post a bit later today.

My live feeds report from last night went up on TV Squad went up during the show and my latest show review is up there, too. As for me, I was running a bit on empty last night and I apologize for not posting another update until now. Although I'm on the very tired side lately between work, the upcoming knee surgery, the knee itself, the blogging at TVS and here ... I see a light at the end of the tunnel!

I'm taking a vacation week next week so covering the big final HOH comp will be not an issue at all. The finale is a week from Sunday. While I really love covering the show, it becomes very time consuming and I'm always happy when a season ends and those four hours of sleep nights are in the past. Since I should be past the worst part of recovery, but still off from work, during BB10, that should be a lot less exhausting!

Today I'm taking my cat to the vet for a check-up and her shots to make sure she's all set for boarding while I'm in the hospital and the subsequent rehab hospital. (They want me to go to rehab, I said, "No, no, no.") I have to return a call to the doctor's office because they left a message here while I was at work. They told me my papers are ready to pick up. Hmmm ... not sure what that's all about. Maybe the admission stuff for the hospital or the medical clearance test stuff. I guess I'll find out. It's now less than a month away ... before they saw my leg apart ...! Wah!

Okay, I'm better now. Enough about STUFF, let's get into the happenings from last night and overnight inside that Big Brother House of Wailing Wannabes:
  • Natalie continued to campaign against Sharon and tried to earn favor with the boys. No, she didn't offer them oral sex. You know she never did that with Matt! She says so!
  • But there was a lot of sex talk if that counts as oral. :-)
  • Adam wondered if they should just go ahead and vote Natalie out since she thinks she's going home.
  • Natalie told Adam that Sheila and Sharon are two "nutballs." She told him that they're throwing him under the bus, she isn't.
  • Natalie is all of a sudden Adam's bestest new friend and decides that Sharon is "SheDog." Or is that Sheila?
  • Sharon told Sheila that Natalie is dumb. (Or is that D-U-M?) Natalie says she's campaigning hardcore but the boys will vote the way they want.
  • Sharon, not knowing the boys aren't 100% on board with her anymore, thinks Natalie is panicking.
  • Sheila is still very against Natalie staying. She told Sharon that she likes Ryan more and just tolerates Adam. I don't think that's altogether true. Watching her, the relationship with them is very different, but she and Adam remind me of a brother/sister or mother/son kind of thing. She's definitely closer and more open with Adam.
  • Adam thinks Natalie is giving up but Ryan keeps encouraging her.
  • He says they have to weigh their options and minimize their risk.
  • Adam and Ryan talked together and agreed they're both voting out Sharon.
  • Meanwhile, Sharon told Sheila that Ryan said he was not voting for Natalie.
  • Natalie, apparently feeling saddened by the house atmosphere, didn't come to dinner with the rest of the houseguests.
  • Adam did some odd robot character for much too long.
  • Natalie finally had her dinner. Sheila made sure they saved a dish for her.
  • Sheila and Adam bickered like an old married couple who fight for decades, but stay together.
  • The vultures are already talking about who will get Sharon's slop pass. If she goes this week, there's only a matter of a week left. They can all live on slop! If I were Sharon and got evicted, I'd take it with me as a souvenir and laugh about them on slop.
  • Ryan says that Sharon and Sheila are watching out for each other, but Natalie is in with them (the boys). If Sharon goes this week, Natalie and Sheila will be pitted against each other.
  • Adam told Ryan he has to follow his heart and do the right thing ... which is to keep Natalie. (She cried real tears to him!)
  • Adam told Ryan he wants Sheila in the final three with them and Natalie will be a vote for them no matter who throws her out.
  • Ryan is more into a final three scenario of himself, Adam, and Natalie.
  • Sharon told Natalie that they're going to try to get them mad at each other, but she always had her back no matter what anyone says.
  • Sheila begged Adam to stick with the plan for getting Natalie out this week, that they'll risk jury votes by keeping her.
  • She doesn't want blood on her hands. She's now thinking Adam will vote for Natalie to stay and Ryan will vote for Sharon to stay. If that happens, she'll vote for Natalie to go home and get those hands all bloody.
  • Sheila confronted Sharon saying that Adam told her both Natalie and her (Sharon) were throwing her (Sheila) under the bus.
  • She told Sharon now the boys want to keep Natalie.
  • Sharon told her she's sure Ryan won't vote to keep Natalie. She doesn't mention her alliance with him although it's been quiet on that front lately. I'm not sure when Ryan's lying or not these days.
  • Sheila thinks Natalie wants to be up against Ryan as the final two.
  • She thinks the boys think that both of them can win against Natalie with the jury.
  • Sheila cried. She realizes the boys are running the game, not her at this point.
  • Natalie thinks if she remains, Sheila will take credit for it and tell her she told her she'd be safe.
  • Adam, Ryan, and Sheila had a powwow in the HOH room.
  • Ryan harped on the loyalty factor. What has Sharon ever done for them in the game?
  • Sheila tells them that if she breaks a tie and keeps Natalie, Natalie will surely vote out one of them (the boys) next week.
  • Sheila tells them that she herself has been loyal to them and that if Natalie stays, she will be voted out next week.
  • Sheila basically freaked out at them all over the place.
  • Sheila thinks that James will influence the rest of the jury and will be happy if given Natalie, better for all of them when thinking of votes at the end.
  • Ryan says he doesn't care what James, Chelsia, and Joshuah think. Sheila reminds them that they're the ones who might make a difference in the jury vote at the end.
  • After they split up, Sharon talked to Ryan. He denied they were planning on voting her out.
  • Ryan told her Sheila is just freaking out and that she's safe this week.
  • Sheila cried some more.
  • Sharon told Sheila that Ryan's still on her side. Sheila tried to tell her otherwise.
  • Sheila thinks it will be a tie and tells Sharon if she keeps her, she has to promise to protect her.
  • They promise to protect each other.
  • Adam feels bad because he was so nasty to Sheila, cursing at her and all.
  • Natalie told Adam that if Sharon stays, Sheila has two people in her corner -- Adam and Sharon. She, Natalie, is all alone. (Wah.)
  • Natalie told Adam his gut is telling him he needs to vote out Sharon. (His gut sounds a lot like Natalie!)
  • Sheila vowed to not talk to Natalie all next week if she stays. (That might be viewed as an incentive for her to stay, I think.)
  • Now the boys are talking ... if Sheila wants a split vote, she'll get a split vote. Hmmm.
  • So, now the latest on the vote is that they will split it and let Sheila get her hands all bloody.
  • We'll see.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Big Brother 9 - 4/15 Show Live Blogged from the East Coast

