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The Bachelor: London Calling Blog Discussion Post

Due to popular request, here it is! A blog discussion post for the new season of The Bachelor: London Calling. Grab a keyboard and a comfy seat and discuss the show with your friends. It's not a show I watch, but I know many of you do, so this post is for you!

The official show site is here.

Latest BB9 Live Feeds and Stuff

This is who should win the season and take home the half-million!

My latest feeds report is up over on TV Squad and I'll be putting up a new discussion post for The Bachelor. I'm still not watching it, but I know many of you want a place to talk about the show!

BB9 - Live Feeds Overnight Into Monday

Shhh ... don't wake up the houseguests. Actually, this screen cap of Joshuah isn't while he's sleeping. The night vision cameras aren't any good for screen caps. He's thinking, not sleeping.

Here are the late night and overnight events from inside that Big Brother House of Deluded Duos and Supercilious Singles:
  • Joshuah thinks Ryan and Adam will turn against Natalie in the end. (I'm sure they will!)
  • James and Joshuah told Sharon that they would vote to give Ryan the money at the end instead of Adam (if they're there). If Natalie makes it, they would vote for her.
  • Joshuah thinks he'll tell everyone he and Neil were indeed a couple before the show as he goes out the door. (Lie.)
  • James played more solo chess.
  • Adam played with going to the HOH room, ringing the bell, and running. Ah, childhood memories!
  • Natalie told James that Sheila doesn't want him to start up again with pranks.
  • James once again roamed the night alone on his own Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

BB9 - Sunday Night Live Feeds

This screen cap I took of James is about how I feel right now. Thankfully, I don't have those tattoos and the mohawk, but ...! I wrote up the show review and it's over on TV Squad. I'll be doing the Sunday and Tuesday show reviews for the rest of the season there, but I'll continue live blogging here (complete with typos!).

Here are the Sunday night happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Hooligans and Pranksters:
  • Sheila says that when she wins HOH, Ryan will have to read her letter from her son because she'd cry. I don't think she'll have to worry, but I was wrong about Natalie's possibilities of winning, so who knows?
  • Adam mentioned they should throw the HOH to Sheila. He got no takers.
  • Sheila thinks she's made relationships with everyone in the house and they're all real. (She should have continued on to say real fake, real bad, etc.)
  • Sheila thinks James is stupid. Natalie thinks all of them are stupid.
  • Natalie is still on her God kick. Sheila told her she will have a huge following for her beliefs.
  • Ryan told Joshuah that Natalie is still on board with breaking the tie to keep him ... if she keeps her word.
  • They're mad because James called Adam out for throwing comps in his speech (POV?). Adam says he did, but he won't throw any more comps.
  • Sheila told Natalie that everyone deserves to win except Chelsia and James.
  • Someone (Sheila) requested spray disinfectant to clean (the kitchen counters from the shoe prank).
  • Sheila and Natalie are STILL griping about Chelsia in the house and how she left. Get over it, gals! It's now history!
  • Sheila appreciates Joshuah's honesty for saying he hasn't played the game well.
  • Natalie is still beaming over being more inspirational.
  • Joshuah has a plan. He's hungry and he's on the block. The penalty for eating food when on slop is a penalty nomination. Two plus two equals ...? Although I recall last season they didn't give someone a penalty nom when on the block as it would screw things up. Jen when she ate, that's it!
  • Natalie and Joshuah supposedly have a secret alliance because secret alliances are the only ones which work. Now, she'll show it's not an alliance if she has to break the tie as she'll show it's a lie or, if she votes to keep him, it's not a secret. Kind of a short planned secret alliance, eh?
  • Joshuah told Ryan he had more tricks up his sleeve.
  • Joshuah told James he wants to leave the game. He said Natalie won't stop talking.
  • When asked by James, Josh told him no one gave him their word to vote to keep him. He said Natalie said yes on the tie-breaker. "Do you believe her?" James asked. (I don't!)
  • Sharon made a deal with Ryan (who already has a deal with Joshuah).
  • Sharon told Ryan she won't make a deal with the girls. (Ah, the hush-hush Girls Alliance is indeed a covert operation!)
  • Lots of speculation of future days and small talk.

Big Brother 9: 3/30 Show Live Blogged From the East Coast

jackie's tv blog, Big Brother, BB9

The show has started here on the East Coast. This entry will be constantly updated as it airs. As always, comments are very welcome!

We have to go through Chelsia's meltdown once again. And her eviction. And now again in black and white after the credits, Chelsia leaves and takes them all on again. Natalie tells us she was in college for three years. Sheila thinks Chelsia said a low calss and disrespecful thing to a 45-year-old. Joshua feels like he lost his sister in the house. James says it sucks that someone you're close to is gone.

Day 49 -- The aftermath of Chelsia leaving continues. Sheila thinks Chelsia was jealous of a 45-year-old woman. Joshush tells us HOH is crucial for his alliance. Natalie feels so good to know that America thinks she's inspirational. Joshuah knocks Natalie's brain power.

Nat wins HOH again. God waited for the right time for her to win. Sheila thinks Natalie deserved the win and wants vengeance or closure. James thinks Nat's win sucks. Joshuah is kicking himself for losing to Natalie in a mental comp. Adam thinks something is in that holy spirit and he's happy for her.

Ryan thinks the others are shocked and surprised that Natalie won a mental comp. Now she's quoting the bible and thanking God. Ryan names them Team Christ. Adam says he can't knock the Lord, Team Christ!

Nat's on the sevens again. Seven is all over in her life, you know. Tomorrow starts week eight. She's got Adam into it as Ryan bites his nails. Joshuah thinks she's crazy and her theories change as it suits her. Last week eight, this week seven. James points out that it's the eight week, not the seventh.

James looks ridiculous in his shortie robe and hoodie. He goes to Nat. Tells her she needs to trust him. She asks God what to do.

HOH room time. Joshuah noticed that all of Nat's pictures were of her ... except the dog ones. Her letter from home has her choked up. Quick cut to James as she reads her father writing that she was smart .. I swear he wanted to snicker. Sheila turns it to about her in the DR missing her son. Natalie says her parents don't talk and got together for the letter. Adam shed a tear or two.

Natalie hides for hide and seek and the boys look for her. Old footage! Her knee is sticking out of the laundry basket. Josh tells her. She wants to hide again. Joshuah keeps rolling his eyes. They're looking for her and find her crammed in under the sink. How did she fit in there?

Sheila asks Joshuah how he told his parents he was gay. He was 18 in Austin and wanted to go to a party. His mother told him he had to come home, finally he said he was gay. Mom told Dad, they didn't talk about it much at first. He feels better for having told them. Sheila loves his parents now. She makes valid points, but she's SHEILA! I hate agreeing with Sheila, but I must!

Joshuah and Sharon talk -- if James has to go home, he's a scary dude and fierce ... he must!

James is up visiting Natalie again. She tells him she doesn't have a partner and she trusts him more than she trusts Josh. He wants to work with her. They decide to work together and no one knows. She talks about putting Joshuah up. They call final two now. She considers it in the DR to us. She admits he kept his word to her, but Matt went. He points out Chelsia is gone. She's in a quandry.

Time for the food comp! Natalie hosts, gets food all week as HOH. One at a time BB will call them to the yard for a smashing food comp. Adam hates the thought of slop. They're isolated in separate rooms. They're kind of in Kansas. BB gives them the choice of going on slop or food. If not enough choose slop, they'll go on slop. It's all about greed. No matter what, three will get slop for the week. Sharon thinks the guys will all go on food. She chooses slop.

Adam is up, reads it. He automatically goes for food. Sheila thought it a tough choice just like Sharon. Joshuah had issues too. He picks slop thinking the four who picked food will end up on slop. Ryan is figuring out the numbers, too. He goes for slop (but I don't think they showed it). James chose slop, too.

Natalie tells them they reveal it by crushing watermelon. A mority will go on slop. Less than goes on food. Sharon, slop. James, slop. Joshuah, slop. Those three now on slop. Anyone from now on who picked slop gets slop. Ryan, slop. Sheila, slop. Adam, food. One stroke ... and he's thrilled!

James is up in the middle of the night, hard to sleep alone. He talks to himself while playing pool. He cried alone. He played chess alone. It sucks, you know.

Adam and Ryan are creating a whirlpool in the pool swamping Sunglass Duck. Okay.

Natalie is looking at Matt's picture on the Memory Wall. Sharon, Ryan, Joshuah laugh about it. Joshuah thinks Matt should go in the Witness Protection Program or get a restraining order. They think she's stalking his picture.

Ryan tells Natalie that she should backdoor James. She tells us she's still contemplating the deal from James. Her "struck by a dumb stick" look comes over her face as Ryan talks to her.

Nat explains her duties as HOH. Ryan is't worried. He wants James out this week. Joshuah is concerned. James is worried but has hope. Natalie says it's her decision and she will do what's best for her. She thinks it's a good strategy and the noms won't come back to bite her.

It's time! She tells them it's difficult and she must do what's best for her in the game. Key order: Adam, (Sheila smirks), Sheila, Ryan, Sharon. James and Josh are up.

Joshuah -- you are a threat and have never been nominated. Jame s-- I want to believe your word, but ... she goes on to say James and Joshuah are probably working together. She tells us James' word means nothing to her and she can't trust him. Joshuah says he's no longer a block virgin.

POV Ceremony

As expected, James removed himself from the block and Natalie put Sharon up.

jackie's tv blog, Big Brother, BB9

60 Minutes is on here, things seem to be running about a half hour late.

Thanks go out to Zoetawny for the graphic!

Latest BB9 Feeds and Tonight

My latest BB9 feeds report is up at TV Squad. I fully expect tonight's show to be delayed by basketball, but will put up a live blogging post when it starts here in the NYC area.

I hope everybody is having a fine Sunday. Here, I heard the word "sleet" in the forecast. Wah!

Big Brother 9: Live Feeds Into Sunday Morning 3/30

jackie's tv blog, Big Brother, BB9

Yes, it's a new version of the bible! Forget the Old Testament and St. James, it's Natalie's Bible! Thanks go out to graphic artist Zoetawny, of course.

I guess the BB9 house is a lot warmer than it is around here. We had temperatures down near the teens last night. Brr. And they say it's spring?

I left you early yesterday evening with BB playing pranks on the houseguests. Joshuah seemed to either be the target or just perhaps first discovered masked faces in the mirror/windows lining the walls and a plastic rat in the icebox. He's the one I see most often going for the icebox, so it wasn't surprising he discovered the rat. Well, it was surprising to him.

Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Pimp My Prank:
  • Sheila got sprayed with the sink hose in the kitchen. BB prank or fellow houseguest work, I don't know.
  • Natalie and Sheila think a picture of Allison would really freak out Joshuah.
  • Sheila heard strange voices. (In her mind or was it another prank?)
  • Sheila said her boyfriend (?) George and her son will beat up James at the wrap party. (Oh, come on! Sheesh! If you sign to go on the show, you have to know people are going to say and do things you don't like!)
  • At one point, an image of one of the guinea pigs showed on their plasma screen in the living room. The plasma screen usually shows a fireplace, BB announcements like "Nominations Today" and such, and is used during live shows so they can see Julie Chen.
  • Ryan nixes the Soy Sauce Slop.
  • The feeds were blocked for a while. When they returned, Sharon was going on about what happened to her fur-iends.
  • Supposedly it was the guinea pigs doing all the pranks on the house for April Fool's Day. (Yeah, it sounds lame. I had nothing to do with it!)
  • Joshuah and Sharon talked about how scripted things are with BB making things happen.
  • The Girls Alliance grows stronger as the boys play pool and always exclude them.
  • James, Joshuah, and Adam toilet-papered Sheila's room.
  • As they wait for her to discover it, Sheila complained to Natalie about all the pranks they've pulled on her. They are not allowed to flour her! Or spray her with water! (Gremlins must not be fed flour and never get them wet after midnight!)
  • Chelsia's bad behavior is still a major topic in the house.
  • Sheila discovers her room TP'd and thinks her bed is broken. The bed isn't broken -- the boys just switched the mattress on it.
  • Natalie thought Sheila's room bit was funny.
  • Sheila didn't.
  • Joshuah made floury hand prints on the refrigerator to annoy Sheila.
  • Ryan and the boys plan to keep waking up Sheila during the night banging on pans. (How original, eh?)
  • Adam doesn't think it's a good idea and Joshuah doesn't want to do it if he's the only one doing it.
  • They decided to postpone the wake-ups until tomorrow.
  • Joshuah asked Adam how it looks for him. Adam was evasive.
  • Adam and Ryan laughed about how Joshuah will break down when he gets evicted.
  • Adam allegedly was in prison in France for three months. I didn't get the background to that story.
  • James and Josh went ahead and woke up Sheila by banging pots and pans. She covered her head with the blankets and pillow until they went away.
  • Joshuah told James he needs to vote to keep him in the house because he's a target and it diffuses the target on James.
  • Joshuah says he brought Sharon back and now he'll leave because of her. (Well, if he thinks about it, it's because of himself.)
  • James was up until the wee hours once again roaming the house. He exercised, snacked, and wandered aimlessly.
  • As the HG slept, it sounds like there's a duck in the backyard. They're all still asleep as I post this.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

BB9 - Live Feeds Into Saturday Evening

I'm awaiting my more extensive report to go up on TV Squad, but I'm not sure when it might show, so I thought I'd do a brief update here for now.

The vote change, then re-change, and change again is still on. Even if Ryan and James vote to keep Joshuah, Natalie will vote to keep Sharon in a tie-breaker.

The biggest new news is that BB has been doing odd things in the house -- faces in the windows, a fake rat in the icebox. The HG think they're doing it for footage for the April Fool's Day show.

Natalie had another premonition -- James will leave April 9. I guess she's finished with 7s and 8s.

BB9 Live Feeds Into Saturday Morning

I took these screen caps of the hamsters in the yard last night. In the second one they were trying to signal for help from a helicopter which kept flying overhead. The helicopter flew away and the BB9 Seven remain on the island.

If you haven't read the previous entry, scroll back to read it before this one. Here's the latest from the overnight hours:
  • Sheila says everyone hates her because she's so honest. @@
  • Joshuah told Natalie that Adam told him he will give him his vote because James is voting for him to stay. He said Adam said he'd work on Ryan to get him to vote for him, too. (Adam is clueless of the most recent conspiring in the house.)
  • Adam is worried about Sharon putting him on the block if she wins HOH.
  • With Sheila, Josh was still talking as if he's going out unanimously (or near it) on Wednesday.
  • Sharon said she'd do whatever it takes to stay in the game.
  • Sharon talked to Natalie. She bad-mouthed Ryan to her. Now, Ryan has been telling Natalie that Sharon is the mole. How will Natalie react?
  • Why, Natalie tells Sharon that Ryan, James, and Joshuah are trying to send her (Sharon) home this week! Loose lips sink ships!
  • Natalie tells Sharon she wants to stick to her original plan and get rid of the boys.
  • Sharon warned Natalie that James tells Joshuah everything which is said to him.
  • The Girls Alliance is in full swing -- Natalie, Sharon, and Sheila.
  • Ryan and Adam talked -- Ryan wants to make sure that Sharon will put up James if she gets HOH. They plan to use their voting power to get her to do what they want.
  • James is still adamant that he'll be giving Joshuah a sympathy vote.
  • Natalie told Adam she has to vote out Joshuah because he poured pickle juice all over her.
  • Lots of small talk, sex talk and plans of pranks on each other.
  • Joshuah scared Sheila by jumping out at her and laughter ensued.
So, first it looked like Joshuah was going home. Then the tides turned and it was Sharon going home. Now it's Joshuah going home again. And we still have about five days until the actual vote.