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I got in late from work tonight and my latest live feeds report is still in pending over at TV Squad. Hopefully it will go live soon.

The show has started here on the East Coast. This entry will be constantly updated as it airs. As always, comments are very welcome! Since the entry in this blog is written as I watch television, please forgive any typos!

Will Sheila's plan to get Natalie on the block succeed or backfire? Hmmm ... gee, I don't know. we had the HOH end in color, now the nominations in black and white, into color for Day 64. Sheila tells us once again her real target is Natalie, worst case scenario is Natalie winning POV. Sharon tells us Natalie doesn't know the whole house is against her. Natalie brags to us about playing both sides -- Team Christ and the Girls.

Adam is worried. Sharon seems confident that Natalie will end up on the block and she'll be safe.

Natalie runs up to the HOH to play Sheila as she plays all the HOH. Sheila tells us she bashes Adam in front of the girls, but she really wants to go to the end of the game with him.

Natalie tills Adam he'll have her vote to stay. Ryan says he's not calling Adam out but he put everyone in their alliance at risk last week. Ryan, liking to take over, tells Adam he can't blame Sheila. For saying he's not the target, Ryan sure is being nasty to Adam.

Sheila complains about Natalie never really communicating with her. "False witnesses never profit." - Adam. He says Natalie is Judas.

The POV tonight screen came on the plasma TV. Adam wants to be on and off, DUN. It's a night time POV. Sheila says Natalie cannot win this and it's her only chance to get Natalie out of the house.

Sheila tells Sharon she has her bleepin' word she won't go home. Natalie gets "preemies" - premonitions that all will go well. Preemies? Sheesh!