Big Brother 9 Live Feeds Since POV

Adam supplies the secret ingredient for the meal Natalie is preparing for them. Mystery meat!

Here are the happenings since the POV in the Big Brother House of the Comeback Kid:
  • Joshuah, fully accepting that he will be going home this week, told everyone he just wants to have a nice week in the house. He said he won't blow up.
  • Ryan is really, really ticked off that James won POV.
  • Ryan told Adam they need to keep Joshuah. It's expected that Sharon will be put on the block in place of James to (supposedly) insure Joshuah will go home.
  • Even though Sheila said she wanted to go on the block, Natalie says she won't nominate her. She doesn't want to be in position of tie-breaker.
  • Joshuah talked to Natalie, telling her he understands why she put him on the block and he's not mad. She apologized to him.
  • Ryan told Natalie that if Joshuah isn't voted out, he'll give her safety. He once again mentioned that Sharon is the mole.
  • Natalie is worried that James and Joshuah will work together if Josh stays.
  • Natalie told James that Sharon will be going on the block and they're thinking of keeping Joshuah.
  • Sharon is getting worried.
  • Natalie told Joshuah she'd need a one week deal that Ryan and James would vote to keep him and she'll break a tie vote in his favor. Joshuah told her that he has had a deal with Ryan for a while now.
  • Joshuah told her he'd give them two weeks if they give him one.
  • Natalie said after this week, Adam and Sheila need to go.
  • Everyone loves the new Joshuah.
  • He said he'll mope around so people don't suspect anything's up.
  • Joshuah told Natalie he indeed saw Matt and Chelsia making out one night.
  • James agreed to the keep James deal.
  • James mentioned to Sharon he might give Joshuah a sympathy vote. (He didn't give one to Chelsia when he knew she'd be unanimously voted out! She should suspect trouble ahead.)
  • Continuing the ruse, Joshuah told Sheila that he will go with grace and dignity and asked that she take good care of Sharon.
  • Sharon thinks James is going to win the game. Joshuah thinks he should.
  • The new alliance of Natalie, Ryan, James, and Joshuah is underway.
  • Sharon and Sheila think there is still a war ongoing between James and Natalie.
  • James and Joshuah talked alone about feeling sorry for Sharon, but it has to be done.
  • Sharon told Joshuah she feels it's her duty to win it all and have a party for him.
  • Adam asked Ryan if he won HOH, would he put up James? Ryan said he would.
  • Adam is worried about Sharon putting him on the block if she wins HOH. He should be worrying about his own people doing that. Little do they know, but Sheila and Adam are the targets of the new alliance.
  • Sheila is very thrilled getting to know the new Joshuah.
  • Sharon and Sheila have no clue that anything's going on, none at all.
Of course, it's still a number of days until eviction. But it looks like a flip-flop is going on once again.

Friday, March 28, 2008

POV Winner

He did it again. James won POV. Natalie is freaking. She thinks she'll put Sharon up again to get Joshuah out. Above is Joshuah's reaction.

BB9 Live Feeds

The POV comp is underway right now -- I'll let you know when I know! My latest feeds report is up on TV Squad.

BB9 - Live Feeds Late Night/Overnight Into Friday

Sharon and Adam talking in the backyard last night.

Here's the latest from the Big Brother House of Abnormal Psychology:
  • As I previously reported, all will play for veto except Adam who will host it.
  • James picked Sharon in the random pick.
  • Joshuah says he won't freak out because whatever happens he has to live with them -- either in the house or in sequester.
  • They speculated about the POV but don't really know anything other than who's playing.
  • Sheila and Natalie talked more about Chelsia.
  • Sheila thinks it's time for her to win POV.
  • Joshuah told Sharon that if he wins POV, he'll take himself off the block, but asked if she wins that she keeps the noms the same. He thinks he can win against James.
  • James might be pulling a Chelsia. He thinks Sheila (or Kimberly, her alter ego) is a target. He decided he's going to make her life hell for the five days he has left.
  • He screamed and swore at her.
  • Sheila thinks James is insane -- she claims he was foaming at the mouth and everything.
  • Sheila told Natalie to win POV, take James off, and put her on the block -- she wants to go home.
  • Natalie said no, she won't put her on the block.
  • James continued his meltdown, crying to Ryan and Adam. Oh, he's all alone in the game! Woe is me!
  • Sheila said she's going to sleep in HOH with Natalie as long as James is in the house.
  • After a DR session, James asked Sheila if she was okay. She told him that she told Natalie to put her on the block. He thinks as a pawn.
  • Joshuah and James are both very subdued. They know one of them will be going this week. Joshuah said he knew he wouldn't be in with the "cool kids" in the house, he's always been one who watches from the outside.
  • Before going to bed, Sheila wished James "good luck" and told him she meant it.
  • James was up later than everyone else, but all are asleep as I get this posted.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

'Big Brother 9' - Live Feeds Since Nominations

It's a fine meal of fried slop with pickles for everyone except Adam and Natalie.

Here's what's happened in that Big Brother House of Sloppy Eaters:
  • Natalie was worried that her speech may have been mean. She knows she just can't be mean!
  • Natalie apologized to Joshuah for putting him on the block. She told him he'd have to win veto. As it stands with Joshuah and James, Josh will have the votes to stay. But he really has to go for the veto because if James wins it and takes himself off the block, it's bye-bye Joshuah!
  • Joshuah shaved a part of his body. Yikes!
  • James was in the sauna alone for a long time.
  • Sheila is sure James will win POV.
  • Joshuah eavesdropped on Natalie and Sheila and probably only got a headache.
  • Sheila told James she thinks he'll win the game. She's often told him he doesn't deserve to win because he'd just waste the winnings.
  • Natalie told Joshuah that James is a threat and really must go.
  • They talked about Chelsia's attitude again.
  • They got creative with the slop. Sheila kept saying how good it tastes. No one else said it was good.
  • Adam is hosting the POV, everyone else is playing.
That's where it stands right now as I post this. I don't think anything major will happen until the POV is played tomorrow. Right now all they can do is speculate and eat slop.

'Celebrity Apprentice' Season Finale - East Coast Updates and Discussion

Although I won't be writing the finale up in its entirety, I will post the big news here as it airs here on the east coast.

Your comments and discussion, as always, are welcome!

Both Piers and Trace are under pressure. Aw, Trace's wife and two little girls showed up to surprise him.

Piers is doing great at the auction thanks to the head of Cantor-Fitzgerald who bid $100,000 each for tea with the Duchess and a night with the Osbournes (band included). Ivanka won a dinner with Trace for $6,000. She's sweet on him. Simon Cowell (for Piers) bid $100,000 for a $10,000 shopping spree with Ivanka.

Piers won the auction, Trace won the ticket sales.

Any juice bar in Manhattan has wheatgrass juice. But I don't see Trace as a Manhattan juice bar kind of man.

Piers is the Celebrity Apprentice, not due to his personality, but it's all about the numbers.

BB9 Live Feeds and Stuff

My latest feeds post is up over on TV Squad. The feeds just returned a few minutes ago -- blocked for the nominations ceremony. As expected, James and Joshuah are on the block.

A bit later I'll get a post up for the Celebrity Apprentice finale. I won't be live-blogging the two hour show, but will post updates and I know you want to talk about it in comments!

No Survivor tonight due to basketball and Lost is a repeat.

Big Brother 9 - Live Feeds Overnight Into Thursday

Natalie looks all fluffy as she still can't get over winning HOH.

James knows that unless he wins POV, chances are he's going home this week. But will Natalie put him on the block or try to backdoor him?

Ryan sits in Natalie's HOH with her basket of goodies behind him.

Here are the late night/overnight happenings from the house:
  • James and Natalie talked some more. He told her that he has her back 100% now that Chelsia is gone.
  • They shook on James not using the veto to save Joshuah if he wins it.
  • He told her it's okay if she puts him on the block. She told him that she had to do what's best for her.
  • Adam happy danced. Snoopy has no competition.
  • Natalie told Sheila and Adam everything James said to her.
  • Sheila told her she can't work with James. Natalie said she wouldn't.
  • Sheila thinks it was horrible for James not to cast a sympathy vote for Chelsia. (Had he done that, she would have complained about that, too.)
  • Sharon told Joshuah she no longer trusts James -- he was trying to sell out Joshuah now.
  • Natalie told her group that she said she was going to put up both boys and she will be putting up both boys.
  • Joshuah warned Sharon that Natalie and Sheila are like sisters now.
  • Joshuah thinks it's going to be a scary week for him. He's very worried and doesn't have James in his corner now.
  • Natalie said she may look dumb because she has big boobs, but she isn't dumb.
  • Natalie keeps saying that she's going to give Matt his birthday present (by sending James to sequester).
  • After the others went to sleep, James roamed the house, stopping at the Memory Wall and the kitchen for a snack.
  • Finally, all are asleep as I post this.

BB9 - Show Review on TVS and Feeds Since Eviction

I was asked to write up the review/recap of tonight's live eviction show and it's now up over on TV Squad.

Here's the lowdown on what's gone on in the Big Brother House of A Change Is Gonna Come since the eviction:
  • Joshuah, certain that he and James will be put on the block, asked Natalie and Ryan to PLEASE win POV and let the nominations remain the same. He thinks that he stands the chance to stay against James, but James wins every POV comp.
  • Now Natalie is off her "8's" kick and onto '7's." She believes God obviously gave her His blessing -- James will NOT win POV because she'll be able to play in this one.
  • Natalie said tonight was EPIC.
  • James reminded Natalie that they had mended fences. She reminded him he backdoored her Mattie.
  • James told her if she puts him up, he'll be evicted.
  • He wants her to trust him. (Haven't we heard that before?)
  • James told Joshuah he thinks he'll be backdoored. Joshuah told him he wouldn't be -- he's sure both of them will put directly on the block, no backdooring about it.
  • James said Chelsia's speech and exit were a lot calmer than she had told them they would be. (Oh, my.)
  • James saw his brother on the video in back of Julie when he did the HOH interview with her, but he couldn't hear what he was saying.
  • James said that while everyone was upset about Chelsia and the Easter eggs, he was getting laid. (Sheila??? Heh, no. Chelsia, naturally!)
  • Natalie got her HOH room -- pictures of family, dog Sampson, a Yellowbird CD, alcohol.
  • James thinks that Chelsia ruined any chance he has with Sheila this week. (For her vote, not sex!)
  • James also said he won't rain on Natalie's parade. She wanted HOH so much and worked hard to get it.
  • Sheila and Natalie talked more about how horrid Chelsia is.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Idol - East Coast Update - 3/26 Results Show

Chikeezie is in the bottom three.

Carly is not pregnant.

Syesha Mercado is in the bottom three.

Jason Castro is in the bottom three. He's safe and sent to the couch.

Chikeezie was voted off tonight.

Big Brother 9 - 3/26 Live Eviction Show Live Blogged from the East Coast

jackie's tv blog, Big Brother, BB9

The show has started here on the East Coast. This entry will be constantly updated as it airs. As always, comments are very welcome!

Recaps, of course. Josh is manipulating Sharon and it all comes to pass. I'm sure a black and white recap will come after the credits.

Julie Chen is wearing a beige pants and sweater set. No boots, it must be spring. I'm not used to seeing her in lighter colors.

She recaps the past. Sigh.

But first, it was Easter in the BB house and eggs weren't the only things to crack under pressure. Now the B&W recap! (I knew it.) The veto meeting once again. Chelsia tells us how pathetic Natalie is, Josh thinks he is so awesome. Natalie thinks the bigger threats are James and Chelsia, they must be split up.

Sharon tells Adam it's okay, he did the right thing, she's not stressing. Chelsia is upset. She's made a bond with James and THEY want to break it up. He's the only one she trusts in the game. She's not ready to leave. She doesn't think she's played the game and having a relationship with James has screwed her over in the game. She and James are laying on a bed -- he's sympathetic, but he wants to win, too.

Natalie is telling stories while Chelia pouts. All-timers disease is what Natalie thinks Alzheimers is. Chelsia is annoyed by Nat's lack of education and everything she does bothers her. Chelsia is ready to blow, you can tell it, as she watches Natalie color eggs. Natalie made a beaver egg.

Chelsia decided is she's going to go out of the house, she'll go out with a bang. She broke an egg of Natalie's, and another. She smashes the whole bowl of eggs and mushes them together. Natalie thinks she picks on her because she's her biggest threat. She's flipping out! Sharon goes to hide. Natalie prays and does her nails. Yikes.

Aam and Ryan are watching on the spycam. Even James doesn't understand her. He doesn't want to be connected with her and tells us he's voting against Chelsia tonight.

IN DR segments, Natalie can't stand Chelsia's foul mouth, Sheila thinks Chelsia has a potty mouth and is a problem child.

Julie checks in with the houseguests and even calls Adam Aballer. She asks about the baby food. He didn't put it on any of his questions, he says. She calls him a big sport. Then they show the Evel Dick wakeup to the HG. Sheila ran to Dick and hugged him. Is Evel Dick her kind of guy? Absolutely is and she's attracted to him. Natalie, you seem to be doing okay. Is Matt still on her mind? All the time, she misses. It's actually easier to play the game now, but she still misses him. How many letters are in Matt's last name? 8! Does it mean anything to her? Maybe.

Sharon, if you are evicted, who will take care of your fur-iends? Natalie.

Adam segment -- lot more to ABaller than one would expect. He cannonballs, struts, lifts weights. Sheila doesn't get Baller. His brother says you have to get through the layers of Baller til you get to Adam. Mom says he's kind and loving, very charitable, helps others, big heart (they show the Sheila ten grand again). His brother is better looking! They talk about his speech patterns. His mother says he remembers everything. His brother says he's really smart and fools people.

DR sessions -- Joshuah thinks Chelsia has been showing a dark side, Ryan wants Chelsia gone, James thinks she's the Titantic and she's bringing him down with her.

To the HOH to talk to Adam. He's happy. She brings up Sheila. Where does she stand with him now? He says he was never going to put her up, wanted to get a rise out of her, thinks she has his back. He admits he would have voted Alex in but didn't raise his hand because James was there. He's worried that James might win HOH and he'll go on the block. He came across as personable.

Talking to nominees -- just before live vote. Shraon, amazing time, would love to stay. Chelsia wants to stay, everything happens for a reason, fast talk, did not change for anyone, did not breatfeed off of anyone, so please give me your vote. James cringed. YIKES.

The votes:
Natalie votes to evict Chelsia.
Joshuah votes to evict Chelsia.
Ryan votes to evict Chelsia ... officially she's out.
Sheila votes to evict Chelsia
James votes to evict Chelsia ... sadly.