They have to go to separate rooms and get called one by one to the backyard t compete. Once again, Sheila tells us she doesn't want Natalie to win. A giant TV, remote control, 70s love shack according to Natalie. Channel surfing, use the remote contraols, if all are on the right channel the puzzle will be solved.

Nat -- Where's the top of Adam's head? She realizes that all the houseguests faces and the guinea pigs with HG hairdos puzzles. She finally decides to go for the guinea pigs.

Adam is up, he has to win. Ryan is up, he wants to win. Sharon feels she's at risk. Sheila is looking confused. She says Natalie is great at puzzles. Adam first made a proper workspace. Ryan kept staring at Jen's picture -- he was mesmerized by her beauty. Jacob's face was on Evel Dick's body. Sheila is hot for Evel Dick. He took over she said. "Is it taking me a million frickin years or what?"

Time to reveal the results. Ryan - 6.01 minutes, Sheila 15.30, Adam 3.20, Natalie 12.09 (she reminds me of the Wicked Witch melting), Sharon 4.56. The Baller's off the block!

Natalie is so happy that Adam won the veto, if he didn't, Sharon would have. If only she knew. Sheila tells is she makes sure Natalie thinks she has her back, but she doesn't. She will be shocked.

Adam is all pumped up. natalie says someone else must go up. Sheila says it's slim pickins, twice. Sheila tells Sharon and Adam that Natalie will be going up and going home. Natalie tells Ryan and Adam she doesn't want to go to sequester. She says they can take out Sheila next week. Ryan tells her not to stress. He goes to break up Sharon and Sheila in the HOH room.

He tells Sheila and Shaon that natalie doesn't think she'll be voted out, but that she knows she'll go up on the block. Ryan tells Sheila he's totally with her -- if you want her gone, she's gone.

God wanted me to go on TV and be me - Natalie after saying she didn't get acting jobs. Sheila and Sharon talk about natalie not being very smart, but she thinks she is. Nat in the pool tells the guys that Sheila and Sharon are talking smack about her.

It would just suck if I ended up going home. Sheila says that natalie's not going anywhere and she didn't go back on her word. She didn't put up Ryan or Natalie. Sheila tells us she didn't like lying to Natalie's face.

Team Christ is going to act like Jesus and keep their word -- Natalie.

Sheila's birthday party, they have cake and are decorating with streamers. They actually shock her. And sing For She's a Jolly Good Fellow (no rights to Happy Birthday). She has a card. She cries. It's from her mom. Their relationship has been on and off. Aw, mom misses her. She's conquere obstacles ahead, but can do it. She's watched all nine seasons of the show, something Sheila didn't know. Her mom was a single mom. Gee, so is Sheila! Cries some more.

Sharon tells Adam that she will only have three jury votes in the end. Ryan and Adam think they should be the final two. Ryan tells Adam he wants Natalie gone even though he'd do better with her with the jury.

Sheila tells Adam and Ryan not to vote one to one. She tells Adam she knows that it would be him voting to keep Natalie. Sheila tells Adam that Natalie would go after her. Sheila tells us she doesn't want to get blood on her hands with a tiebreaker. She will make Adam's life hell if the votes to keep Natalie.

Adam ticks off Sheila so she threatens to put Ryan, his bro, up. After she stomps off, Ryan tells Adam nothing is certain. They just have to wait to make sure Ryan doesn't go on the block, then they run the house and the vote.

POV Meeting time. Adam tells us he's taking himself off the block and wants Sheila to put Natalie on the block. If that happens, he and Ryan control the house. Ryan tells us he's worried. Sharon says she would never ever ask him to use it on her, he deserves it. Adam says Sharon's speech motivated him to use it on himself.

Sheila says the decision is the hardest ever ... she gets teary shaky, really difficult, thought long an hard, has to go with what will get her further in the game. She chooses Natalie and apologizes. Natalie fake pouts. Sheila thanks Ryan for taking her off the block last week. With that, the meeting is adjourned.

Sheila tells us natalie isn't safe. If Adam gives her a pity vote, he'll pay for it. Natalie is confident she's safe. Ryan tells us he and Adam control the game from here on out.