Unanimous vote to evict Chelsia and we go to commercial.

The reveal -- Chelsia OMG -- she talked so fast -- Adam, get a backbone, Sheila is roadkill, Natalie get educated, she loves Joshuah, she kisses James.

Sheila talks about her being rreal mature. Very weird and bound to be a classic exit.

Julie interview -- Whispered to Joshuah was a pep talk. She told James there's a reason he's in the game. She wants both James and Josh to do well. She tells Julie that she knew she would go and wanted to go out with a bang. She told James to play with his head ... she wants to see James win if she can't. Did she throw in the towel? No, she knew she needed Natalie, Sheila, and Ryan's vote, tried, but they were stuck in stone. Back to mystery guest, bringing James back in she regrets.

Goodbyes -- Josh will take out Natalie, Sharon remain friends, Nat sorry she's gone, will pray for her quit hating on people. James cares about her, his time with her special, she's amazing, he wants to be with her outside the house, worth more than a half-million. Now she cries, game is hard. Romance? She wants to watch the season before committing.

HOH comp -- Adam won't play. They are blindfolded in the Big Brother Election. Julie will ask questions based on our answers. They step forward if right. Stay of wrong. Player ahead after seven questions wins.

Who would recarve Mt. Rushmore only their face? Joshuah or Sheila. Sheila and James remain behind.

BB winnings to charity? Sheila or Adam? Adam

INteresting biogrpahy? James or Sheila -- James. Yikes, Natlaie in lead.

Lead into battle? Ryan or James -- James. All except for Sharon and James right.

Inspiring speech? Natalie or Joshuah -- Natalie ... ACK Nat almost there!

Stop motorcade for squirrel -- Sharon or Natalie -- Sharon.

ACKKK -- Natalie is the new HOH, screaming and jumping.

Natalie is overjoyed. She wants to see her photos of families, friends, and animals.

Tonight, Tonight and Live Feeds

Due to some circumstances beyond my control, I don't have much of a feeds report. I'll be live blogging tonight's show starting at 8 PM ET.

The early part of the day inside the BB9 house was uneventful.
  • Sheila and Natalie schemed and primped.
  • Sharon talked about Jacob.
  • Natalie prayed.
  • Joshuah brought James breakfast in bed.
  • They were told that they would be blindfolded for the HOH comp and if they miss a question, they won't be out. They think the questions will be about evicted houseguests, but if it's the poll with no place for "none of the above" that I took at the CBS site, it's present HG.
  • That poll may give them the wrong idea and make them think we like them!

OFF TOPIC - The Weirdest Thing

I was waiting for the train at the Bridgewater (NJ) Train Station when I heard a commotion above me. I looked up and there were three birds dive-bombing straight at me! Yikes! They swooped back up about twenty feet above me after terrifying me for a moment. I started to watch them. The larger bird is a young (or small) hawk and the other two are crows. The crows are chasing the hawk and literally flying into him in what seems like an effort to knock him out of the air. I've never seen anything like it although hawks and crows are all over the skies here. I didn't get any good shots of the in-air collisions, but take my word ... they were happening. How it all turned out, I don't know. My train came into the station and I had to leave them.

Big Brother 9 Widget

This is what I get for checking out a widget on the CBS site. It's actually kind of nifty, but it just appeared smack dab there!

For more widgets please visit

'Big Brother 9' - Live Feeds Into the Night 3/25

Joshuah talks to Chelsia, who's decided to go to bed early tonight.

Although we might have been expecting something ... wait for it ... legendary, tonight hasn't been a huge brouhaha in the house. Here are the happenings in the Big Brother House of Derisive Whisperings:
  • They took HOH photos again. And, once again, Natalie loves the camera!
  • Joshuah has decided that Sheila has two personalities. He calls the spicy one Kimberly.
  • Sheila, forever playing both sides yet as transparent as Saran wrap, told Sharon if the votes flip, she voted for her to stay.
  • Adam just compares Sheila to a roller coaster. Perhaps a roller coaster named the Kimberly Krasher?
  • Chelsia thinks something happened in her life to make Natalie the way she is. (What excuse does Chelsia have?)
  • Sheila now thinks Sharon will be going home. Or, at least she's saying that.
  • Sheila thinks Ryan will betray them.
  • Natalie thinks that Joshuah will vote to keep Chelsia.
  • Boy, they're getting paranoid.
  • Now even Ryan is worried that they'll vote to keep Chelsia and he'll be the odd vote.
  • Natalie is pushing an anti-Josh agenda making everyone think he's going to betray Sharon.
  • Natalie and Sheila mentioned in front of Sharon that they're trying to frame Joshuah and convince him to vote to keep Chelsia.
  • I just don't understand their reasoning at all. I think they do want to keep Sharon, but what if this backfires?
  • Surprise, surprise, Sheila doesn't think James should win the money because he'd just waste it. She needs it more. Natalie needs it more.
  • Natalie says she'll get rid of James when she wins HOH tomorrow. @@
  • Joshuah told Sharon the vote will be either 5-0 or 4-1 for her to stay tomorrow.
  • He told her she cannot trust either Sheila or Natalie.
  • Natalie and Sheila won't vote for James to win in the final two no matter who he's against (if he gets that far).
  • Ryan and Adam are worried about what Sheila is up to.
  • Ryan wants to go to bed early, the better to think about possible HOH questions for a comp.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

'Big Brother 9' - 3/25 Show Live Blogged from the East Coast

jackie's tv blog, Big Brother, BB9

The show has started here on the East Coast. This entry will be constantly updated as it airs. As always, comments are very welcome!

ARGh. Computer problems -- lost about all since before my save

Dick in the house.

Club evel in the backyard. James is hunting Adam down. DRink down special concoctions, play rock and roll croquest 10 drinks, three minutes. Each drink, a croquet shot. If winner can beat his 33 points from last season, the veto and classis Gibson Les Paul guitar and amp. If they can't beat him, he wins.

Sharon -- Chilis drink, Hangover cure, etc. Now Joshuah is up. Joshuah quits. Sheila got two down, three. For her son. Chelsia two drinks at once. Adam going for it. James up. He's determined.

Results -- Joshuah 5, Sharon and Chelsia 6, Dick told Chelsia she's pathetic. Sheila has 7 and James is upset.. She goes to the croquet, good shot, five points. She ends up with 23, leading so far. Adam drank 8. Adam knows James probably has ten shots. Chelsia thinks James will leave if the noms remain. Adam has beat Sheila ... has the veto, but James is up.

He must beat 28 for the veto, 33 for the guitar. Dick keeps telling him how much he needs the veto, his life in the house is on the line. He got 29 and won the veto, but Dick gets the guitar! Magical wizards keeping him in the house and he'll stay until he wins the game, he says. Chelsia feels royally screwed. Jpshuah and Sharon know one of them will go on the block.

Chelsia and James hug in the storage room. If one leaves, one has to go to the end. Chelssia is sad, but James loves her. James tells Joshuah and Sharon that he had to do it. Josh wants to make sure Sharon goes up and not him. He talks to Ryan who wants him around. Still an alliance going there. If Sharon goes up, Chelsia is guaranteed to go home. Joshuah knows that it could turn on him if he went up, but Sharon would easily stay. He knows Sharon loves Chelsia. He's blown away with her dedication and how darned good he is at the game. She buys it.

Sharon talks to Adam, taking one for the team. She tells him she's okay with it if he puts her on the block. Adam has that dazed look like he's hypnotized. He'll go for it. Sharon talks to Natalie and Joshuah, tells them. Natalie tells us she thinks Josh has something to do with it, he's sneaky.

God has to give me the power to get rid of him -- Natalie to Adam about James. She thinks he should put Josh up. Sharon does whatever Josh says. If they get rid of him, Sharon will come around. They tell Ryan. He points out that this is the time to get rid of Chelsia. Natalie thinks that Joshuah is more scary, Ryan says he wants to weaken James. Natalie says if Josh gets HOH, he'll nominate her.

James looking at the Memory Wll in anticipation of the veto -- he says he's already been evicted because of Chelsia once, won't be again. Chelsia knows that if Sharon goes up, that means Natalie, Ryan, and Adam want her out.

Chelsia speaks -- wants to stay in the game, realistically he beat her in the game, save himself. James will save himself and will stay in the house and play with vengeance. Adam says it's a hard decision. An option was best to keep his own risk level at a minumum, Sharon goes up. He thinks the repercussions will be at a mininum with Sharon on the block.

Sharon wants to end the game with Joshuah. Chelsia thinks James is laughing at her and she'll go home. Joshuah is saying he'll be the winner -- he even made Sharon go on the block for him.

Latest BB9 Live Feeds, Roofus and Friends of Roofus

My latest Big Brother 9 live feeds report is up over on TV Squad. I'll be live blogging tonight's episode here starting at 9 PM ET. You're all invited to come by and join the festivities in the comments!

Today was a day of cats. Where is Roofus? Where is Roofus? (He's there, I swear!) You can click on the photo for a larger image.

Why, THERE is Roofus!

I also walked by the ex-car rental place where the elderly man now stocks tons of cat food. These two feral cats were by the water bowl and a dish of dry food set out. Another was atop the roof of the garage which leads to where I believe Roofus accesses the rooftops. These two are part of the big-headed strays by the train station. They're short and, if thin, their heads seem way too large for their bodies. But, they're surely not thin now!

That's my tail of the day.

BB9 - Live Feeds Into Tuesday Morning

Nah, this is a current screen cap from the house. I took it yesterday. It's dark and they're sleeping now.

Here's what happened in the Big Brother House of Horrible Houseguests since my last report:
  • Natalie read the bible out loud to Sheila.
  • James told Adam his speech (POV?) was stupid. He apparently said something about "to minimize risk" which doesn't ring bells with me on the nominations speech.
  • James and Adam played chess.
  • Ryan and James played chess.
  • Sharon told Natalie she rarely drinks beer, doesn't like it. Natalie told her that she prefers pot to alcohol.
  • Adam, James, Chelsia, Joshuah, and Ryan talked about Natalie's life. They think that something seems to be missing. (Maybe they'll decide that Sheila's her mother next!)
  • There seems to be a 2-3 year gap in her stories to them.
  • I'm glad they're not analyzing my life. There are some years in the past I rarely mention and remember little ... probably on purpose.
  • Natalie says she won't embarrass herself like Chelsia on national television. God has tested her and she passed. @@
  • Sheila thinks Joshuah's time in the house is just about up. On that side, she and Natalie only think Sharon is deserving of the win.
  • In my opinion, whoever wins deserves to win. It won't mean I'll be happy with the winner, but that's the way it is. They all have to live with themselves afterward.
  • They're sleeping like little angels, aw.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Big Brother 9: Live Feeds Into Monday Evening

Doldrums in the BB9 house -- they definitely do too much in a few days and then pretty much nothing from Sunday until Wednesday this season. I hope the upcoming summer show goes back to a Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday schedule.

Here's the latest scoop from that Big Brother House of Mixed Nuts:
  • Natalie told Sharon it takes her more than 30 days to fall in love. She's said that before, too. Then she usually goes back to talking about her Mattie. Go figure.
  • The girls talked about their MySpace pages.
  • Sharon told Sheila that Natalie is after Joshuah. Sheila said that she will do whatever she wants to do.
  • Sheila thinks Adam would have put her on the block if they didn't need the numbers to evict Chelsia.
  • Sheila thinks that they want her out of the house because no one wants to be in the final two with her. She'd win against anyone, y'know. (Actually, she might, not that I want her to win. Come to think of it, I don't think I want any of this group to win. A double eviction at the end and no one wins I say!)
  • Natalie and Sheila had a gabfest. Natalie is taken with her Mattie!
  • Natalie told Sheila that James apologized to her and hinted that she might be working with him. (Oh, fine. Telling Sheila something is like broadcasting it with a megaphone. Oh, I miss the Megaphone Lady, Miss Kitty!)
  • James thinks if he was on the block, Chelsia would have a better chance to stay. Well, duh!
  • Chelsia told Joshuah that her mother is probably flipping out over her rants. (No, she isn't. I'm sure she's changed her name, moved, and written Chelsia out of the will by now. No flipping out needed!)
  • The guys shaved. Ryan even had his arms shaved.
  • Natalie once again mentioned that her period is late.
  • Sheila complained that she didn't get someone hot like the other women did in the soulmate thing. Well, someone had to have Adam!

Latest BB9 Live Feeds Report

My latest live feeds report is up over on TV Squad. I'll be reporting here later tonight. But they have to do more!

BB9 Live Feeds Sunday Night Into Monday Morning

Chelsia in a quiet moment yesterday.

Here's what's been happening in that Big Brother Ship of Fools since the veto meeting:
  • The HG got their sugar fixes by eating the Easter candy.
  • Chelsia asked if they could eat the eggs they dye. They don't think so. @@
  • Joshuah and James hid some of the beer they got in the storage room.
  • BB gave them beer and wine.
  • They had fun with decorating eggs.
  • An indoor lockdown was forced as one of the outdoor cameras fell to the ground and had to be fixed.
  • Natalie and Sheila say they hate peeps. Well, maybe peeps hate them on back!
  • Lots of sex talk once again. Oh, gee. Natalie said she can't bring herself to a climax. If I have to know, so do you.
  • Chelsia once again talked about how she would have sex with Matt in sequester -- this time until his crooked eye goes straight.
  • Sheila cried because Matt wasn't there to defend himself. @@
  • Joshuah asked if Matt was her son (Sheila's) -- she cried more and said he isn't.
  • Natalie can't understand why Chelsia keeps attacking her. Yet Natalie keeps making remarks about her leaving.
  • Natalie claims that Chelsia would be evicted immediately if she brought up the abortions again.
  • Joshuah hopes the latest Chelsia acting out brouhaha doesn't go on the air for the show.
  • Joshuah told Natalie that Chelsia was in the wrong. Whether he thinks it or is just working Natalie, your guess.
  • Natalie told Joshuah and Sheila she was picked on all the time when she was a child.
  • Back to the finger incident between Matt and Chelsia. Natalie still says it didn't happen.
  • Natalie thinks she's the sole survivor of the Sexy Six in the house.
  • Joshuah told Ryan he thinks Matt is Sheila's son and that's why she's so upset.
  • Chelsia napped after her tirade at Natalie.
  • Sharon told James that she thinks Matt is Sheila's nephew or son.
  • Sheila told Chelsia the only reason she's after Natalie is because Natalie has annoyed her since the first day. Well, yeah.
  • Joshuah told James that Sheila said Matt was "family."
  • Sheila denied Matt was her son and said there is just too much going on in the house that she can't talk about.
  • Joshuah told Sheila that Chelsia is crazy and won't let things rest.
  • James and Chelsia talked about the times they've had sex in the house.
  • James said he got into trouble for hiding beer for Chelsia.
  • As I post this, James and Chelsia are still awake on their fold-out couch, but the rest are all asleep.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

'Big Brother 9' - 3/23 Show Live Blogged from the East Coast

jackie's tv blog, Big Brother, BB9

The show has started here on the East Coast after being delayed by March Madness basketball (grr). This entry will be constantly updated as it airs. As always, comments are very welcome!

For a change, we're starting the show with a recap of the last show! What a novel idea! Matt just got evicted and Adam is the new HOH! And now we see it all again in black and white after the show theme. Matt is evicted once again! And Natalie is sad.

James tells us that it's their own stupidity they brought him back. He's happy he got Matt out of the house.

It's Day 42 and Natalie is crying as her beloved Mattie's photo goes black and white. Sharon thinks Nat feels she's lost the game and her "soulmate." Adam feels pigeonholed into an alliance with Sheila and Ryan.

Oh, now Adam won HOH again! Adam really doesn't want it -- he doesn't want to make decisions. Sheila says "we'll" seek vengeance like she won. Natalie is acting like she won. Chelsia wanted the HOH bad and thinks it will be a tough week. James thinks everyone's fair game with Adam.

Natalie immediately goes to Adam, so does Sheila. He's their hero. Poor Adam. He tells Joshuah he didn't want to win. He thinks people are both nervous and fake around him. He doesn't care that Sheila is proud of him.

Then it's Ryan's play for him. Ryan plays the Boys Club card. Adam just looks buggy-eyed.

Natalie is still upset about losing her Mattie. Joshuah thinks Natalie is already like a lost puppy and he's glad to see them separated. Sheila comforts her, tells her it will be fine. Natalie tells us in a DR session she will be strong. She tells the others that she's had to be strong her whole life.

Natalie seems to have had some issues with people getting close and leaving her in the past. Of course, she doesn't quite get that Matt doesn't think of her like she thinks of him.

Natalie tells Chelsia she already knows what will happen this week -- someone from her side (Chelsia) will be going home. Now she's determined in the DR sessions. Ryan tells her that Adam is easily swayed by people and she has to work on him. She tells us she already has Adam's HOH reign planned and it will be war against the other side.

Sharon is calling the guinea pigs "beebies" -- babies. Joshuah mocks her in the DR room, then shoots himself with his figure. Joshuah thinks they don't understand her, all they want is food. Sharon loves them. They're her fur-iends.

Time for Ada's HOH room. Wow, in one photo he loks good. He was a cute kid. Aw, doggies. He has baby food. He tells us he likes it, but is totally embarrassed. (I actually like the banana stuff myself, though haven't had any in years). Natalie wants some baby food.

Joshuah and Sheila talk in the bathroom. She asks who will go up, he tells her that he (Josh) and her just to freak her out. Now her stomach is hurting her.

They do a gay Josh and Straight Adam bit. Joshuah tells him that he's his bitch and made a deal. He told him he'd help him out, not put him up and what he told Sheila. They go in to see Sheila. Adam plays along. Sheila is stunned. Joshuah is just about laughing. He tells us it would be a good move for him to put her on the block.

America can get involved in this week's HOH comp -- details at

Adam calls for all to gather in the living room for a very special luxury comp. It's for the new movie 21. We see the preview the HG saw. They're thrilled. Sheila is the biggest movie buff ever, of course. The backyard is done up like Las Vegas with all kinds of gambling. The game of blackjack is beatable if you know how to count cards. The cards have the HG face and number. Be the first to ring in at 21. If right, you get a chip. Wrong, out of game. First to four chips wins and invites three others to see the movie.

Ryan gets the first chip. James is the first one out. Adam won a chip. Sheila is out not to any surprise of Joshuah. Ryan has a second chip. Joshuah is out. Natalie has a chip. Ryan has his third chip. Ryan has his fourht chip. He won the comp. He chooses Adam, Natalie, and James. Sheila is upset.

Are you a gambling man? VIP trip for two to Las Vegas and $5,000 to spend. He has to risk losing the movie passes, they will go to other group of houseguests he didn't invite. He would have to win a game of blackjack.

Ryan risks it all for the 21 grand prize package. Ryan stays at 18, dealer 19 and Ryan lost. Now Sheila can see her movie. Ryan is happy for the other group -- Joshuah, Sharon, Chelsia and Sheila get to see the movie.

Natalie is praying to God and telling us how she reads the bible for strength. She tells Sheila that she was looking for signs. Eight curtains. Eight vases, eight ducks, eight sayings. She's found seven groups of eight. She neds one more. She will keep counting. She looks at the der head and says okay. Huh?

The table shrunk. It's that time of the season! Natalie is now thinking it has more to do with eight -- eight letters for Evel Dick, maybe he's coming back. She's sure there's some relevance.

She works on Adam for a Chelsia/James ticket for the block. Adam wants to nominate Sheila to show they're not working together. Natalie tells him Sheila is no threat. He's worried they'll come after him, she keeps talking numbers and he needs to get rid of the stronger players. She doesn't want him to put up someone from their side.

They showed a promo asking for applicants for BB10, epected to start in July.

Nominations today. James tells us that he'll go after him if he puts him on the block. Sheila is worried. Joshuah thinks Adam will stay true to their deal. Adam thinks he's made up his mind already and it's time for nominations.

Adam gives the shpiel, no one has done him wrong, and he feels what he did is not so bad. Key order: Natalie, Sharon, Ryan, Joshuah, Sheila. She looked like she was going to cry. He told her not to thank him.

He nominated both Chelsia and James because he didn't want to backdoor. He thinks they can play to keep themselves in the game. Natalie tells us in the DR that that's what they get for messing with her. Adam thinks Matt will be happy. Chelsia tells us that Adam will not be safe next week. James tells us that it will come back to bite him in the butt if he gets off the block.

Tonight's BB9 Show Delayed

At the time I'm posting this, basketball just ended. CBS will air 60 Minutes, then tonight's BB9. When the show starts, I'll start blogging about it.


Latest BB9 Live Feeds

My latest live feeds report is up over on TV Squad -- it includes an image gallery of Easter in the Big Brother house, a first for the show.

I'll be live blogging tonight's show here, then later posting a full review/recap of it over on TVS. Please stop back!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday!

Happy Easter!

Jackie's TV Blog, holidays

I want to take a moment to wish everyone a happy Easter (if you celebrate the day) and a great Sunday! I appreciate the contributions of so many folks on this blog and know countless others are reading. Zoetawny was kind enough to make me a colorful Easter graphic, too!

May we all have chocolate! :-)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

BB9 - Feed Me!

I have a more thorough post awaiting posting over on TV Squad, but I'm not sure when it will go up. So, I figured I'd touch base here in the meantime. Today was fairly quiet in the house with a bit of action picking up towards the evening.

Here be da skinny:
  • Natalie and James talked ... a lot. Supposedly they won't target each other.
  • Chelsia is still likely to be evicted this week, but she won $21,000 today, so it won't hurt as much.
  • How'd she win it? Well, the luxury comp movie was today -- it was 21 -- the card-counting gambling movie. Somehow, she won.
  • Ryan and Adam are very worried that Natalie and James talked for so long.
There's your big news for the moment!

BB9 - Live Feeds Through Friday Night Into Sat. Dawn

I made a comment that Sheila reminded me of Mrs. Gulch, the pre-witch from The Wizard of Oz. Sure enough, graphic artist Zoetawny got an idea! I dunno. I can hear Sheila in my mind saying "I'll get you and your little doggie, too" as her foes are evicted. Can't you?

Here's what's been going on inside that Big Brother House of Flying Monkeys:
  • Natalie and Sheila think they will be the final two women.
  • Sheila thinks she might beat Amber's crying reputation.
  • Sheila and Natalie spent an exorbitant amount of time talking about how horrible Chelsia is.
  • While they were doing that, Chelsia and Ryan were trashing Sheila elsewhere.
  • Sheila told Natalie that Evel Dick hinted that people "out there" really liked her. Say what?
  • Natalie is sure that Chelsia is jealous of the relationship she has with her Mattie. (Cough)
  • Sharon says that Ryan wants Sheila out, but Adam won't put her on the block.
  • It's very likely that Sharon will be put on the block in place of James, ensuring that Chelsia will be voted out.
  • Joshuah told Sharon that he needs James in the house because he's a bigger target, thus he (Joshuah) is more protected.
  • In talking about how different it is to be in the house than to just watch the show, Joshuah said the DR really drags out things from them -- "Just give me a teleprompter and tell me what you want me to say."
  • The DR told Ryan that his grandfather died. He's not planning to leave the house. The grandfather was 90 years old and Ryan only told Sheila because he thought she would be understanding. Sheila started telling her own grandparent stories.
  • Sheila asked Ryan if the rumor about Natalie giving oral sex to Matt was true. He said it is.
  • Adam told Natalie that James offered him three weeks of safety if he puts her on the block.
  • Natalie said James is stupid if he thinks Adam will put her on the block.
  • Natalie told Adam that she didn't play for POV this week because God wants her to win HOH this week. @@
  • Natalie thinks they should keep Chelsia this week and backdoor Joshuah. (Maybe Chelsia's threats to sleep with Matt are working?) She is on a new campaign streak about getting Joshuah out. There haven't been any new issues between her and Josh, so I can only think Chelsia going into sequester alone with her Mattie is behind the latest.
  • Ryan and James talked about Chelsia and Matt both gone (not yet!) and how they shouldn't stop the grudges.
  • Natalie, Ryan, and Adam think they have to keep Sheila around for her vote.
  • Adam told Joshuah that Natalie wants him on the block because she thinks he's working with James. (And Chelsia isn't closer? Hmmm ... Natalie, your insecurities are showing!)
  • Chelsia cried to James because she isn't ready to leave. She would need a miracle to stay.
  • Oh, my ... maybe God will help Natalie and Chelsia! Natalie is pushing Adam and Ryan hard for Joshuah to go on the block and be backdoored.
  • James wants to do The Amazing Race with Chelsia. She said she'd love that.
  • Ryan and Adam think they should go with Adam putting Sharon on the block and evicting Chelsia.
  • Joshuah is concerned that he might be put on the block.
  • Joshuah tried to convince Adam that putting Natalie on the block is definitely an option.
  • James told Joshuah that Sheila told him she wanted to go to the final two with him (James).
  • Sheila cried.
  • Adam is sure that he's a target of James. Joshuah told him that James is after Natalie.
  • Chelsia and Natalie had another brouhaha. Same old, same old. This time it was Chelsia yelling about abortions instead of Joshuah. That was inspired by Natalie telling her she couldn't pray to save herself.
  • Adam told Natalie she shouldn't be confronting Chelsia. Chelsia is upset enough that she'll probably be going home without Natalie giving her more problems.
  • The DR apparently spoke to Chelsia regarding talking about Natalie's abortions. (Maybe Natalie shouldn't have ever mentioned them in the first place? That was stupid on her part although I agree it's not something to be used as ammunition in a personal spat.)
  • Chelsia then went to Natalie and asked if she could pray with her. Natalie said not if she was just mocking her.
  • The fight goes on.
  • Natalie thinks Chelsia is not only jealous of her and Mattie, but because she has better breasts. @@
  • Bad words, fight, snarl, gnash, hiss, bible thump, abortions. It's a verbal cat fight! Meow.
  • Sheila is disgusted because Natalie is still lying about the oral sex with Matt.
  • Meow!
  • "God loves me," says Natalie.
  • Chelsia told Natalie that Matt fingered her in the storage room. "What?: says James. Meow. Hiss.
  • Sheila got mad at Adam for not protecting Natalie. @@
  • Chelsia hid a bunch of Natalie's things, then put them back after Joshuah told her he got into trouble for hiding other peoples' things.
  • Chelsia told Adam he's evicting the wrong person.
  • Chelsia told the others the camera will tell whether Natalie did the oral sex on Matt. (Yes, it did.)
  • Chelsia thinks that Natalie is very pretty, but starved for attention ... thus the way she acted about Matt.
  • Adam and Chelsia think that Natalie is the stereotype of what could be an abused woman.
  • Natalie said she'd rather leave now and be with Matt in sequester.
  • Sheila tried to convince her she needs to stay.
  • Natalie is mad at Adam for making her leave the HOH room earlier in the evening. (I don't blame him at all.)
  • Chelsia told Joshuah that the DR room told her she was being immature.
  • James and Chelsia smooched and made out under the covers.
  • The camera switched to Natalie sleeping just when the action started with James and Chelsia.
  • All are in bed now, Chelsia roamed the house a bit looking at the Memory Wall.

Friday, March 21, 2008

BB9 - Latest Live Feeds - POV

Rats, I had to miss it for work and the feeds didn't show the Evel Dick appearance anyway! My latest live feeds post is up over at TV Squad and I'll have more here a bit later tonight.

At the moment, they're sunning and James will live to see another week.

BB9 - Live Feeds Into Friday

I think we have a most unpleasant week ahead. I predict that Sheila won't stay quiet a moment and Natalie will keep thanking God for helping her. No matter if you like the ones on the block or not, Sheila and Natalie are unbearable both upset and vindicated. Chelsia and James, when cornered, aren't fun either.

Here's what's happened through the overnight hours:
  • Chelsia claims she told the producers she'll do sexual favors to stay in the house.
  • Sheila and Natalie think Joshuah will save James if he wins POV.
  • Chelsia thinks Sheila must look like a hag on television.
  • Sheila and Natalie talked about how boring Sharon is.
  • In talking to God, Natalie said that Matt was "executed" out of the house because "he is the best looking and has the biggest muscles."
  • Natalie told the others her job as a cheerleader is to look pretty. (Mind you, she's not a cheerleader.)
  • Natalie told Sheila her period is late. (Uh-oh!)
  • They all thought the POV comp would be held at midnight. It wasn't.
  • They all gave up and went to bed.
Alas, if that wake-up from Dick happens early this morning their time, I'll be at work.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

BB9 - Live Feeds Since Nominations

Sharon, Ryan, and Joshuah discuss the upcoming POV comp.

Here's what's been going in inside that Big Brother House of Vengeful Vixens and the Men Who Do Their Bidding:
  • As I previously mentioned, Adam nominated James and Chelsia.
  • Both Sheila and Natalie are thrilled. Natalie has been going around taunting James.
  • Sheila has been talking nonstop. Nothing new there.
  • Chelsia thinks Adam just caved into Sheila and Natalie.
  • Natalie told Joshuah it's James this week, Chelsia next.
  • James and Chelsia decided to create a stir this week while both are on the block.
  • Chelsia said (jokingly) that if she goes to the sequester house, she'll have sex with Matt.
  • Ryan told James that Natalie will vote for Chelsia to go.
  • Chelsia offered oral sex to Sharon for a vote. I believe she was kidding, but Sharon said no anyway.
  • Ryan and Adam plan to get rid of people in this order: James, Chelsia,Joshuah, Sharon, and Sheila in there if needed. (Um, guys! Natalie ... she needs to be on this list!)
  • The HG were they would be picking POV players tonight.
  • Sheila told Natalie that she has to tell Adam that Joshuah is the target if one is removed from the block. (This is her latest tactic -- she has Natalie tell him, then she spends hours telling him it over and over again.)
  • Sheila told Ryan that James said one of them would get off the block.
  • Sheila told Sharon that she doesn't have to worry about going up on the block if the veto is used. (Aren't you happy Sheila has usurped the HOH?)
  • Joshuah told Chelsia that if Sharon went on the block against James, he would vote her out.
  • Lots of talk too raunchy for here, use your imagination.